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Affordable Storage Solutions for Small Bathrooms

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Today, I wanted to share with you some affordable storage solutions for a small bathroom in My Wee Abode!

Happy…. whatever-day-it-is-that-I-get-this-posted day! I’m thankful for y’all popping-in throughout the week.  I really enjoy reading the comments and emails I receive, too! Lots of encouraging things have happened this week, including the purchase of a ticket to my first blogging conference!  That will be a whole ‘nother post in the summer!


MWA Floor Plan

As I’ve mentioned before, my garage ‘loft’ apartment is just about 400 square feet… a tiny home, to be sure!  My living area, kitchen, and bedroom each measure just about 10’ x 10′, leaving my hallway, my “just-shy-of-a-walk-in” closet, and bathroom to take up the remaining 100sf.  Here’s a floor-plan!

affordable storage solutions small bathrooms

Bathroom Stats

As you can see, the bathroom at My Wee Abode measures right at 50 square feet. It’s actually quite a nice size bathroom, considering the total size of MWA, and the shower is exceptionally large for an apartment (which, lemme tell you, I LOVE!!!)  However, even though the bathroom isn’t dinky, I still have needed to use special, and even unique, storage solutions in order to get the most out of my space.

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Wall Storage Baskets

I originally purchased these Banana Leaf Baskets to help stage my mom’s TINY guest bathroom when she listed her home.  I was very happy to have inherited them after the house sold because I knew exactly what I was going to do with them….

affordable storage solutions small bathrooms

Using these baskets for additional towel storage has been wonderful, and I really like how they look!  I simply took the baskets and used some screw anchors and large screws to mount them through the baskets and to the wall. Voila!

affordable storage solutions small bathrooms

These also give my bathroom a nice bit of texture, which is always nice, whether your space is large or small!

The House Beautiful website likes this basket ‘linen closet’, too! So much so that they are one of the “30 Most Impactful DIY Projects” they featured in 2020!

Undersink Storage Solutions

In all my years, I have never used an over the door hair product/appliance caddy.  Go figure, because this, again, is actually nice no matter what size bathroom you have!  I really like this one because it has a polished silver finish. For me and my short (and thin!) “do”, it holds everything: hair dryer, hairspray, mirror, and brush/comb.

affordable storage solutions small bathrooms

And the hanger on the outside has quite a ‘low profile’, which makes it easier on the eyes. 😉

affordable storage solutions small bathrooms

Another item that really helps under the sink (wish I had this at EVERY home I have lived in) is the ATB 2 Tier Expandable Adjustable Under Sink Shelf Storage Shelves Kitchen Organizer (that’s a mouthful!).  Because this item is expandable and adjustable (width, height, and actual surface area!), it’s ideal for fitting under just about any sink.  It actually adjusts around the plumbing!  And those surface plates have a nice ‘tight’ mesh-type weave so items easily set on them without ‘wobbling’ or falling over.

affordable storage solutions small bathrooms

Another item that I really like under my sink is the 2-Drawer Mesh Organizer (seen on the left).  These actually work as drawers and are really well built and pull out very smoothly. I don’t see the Container Store’s platinum one online at this time, but there are some on Amazon that are just a bit more money, here.

affordable storage solutions small bathrooms

I would really like to make my storage ‘prettier’ under here, but I’m still brain-storming on what that will look like for me.  In the meantime, this works well!

For more inspiration for cabinet storage, see my post on The Best Cabinet Organizers.

Modified Cabinet

When I first moved into MWA, I really did *not* like the over-the-toilet cabinet.  I thought about taking it down but never got around to it.  At this point, I’ve actually grown to appreciate it.  But, what I didn’t appreciate was the wasted space above both shelves! (And the clutter that had accumulated in the cupboard was driving me crazy, too!  Who let that HAPPEN?!  Hehe.) Pardon the iPhone pic!

affordable storage solutions small bathrooms

So, this past weekend, I took out the removable shelf and one shelf ‘peg’ and drove on over to my neighborhood Home Depot.  I took the shelf to the paint counter and they mixed a sample of Behr Satin Finish paint for me that perfectly matched ($3.98).  While the paint was being mixed, I found an inexpensive piece of furniture-grade pressed-board ($5.65 for a 2’x3’), and the nice associate gladly cut it exactly to the size of the current shelf (I *did* have to tell him what size to cut it to.)  I also found some shelf pegs to match the one I had brought with me ($1.77 for eight).

When I got home, I put two coats of paint on the new shelf and also touched up some areas that had been scuffed on the cabinet!  Two fixes for the price of one!

To brighten things up a bit, I decided to install some pretty contact paper.  This will also help protect the shelves from future scuffing or damage.

affordable storage solutions small bathrooms

In order to organize a bit more, I purged some items that were just not being used and added some plastic baskets and bins that I had on hand (I would eventually like to get a different color… but FREE was in the budget!)

affordable storage solutions small bathrooms

Oh, and last year, I actually changed out the simple hardware for these pretty pulls!  I wanted to make it look a *little* nicer, and these really helped! I got these at Hobby Lobby, at 50% off. Sorry, I can’t seem to find them online!

affordable storage solutions small bathrooms

I’m really pleased with how looks, and it is so much more user-friendly! Not having to weed through the mess that you see in the ‘before’ pic has made getting ready this week a lot easier and much more pleasant!

affordable storage solutions small bathrooms

If you have drawers in your bathroom, take a look at The Best Drawer Organizers.

Future Storage and Decor Plans

There is still a lot I want to do with this bathroom!  It is quite sparse for my taste, but I am learning to not decorate just for the sake of filling space.  You really need to love what you put in your home, especially if you are on a budget. Soooo….

This corner of the bathroom is just waiting for an IKEA Rast make-over.  I have the chest of drawers, ready and waiting to be assembled and HACKED! LOL!  Hopefully, I can share that soon!

In the meantime, though I don’t have it pictured here, I normally have a set of rolling-plastic drawers that are home to some additional bathroom items (which will be transferred to the Rast, when it’s done!)

Also, the sweet birdie water colors prints (birthday gifts from my daughter this past December) will be moving to my bedroom, where I think they will be happier. 😉  I’m on the hunt for something special to put on the wall to replace them… Any ideas?  Let me know in the comments!

affordable storage solutions small bathrooms

Also, this little area next to the toilet may be just begging for a little table, or stool, or even a plant!  Again, let me know in the comments if you have any ideas about what I could use here!

affordable storage solutions small bathrooms

As the bathroom progresses, I will be sure to share (because that vinyl flooring and brown tile have GOT to GO)!  For me, this has actually been the hardest room to ‘dress-up’! What areas in your house give you ‘question marks’ in your mind?  Let me know… maybe we can solve these things together!


affordable storage solutions small bathrooms three wicker baskets with towels and decor items mounted to wall and various photos of storage solutions

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    1. Did I not show those to you when I was moving in? I think Myrtle or Crystal got it for me! 🙂 One of my fave housewarming gifts! Thanks for commenting, little sis’!

  1. Fantastic storage inspo! Love the baskets on the wall as storage. In response to your question for the wall beside tge baskets is a full length mirror with a pretty off-white frame. It would reflect those lovely baskets, give you something verticle in your space, be functional, and create the illusion of an even larger bathroom without taking up space into the room. If you have a little cabinet paint left over, it would match your vanity, too. Great post, photos, and especially enjoyed the scaled drawing of your wee abode!!!

    1. Darlene, that’s a GREAT idea about the mirror! I may opt for a large oval one, as I don’t want to scare myself each morning, getting out of the shower! LOL! Hugs, sister!

    1. Thanks, Patti! I had seen something similar on (maybe Thrifty Decor Chick’s blog), but gave it my own twist.;-) Thankful for other bloggers that inspire us!

    1. Thanks for coming by, Marissa!!! The baskets have held up great, with no mildew issues. With that said, I *am* the only one using my bathroom on a regular basis. Sometimes my cousin will stay with me for several for several nights at a time, but that doesn’t seem to be a problem either. Good thought on your part, though!

  2. Hi Julie, I’m visiting from the MAKE IT NEW FB group! I love your basket shelves–such a clever and pretty storage solution! Blessings, Cecilia @ My Thrift Store Addiction

    1. Oh, thank you, Maria! God’s grace… all HIM! Constantly refocusing on Him, and what He wants accomplished through the blog. I so appreciate you kind words and encouragement! You made my day! 😉

  3. Love how you hung the baskets on the wall. I’ve never thought of that…might be a good solution for our microscopic bathrooms. 😊

    1. Yes… every little bit of space needs to be used, as much as possible… and still be pretty. Next is the chest of drawers… hope to start working on that tomorrow (actually… that would be today!) Thanks for commenting, Kellie. I REALLY appreciate it.

  4. I would look for a rather dramatic large-ish picture instead of small ones. Find one that has the blues and greens in it of your towels. Maybe a landscape, impressionist-type- one that is beautifully on the drama side, but not garish. But make it on the medium-large to large size not small. Small pictures emphasize the smallness of the room and make it look choppy. You will be surprised in how a bigger single beautiful picture can really enhance the room. I love the shelves over the toilet and under the sink! Great idea and great job!!! Yes, to a plant by the toilet so that you again, bring in some unifying color (green)–even if it is a great looking fake. What about a simple rug that ties the blue and green together?
    Have fun!

    1. Thanks for the ideas, Nancee! 🙂 I’m thinking about a large piece of art, and your thoughts on color are great! I actually do have a blue/green rug in front of the vanity. 🙂 Great minds! 😉 And, I agree… I need larger pieces for My Wee Abode. Have been thinking about that a lot lately. Have a great day!

  5. Great use of space! I love organizing tips! I am pinning to my Cleaning, Organizing and Great Ideas board for future reference. Thanks so much for linking up at TFT! Hope to see you tomorrow!

    1. Thanks, Amber! Just got home from Haven, and playing catch-up! Were you there? I hope I didn’t miss you! Hugs and hearts!

  6. I love all of this! I have never had a big bathroom, even in our new to us house. So I always appreciate these kinds of tricks. The baskets on the wall are so simple, but I would have never thought to use them that way. Thanks so much for sharing at Thursday Favorite Things!

    1. Thanks, Pam! Yep, I love my makeshift linen closet! Very helpful for small homes and apartments! Thanks for stopping by. Love TFT!

  7. Wishing you a Happy New Year! Your bathroom organization tips are great! Thanks for sharing with Thursday Favorite Things! I’ll be featuring you this week! Angelina @ Petite Haus

    1. Oh, thanks so much Angelina! Love my TFT party! Hope you will join us for our Homestyle Gathering next week! Hugs!

  8. Julie, just came upon your blog today via your post on glitterguide “8 stylish decor hacks for renters.” Since you mentioned you were a renter too & that you are a new blogger on MWA which I’d not known about before, I just had to check out your blog. I’m SO glad I did. I will be catching up on your posts and visiting regularly in future. I LOVE the basket shelves! I can use this idea in my bathroom and maybe even my lil living room. Your home is about same size as mine. Thanks and God bless!!

    1. Well, I’m so glad you found MWA, too! Thank you for the kinds words… hope you will share more about your wee home, as well!

  9. Hi, Julie— This was the perfect post for us right now! Our linen closet in the bathroom is basically exactly the same as when we moved into this house in 1984, LOL. Yes, it needs a makeover. We are planning on replacing the vanity and hopefully we can organize there also. I followed your post on the shelving that goes around pipes, that is brilliant and I will Pin that for further referenece —thanks! Coming from TOTP…Sandi

    1. OH, I’m glad you “found” MWA, Sandi! I have another post about adding a closet to a small space you might like too! Thanks for the pin! Hugs and hearts!

  10. I was literally just searching on Pinterest yesterday for some storage ideas for our small bathroom. I really like how the baskets look. Pinned.

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