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Spring Home Tour-Part 1 and the Comparison Trap

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Part 1 of my spring home tour not only shares my love of spring, but also some thoughts on the “comparison trap”.


Spring has finally sprung!  Woop-woop!!!  Although I truly love the winter season here in So Cal (because, let’s face it, there hasn’t been a real winter here in FOREVERRRRR… IF ever), I’m always happy when spring arrives!  Aren’t you?!  And, though this is My Wee Abode’s first spring tour, last year was the first year I spruced it up a bit for the season!  But, this year was different.  This year, as I started putting out some touches of spring, I also started having some doubts….

spring tour part 1 comparison trap open shelving with white dishes greenery and aqua and pink accents

spring tour part 1 comparison trap wooden shelf with white dishes and a nest with eggs and a bird with pink mercury candle holders

“Julie, is this too ‘cutesy’? Would (insert blogger name) use that?”

“That doesn’t look right… why?”

“Do I even need to use this?”

“How will that look on camera? Would (insert blogger name) put that on her blog?”

“Julie… is THAT too ‘cutesy’?”

“Are there too many vignettes?”

“Julie, that IS too cutesy!” (Yes… this was the recurring question/thought-of-the-day)

spring tour part 1 comparison trap wooden shelf with white bunnies and planter with faux boxwood

spring tour part 1 comparison trap wooden shelf with white dishes blue coffee cups aqua decor pieces and bunnies with a nest and egg

spring tour part 1 comparison trap close up of white dishes and aqua bowls with nest and egg and blue coffee cups with butterfly plate on wall

Fighting the Comparison Trap with Prayer

So, between battling hyperventilation from mini-anxiety attacks and swiping on additional coats of deodorant because of the anxiety-induced perspiration (okay, I was just downright sweating, friends!), a new thought came to mind.  PRAY! So, I did.  And then the Lord started bringing new thoughts to my mind…

spring tour part 1 comparison trap kitchen with bench and island under open shelving with microwave and white soup tureens open door with tire wreath hanging on it

spring tour part 1 comparison trap brass bell hanging on wall

“Who is this blog for?”

“Who are you decorating your home for?”

“Are you expecting to be like your blogger friends that have had many more years experience?”

“Who are you doing this for?”

“Do you expect perfection now… or at any time?”

“What if you were perfect now? You’d be done!  No journey left… nothing more to do.”

“Who are you doing this for”? (Yes… thankfully, this was the new recurring question-of-the-day)

spring home tour part 1 comparison trap boxwood wreath hanging on iron wall hooks with linen on side

Fighting the Comparison Trap with Scripture

Through the rest of the day and evening, my ideas and thoughts were changing.  By God’s grace and mercy, I remembered that the biggest reason that I started blogging is because I want to share a home that will bring Him glory.  Helping others through sharing my home would be even better! AND, I want to point all of it back to His amazing love.  I have this home because He loves me.  I have the ability to create and decorate because THE Creator made me, and YOU, in His image!

 “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.” Genesis 1:27

” For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.” Ephesians 2:10

spring tour part 1 comparison trap closeup of hardware on leaded glass window

Here are even MORE Psalms for anxiety!

The “comparison trap” can be such a joy-stealer and contentment-thief! This seems to be an area I’m learning much about these days.  The Lord has given us each gifts, abilities, talents and ‘tastes’ that make us all different, but oh so special!  My prayer and hope is that we would all be able to imagine and create according to His will and for His glory, and that we would look at each other with appreciation, thankfulness, and even admiration, but that it would never get to a point where these actions steal our joy and contentment.

spring home tour and the comparison trap small kitchen with open shelving and white dishes with decor on it portable island with dishes and white refrigerator

I hope you enjoyed seeing my spring kitchen.  And I hope you didn’t mind reading about my struggles, and victories!  Next time, I’ll be sharing Part 2 of my spring tour, and sharing some thoughts on curating a home!  In the meantime, feel free to share how the “comparison trap” may tempt you!


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  1. Everything looks wonderful, it’s so bright and inviting! I love everything about it. You are YOU, and that’s the best thing you can be 😉

    Could you do me a favor and add a link to buy (or make) those industrial wood shelves that you have in your kitchen? I have been wanting something exactly like that, and those are beautiful!

    1. Thanks you so much, Marissa… I so appreciate your kinds words!

      I don’t have a link for the shelves, as they were a DIY project that I did (with some muscle and engineering assistance from my boss and his wife… my dear friend, Peg). However, I did take some photos of some of the project, so hopefully I can do a post on it soon! They are one of my fave part of MWA!

  2. It looks beautiful and I am much like you in fighting those samr thoughts each time I write a new post. Glorifying God should be priority one regardless of what others think. Happy Spring!!

    1. Thank you so much for the encouragement, Sonya! Couldn’t agree with your thoughts more! Have a wonderful weekend! (Look forward to getting to know you better this July!)

  3. Loved reading this today. I’m always content in my choices but then sharing it becomes the comparison issue…a great reminder for me today! Love that bunny planter and a breath of spring today!

    1. Thank you for coming by, Leslie, and for the sweet words! I’m so glad you were blessed! You know, I even struggle with my choices sometimes… Case-in-point, I returned a moss-covered bunny that I thought would be SO cute, but it just didn’t work! 😉 Glad you came by and shared! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Julie, definitely not cutsie! Just really pretty! You are so right about comparison; it never does us any good. I look at the homes of other bloggers and usually feel inadequate. I just have to remember that this is just a photograph, one moment captured. They don’t live picture-perfect lives any more than I do!

    1. Hey, Kim! Thanks for the encouragement (glad it’s not cutsie! ;-)) I need to keep reminding myself of all you said! 😉 Have a blessed weekend!

  5. I think it looks lovely Juls! I haven’t done my Easter decor yet, I need to do some serious cleaning first, but you have motivated me. I have several things that my Mother-in-law gave us when she was alive and I love to put them out. It always reminds me of her. Love what you are doing lady, keep up the good work!

    1. Melan! Yay!!! Thanks for commenting, and sharing… and for the encouraging words. You are always so sweet! Take some pics of the things your MIL gave you, and show me on Sunday. I would love to see them!

  6. Julie, your kitchen looks beautiful. I love how you use practical, useful items in your decor. Everything in my home has to serve a purpose! Sometimes it’s purpose is to just make me smile…but still I try to keep those at a minimum. Thanks for sharing your struggles with comparison – it’s a real trap for many of us. I am constantly reminding myself and my children that it’s not a competition! Well done sweet friend. <3

    1. Aw… thanks so much, Leslie! I love that ‘everything in my home has to serve a purpose’… even just to make me smile! I’m gonna have to ‘use’ that! 😉 (You are such a good mama.) Love you and miss you! Let me know when we can do coffee!

    1. Thank you, Teresa… for the love and encouragement. I hope you had a blessed time this past weekend… I loved seeing your face and giving you a big hug!

  7. Such beautiful shelves and devotional. Wow! I’m often hindered and paralyzed by those same thoughts. Such a wonderful post! And BTW, I’m always a sucker for little bird scenes…guess we’ll be cutesy together. 😁

    1. Kellie, you are just wonderful! I wish y’all lived closer! Thank you for the kinds words! I’m a sucker for birds, too… I was more worried about the bunnies!LOL!! 😉 (Also, running to change the spelling on ‘cutesy’… HAHA!;-D Thanks!)

  8. I love your spring kitchen Julie. So light and bright with shades of my favorite color blue. I’m a huge bird lover too and I totally know what you mean about the comparison trap. It’s very real and we are, after all, only human. Have a blessed week!

    1. Patti! Thanks for stopping by, and for the encouraging words! Yes, I think we all can relate to the the comparison trap, in some way or another. You have a blessed week, as well, friend!

  9. Wow, Julie! I just love your fresh Spring look. Your abode is so cheery. Comparison is such a trap, but you have so many unique and inspiring ideas that we would all miss out on if you didn’t share them out of fear. Keep sharing ”you”, Julie! God has blessed you with many gift – the most beautiful ones being your kindness and authenticity! (hugs!)

    1. Oh, Darlene, you are an amazing encouragement to me! Thank you for commenting, when I know your life is SO busy! And thank you for being such a good friend! Love our chats!

  10. Beautifully said Julie! A great reminder to not compare ourselves to others and to give God the glory. Your “Wee Abode” is adorable!!! I love all your spring décor!

    1. Hi, Josslyn! So glad to ‘see’ you! Thank you for the lovely and kind words! It is ALL about HIM! 😉

  11. Julie, this is such a great post. Not just because your kitchen is so cute {yes! I used this word on purpose, there’s nothing wrong with cute!} but more importantly that you shared your heart, I think these days with all the on-line visiting we do, it’s easy to get discouraged or feel “not as good as” – but God has each one of right where He wants us to spread His light. This is a good reminder for me to bloom where I’m planted and never compare…{we are all human as Patti wrote.} xo Lidy

    1. Oh, Lidy… thank you SO much! It means a lot that you came by AND left such kind words! I agree… We need to rest and be content where the Lord has us, but always persevere to bring much glory to Him. 😉 And, He uses *you* to inspire many of us! Thank you, again!

    1. So true, Carol! Thanks for sharing! (Sorry for the late reply… your comment went to my spam folder and I just found it!) Have a great weekend!

  12. Julie, your kitchen is beautiful, light and airy! Nothing wrong in here. I love your open shelves and the way you have styled them ~ very pretty! 🙂 I pinned a bunch of your photos because I think everyone should see grand and wee kitchens/homes. Not everyone has a huge kitchen with granite counters everywhere and hundreds of cabinets. Shoot, I barely have a pantry large enough in our RV home to hold just a few canned goods although the doors below can hold all of my baking goods. 😉 For me, I have to have an island…

    Lovely job sharing everything and I love your lacy table runner {?} hanging on the peg. It looks old {antique}.
    Barb 🙂

    1. Thank you for the lovely encouragement, Barbara! And for the many pin saves! (HUGS!) I understand the lack of pantry… I solved that a bit by having a slide out tiered shelf between my fridge and wall (you can see it in my post titled “Three Must Haves for Small Homes”). The lace and linen apron *is* vintage (I can see why you thought it might be a runner)… I love having it displayed in my wee entry-way! 😉 Thanks, again, for the ‘love’ and pins!

  13. You have a beautiful kitchen Julie and it is perfect for you and really that is all that matters. I have learned one very important thing after three years of blogging and that is that you should not believe what you see in the photos. It is an illusion. Sometimes we do posts about the reality vs. what you see on the blog and you will quickly come to realize that we are all in the same boat. Only some of us have better equipment and editing apps. At the end of the day we all want a space that makes us feel at home. And your house does that in spades.

    1. Awwww, thanks so much, Mary! You’re a sweetheart! It definitely helps to hear this from blogging friends, and your words truly encourage me! I think it’s something we have to remind ourselves time and time again… we are all created differently, and that is what makes us special! Again, thank you so much!

  14. Julie, You have the cutest kitchen! It is so fresh and bright. It reminds me of an apartment kitchen I had many years ago. It was a big room but only had a stove, a tiny counter and a big old sink. I used thrifted furniture for additional storage. And it had lots of natural light! It was a pretty fun kitchen.
    I also have that same galvanized tire wreath, but I haven’t done any thing with it! You have inspired me! Thanks

    1. Nancy! So glad you stopped by and shared! Thank you for the kind words, and I’m so glad you felt inspired. I, too, have some inexpensive furniture treasures… My Hoosier-type cabinet (given to me by my mom) will definitely get a makeover soon! I love the additional storage and ‘style’ it give My Wee Abode! Hugs and hearts (and thank you for the share, too!)

  15. Thank you so much for writing this post. That comparison trap can be anxiety causing and hurtful. My favorite is is it too girly, is it too large a project, is it too small. Oh and the pics, too light and on and on. God has really helped steer me with blogging and coming across this post is another example. Blessings to you and thanks.

    1. Oh, I’m glad it was encouraging, Leanna. I think we all have to preach to ourselves Truth! You’re doing a great job!

  16. Hi Julie, I’m just seeing your post–nearly a year later. I was wondering if you have a source for the cute Dragonfly, Butterly Garden Ferns sign on your wall. I just found your blog recently. Nice to read posts from a fellow believer.


    1. Marilyn, so glad you found My Wee Abode. 😉 Love to hear that believers are following along. I purchased that tray at Pier One last spring. It may come back this year… check in a few weeks, but I don’t see it on their site right now. I put a plate hanger on the back of the tray and made it wall art. It’s a fave of mine! Let me know if you come across it this year. Hugs and hearts, sister!

  17. Thanks, Julie, Just found your reply buried in my old emails! It’s nearly Spring, and I still don’t see it there–but they have some other cute stuff. Thanks for answering, sister!

    1. I JUST went in a few days ago (to Pier 1), and they didn’t have any. 🙁 So sad! Hope you find something similar (HomeGoods has some lovely trays for spring).

  18. I am with you on this comparison problem Julie! Why do we do this to ourselves?? I ask myself the same questions and thankfully the Lord reminds me of the same truths! We decorate our homes for us, for our families and to create a welcoming place for any who come to our homes. Your home is just lovely, really lovely. Your spirit it so sweet and kind. I am thankful that you have invited me to link up!! You are teaching me new things and I thank you!!

  19. What a wonderful and encouraging post, and I completely agree! I could never have written it as well as you did, though! Thanks so much for sharing these lovely thoughts at Thursday Favorite Things!

  20. Ah, Julie! You’ve hit on something here!

    First of all, your kitchen looks darling, so well done. I love the little touches of spring. I know just what you mean about not wanting to be too “cutesy.” I’d say you’ve done a great job at avoiding that but still being whimsical and fun.

    And isn’t it so easy to get stuck in comparing yourself and your work to others? Oh, my. Well, I’ve certainly struggled with that, which is why I wrote a book about comparison! I’m pinning your post to a board I’m compiling about comparison. I hope maybe my book will be helpful to you! (It’ll come out in October.)

    Meanwhile, thank you so much for joining the Grace at Home party at Imparting Grace. I’m featuring you this week!

    1. Thank you so much for the kinds words and encouragement, Richella… and the feature! 😉 I’m looking forward to seeing your book come out in October! Just in time for Christmas! Hugs!

  21. Your kitchen is bright, fresh and inviting! I don’t compare my style to others. I decorate my space for what pleases me and makes me feel comfortable. I enjoy seeing other blogger’s styles as everyone has different tastes and ideas.

    1. That is an extremely healthy and mature attitude, Allyson! We all need to take a lesson from you! 😉

  22. Thank you for your vulnerability, Julie! Comparison truly is the thief of joy and it is so easy to fall into it! God made each of us unique – to offer the world what only we can. If won’t don’t fulfill that purpose, the world misses out on something really important. The best joy is to become fully ourselves and all we were created to be!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read the post, Janet. I’m thankful the Lord has given me the blog in order to, hopefully, bring glory to Him!

  23. Hi Julie- You’re kitchen looks great!

    You do you, friend.

    I totally understand where you’re coming from, but you do a great job and I love to see what you are up to as do so many others. Can’t wait to see the rest of the tour. And thank you for your honesty, we can all relate. Have a peaceful week. XO- MaryJo

  24. Julie, I am so glad you added this to the Grace at Home party! I know it’s from a couple of years ago, but its message is timeless. Thank you.

    By the way, did you know I wrote a book about my struggle with comparison? I’d love to send you a copy if you’d be interested.

    I’m featuring you at this week’s Grace at Home party. Thank you so much for linking up!

    1. Thank you for the feature, Richella! And, yes, I DID know you wrote a book on comparison! I would be blessed to receive a copy. I will email you my address. Hugs!

  25. Julie your kitchen looks so fresh and bright all prettied up for spring. And I have felt the comparison trap A LOT lately. In fact, I was just having some of these same thoughts this weekend.

    I think we are always the hardest on ourselves, aren’t we? It’s so easy to compare and pick out imperfections. Thank you for sharing your honest thoughts. They were just what I needed to read today to know I am not alone and to learn to give myself GRACE. Hugs!

    1. I agree… Crissy and I are always telling each other to ‘let it go’, that we are over-thinking and worrying too much! 😉 Thanks for the sweet encouragement, dear friend!

  26. Julie I love how you were so open and honest. It’s hard as a home decor not to compare ourselves and our homes. I love the way you worked through it and how the Lord revealed these verses! Love you friend and your beautiful style and photography!💕

  27. Thank you for sharing your issue and how you overcame (prayer and scripture)
    On a more note everyday plain, springtime decor can be too cute. However, I think what you did is springtime fresh

  28. Isn’t it funny how prayer ends up being the answer!!! AND all too often it is the last resort. We all have been guilty of that.
    Your home and your choices are always spot on.
    I LOVE antique plates. I have a few….but not too crazy. I display them on walls. I enjoy looking at them. I’d say they are for me…since I live alone. I had a “friend” visit from out of town. She told me, “I don’t think you should have so many plates up (there really aren’t that many!)”. After she left, sadly, I started second guessing them. BUT they are there for ME!!! I enjoy them!!! Most are painted and I am a flower painter and a gardener. So after wrestling with it a bit….they are staying up!!! Then I found out, Sue, couldn’t stop talking about how great my new place is. She really didn’t express that to me though. She is not “saved” and tried to wreck my weekend. Moral: don’t compare, don’t wish and don’t second guess!!! We all have our own style, income and comfort needs.
    I like your spring kitchen….just the way it is….not compared to anyone else!

    1. So well put, Addie! We could all learn from this story! 😉 So glad I FINALLY saw one of your comments! Hugs (and I’m sure your plates are lovely!)

  29. Julie, I appreciate these awesome words of wisdom from the scripture. I needed to read this today. I have a close friend that I have been talking to about getting upset with their siblings and comparing. May I please use this blog? Thank you and God bless!!

  30. What a beautiful post, Julie. I love that you spoke from your heart. That darn comparison trap is real and we all can get caught in it. Thank goodness for the Mercy of the Lord.
    Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents with us.

    1. Amen, sister! I was watching a movie tonight, and one of the main characters was in such a depressing struggle. It made me realize how much the character needed Jesus, and how glad I am to have such a willing Savior!

  31. Love your decorating! I have a small kitchen too and was wondering if you could provide info on where you bought the shelf brackets, the small white microwave brand, and the microwave cart. Thank you

    1. The brackets are actually plumbing hardware you can pick up at any Home Depot or Lowes. I just sprayed with with texture paint and then matte black spray paint. 🙂 This is the small microwave I use… It is heavy duty and compact (I had to replace the white one in the picture… but this is the same one in stainless). As far as the kitchen cart goes, here are a bunch of ones to choose from. The one I purchased is no longer listed (as far as I can see), but you may be able to find something quite similar. Hope this helps, Geri!

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