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Fast and Easy Fall Tin Door Decor

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Autumn has fallen! And with the new season comes fun new decorating ideas. Today, let’s learn how to create a fast and easy fall tin door decor… in just 15 minutes!


It’s finally arrived! Fall is here, and with the season comes the desire to change up our homes with warm and cozy decor.

At least that desire comes to me! What about you?!

If you have been part of the MWA fam for anytime at all, chances are, just like me, you LOVE adding autumn door decor or a fall wreath to your home to say ‘welcome’ to the season!

And, if you live in a rental home or apartment like I do, it’s extra special to have something pretty on the door to greet your community and visitors, as well!

fast and easy fall tin door decor closeup of white berries against fall florals

Whether you’re ready for the fall season or still waiting for the temps to cool down, today I’m sharing how to create a fast and easy fall tin door decor for your home! It only took me about 15 minutes… maybe less!

And, THIS door hanging is a little different than a normal fall wreath. We are going to use a galvanized tin to give this a bit of a twist!

How to Create a Fast and Easy Fall Tin Door Hanging

This seasonal door hanging is so quick to make, it might make your head spin! Plus, one of the best things about it is, the tin can be used over and over for another season!

There are a few things you will need. You might even be able to find them in your fall decor “stash”.

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Items Needed to DIY Easy Fall Tin Door Decor

The items I used can be a guideline for what YOU decide to use. :-)You can choose your own vessel and flower styles/colors. Go WILD! (Or not!)

Don’t be afraid to get creative… you really can’t make a mistake creating this door decor because you can always pull the flowers out, re-place them, or even use something else!

This year, I chose some blue, rust and cream florals to add to my apartment door. But again, you can use any colors or style for YOUR fall tin door decor.

fast and easy fall tin door decor florals tin and supplies on white table

Here’s what you’ll need:

Steps to Create a Fast and Easy Fall Tin Door Decor

This is SO easy, I decided to show you how to add length to a floral pick, and then to show you when and how to place the stems via a diagram!

tutorial collage of floral arrangement
  • Cut your floral foam to size (I use a large old kitchen knife) and place in the bottom of your tin (first photo).
  • If you have short floral picks (like the white sunflower pictured), you can make them longer by using floral stem wire and floral tape (photo 2).
  • Simply align and overlap the pick with the wire (fold the wire if you need extra strength), and wrap the two together with the tape (photo 3).

Arranging the Flowers for a Fall Tin Door Decor

Don’t let flower arranging ‘skeer’ ya. Simply arrange-and-rearrange to get the look YOU want. That’s the beauty of fauxs and foam! πŸ˜‰

fast and easy fall tin door decor florals arranged in tin with text
  • Start off by adding your bouquet (1.). This works as a great foundation for the rest of the arrangement, and you can primp and prod each stem of the bouquet to exactly where you want it.
  • Next, add your Statement Florals (2.). These usually consist of larger flowers, using only one or two of them. In this arrangement, I used one large and one medium sized white sunflower. The unique color is a great ‘surprise’ and adds extra special beauty to the arrangement.
  • After the statement florals, add some accent florals. These types of flowers act as a filler, but are a little ‘extra’. Creamy gold and burnt orange hydrangeas were a great choice for this door decor.
  • The final addition is fillers. Using fillers at the end makes it easy to ”fill-in” the holes. Off-white grasses, more fall leaves and some ivory berries are a great way to close the gaps. The velvet pumpkin stem (also a pick with added stem wire) was labeled as a filler, but I think it’s more of an accent or statement floral. What do you think?
  • Now, just twist-and-tweak your flowers and stems to make them visually appealing to your eye!

Adding a Fast and Easy Fall Tin Door Decor to Your Apartment

Now, simply add your fall tin door decor to the front of your door. Or, you can even add it to the INSIDE of your door!

I used a Command Hook to hang the tin on my door, because it holds up to five pounds, and it’s removeable!

fall tin door decor on apartment door

I also added a little Gorilla Mounting Putty to the back bottom edge of the tin to keep it from knocking around on the door when we open and close it.

fast and easy fall tin door decor on apartment doorlorals arranged in tin with text
The size of the tin was perfect for the door. Be sure your vessel is large enough to compliment your door, but not over-power once you add the florals.

Adding just ONE pumpkin to the arrangement creates interest and texture… and all the fall feelings, right?!

velvet orange pumpkin in bouquet of faux florals

And you gotta love these berries! I’ve used these over and over again, but they were first used on my rustic fall wreath (another 10-minute project).

fast and easy fall tin door decor closeup of white berries against fall florals

Don’t you think the white sunflowers are a happy surprise?

white sunflower closeup against fall arrangement

And here’s a peek at our long corridor of apartments. It reminds me of a hotel. I’ve never lived in a community like this, until now.

fast and easy fall tin door decor long corridor with doors and fall tin door decor on door

Are you planning on adding some fall decor to your front door? What colors will you use? Will it be a wreath, or something with a twist? Let me know in the comments! It makes my day to hear from you!

Here are more fall projects you might like to add to your home this season:

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  1. As you know my FIL is living in something similar. People have full on furniture outside their doors. Like benches, hutches with seasonal decor, wagons, etc. Even full Christmas trees! You’re going to have to step it up – LOL. Just kidding. I actually love your “twisted” door decor and the colors look great with the carpet. πŸ™‚

    1. LOL! Yes… some of the apartments have alcoves to decorate. Only the 2 bed 2 bath don’t. But we have a pantry wall, so I’m okay with the exchange! Thanks for the kind words, Cindy! Hugs!

  2. So pretty, maybe you will inspire your neighbors to add some decorations to their doors.

    PS JoAnn’s Fabric often has a pretty good assortment of artificial flowers and quite often at a very good discount.

  3. I love this arrangement, Julie! Your detailed steps really help break down the creative process for people too. It looks great on your door, and I agree the sunflowers are a happy surprise! πŸ™‚ Pinned!

  4. Julie, this looks beautiful. And it’s fun to see a door decoration that’s not a wreath!

    Thanks so much for joining the Grace at Home party at Imparting Grace. I’m featuring you this week!

  5. Really pretty arrangement. I do love sunflowers–have a lopsided bouquet of faux’s on my kitchen table and use them frequently in wreathes. Although I am not ready for 70’s harvest gold and avocado, I do love fall colors–and the foliage here in Maine is awesome!

    1. Yes… I think harvest gold and avocado are still a not too distant memory of years gone by! >.< You are funny with the 'lop-sided bouquet'. πŸ˜‰

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