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How to Make a Ticking Stripe Fabric Heart Wreath

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Thanks for coming by today! Today, let’s learn how to make a ticking fabric heart wreath (but, you can do it in any shape you want, and it will be gorgeous)!  This ‘rag wreath’ is a fun watch-a-Hallmark-movie type of craft!heart wreath in red and white fabric


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Inspiration for Making a Ticking Fabric Wreath?

I first saw this project done by Jen at Noting Grace.  Her blue ticking fabric and denim wreath stops me in my tracks every time I see it on social media.  SO pretty!  Thanks for the inspiration, Jen!make a ticking stripe fabric heart wreath supplies

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What You Will Need to Make Your Ticking Fabric Wreath:

(Just sayin’: This wreath is meant to have a rustic look… don’t worry about being perfect… AT ALL!)

How to Make a Ticking Stripe Fabric Heart Wreath

A CD cover is about 5.5” long, so I used the CD cover to measure how long to cut each strip.  You can “eye” the ½” width (remember, this is supposed to be rustic, no one will ever know that the strips aren’t cut perfectly.) Cut a full length of the fabric (double layered), and use the strips before cutting another length of strips. (I hope that makes sense!)  Do this for both the ticking and contrasting fabric. (Update: Since originally making this wreath, I discovered the Fiskar Rotary Cutting Kit… It’s amazing, no joke… and I will definitely be using this for future rag wreath projects.)make ticking stripe fabric heart wreath cd and fabric strips

Bump in the Road

I started tying the pieces around the form, (just one tie… no knot needed), when I realized the form was getting too ‘full’ and that I couldn’t decipher that it was a heart (I really didn’t want a triangle wreath!).  This wouldn’t happen with a round wreath, but any other shape, it might.  So, I took wire cutters and cut out the middle portion of the heart, leaving two wire layers.  Perfect (I know, I know… this is supposed to be rustic, not perfect. Give a girl a break! ;-))make ticking stripe fabric heart wreath hand tying strips

Just a bit too full!
make ticking stripe fabric heart wreath partially finished

Easy fix… snip off the third heart (the one closest to the inside of the frame).make ticking stripe fabric heart wreath cut apart frame

Continue tying the strips around, sporadically tying in a strip of contrasting fabric as you go.  When you’re wreath is complete, tie in some additional contrasting fabric wherever you think it is needed.  After that, shake-out the wreath (LOTS and LOTS of threads, people… I’m still finding them after vacuuming!), and then make sure all the strips are turned outward from the wires, and the ‘knots’ are facing the back. (Again, hope that makes sense.)make ticking stripe fabric heart wreath supplies and wire frame

Finished Ticking Fabric Wreath

I hung the rag wreath in several different places, and I think I’m going to leave it on my door for this week, and then maybe put it on my windowpane above my media console for the rest of the month!make ticking strip fabric heart wreath Valentine's on door

make ticking stripe fabric heart wreath Valentine

This is the back of my Hoosier cabinet… I was looking for a bit more rustic location to photograph. 😉make ticking stripe fabric wreath Valentine

make ticking stripe fabric wreath Valentine

valentines day decor and crafts celebration rag heart wreath on wall with window pane

Now It’s Your Turn

What do you think?  It was super easy and fun to do while listening to the TV (because you can’t watch and tie at the same time… at least I can’t!).

Now that you’ve learned how to make a ticking stripe fabric heart wreath, what other shape do you think would look pretty to use?  Remember, I love reading your comments, so make sure to leave one (or two)!  See you soon!

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      1. WHAT?!!! I feel more than honored and loved that you commented, Peg! (Now where IS that happy-dance Bitmoji?! You know what, I thought about noting where I got the wire form, then forgot. I’ll fix that. However, I got it at the Dollar Tree near my house… last year!!! LOL! I would think they would still have them at this time of year though. Fun fact… I didn’t even REALIZE that fabric was double-sided until the lady at the cutting table showed me! I was all set to purchase three fabrics! Saved $$$$! LOVE!

  1. Hello Julie, saw you on FB Blogging 50. I adore the combo of red and white, and this is just too cute! I added you to my Lovely Reads on my blog, and hope I send you some traffic on your new venture. I too blog about small space living.

    1. Oh, Brenda… Thank you for adding me! What a lovely idea to have a page on your site like that! I think I may just have to add something similar! So glad to ‘meet’ someone that is on the same adventure, in so many ways! Looking forward to getting to know you!

  2. Hey, Julie. This is such a great project for children learning how to tie or seniors and dementia patients needing to pass the time productively. Even a whole group of people could “tie one on” (in a good way 😉 ) as a group gift for someone who is sick to show their love. Awesome tutorial. You made me laugh!

    1. That is a GREAT idea, Darlene! You are really helping me to think in more that direction! God is good to have given us this friendship! (“tie-one-one”… you are so funny!)

  3. I love this project!! I love the classic ticking stripe and then the cute twist of making the wreath into a heart shape is just adorable. You could do this for other times of the year but it’s super special at Valentines Day! Your tutorial was super helpful too! Thanks for sharing for Friday Friends Parade Linky party!

    xoxo Jodie & Julie

    1. Yes! You could actually use this for July 4th… or even add blue to make it even more patriotic!

  4. I made one of those for Peg when she was first married.what goes sround, comes sround, I guesd. You can also dangle little charms in the centet.

    1. Doesn’t it always come around again? LOL! Charms would be so cute, as well as pine cones, or a little sign, wooden stars in RWB… lots of possibilities! Hugs, Glenda!

  5. Hi Julie,
    This looks really cute and I’d love to try it, but I lost you when you talk about how to deal with the triangle shape. Can you please clarify? First, how many wire shapes are you using in this project? If you cut it, what do you do with the wire ends? Maybe, I’m missing your instructions.

    Thanks for the extra help.I really look forward to trying this soon.


    1. No problem, Penelope, and thank you for asking. If you notice, the wire form that I started with had three heart shapes, one inside the other, inside the other. So, when I noticed it was getting too full with the three hearts, I simply cut out the smallest heart shape (closest to the inside of the wire frame). You can see it in the photo where I have the two pieces next to each other (I discarded the smaller heart piece). I cut it out as close as possible to the large hearts, in order to leave the least amount of sharp wire exposed. However, when I added more fabric strips, I just made sure to cover the wire that was rough. I hope that helps! Let me know if you need more clarification. Hugs and hearts, and happy crafting!

    1. So glad you like it, Amy! It was very easy, though it did take a bit of time. But, watching a Hallmark movie while tying the knots made it even more fun! Thanks for stopping in! Would love to have you join our link party, Homestyle Gathering… it just opened yesterday! Hugs!

  6. Gorgeous DIY Valentine’s Day wreath. I love it and I got out some pillow ticking to make hearts this morning. I will share the hearts later.
    Happy weekend,

  7. Your take on the inspiration wreath turned out to be the perfect Valentine wreath! Pinned! One of those sticky clothes rollers works great on getting those stubborn strings up off the carpet. That’s what I use in my sewing room. I’m visiting from Silver Pennies Sunday. If you are interested, I shared a let it snow printable, #43. Just thought you might find it of interest, you were the first blogger to follow me on Pinterest so I always pin your stuff when I see it LOL.

    1. Oh.. you just make my day, Allyson! I’m so glad was your first follower on Pinterest! Too fun! Love your winter printable! Feel free to link-up with us at Tuesday Turn About on Tuesdays! We’d love to have you each week! Going to visit your blog again now! Hugs! (And thanks for the clothes roller tip! Genius!)

  8. Hi! Do you think this project would work for a church ladies gathering or would it take too long to do all the ties? We only have an hour or so…..

    1. Hi, Connie… Great question. I think this size of wreath would probably take too long to complete in an hour. But, if you were able to find some smaller wire frames, like 8-inch (you could use the inside of the 12-inch wire frame), you could do something similar that maybe would have one layer of strips instead of this big and full one. 😉 Hope that helps!

  9. So cute. I remember doing embroidery while I “watched” TV as I couldn’t snack at the time–I’d leave grease spots on my work! Worked for me at the time. Have never done a heart shaped wreathe–yet. Today I put an empty (last year’s) Valentine’s candy box inside a wreathe with “cherries” inside my tobacco basket! 30 second project!

    1. It IS easy, Helen… but takes some time tying ALL those knots! LOL! But it’s fun to do in front of the TV! 😉

  10. This is my kind of wreath Julie! I love that you changed up your original plan. The red ticking is perfect for Valentine’s Day! Pinning😊

  11. It’s adorable!! I love ticking stripe fabric in any color…what a simple project. I love that you can display it in a variety of ways and places. Thanks so much for sharing!

  12. I adore this wreath! I wonder if I can find ticking fabric in pink?! I’m featuring this cutie at Farmhouse Friday tomorrow. Thank you for linking up. Hope you link up again soon. Happy Valentine’s Day friend.

  13. Such a sweet project for any time of year Julie. ♥
    Thank you for sharing your gorgeous ticking fabric heart wreath at Create, Bake, Grow & Gather this week. I’m delighted to be featuring it at tonight’s party.

  14. Always love your projects. I won’t be able to do this this year as I have to go to the city and pick up supplies. But you did say you got the heart wreath last year so maybe next year I can get this done as it is so cute and looks easy enough for even me.

  15. LOVE this Rag Wreath, Julie! We will be featuring you starting Wednesday at the Creative Crafts Linky Party! Pinned and shared!
    Creatively, Beth

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