Homestyle Gathering – the New Link Party In Town

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Link parties are fun, for readers and bloggers both!  Introducing Homestyle Gathering – the new link party in town!

homestyle gathering new link party in town with linen cloth and eucalyptus branch

I hope you all had a great week!  If you’ve been following me on Facebook or Instagram, you probably already know about Homestyle Gathering – the new link party in town. 🙂  I would love to tell you a bit more about it, and answer any questions you might have.

(BTW, My Wee Abode will be on its ‘regularly scheduled program’ very soon, bringing you tips, tricks, storage solutions, DIYs, and decor ideas… giving you big inspiration for small home living!)


What’s a Link Party?

I’m so glad you asked! 😉  A link party is a weekly post put together by one or more bloggers (hosts) where other bloggers in “Blogland” can come and add (link-up) the posts that they have on their own blogs.  This becomes a central location where readers and bloggers can discover LOTS of bloggers’ posts and sites that they may have never seen before, and find posts of bloggers they are familiar with that they may have missed.  Perfect party for both readers and bloggers, right? 😉

How Does It Work?

Each Tuesday, at 6:00am PST, the hosts will each post the “Homestyle Gathering #_”.  At the bottom of each host’s post, there will be thumbnails that will link to other bloggers’ sites (all the posts are the same on all three hosts’ sites).  Click on the photos/titles that pique your interest, and you’ll be transported to that post.  Come back to the party, and click on another.  We want this party to be BIG, so we encourage you to visit lots of blogs, make lots of new friends, and get LOTS of new ideas for decor, DIYs, recipes and much more!

If you are a blogger, just click on the little blue button at the bottom of the post (it will say “Link-up”), follow the easy instructions, and you’re set!  We want you to link anything home-related: DIYs, crafts, recipes, tutorials, household tips, printables, and more!

What Will Be Special About Each Week?

Such great questions you have! LOL!  Each week will be hosted by one of the Homestyle Gathering hosts (though the post will be on all of the hosts’ sites), and that host will be choosing 3-5 posts that linked-up the week before to feature in current post.  A large photo and link back to each featured blog will be included.  So, each week will include 3-5 features and new links at the bottom of the post!

Also, every 4th Tuesday, we will have a guest host join us!  Super fun, exciting, and MYSTERIOUS party, right?

Meet Our Hosts!

I’m so pleased and excited to introduce you to Kim from Serving Up Southern and Rita from Harbour Breeze Home.  We will be co-hosting Homestyle Gathering together!  Both of these ladies have beautiful blogs and we all love farmhouse style with our own twists.  I met Rita last year when we decided to be roomies at Haven (you can read about that adventure HERE). I met Kim through our Facebook groups, and we have been friends ever since.  I’m so happy that the Lord has brought the three of us together, and I’m praying that we will be faithful, joyful hosts, and that we will be blessings to all of you!

What’s in a Name?

Our wonderful co-host, Kim, thought long and hard on the lovely name for our link party. Here’s what Kim says:

“I love the feeling I get when family and friends are gathered in my home or around me.  In keeping that in mind when thinking of a name, I knew I wanted that word to be a part of it. I put a lot of thought into the name for this link party as I really wanted it to resonate with all that it will entail. After much thinking, Homestyle Gathering is what I came up with, and I love it.”

A little more about the party:

  • We invite all home decor and/or homekeeping bloggers to link up their related content.
  • We want all of our readers to enjoy all the goodness that is linked up and shared.
  • Rita, Kim, and I will each host one week and on the 4th week, we plan to ask a fellow blogger to guest host with us.
  • We welcome all things related to home and homekeeping.
  • Please, no informational posts, business posts, or personal posts linked.

So, come join us, each Tuesday, starting January 15th at 6:00am PST!  The more the merrier!

homestyle gathering new link party in town with linen cloth and eucalyptus branch

If you have any questions, please leave a comment or send me an email!  We are SO looking forward to this new adventure, and I hope you are, too!signature photo of blog author



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    1. We’re excited, too, Susan! As long as they have to do with “homekeeping”, so, yes, recipes. Use your own discretion for crafts (if they have to do with home, great!). 😉

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