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Free Valentine Watercolor Wall Art

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As we look toward February, many of us can’t help but see pink, red, and hearts on the horizon. These free Valentine watercolor wall art printables are the perfect home decor or sweetheart gift for the “season of love”.free valentine watercolor wall art with hearts flowers and keys on wood surface


Valentine’s Day is less than a month away and I know some of us like to add a touch of pink and hearts to our home for the season.

Are you one of “us”?

Yes?! Well, you are in luck because today you don’t get just one, but you get THREE free Valentine watercolor printables that you can add to your February home decor (or give as a gift)!

It’s simple… just print, pop in a frame, and hang on the wall, or set on a desk, or a dresser, or a… Well, you get the point (of cupid’s arrow?).

And these graphics aren’t your normal Valentine’s pink and red.  Nope… These 6″ x 6″ free Valentine’s prints are done in soft watercolors with lovely heart-shaped locks, keys, and florals!

Let’s take a look!

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The Key to My Heart

This watercolor Valentine printable will add loveliness to your home decor right through spring (all of the prints will!).  With soft white flowers and a swash of blue-green in the background, this lovely heart-shaped lock with keys is perfect for a cottage-style or shabby chic home.free valentine watercolor wall art with hearts flowers and keys on wood surface

Love Is the Key

Don’t you love how these pretty little heart-shaped locks are a unique look for Valentine’s Day?  All three of these Valentine’s printables coordinate with each other which make them perfect for hanging together on a wall, or used separately on a nightstand or shelf.free valentine watercolor wall art with hearts flowers and keys on wood surface

These watercolor prints would be perfect in a farmhouse or traditional style home, too!

Only One Key Will Unlock My Heart

This Valentine watercolor graphic is shaped like a wreath, but with a twist! Do you love it as much as I do?  One thing that will make these digital pieces of art look even more authentic is to print them on watercolor paper.  So pretty!

Why not use all three of these watercolor printables as a lovely permanent addition to a bedroom?

You can use 6″ x 6″ square frames in White or Black (or paint them in a color YOU like!)

Get Your Free Valentine Watercolor Wall Art

Getting access to these beautiful Valentine printables is easy! 

Just click on the button, fill out the form, and youโ€™ll not only get free and instant access to the Watercolor Valentine Wall Prints, you’ll also get access to ALL the free printables in the My Wee Abode Resource Library, as well as priority notifications of new printables, newsletters, and tips and tricks for living small sent right to your inbox!!

button that says count me in 

(If you are already a subscriber to My Wee Abode, your password is at the bottom of each and every newsletter… just click on the “Free Printables” tab on the menu, and enter the password.)


  • In order to give you the best quality prints, these files are a little large. So, be patient… It may take a few minutes to download.
  • Adobe Reader is the best way to view and print all of the MWA printables (not in Chrome PDF viewer).
  • Use the high-quality setting on your printer, as this will give you the best detail for the printable.
  • Make sure to select ‘actual size’ on your printer options.
  • Bright white cardstock or heavy paper (28lb or higher) will give the best printing results (and watercolor paper will give it a more authentic look).
  • Print all of the Valentine prints, or just one or two… it’s up to you!

If you are thinking ahead, check out this FREE spring printable HERE.

I hope you enjoy this Valentine gift from me to you! Let me know in the comments which one is your fave (that’s always so interesting!)

And be sure to let me know if there is anything you would love to see as a printable… I’m always on the look-out for new things to help you have an easier and more lovely home!diy velvet pumpkins just like the pros signature of julie
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    1. Thanks, Sue… However, I create the printable, but not the artwork. ๐Ÿ˜‰ The artwork is from an artist and enjoy, and I assemble/arrange the elements as I see fit. ๐Ÿ™‚ I DO want to do a class on how to create printables, though! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  1. Hi Julie your valentine designs are beautiful. I thought I should tell you that valentine 2 and valentine 3 appear to be the same design.

    1. Thank you, Allyson! I’m so glad you stopped in! Be sure to come by and link-up at Tuesday Turn About, today at 5pm CST! Hope to see you there!

  2. Gorgeous, as usual. I may try using them for Valentine cards as time always run short for me this time of year!

  3. Julie, I love these! Hearts, but not just valentine’s day hearts. All year long hearts that will look great above our bed.

  4. Your printables are very pretty, I like how the locks are rather masculine, and the rest feminine. Valentines comes so soon after Christmas and in Canada its our coldest time of year, so its nice to have something both inexpensive and indoors, no fighting weather to go searching. Love this Julie.

    1. Aw… thanks, Leanna. These are def some of my fave printables! And thanks for the perspective of having something nice indoors during the winter! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Very pretty; your prints are always so pretty! I just got Christmas put away today (Up late, down late!). Will do Valentine’s tomorrow!

    1. Thank you so much, Kathy! Always appreciate your kind words! Glad you got Christmas put away, and have fun with Valentine’s!

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