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The Tale of a Frosty Christmas – A Tiny Home Tour

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The season is in full swing here at My Wee Abode. And today, I’m sharing with you the tale of a frosty Christmas – a tiny home tour!


The Christmas season is here, y’all! Have you started your preparations?

With all the hub-bub of this crazy year, it’s the perfect time for a holiday home tour, don’t you think?

frosty christmas tiny home tour white bell with greenery hanging on wall

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Well, I’m blessed beyond my wildest imagination (and I’ll tell y’all why in a moment) to be participating in the Bloggers’ Best Holiday Home Tour, hosted by Kelly from The Tattered Pew and Mansa from This Is Simplicite.

If you are already part of the My Wee Abode fam, I’m so glad you are back to hear my tale today. If you are visiting from Noting Grace, welcome (and I hope you’ll join the MWA ‘crew’)! Jen’s home always makes me happy-sigh! She is amazing in so many ways!

If you’d like to learn more about me and My Wee Abode, take a look at my About page!

Why a Tale?

Again, with all the cray-cray going on in the world today, I thought a tale featuring My Wee Abode’s frosty minty Christmas home might be a nice change of pace. And maybe even a little fun!

snowy greenery mint ornaments pinecones and candle on wood surface
Even close-up, these faux greens look real! Add some faux snow for some added frost!

Are you ready for some ‘before-I-was-a-blogger’ intel?

It’s been super fun bringing in a sparkly snow effect into my So Cal loft. So, hold on because we have LOTS of frosty mint Christmas decor to see along the way.

Once Upon a Time…

…way back in 2016, there was an empty-nester that was introduced to Pinterest by her lovely raven-haired daughter…

Wait a minute! I’m the empty-nester! Really? Let’s NOT talk in third person for this story, okay?

But, this story did start in 2016… even though My Wee Abode (the blog) didn’t actually begin until January 2017.

frosty christmas tiny home tour kitchen with christmas decor
When entering MWA, your are welcomed by the Christmas kitchen and tiny entryway.

I had been sharing a home with my mom for several years after my dad passed, but we decided it was time for us each to move into our own places. For me, that meant my very own home for the first time in close to 25 years!

open shelf with green gray and white christmas ornaments and bottle brush tree
Open shelving is home to mint and white ornaments, milk glass and a sparkly bottle brush tree. Can you believe those ornaments are plastic?

Pinterest and the Blogging Godmother

This is where Pinterest and blogs stepped into mah life. Nika (my daughter) had been toodling around Pinterest for some time, and she let me know that it would be the perfect place to get decorating ideas for a new-to-me-home. After all, I hadn’t decorated my very own home for over 20 years.

frosty christmas tiny home tour kitchen with christmas decor
A $5 faux tree with a $3 collar were finds at Target. And that little velvet tree is coming to a blog post soon! (and I decided to NOT Photoshop out my outlets this time!)

Then the questions started…

“What the heck is farmhouse?”

“Cottage style… huh?”

“Okay, I get mid-century modern… after all, I WAS born in the 60s…”

“Coastal??? And you can mix these styles?”

white pinecone ornament on tree with velvet tree in background
These pretty glass pinecones were a find at Homegoods last year!

So then I started clicking on some pins, and for the very first time, I discovered the world of decor blogs! (Cue the angels singing!)

frosty christmas tiny home touropen shelf with green gray and white christmas ornaments and bottle brush tree
Soup tureens are perfect for holding different Christmas elements, and can often be found at thrift stores!

And I was introduced to the blogs of Yvonne from Stonegable, and Suzy from Worthing Court, and KariAnne from Thistlewood Farms, and… SO MANY AMAZING DECORATORS!

open shelf with green gray and white christmas ornaments and bottle brush tree

Then Came the Holiday Home Tours…

Shortly after I discovered this new and magical decor world, I stumbled upon a blogging Holiday Home Tour.

frosty christmas tiny home tour bakers cabinet with christmas decor
My very golden oak vintage baker’s cabinet serves many purposes in my tiny kitchen, including separating my kitchen and living area.

I clicked on one of my fave blogs (I think it may have even been Stonegable), and oohed-and-ahhed over the amazing Christmas trees (“what, she has one in her bedroom???”), twinkle lights, and bright and airy seasonal decor.

frosty christmas tiny home tour bakers cabinet with bowl of pinecones and greenery
A simple white ceramic bowl with pinecones and frosted faux greenery is quick and easy, and packs a punch! (Tip, underneath is filled with a foam insert!)
frosty christmas tiny home tour bakers cabinet with white velvet wreath greenery and jingle bell
The tutorial for this white velvet wreath is coming soon, too!

And then…

I scrolled to the bottom of Yvonne’s home tour…

…and what to my wondering eyes should appear,

but thumbnails and links to OTHER amazing bloggers’ homes, OH DEAR!

These homes would be featured all week! FIVE each day!

Oh my goodness, hip-hip-hooray!

(Okay, I hope YOU didn’t roll your eyes like I just did while I wrote that.)

christmas crate with tree birch logs and pinecones
After I wrote about my wintery crate for my tiny entryway, I added some pinecones and dried elements for more interest!

So, like any good follower would do, I ran and put reminders on my email calendar (because, was anyone really using their iPhones for reminders in 2016… oh, I was the onl one, huh?)

Fast Forward to 2017

From 2016 to 2017, I visited blogs and Pinterest and started to ‘create’ what my home would look like.

frosty christmas tiny home tour living area with christmas tree in mint and white and minty decor

It was fun visiting the blogs, learning from them and leaving comments. Even though I didn’t know it then, I was inadvertently networking!

frosty christmas tiny home tour living area with christmas tree in mint and white and minty decor

During this time, I realized that there wasn’t much out there by way of tiny home or apartment decor blogs. Try as I might, Google just didn’t produce the results that I was looking for: rental/apartment living solutions and decor on a budget.

white bells hanging against window pane on wall with greenery
The bells are from Hobby Lobby, and I strung them together and added some frosty greenery.

So, I did what any loyal-consistent-commenting-subscriber would do… I emailed some of my blogging heroes and asked what they thought about me starting a blog for small home living.

And guess what they said? 😉

silver deer with a green velvet tree on a white surface
These silver stags on the left of my console started out in antiqued gold (from Hobby Lobby)! DIY coming, as well as for the velvet tree!

And So the Dream Began

frosty christmas tiny home tour candles with greenery and ornaments on wood bench
The sparkly snowflake candles are LED and can flicker or burn still! Using faux greenery and ornaments from WalMart make my bench look cozy, but not cluttered.
frosty christmas tiny home tour candles with greenery and ornaments on wood bench

Now, my dream since I published my first post back in January of 2017 has not only been to be able to eventually work my blog full-time for retirement (of which I’m about 1/3 of the way there) but it has also been…

…to be in a Holiday Home Tour.

The Tale of a Frosty Christmas – A Tiny Home Tour… The Beginning!

Dear friends (and family), I NEVER thought this would happen!

frosty christmas tiny home tour living area with christmas tree in mint and white and minty decor
My tree was the same colors last year, but I never posted about it! I loved it so much, frosty mint, white and silver made a comeback and was the inspiration for all my decor this year!
mercury ornament garland on back of hutch
The back of my “Hoosier” needed a little sumpin-sumpin… This mercury glass garland was super easy to make! DIY coming soon!

And what’s more… I NEVER, not in a MILLION-TRILLION YEARS, would have EVER thought I would be in a Holiday Home Tour with the lovely bloggers sharing in the Bloggers’ Best Holiday Home Tour.

large mint ornament on flocked tree
Next year, I’m hoping to work with King of Christmas again, and show-off their Slim tree line! Their flocked garland is still a fave of mine! I’ll be sharing more of my Christmas trees on Saturday’s Blog Hop tour!

And can I just say… It’s absolutely SURREAL that I’m touring… me, little old My Wee Abode with the 400 sf loft apartment… with two of the blogging heroes that inspired me to start my blog in the first place, Yvonne from Stonegable and Suzy from Worthing Court.

candle holders with green and white candle and sparkly candle rings
Y’all, my Pier 1 candle holders have shown up in almost every MWA home tour… I love them and can’t find anything I like as much. So I figured out a way to change them up with these DIY candle rings… for any season! Can’t wait to share with you!
candle holders with green and white candle and sparkly candle rings
These candle holders sit on the right of my console. Don’t you love that sparkle?

And y’all… Yvonne and Suzy are now dear, dear friends. (But that’s another crazy story for another tour!)

All Because of Him

And what would this Christmas tale be if not to finally point to the One the season is all about?!

frosty christmas tiny home tour living area with christmas tree in mint and white and minty decor

God is good! Above and beyond what we can ask or think! He has been amazingly good through this blogging journey (and my life)… always clear to show me where He wants me and providing abundantly the whole time!

vase with christmas foliage
The cypress and pods were purchases from our local Roger’s Gardens last year.
wall hanging with christmas swag
Even my ‘signature’ wall hanging got some ‘swag’ this year… see what I did there?

All this AND Jesus, too! Praise and glory to Him!

frosty christmas tiny home tour living area with christmas tree in mint and white and minty decor

I hope you have enjoyed this little tale of a frosty Christmas – a tiny home tour. There are LOTS of DIYs coming in the next few weeks for items featured in today’s tour!

Now, be sure to hop on over to The Farmhouse Life! Kori’s cozy farmhouse style is lovely (and she’s pretty hilarious on Instagram, too!)

And don’t forget to set reminders on your email, er, I mean smart phone to visit all the rest of the bloggers this week! And be sure to check out the ones from Monday and Tuesday’s tour, too!


signature updated 2022

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  1. Such minty goodness, Julie! You know how I adore your home and how cozy it is, and I especially love seeing it all decked out for the holidays! The mint color throughout is just perfection! What an honor to be a part of this home tour with you. Prayers for a blessed holiday season, my friend!

  2. Your home and Christmas decor is lovely, Julie, and I enjoyed reading your story. Thanks so much for sharing and have a wonderful blessed Christmas! xo, Mary Beth

    1. Mary Beth! So good to ‘see’ you! Thanks for coming by, and for the kinds words! (Fun to see you at TTA this week, too! Missed you!)

  3. Julie,
    This truly was lovely. Your story brought a tear to my eye. I’m so blessed to have connected to the fabulous bloggers group as well. You are so inspiring!

  4. Congrats on being asked to be in a home tour and I’m so glad you started your blog. Because of it, I know we will be life long friends! Love all that you did and your color scheme is beautiful! Everything is so cozy (no, I don’t mean small) and welcoming. I’d like walking in and coming home to this space. Pinned. Merry Christmas!

    1. You are welcome at My Wee Abode ANYTIME! And I, too, know we will be bosom friends for many years to come, (Lord-willing). 😉

  5. Julie I LOVE your backstory to how you started blogging! I’m so glad you did! I started 2 years ago and have loved the experience since. I also love your minty holiday decor! It is beautiful! I really enjoyed touring your home! xoxo

    1. Thank you, Stacy. It’s not my usual type of post, but I just felt led to share. 🙂 Appreciate your friendship and enjoy being in the MM group together!

  6. I love this story, Julie! Such a journey:) I was having some of the same thoughts, because this is my first holiday home tour, too! All my years of retail and decorating other people’s homes for Christmas, my house was always dead last…like the week of Christmas. Even though I still have a lot to do, the kitchen was decorated earlier than it ever has been before, and now we can enjoy it for longer:) I love your frosty green theme; so fresh! The pics are beautiful:) Great job, and congratulations! Enjoy your merry home:)

  7. Julie this was such a lovely tale. I remember when you first started your blog. I too was inspired by bloggers. I am so proud of you to have reached one of your milestones. Keep on going, the sky is the limit. I wish you a very happy and Merry Christmas in your wee abode, my friend.

    1. Oh, Mary! I’m so glad you commented. You were one of the first bloggers that was so kind to me! I’ll always consider our friendship a treasure!

  8. My Wee Abode has never looked better! It was so much fun to get to tour your kitchen and living room and to admire all of your mint and silver Christmas decor. I loved the whole room shots that you included. I now feel like I understand the layout of your loft. Everything looks so pretty and I enjoyed every photograph. It’s wonderful that your blogging dreams are coming true!

    1. Oh, I’m glad you feel more ‘at home’ in MWA now. Hehe! Thank you for the wonderful support and encouragement you always give. Love ya, BB!

  9. I love all of the frosty touches, Julie. What your home may lack in size, you make up for with beautiful style! I especially like how you added ornaments to your cream stoneware. I have a similar looking soup tureen above my kitchen cabinets. I may have to borrow that idea next holiday season.😘

  10. Julie, I enjoyed learning more about your blogging journey. I love the colors you are using and your tree is gorgeous! Pinned & will be sharing on IG soon! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

    1. Thank you, Cecilia… and I believe I have incorrectly spelled your name in quite a few places. Forgive me, and I’ll try to remember. 😉 LOL!

  11. Very minty and very pretty! I loved each and every photo and eagerly awaited the next. It’s absolutely beaultiul, Julie. And you make such a good case that one needn’t have a large space to be elegant and exquisite. And this most definitely is!

  12. Julie, your post was so beautiful and, at times, brought tears of happiness for you! So glad you are doing so well with your blog. You had such a lovely lady — Yvonne — who encouraged and helped you start your blog.

    It was so nice to see your loft apartment with its lovely Christmas decor. You have decorated it so beautifully and all your pictures are so pretty. The mint green you have used is so unique. Your tree is so lovely with its lights and ornaments. I know how beautiful it will be in the evening. Love, too, how you have decorated your tureens in your kitchen — so unique and so beautiful. Your whole apartment is so pretty.

    You have given God the Glory! Bless you Julie! May He continue to bless you in your life. May we always remember “The Reason for the Season — our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

    Have a great week! Thanks again, for sharing your lovely loft with us! It’s exquisite!

    1. Well, Mary-Ann, your comment made my day in so many ways, but mostly that you feel that the Lord was glorified through this post. This is most important to me, and I often lose sight of that, but thankful He is still faithful, even when I am not! Hope to ‘see’ you here often, friend!

  13. I really loved reading about how you got started with blogging and who inspired you Julie. You’ve been doing this for quite awhile! I LOVE the mint and white, and your Christmas tree is absolutely gorgeous. Everything looks so pretty and I love how you’ve taken a smaller space and made it so lovely.

    1. Thank you, Kim… your encouragement means so much to me, as your home is one of my faves! Hugs, and so thankful we are doing this blog adventure together!

  14. Thanks so much for telling everyone the true reason for the season: our precious Savior, Jesus Christ, who has allowed me to see the beginning of another Christmas season. Also, thank you for all the photos of your beautiful house and for encouraging me to do more and enjoy everything. God Bless you and yours.

  15. Julie I read every single word and loved looking at every single picture! God is so good and I love that He has blessed your socks off! Please know that you my friend have been such an encouragement and light to me in my blogging journey and I can’t thank you enough! Keep being a light for him! Merry Christmas…loved your minty frosty tour and so thankful you could join us!!!

    1. Well, praise Him!!! You have no idea how grateful I am to you and your friendship, as well! You are a light in the community, and I love that we have so many sisters in this ‘blogging world’.

  16. Wow, Julie! Congratulations on your home tour! What a beautiful home you have made for yourself and your Christmas decor is so lovely and calming in the pastels! I absolutely LOVE your hoosier! What a wonderful piece to own! I’m glad you had room for it!! Your mercury garland is absolutely stunning and I LOVE the painted deer! I can’t wait to see the tutorials on both of those!

    You have been so good to me, Julie, and I am so grateful for your help on my blogging journey!!!! It is also so refreshing to hear one thank the Lord for what they have. Have a beautiful Christmas season, my friend and thank you for sharing your beautiful home and your journey with us today! <3

    Many hugs to you,

    Tee @ Teediddlydee

    1. Well, thank you for the lovely sentiments, Tee! I’m so thankful that the Lord has created our friendship and so many friendships in this community. Never would have thunk it! 😉

  17. I so enjoyed reading your post, Julie! Both for the beautiful decor inspiration and for your inspirational story! I’m hoping to launch a blog of my own. I even have a domain…atcobblestonefarm.com. I’m hoping in 2021, I’ll be courageous enough to JUMP! Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season. ~Donna

  18. What an amazing story, Julie! You have done a fabulous job with your ‘wee abode’! I’m the one who’s blessed to be able to consider you a precious friend and sister in Christ! xoxo

  19. I so enjoyed your tour, Julie! Your wee abode looks festive and beautiful! I love all the frosted minty items you used and the wonderful story you shared. I am so happy you are achieving your blogging goals! You have been an absolute blessing to me on my short journey!

    1. I’m very thankful for you and our friendship, Kim! So glad to be doing this ‘blog thing’ with you! 😉 Thanks for the encouragement, too!

  20. I loved reading your story Julie. And your delivery made it so fun to read. Congratulations on your Christmas home tour; every detail was wonderful! You had some amazing mentors into bogland. You are truly blessed, Enjoy the Holiday season!

    XO- MaryJo

    1. Thanks, MaryJo… It’s amazing what the Lord does when we go to Him. Sometimes we don’t always see it, and it doesn’t always look like it, but it’s always good.

    1. Thanks, Leslie… I’m enjoying the adventure with you and in our MM group! (feel free to email me if you ever need feedback or help!) 😉

    1. Thank you, Kristin. It amazes me often how the Lord has orchestrated so much in this blogging ‘life’. He is amazingly good!

  21. Oh my goodness, I just loved this blog post. You home is beautiful and I, too, am honored to be on this home tour with some amazing bloggers. Glad to have found you!

    1. Oh, Jenna… I’m so glad you are enjoying the hop… It’s definitely a blessing, and thank you for the sweet words!

  22. What a fun read I didn’t realize you were so new to the blogging world! You’re such a pro already!! I love your frosty, minty green Christmas decor! It feels nostalgic and cozy and so festive! Merry Christmas my friend!

    1. Well, that’s a total compliment, Cindy… thank you! Believe me, I have SO much to learn still… I learned a lot doing these two hops this week… especially about photography and styling! Thank you for the kind words! Hugs!

  23. “oh come let us adore Him” is the sign in my living room, that is decorated, like the rest of my home in white, pale aqua and soft pinks. I love your home, too, and you’ve inspired a few new ideas for my home as well.
    Merriest of Christmases to you!🎄

    1. Oooo, that sounds just lovely, Patricia! Soft pink and aqua? Can’t go wrong with either of those colors! Let me know what you decide to add to your home, too!

  24. Julie! I adore the color palette you chose for your home this year. You included so many special details, like those bells (gorgeous!) and extra sparkle everywhere. The candleholders and reindeer DIY projects are especially stunning, as is your Christmas tree. Most of all, I enjoyed the reflections on your blogging journey. It seems to take forever to feel established when you’re starting out, and then you blink and realize you’re right where you should be. I love that you’re taking time to give thanks for that. Congrats on a beautiful tour, and Merry Christmas, BB!

    1. Thank you, Crissy… and that blogging adventure has been made EVEN BETTER by having best blogging buddies like you! I appreciate you SO MUCH!

  25. Yay! What a fun tour and story! So happy for you!’
    I love your minty Christmas theme! That mint velvet ribbon…ah…I must add the color to my stash! You will see a velvet tree or two around my home this Christmas too!

    So fun touring with you. Your home looks gorgeous. So happy to praise with you that God is blessing your blogging adventure!

    Merry Christmas!

    1. Laura!!! Thanks so much for stopping in, and for the kind words! Hope we get to see each other at another Haven… soon! 😉

  26. Julie, such a great and encouraging story! I just love it! Isn’t God amazing! Networking before you even had a blog! Your tiny home is an inspiration and just way too cute! Merry Christmas! Thank you for sharing with us as always!

  27. I loved hearing your story, Julie! I too am hoping to “retire” to full time blogging someday! Your flocked minty tree is just STUNNING – I love what you’ve done with MWA for Christmas…sooooo pretty! Sending Christmas blessings and prayers that all goes well with your Mom this week. XO

  28. I loved reading your blogging story, Julie! What a wonderful story. I just love your cozy, wonderful home. All of it is gorgeous, and that mercury glass garland is amazing. I can’t wait to see the DIY!

  29. I really enjoyed reading your story Julie, and I laughed a couple of times as well.
    I can really see your style and little apartment developing, everything is just beautiful. Your tree is spectacular. Loved this home tour. Congratulations.

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