Free Watercolor Printables for Christmas and Winter

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Today is my very first Christmas post for My Wee Abode!  What better way to celebrate than to offer three four NEW watercolor printables for Christmas and winter, all for free!

free watercolor printables christmas winter three photos of wall art with title

The deadline for the “HomeRight Refresh Your Walls Today” blogger challenge is almost here. My entry is in, and I’ve been busy getting my tiny home a bit more organized after the upheaval from painting the living room.  Let me tell ya, painting a small area is no joke! My whole kitchen was filled with my living room innards. But, we’re just about back to normal and looking even better. And I’m ready to start the Christmas posts!

I thought to kick-off the Christmas and winter season, a few new digital wall art pieces were in order. These watercolor printables are easy to print out, trim, and pop into a frame.  Then, just as easily, hang them up wherever some holiday loveliness is needed. (Rental tip: When hanging frames or any type of wall décor, Command Hooks and Strips eliminate unnecessary holes in the walls. You’re welcome. 😉 )

You can see the fall printables from MWA HERE!

Or simply click on this button to get your free printables now!



Here are three four pieces of digital artwork for you, two three for Christmas and one for winter.  At the last minute, I decided to add a printable with a special twist, making FOUR printables in total.  And all of these are completely FREE!  Free décor is GREAT when trying to stick to a budget for this holiday season!  AND, these would even make a great gift (think hostess or newlywed couple!)  Let’s take a look!

Unto us a Child is Born…

This verse in the Bible signifies the beginning of the fulfillment of the Old Testament prophecy of the Savior’s arrival!  Have you ever thought about what was happening in Heaven when Mary went into labor?  I like to imagine that while the angels were getting ready to go proclaim the Good News to the shepherds, they could barely contain themselves as they excitedly whispered to each other, “It’s happening…. IT’S HAPPENING!”

free watercolor printables christmas winter photo with lantern and bible verse

The lantern in this watercolor printable brings to mind that the shepherds may have carried something similar as they navigated through the dark veil of night to meet the Christ child.

Merry and Bright

This printable artwork is perfect for the farmhouse style home (or for anyone that likes a bit of the outdoors brought inside).  The reclaimed wood background and the natural texture of the berries and greenery add a lovely touch to the rustic antlers.

free watercolor printables christmas winter photo with antlers and berries and greenery with the words merry and bright

And, of course… we all want this season to be Merry and Bright!

Let It Snow

Decorating for winter is not too difficult when transitioning from Christmas.  This sweet little printable is perfect to bring some charm into your winter home!

free watercolor printables christmas winter photo dear and trees and wording let it snow

Snow in these parts is simply a dream… but, this free watercolor print makes it seem just a tad bit more real.

It’s the COAST Wonderful Time…

At the last minute, I decided to create a Christmas printable with a coastal vibe.  While looking through Pinterest (you can follow me HERE for lots more decor and craft ideas), I came across the line from the Christmas-song-fave, “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” (can ya just hear Andy singin’?) and the beachy twist just popped into my head!  Have you seen it used this way?

free watercolor printables christmas winter photo with starfish and greenery and the words its the coast wonderful time of the year

Kinda cute, huh?  That watercolor starfish and those tiny ivy berries make this printable perfect for the coastal home.


  • These files are a little large, to give you the best quality. It may take a few minutes to download.
  • Adobe Reader is the best way to view and print this wall art.
  • Print on high quality, as this will give you the best detail for the printable.
  • Print on bright white cardstock, which is nicest for framing.


To get instant access to these printables, simply click on the button below and fill out the form.  You will immediately receive an email containing the password to download the Free Watercolor Printables for Christmas and Winter, along with ALL the MWA printables!  You’ll also receive new post notifications, newsletters, and tips and tricks for living small sent right to your inbox!  To see all that’s available in the exclusive My Wee Abode library, click the button. (If you are already a subscriber to My Wee Abode, your password is at the bottom of each and every newsletter… just click on the “Free Printables” tab on the menu, and you will be redirected.)


Okay, which is your fave?  Do you have any suggestions of printables you would like to see in the MWA library? Let me know, and I’ll do my best to add them.  Looking forward to doing Christmas with y’all! What are you doing to prepare for Christmas?

diy velvet pumpkins just like the pros signature of julie



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  1. Julie, All are lovely and you seem to have something for everyone. I love that you have given such complete instructions and the coastal printable made me laugh. Have a great week friend.

    1. Oh, another laugh! Yay! 😉 Thank you so much for coming by and the sweet words, especially during this busy time. Hugs!

    1. Thanks, Kari… yes, I always love some Scripture in my home, to point me to the One who gives us so much. 😉 Hope you have a wonderful week… (I linked these to the party, btw.)

        1. Thanks, Kari. I believe I linked up yesterday. I don’t think I linked the week before, as I was trying to catch-up from family commitments I made the week before that. This was my blogging acclimation year. LOL! Thanks for dropping in, and for the kinds words. Hugs!

  2. Very nicely done, Julie! I’ve been planning on doing botanical printables for the winter, but I’m glad I have access to these beauties as a subscriber! Woot! Woot! My favorites are the “Unto us” and antler prints. I also chuckled at this line: “My whole kitchen was filled with my living room innards.” You’re too cute.

    1. Thank you, Crissy. Hope you enjoy them, and I’m always glad to hear when someone laughs at my writings. You made my day! Hugs!

    1. 😉 I think we BOTH may have come up with a new twist on some old phrases/lines. I was excited that it popped into my head, even if it was midnight, and it took me two additional hours of wake time. LOL! Thanks, dear heart!

  3. I just realized I hadn’t commented on this post yet, as I surely thought I had! You have created a beautiful variety of printables. I giggled at “The Coast Wonderful Time of the Year. What a cute idea! Great job, friend!

    1. No worries at all, Kim. Thanks for checking the printables out, and glad I made you giggle. 😉 Hugs, sweet friend!

    1. Thanks, sweet friend. I need to make a buffalo check something or another for you! LOL! (You could probably make it yourself!) Hugs!

  4. Love these printables, Julie!!!! I ended up sharing all four to different Pinterest boards, which worked out well because I wouldn’t have been able to choose just one. 😉 Our printer is on the fritz or I’d make the cute Coastal one right now ~ very clever!!! I often wonder how people create these printables… I do not have this talent!

    Happy Christmas season to you,
    Hugs and blessings,
    Barb 🙂

  5. Julie that blue one with the deer has really caught my eye. I even have a spot for it in the bookcase. Well done, they are all so pretty!

  6. New to your group of followers! Love the holiday season printables. Thank you so much. I was wondering if you could offer any suggestions as to how and where you get your perfect frames. Do you have yours professionally matted? I would love to hang 3 of your beautiful prints and do not know where to start! Is the Merrry and Bright print modge podged onto wood? Again, thank you.

    1. Welcome to the MWA fam, Shirl! So very happy you ‘found’ us. 😉 I do not have my prints professionally matted. It’s super easy and affordable to purchase mattes at your local craft store (Hobby Lobby, Michaels, etc.) I often find my frames at the local thrift stores and repaint them myself. Goodwill and Salvation Army always have a plethora of frames 🙂 However, again, you can purchase frames at your local craft store (and some even come WITH the matte). Just be sure to take your coupons. 😉 I never decoupage my printables as this makes them ‘permanent’ and I like to use the frames over and over again, and I also like to change out my seasonal wall art each year. Hope that helps… let me know if you have any other questions. Hugs and hearts!

  7. These are beautiful! And I love the fun coastal twist! 🙂 Cute! I’m here from Thursday Favorite Things. I’d love to figure out how to share my painting with others like you do.


    1. Thank you so much for dropping in, and for the kind words! And, just to be completely transparent… these are not my paintings/artwork. I purchase the elements from a very talented artist, and then arrange them and create the actual printables with the quotes, etc. (Like the starfish one… I took each little element of that and arranged them into the one ‘piece’.) Hope that makes sense! I love creating the printables and sharing them with my readers. Have a wonderful Christmas!

    1. Thank you so much, Roseann… just catching up after a break for the holidays! I’ll be back to regularly scheduled programming soon! LOL!

  8. These printables are adorable, Julie! I have never learned how to make my own printable so I admire anyone who can do that. You have such lovely taste and oodles of talent!



    1. Funny… I was just thinking (again) about creating a workshop/tutorial for making printables. 🙂 Thanks, girl!

  9. The lantern watercolor graces the center of my mantel with lanterns on each end and greenery around the print – just love it! I printed the smaller 5 x 7 for one of our master bedroom night stands. They are beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing all of them!

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