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DIY Coastal Farmhouse Winter Wreath

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Creating a wreath that transitions from Christmas to winter is pretty easy.  Today, let’s create a diy coastal farmhouse winter wreath.diy coastal farmhouse winter wreath various photos

Hey everyone!  I was hoping to bring my winter décor post to you today, but that will have to wait as the weather here has been totally overcast (go figure, it’s winter! And not the best for photos), and I have come down with a pretty nasty flu bug.  Looks like I’m on the mend, but until I can get those photos taken, I thought I would share with you a DIY coastal farmhouse winter wreath.

Also, if you need a new calendar for this year, check out my free 2019 Watercolor Calendar.

Now, this wreath doesn’t have to have a coastal twist… but mine does. 😉  You can simply use pine cones, cotton stems, or even some white pom-poms to create the major accent of your wreath.  Where I say ‘starfish’, you simply put in your favorite winter accent!


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What You Will Need

  • Pine Wreath (Mine was $3 from Michaels, but I’m linking to Amazon for your convenience)
  • Greenery Floral Picks (I chose to use a sparkly eucalyptus I picked up from Hobby Lobby)
  • Berry Picks (I chose a rose gold… didn’t want the red ones to look to Christmas-y… again, from Hobby Lobby)
  • Small Pinecones (I re-use these every year in my Christmas, winter, and fall decor.  Totally worth the six bucks!)
  • Starfish and a few little sand dollars (I got my starfish from HomeGoods, but you can get these from Hobby Lobby, along with the little sand dollars, too!)
  • Glue gun and Gorilla glue sticks
  • Floral wire (optional, use instead of glue)

diy coastal farmhouse winter wreath

Easy Steps to Creating your Coastal Farmhouse Winter Wreath

  1. Fluff your pine wreath. This will help you to see exactly where you want to add your accents.
  2. If you like understated wreaths, as I do, just add your embellishments to one side/corner. First, add a pick of greenery to the wreath, one on the top and one on the bottom of your decorated area.  You don’t have to glue these in.  Sticking them in the wreath holds them in quite well.
  3. Next, add the ‘berries’. Again, just sticking them in works just fine (and you might be able to use the wreath again for another season).
  4. Next, add your main focal point embellishment. For me, this is the starfish.  But you can put anything ‘larger’ here that fits your decor style! (BTW, I *did* glue the starfish on with hot glue.  I’m hoping it will be easy to remove afterward.)diy coastal farmhouse winter wreath step by step photos
  5. Add the final touches… (a couple pinecones here and there, and some tiny sand dollars did the trick for me). Adding a couple pine cones around the wreath gave it a bit more ‘umph’ that it needed, too!  Again, you may want to use hot glue to add these pieces on, especially if you are using the wreath outside.
  6. Now you can add a bow, or not. Hanging it with some linen ribbon works great, too!

A couple pinecones…

diy coastal farmhouse winter wreath

And a few mini sand dollars.

diy coastal farmhouse winter wreath

And that’s it! Easy peasy, right?  Something super pretty to hang inside or outside (mine has actually ended up outside on my door)!

If you want to get a head start on your spring decor, check out this unique wreath project HERE.

The Finished Product

And here are a few close-up photos and where I originally had the wreath, above my console with my window pane and lanterns.  I really like the linen ribbon used for hanging the wreath.

diy coastal farmhouse winter wreath on wall in living room above console with winter decor

(How do you like that real-life computer tower and wifi extender light?!)

diy coastal farmhouse winter wreath on wall with window pane and lanterns

diy coastal farmhouse winter wreath on wall with window pane and lanterns

Love those little sand dollars!

diy coastal farmhouse winter wreath on wall in living room above console with winter decor

And the little lanterns, with the same accents, make the perfect match!

diy coastal farmhouse winter wreath on wall with window pane and lanterns

And the pine cones around the wreath added just enough, but not too much, ya know?

diy coastal farmhouse winter wreath on wall in living room above console with winter decor

Now, what would YOU put as your center accent?  Cotton stems, more pine cones, some white pom-poms that look like snowballs?  Tell me, tell me! (In the comments, of course! 😉 )

diy velvet pumpkins just like the pros signature of julie

P. S.  Don’t forget!!!

best of my wee abode 2018 variety of photos with diy projects and decor

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  1. Julie, I love wreaths for any season and your winter wreath is lovely. Take care of that “bug” with hot tea and plenty of rest. We are not as young as we used to be and it seems to take longer to bounce back. 🙁 . AND I love the coastal flair….of course! Hugs

    1. Thanks for the kinds words, Kari. Yep, I’ve learned that, when I get sick, the best thing is to stay in bed for 24 hours. Kicks almost anything… except this.;-) I had to go on a liquid diet for 48 hours. I love my wreath, too! And it looks so pretty on my front door. I hope the neighbors like it! 😉

    1. Thanks, Michelle… I am on the mend. Lots of crackers and jello today. Well, not lots, but more than I have eaten all weekend. Thanks for dropping in, sweet friend!

  2. Such a gorgeous wreath! I have a wreath addiction, I just love to make them and I have too many now! Lol! I really like the pieces you tied into it and the touch of coastal vibe that it has… and, such a gorgeous spot where you hung it!


    1. Thanks so much, Carrie. I understand your love of wreaths… actually any door hangings. I love unique ones, too. I need to go check out your wreaths! Hugs, friend!

  3. Good morning, I decided to leave a comment on the blogger’s post who posted right before on the link parties today. Lucky me you posted right before me. I am going to make a wreath today and video tape it for my YouTube channel. I feel even more inspired seeing your pretty wreath. Have a great weekend, Kippi #kippiathome

  4. I love the look of your winter wreath, Julie. Adding coastal elements is a lovely touch. Thanks for sharing with us at Beautifully Made Party. I’ll be featuring a link to your post in my weekly newsletter tomorrow.

    1. Oh, how fun, Beverly! Thank you so much! I hope you’ll join us at our new link party, Homestyle Gathering, starting this Tuesday. Tomorrow, I have a post going live about it with all the details! Hugs, sweet friend!

  5. Great winter wreath, Julie! I love your creativity in extending the season, and your coastal wreath is so perfect for that. I do hope you’re feeling better, my friend!

    1. I am back to 100%, Crissy… thank you. I love my wreath, too! Hope to share more winter decor this next week. Hugs, sweet friend!

    1. It took a while, but I am feeling back to normal, thanks Beverly. 🙂 And thank you for the feature, as well. Hugs, sweet friend!

  6. I hope you are feeling better soon, Julie. I’ve had a chest cold since January 2nd that just won’t ease up and it’s cramping my DIY project goals. LOL Your winter wreath is so pretty and a great idea for after the holiday decor goes down and the house feels so barren. Love how you transitioned your lanterns too. Pinned

    1. Thank you so much for the feature, Bev…sorry it took a bit to reply… for some reason your comment went to spam! Hugs, sweet friend!

  7. Hope you are recovering well Julie. This is such a sweet wreath and a quick and easy way to transcend between the seasons…. and we all love these quick projects!!
    Thank you for sharing this DIY project at Create, Bake, Grow & Gather this week. I’m delighted to be featuring it at tonight’s party and pinning too.

    1. Well, thank you so much, Kerryanne! Love being featured at your link party, and love seeing all your projects and paperworks. 😉

  8. How pretty for a coastal location!! If I lived near the ocean I would totally make this!! Those sand dollars are adorable. What a fun twist on Christmas, Julie!

    1. Thanks, Rachel. I love starfish and sand dollars, even though I’m not a ‘beach gal’. But, I’m def a coastal style gal!

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