Sunday Be Stills and Peace

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This morning, I want to share a season of anxiety from my past and the Truth that got me through it.  Let’s take a look at Sunday Be Stills and peace.


I remember September 11, 2001 very clearly.  The happenings of that morning were surreal, tragic, devastating… the list of words to describe that day are endless. So many lost their lives, and so many lost their loved ones. It still lays heavy on our hearts after so many years and, I believe, it will forever.

The Fear

Even though I was on the complete opposite side of the States, this (fairly) young, single mother was scared… spitless.  The news being broadcast 24/7, the daily topic of conversations of terrorism and all it entailed, and the rumors of chemical warfare could be heard everywhere.

I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

I fought sleep every night, trying to figure out how I would protect my children and myself if terrorists invaded our home.

The fear kept me from focusing on my only real Protector.

The Peace

After struggling for weeks with this fear, I remembered being taught that memorizing and reciting Scripture aloud was an excellent way to “fight” fear.

So, each night when I would lay my head on my pillow, I would cry and…

pray out loud and…

breath and…

recite Scripture out loud and…

repeat the whole process until I would fall asleep.  Soon the fear started to subside, and my peace and comfort was found in the Lord’s promises of protection.

AND, my focus was back on my Father!

And this is one of the verses:

sunday be stills bible verse on card with flowersHow about you? Are you living through a season of anxiety and fear? I think we all do at some point.  I believe there is only one true Protector.  And I’m so thankful for His faithful love and protection. Let’s be still before the Lord and look to Him for our comfort and peace through this week.

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P.S. Please feel free to print out this 3 x 5 card for your reference (it even coordinates with this month’s calendar theme!)


sunday be stills verse card


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  1. Love this post Julie. I have struggled with fear over the years and it sounds like you and I do the same thing. Cry, pray, recite Scripture out loud and repeat. Years (28 long years) of being the wife of a police officer could send me reeling in fear. Fear of what would happen to him, fear of being alone when he worked through the night, fear of what our future might be. But I would and still do, the same that you describe here. Faith is such a process of learning and learning and relearning, isn’t it? Thanks for sharing this post. I am sure our Father will use it to bless others like He just blessed me as I read it 🙂

    1. Oh, Cindy! I can’t even imagine being the wife of a police officer! Thank you for standing by him through the years, and for his service, as well! Lots of fearful nights for you, I’m sure! It always helps me to also think, “The Lord is not going to let ANYTHING happen in my life that HE does not see as good for me. Even if it looks bad, He is the BEST Father, and will only give me what’s good.” He is good, all the time! Thanks for sharing, my friend!

  2. I love this post! Thank you for your encouragement as we continue to live in a dangerous world and a morally depraved society. Keeping our eyes fixed on the Father and His promises is the only way that we are able to lie down in peace and count all joy.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement, Julie. Yes, it’s easy to let our fears consume us in this day and age! I’m always paranoid about protecting my little boys. Thank you for the reminder that God is our shelter!

    1. It seems getting older can cause these fears in us… I think oftentimes it is hormonal. I had HUGE anxiety for a year during a hormonal flux about seven years ago. It was no joke. I actually had to go the meds route for a year. Again, no joke. Hugs!

    1. Oh, I hope that sharing Truth will help others through their hard times… we all have them. Thanks for commenting, Lynne.

    1. Yes, Angie… my kids were actually with me, as I homeschooled. We took the day off to mourn and witness history. Thanks for commenting!

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