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The Best of My Wee Abode 2018

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With a new year comes new ideas, thoughts, resolutions, and even changes.  But, before we start the new year with new tips, tricks, DIYs and decor, let’s take a look at the best of My Wee Abode 2018.

best of my wee abode 2018 variety of photos with diy projects and decor

Trusting you all had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!  I want to thank you all for a wonderful and exciting first year of blogging (my first blogiversary is coming up).  You have been such faithful and dear readers and, without you, there would be no real reason for My Wee Abode to exist.

What’s Coming

In the coming year (years?), MWA’s focus will be more on ‘big inspiration for small home living’.  More tutorials on how to make a small home ‘live large’, more storage solutions, more DIYs for tiny homes, and more decor will be coming straight to your inbox!  Another focus will be on how to make an apartment/rental home feel more like your own.  So, hang on tight… we’re all in for lots more fun this year!


But first, let’s take a look at the best of My Wee Abode 2018!  These are the top 10 posts that you all visited the most this year.

10. How to Paint Walls Fast and Easy

The “Refresh Your Walls Today” blogger challenge, that was sponsored by HomeRight, was super fun to participate in, and gave me the ‘kick-in-the-pants’ that I needed to makeover the walls in my living room!  Using the HomeRight EZ Twist Paintstick made this project go super fast, and, by far, was the easiest room-painting I have EVER done!  (Btw, guess who won second place in the contest?!)

best of my wee abode 2018 living room with love seat and wall decor with wood trimmed accent wall

This was the last of a three-post series, which included “Help Me Choose a Paint Color” and “Painting Tools To Update Your Room with a Designer Look”.

9. Adding Fall Decor to a Small Kitchen

The fall season was a fave on the internet, and it reflected here on My Wee Abode. You all really liked the DIYs, decor hints, and printables for the autumn (I’m right there with ya). Adding fall touches to the kitchen ranked number 9 on this year’s posts.  If you missed out, take a look.  It seems that decorating open shelves is pretty popular, too! 😉

best of my wee abode 2018 open wood shelving with white dishes and fall decor

If you appreciate having a pretty table setting, you may want to take a gander at this fall table setting for one!

8. DIY Cheap Countertops That Look Expensive

This was actually one of MY favorite DIYs from this past year, and you all liked it, too! You liked it so much that both posts for these countertops landed in the top 10!  This post is where you learned, step-by-step, HOW to makeover your countertops for less than $50! This heavy-duty contact paper (also known as vinyl adhesive) is an amazing, affordable, and DURABLE option to give your countertops a makeover, whether you own or rent your home!

best of my wee abode 2018 steps on how to cover countertops in contact paper

7. How to Make a Wood Bead Garland

This post was super popular on Pinterest!  You may have even discovered My Wee Abode by clicking on the pin.  Super easy to make and versatile, too, this wood bead garland had a coastal look.  You even learned how to make a tassel in this post. More DIY wooden bead garlands will be appearing on MWA in the coming year!

best of my wee abode 2018 wooden bead garland on white surface with star fish and frame

This wood bead garland made an appearance in several posts, along with the DIY for making an “interchangeable” topiary.

6. Free Water Color Printable for Christmas and Winter

You all sure like printables. Me, too!  This past Christmas, My Wee Abode offered free printable artwork for your home, both for the holiday and winter season!  These are still available, along with ALL the free printables in the library.  Just click HERE!

best of my wee abode 2018 Christmas printable in frame with seasonal elements

5. Update Your Countertops Without Replacing Them

This is the post where you were first introduced to using vinyl adhesive as an option to update your countertops on-the-cheap.  I also shared in the post some of the challenges that come with living in a small home that is also a rental apartment.

best of my wee abode 2018 marble counter top and kitchen cabinet

4. DIY Velvet Pumpkins Just Like the Pros

Even though this post comes in at number 4, it is by far MY favorite post of the year. And, you all thought this one was pretty good, too!  These DIY velvet pumpkins were not only fun to make (and a challenge to make them look like designer velvet pumpkins) this post was, also,  a real ‘ground-breaker’ for me in my photography skills and styling.  You all know I talk about the ‘photography learning curve’ a lot on this blog, so I’m sure you understand my giddiness over this post. 😀

best of my wee abode 2018 velvet pumpkins on wood surface with cakeplate and natural elements with sofa in background

One of the other faves, that didn’t quite make it to the Top 10, was DIY Mod Podge Pumpkins  (you can see one of them there on far left of this photo).

3. Affordable Storage Solutions for Small Bathrooms

Coming in at number 3 are these storage solutions for small bathrooms.  Again, I think many of you may have found My Wee Abode through this post, as it has been featured on HouseBeautiful.com (two times, WOOT!), Yahoo Lifestyle, and Prevention.com.  My Wee Abode will be bringing more features and solutions like this in 2019!

best of my wee abode 2018 wall mounted baskets with towels and decor

2. Free Watercolor Fall Printables

And here are the printables, again! 🙂  I love creating these for you all, and there will be more to come this year!  These were shared by The Handmade Home, and LOTS of you found MWA by way of their feature!  Thank you for subscribing, and thank you, Ashley and Jamin, for the feature!

best of my wee abode 2018 fall season printables in frames

You can get instant access to these printables, and the whole MWA Resource Library, but clicking on the button below.


1. Ceiling Fan Makeover Farmhouse Style

And the number ONE post voted for the best of My Wee Abode 2018 is the farmhouse makeover on my apartment ceiling fan.  This may be the easiest DIY project on My Wee Abode (after I got over the bumps-in-the-road, that is).  I plan on updating this fan even more, which will be really fun to share with you this year!

best of my wee abode 2018 ceiling fan with cage shades
And there you have it!  The Best of My Wee Abode 2018, and I even included a couple extra links, too.  Which one was your fave? Is there anything that YOU would like to see featured on My Wee Abode this year?  Let me know, and I’ll do my best to help ya out. 😉  Always LOVE hearing from you!

diy velvet pumpkins just like the pros signature of julie

P.S. Coming soon!!!!

best of my wee abode 2018 variety of photos with diy projects and decor

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  1. I’m not sure if I love the counter tops, the velvet pumpkins or the bathroom storage solutions the best! Everything is fabulous. Looking forward to all your new ideas for 2019! You rock Julie!

    1. Oh, thanks for dropping in, Kathryn. I actually linked up today! I will be part of a link party that has it’s premiere this Tuesday! Would love for you to come by and link up, as well! Hugs and hearts!

    2. I forgot to answer your question about the countertops, Kathryn. Hehe. They are holding up wonderfully well! You would never know they aren’t real laminate. I actually like the feel of this product more than laminate. No stains, cuts, or issues! I would do it again in a heartbeat! 😉

    1. Thank you, dear friend! Your year was amazing, too! Praying for God’s best in our lives this year, too! (I know He always gives us HIS best!) Hugs!

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