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How to Make Easy DIY Hand Painted Magnets

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There’s nothing quite like a practical, pretty, and hand-made gift for Christmas.  These ceramic tile magnets are a tiny and useful gift for that special someone on your list.  Let’s learn how to make easy DIY hand painted magnets.easy diy hand painted magnets on white surface with Christmas decor

Today is a wonderful day.  A day filled with inspiration… both for Christmas home decor and DIY!  

Leen from Sand Dollar Lane is hosting Celebrate Christmas… a wonderful blog hop filled with Christmas inspiration, decor, DIY tutorials, and more!  Thank you so much, Leen, for putting this all together!easy diy handpainted magnets

If you are visiting from Libbie at A Life Unfolding, welcome to My Wee Abode!  Isn’t Libbie’s Christmas home tour just lovely!  She’s a sweetie, too!


Now, I know what you *may* be thinking.

“Julie, ain’t no way anything handpainted is easy!”

Well, today I’m going to show you just how easy these DIY handpainted magnets can be to make.  These are just about as easy as my Coastal Wood Bead Garland (another great gift idea)!

Last year, I made a set of magnets for some of the women in my family.  My daughter actually got teary-eyed when she opened the box.  What I thought was something simple and easy (which it was) turned out to be a big “hug” to the women that I dearly love.

What’s more, these cute little ceramic tile magnets are easy to personalize and give as gifts because you can use any color of paint, any pattern, and create a few or a flock of magnets to give as a gift (and make sure to keep a set for yourself, too!)easy diy hand painted magents on white surface with Christmas decor

There are lots of posts to visit (links are at the end of this post), so let’s get right to the tutorial!

But first…

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What You Will Need

Here are the items you will need for these simple and lovely handpainted tile magnets:easy diy handpainted magnets supplies on white surface

How to Make Easy DIY Hand Painted Magnets


The easiest part of this whole project is prepping your tiles.  Just wipe the surface of each tile with a cotton pad/ball dampened with rubbing alcohol and let dry for a minute. That’s it!


Let’s practice some strokes and patterns!

  1. Start by doing some simple strokes on a piece of white paper.  (Pro-tip: Let you paintbrush ‘follow’ where your eye leads. Don’t look at your brush, look where you want your brush to go. It feels weird at first, but trust me, it works!)easy diy hand painted magnets patterns
  2. To paint dots, simply dip the handle end of your brush into the paint and ‘dot’ five times on your paper (without re-dipping your handle).  Now you’ve made five descending dots! Practice this for a bit… you may realize you need to do a ‘blotting’ dot in order to create certain patterns.easy diy hand painted magnets tutorial steps
  3. Next, create some simple patterns on your piece of paper.  Easy dot patterns, simple strokes with dots, arrows, swirls with dots, or even holly and berries (they aren’t as hard as they may look).  (Pro-tip: Dots are the easiest thing to “paint”, and pack a lot of punch!)easy diy hand painted magnets patterns

Paint and Assemble Your Easy DIY Handpainted Magnets

When you feel you have had enough practice, simply paint your patterns on to your tiles.  If you make a mistake, you can wipe the tiles off with a wet cloth.  If the paint has dried, it will wipe off with rubbing alcohol.

Be sure to paint them on the cardboard or wooden board.

easy diy hand painted magnets on cardboard
Painting in an assembly line makes for easy work!

After the paint has dried, you can carry the board outside and lightly spray the tiles with matte sealer.  This step is optional but will protect the paint in case the magnets need to be cleaned after some use.

The last step is to simply attach the magnets.  A word of caution… these magnets are quite strong and will easily pull together.  Be sure to keep the magnets a good distance apart (experiment before attaching… you’ll see what I mean).

Place a dollop of E6000 on the back of the magnet and affix to the tile.easy diy and painted magnets on cardboard with gluing steps

After you have assembled the magnets, flip them over and place a heavy book on them for 24 hours (the more spiritual the book the better…kidding!).  This will ensure that the magnets and tiles are strongly bonded.easy diy and painted magnets on cardboard with book

The Finished Product

Now you can stand back and look at your finished product.

easy diy hand painted magnets on white surface with Christmas decor
These are actually my personal magnets in aqua.

And what better place to use these but a refrigerator?!easy diy and painted magnets on refrigerator

easy diy and painted magnets on refrigeratorThis calendar is from my Free Printables Library, available to all My Wee Abode subscribers! The 2020 Calendar will be available shortly!


easy diy and painted magnets on refrigerator

Other places the ceramic tile magnets can be used:

  • Office Filing Cabinet
  • Command Center
  • Locker (do they still have those?!)
  • Recipe holder on a range hood

And, these don’t just have to be Christmas presents… Think:

  • Hostess Gift (have 5 or six sets handy for a quick gift)
  • Bridal Shower Gift
  • Housewarming
  • College Dorm-warming

Now It’s Your Turn

Will you be making these easy DIY hand-painted magnets? Tell me, what colors will you paint yours? Do you know someone that would really appreciate this little gift?

Next on the tour is my sweet friend Kelly from The Tattered Pew.  She has a yummy DIY gift that will be perfect for anyone, plus a free printable!

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    1. Thanks, Fernie! Always good to know for sure! 😉 I think these would be perfect for birthday gifts, as well! Hugs and hearts!

  1. What a creative gift to give to just about anyone! The entire time I was reading your post I was amazed at how creative you were with your designs. I have everything needed to make these except the magnets. Wouldn’t making these be a fun idea for a girls’ night out party?

  2. Julie, these are so cute! You gave so many great painting tips, too. And I love the idea of having a couple of sets on hand to give as last minute gifts. Thanks for the tutorial. I’m pinning it:)

    1. Thank you so much, Sarabeth… they are fun, and I did them in lots of colors last year for friends and fam. 😉 So glad to be hopping with you!

  3. These magnets are so cute and would make great gifts! I love that you can personalize them for the person your gifting them to, what a special touch.
    Thanks for hopping with me!

    1. Thanks for inviting me, Leen! It was so much fun (even though a bit stressful with epic fails behind the scenes, right?!)

  4. Oh, my, goodness – these are so cute! I was walking down the tile asile of Home Depot, wondering what I could make from the tiles, but never would I have come up with something so creative.

    1. Aw, thanks, Rachelle! I actually saw these done last year with a stencil. I couldn’t get the stencil way to work, so I ended up doing this! LOL!

    1. Thanks, Janet… it was a trick I learned from my mom. She owned her own handpainted ceramics business for years (specialized in baby nursery items).

    1. Thanks, Kathleen! I’ll definitely be visiting and linking. When does the party open and close? I’d like to put it on my party page!

  5. They are really beautiful, what a gorgeous little gift these would make. I actually have a box of these magnets in our garage that I bought by mistake a few years ago!

  6. Thanks, Julie! I’m not going to do exactly this, but it got my wheels turning with another idea for gifts for my grand kids with magnets.

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