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Spring Home Tour Part 2 Curating a Home

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Welcome to my Spring Home Tour Part 2 Curating a Home!  Come and be inspired with spring decor and learn about creating your home with your style!spring home tour decor ideas curating a home small living room with furniture and spring decor

I hope you all have had a wonderful and blessed week.  Today, I’m going to be sharing some spring decor ideas (via photos), as well as thoughts on curating a home.  And, if you don’t know what curating a home means, I’m gonna try my hardest to help us understand it a wee bit more!


What Does “Curating” Mean?

The dictionary meaning of the word “curate” (as a verb) is: “select, organize, and look after the items in (a collection or exhibition, i.e., museum).”  In recent years, the interior design and décor community has adopted this word to apply to homes.

So, instead of saying, “over the years, this home has been decorated with beautiful and hand-selected décor, textiles and furniture that have been organized and displayed in a specific design that reflects the owner’s personality and lifestyle” (ain’t that a mouthful?  Took me 10 minutes to dream THAT one up! 😉 ), designers often now say, “this is a curated home”.

Let’s expound on this a bit more…spring home tour decor ideas curating a home tow baskets on wall with milk bottles vases and tulips birch branches and beads

A Revelation… of Sorts with My Spring Home Tour Part 2 Curating a Home

Last week I shared my thoughts on the struggle I have with comparison.  If you haven’t read it, feel free to hop on over HERE, and take a gander.spring home tour decor ideas curating a home yellow tulips and hanging beads in wire baskets with sign that says be still and know

One of the things the Lord brought to my mind during the time of prayer and ‘thought-processing’ was that I wanted my home to look like the homes of people (aka bloggers) that have been honing their design skills and decorating for years… like, even 25-30 years!  Now, that’s not only putting a lot of pressure on myself but, dare I say, it’s a bit prideful, as well!

Let me tell you why…

(Little side-step: I really wish I could do something with my media cords, besides Photoshop them out (or forget to, in this case. >.<)
spring home tour decor ideas curating a home small living room with furniture and spring decor

Pride and Curating a Home

If you’ve read my ‘About’ page, you’ll know that My Wee Abode is the first home, in over 20 years, that I can call ‘all mine’.
spring home tour decor ideas curating a home vintage window pane with metal bucket and flowers with black lanterns hanging on the wall

What you may not know is that I have only been living in MWA for just three years!  So, it’s kinda’ silly, and, yes, even prideful, (and could maybe even come-off a tad bit insulting to other bloggers, though I’m sure THEY would never think so), for me to think that I should be at the same point in my three years that they are after 30 years!

I hope that makes sense. Yes? Oh, good.

spring home tour decor ideas curating a home vintage window pane with black lanterns with egg and moss inside hanging on the wall

spring home tour decor ideas curating a home vintage window pane with metal bucket and flowers on the wall

Curating and Time

So, though I may desire to have my little place look as lovely, cozy, and ‘together’ as the many women’s homes that I admire (the list is too long to insert here, friends), just as they have taken years to do this, it will take some time to achieve the same in my home.

spring home tour decor ideas curating a home small living room with furniture and spring decor

We all know, the items and collections in a museum are not created overnight, and neither are the décor, textiles, and furnishings in a home. Above all else, curating takes time.
spring home tour decor ideas curating a cement birds and white lantern with moss and eggs on white surface with gray detail

It takes time to find the right piece of furniture that you really love.  Be sure to take that time!

(‘Nother little side-step… there’s a sneak peek at the corner of my antique Hoosier… It WILL get a makeover… someday!)
spring home tour decor ideas curating a home small living room with furniture and spring decor

Seriously… a piece of furniture is an investment.  Whether you are paying full retail price for a media console or DIYing a dresser-turned-console, you are investing.

(Okay, and btw, just say ‘no’ to full retail price… really, just say ‘no’. Hehe!)spring home tour decor ideas curating a home small living room with furniture and spring decor

Uniquely Curated

A few weeks ago, I purchased a moss-covered bunny to put on my window bench with my big bowl of pastel-colored eggs.  When I bought it, I thought, “This will be adorable!  I’ve seen so-and-so use these moss-covered bunnies and it looks so pretty!  This is great!”

When I got it home, I set it beside the big white bowl of eggs… and it just did NOT ring any bells.

I know you know what I mean?

For three weeks, I would look out of the corner of my eye, stealing glances at that fuzzy green critter.


No matter how I turned it, propped it or placed it… NOTHING.spring home tour decor ideas curating a home vintage book with easter bunny egg and succulents with moss on white surface

Then I found the receipt and noticed that I had paid twice as much as what I thought I had paid!

I yelled at that little green monster, “You’re goin’ back, bunny!”
spring home tour decor ideas curating a home window bench with pillows and large bowl of pastel eggs with mini stool and white bottles

Though it looked beautiful in the home that inspired me, it did not work for me. Curating is not about someone else’s décor.  It’s about YOUR specific likes and dislikes that reflect your lifestyle and personality.   And, again… that takes time.

(And, fyi, moss-covered bunnies are totally adorable, and might be invited back to My Wee Abode in the future). 😉
spring home tour decor ideas curating a home pastel eggs with rafia in white bowl

Curating and $$$

Sometimes, the items we want to bring into our homes may be a bit more money that we’re used to paying… or we may need to save-up for the item.
spring home tour decor ideas curating a home vintage window pane with metal bucket and flowers on the wall

Being honest here, at times I have gone into debt to pay for décor items that I didn’t *have* to have.

It was a mistake.

I would encourage all of us to wait and save for the items in our home. spring home tour decor ideas curating a home window bench with mini stool and white bottles

Often times, when waiting and saving, the item will be offered at a lower price, or something you love even more comes on the scene.

Curating often takes money (even just a little)… and saving-up money can take time! (See the common thread here?)
spring home tour decor ideas curating a home white lantern with moss and eggs and cement birds on white surface with gray scrolling

You can easily create some budget-friendly decor by adding some DIY Velvet Eggs or creating a spring centerpiece in your home!

Curating… and… Time

So, back to that prayer time last week.

By God’s grace, I was reminded that the many bloggers I admire always say, “Curating takes time.”

I’m hoping to make this one of my mantras (I think I kind of achieved that in this post! LOL!)

My Wee Abode will change and become more lovely, warm and comforting to me as the months and years go by.  And what fun to be able to take the time to create that type of home!
spring home tour decor ideas curating a home small living room with furniture and spring decor

My hope is that together we will learn to create and curate beautiful homes.

That we can make mistakes together (it happens, right?), fix them together, and create homes that are a blessing to our friends and families.

In what ways do you see yourself curating your home?  I would LOVE to hear! And I hope you’ve enjoyed this Spring Home Tour Part 2 Curating a Home.

spring home tour part 2 curating a home pink yellow flowers in metal vase black lantern with egg view of living room with love seat and spring decor


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  1. I love your use of flowers/plants…Like the yellow tulips on the wall and the stems of whatever those are in the white milk bottles! It comes off as very fresh and inviting 🙂

    I have the opposite problem for decor…I have trouble making up my mind and taking action, so I end up spending no money and it looks like crap!

    I think you’re right, and finding a balance between the two is best!

    1. Thanks for the love, Marissa! 🙂 I bet your home looks just lovely! And, remember, you are a young mom… still learning your style, maybe? Balancing is always so hard!

      1. Lovely spring home Julie!! And lovely post, too. 🙂 I get every thing you said!! And yes….receipts for everything, not just for taxes but because I’m wishy washy haha!! I end up taking so much stuff back I buy. My husband calls me the queen of returns! 😉

        1. LOL! Nancy, at least we return, right? I still have some things I wish I had returned. I’m learning! Forever curating… right?! 😉 <3

  2. What a completely lovely home! And you’ve definitely already mastered “inviting”. Enjoyed your post so much!

    1. Oh, thank you so much, Lisa! So glad you felt ‘welcomed’ at My Wee Abode! 😉 Hope to see you here often! Hugs & hearts!

    1. Oh, Holly! Thank you SO much! That means so much coming from your… truly! Appreciate you coming by, and, of course, I always love your posts! 😉 Have a great week!

  3. Everything looks lovely, Julie! I’d say you’re beginning your curating journey very well! It’s so fresh and inviting. I love how bright and homey it all looks. Beautiful! So, where does one start when it comes to knowing what styles they like? I want to do some decorating but really don’t know what to do, or where to begin. I pretty much have nothing out that’s decor besides some pictures on the walls. I know I’m very minimalist in my approach to decor because 1. I don’t like tons of clutter and 2. I don’t like to dust everything! Hahaha! Just wondering how to get it going.

    1. Oh, Ronda… thanks so much for the encouragement and kind words. I’m glad you enjoyed seeing the tour. 😉 I’m no expert, but I can tell you how I started. Nika first introduced me to Pinterest a few years ago, and when I knew I was going to be getting my own place, I started looking at ‘living room decor’. From that I was able to see all kinds of different styles of living rooms. The pics that caught my eye were the light and airy living rooms that had pops of aqua (I’ve always loved aqua). On those pics, I started seeing the words ‘farmhouse’, ‘coastal’, and ‘cottage’. So I got more specific on my searches and included those words. Then I started visiting the blogs that those pictures were from, and that’s how I saw more of what I was liking, in a consistent setting. So, if I were you, that’s what I would do. Knowing that you are a minimalist, you might want to search ‘minimalist living room’, etc. You could even search ‘minimalist farmhouse style’ or ‘minimalist classic living room’. Hope that makes sense! Let me know what you think, and what you find! 😉 Hugs!

  4. Julie, your home is lovely but I do agree with you that curating takes time and as someone who has lived in my homes over the years, it’s the pieces we have been given or found on a fun shopping trip with friends that make the home. Besides, there’s something out there for everyone’s taste and the only person who really needs to love it is you. Great post. I’m sure you are already inspiring tons of readers.

    1. Thank you, Patti… for the encouraging words and love. 🙂 I need to keep telling myself that… curating takes time (and Who am I doing this for!). Thanks for coming by! Enjoy getting to know you!

    1. Oh, thanks, Debra! It’s definitely a work in progress… and I even find myself being drawn more to the cottage style lately! LOL! I do enjoy my home, so very much! Appreciate the ‘love’!

    1. Oh, Christy… as always, your comments mean SO much to me! I love learning from your style, tutorials, AND photos! Hugs and hearts, friend!

  5. Your home is lovely. I personally enjoy a curated look loads more than a room that everything looks as if you just bought out Home Goods.

    Happy Spring

    1. I agree, Lisa, and that is definitely another good point to curating a home. 🙂 I love your furniture makeovers and the way you have made your house a home. 🙂 So glad you came by, and thanks for the ‘love’! 😉

  6. Another great post, Julie! Your photos are Hallmark worthy, my friend. Seriously! I couldn’t agree more about returning items – I’ve made so many happy returns that I started calling it “unshopping”. 😉 Patience pays off when you see things taking shape and starting to reflect your own uniqueness! Happy curating. I know you’ll enjoy the journey. Your wee abode is so sweet!!! (hugs!!)

    1. Oh, Darlene… as always, you are a wonderful cheerleader! I love it… ‘unshopping’!!!! Hope we can talk soon! Love ya!

  7. Thank you for taking us on a tour of your spring home, Julie! I pinned photos from this post a week ago and meant to come back right away and leave a comment, but life has a way of interrupting and getting in the way… Sorry! I do love how you’ve decorated your living room and the new rug is very cute!!! I like how you’ve set it off on the diagonal. 🙂

    Enjoying your posts,
    Barb 🙂

    1. Oh, Barbara… you are so sweet! Thanks for noticing the diagonal rug… LOL! My designer cousin would beg to differ with you (and me), but differences make us all interesting and unique, right? 😉 Everything was looking so square and straight, I needed some ‘pop’… and with having carpet, I thought the rug on a diagonal would give a ‘layered’ rug effect. Thanks for stopping by, and I’m so glad you are enjoying the posts! Hearts and hugs!

  8. Your beautiful home is so inviting, I just want to sit and have a cup of tea there! I agree about curating and making our home a reflection of our own personalities, “Home Sweet Home”! You have an eye for little vendettas that add just that extra special touch! The lovely white lantern with the Easter eggs is darling and I especially like the little cross you added by the bowl of eggs, the important reason for celebrating the season! Be blessed today!

    1. Oh… thank so much, Nancy, for the kind words and encouragement! If you were nearby, I would definitely have you over for tea! Hugs, friend!

  9. Thank you for sharing your honest thoughts, Julie. Words that we should all remember when we start to compare ourselves and our homes to others. It’s not productive. Sorry your little bunny didn’t work out. You know yourself well enough to recognize that.

  10. What pretty spring colors and vignettes, Julie! Curating sure does take time and the editing is just as important as the acquiring, I think! It takes time and experimentation to even learn what you personally like so you can create a unique and wonderful nest. Great post!

    1. Thanks, Janet… this was an early post from the beginning of my blogging adventure. I’m glad it’s still relevant today. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Allyson! I’m actually thinking of changing up those baskets… not sure what I will do, though! We are always changing around here, right? 😉

  11. Hi!
    I’m new to your post. LOVE your home and warm decor.
    In regard to hidingTV cords. How about wrapping a chandelier fabric tube in a shade that matches
    your wall color?
    When will you refinish your Hoosier?
    How did you decorate your bath and bedroom?

    1. Hi, Su! So glad you found My Wee Abode! That is a great suggestion about the fabric tube! My Hoosier is on the list. Hoping to get it done soon! I’m in the midst of figuring out a wall project in the bathroom right now. I’ll be posting it this month, I hope!!!. I have three major projects in the bathroom, and I should be done. Hope to hear from you more, Su!

  12. Congrats, Julie! This was the most clicked from last week’s Snickerdoodle Create Bake Make Link Party! You’ll find it featured at this weekend’s party. Thanks so much for partying with us!

  13. I like the curating idea as I too like to do this in my home. I think I change my theme, so to speak from time to time as when I pick up a find at a flea mkt. or just rushed something together that intrigued me at the time. I may go country to trash to vintage all in one season, lo and behold this lady can’t make up her mind somedays.

    1. Me neither, Fernie! My home is always changing… and there is always a ‘changing mess’ in one room or another! 😉

  14. Hello Julie….okay I will try again!!!!
    You’ve “Curated a Spring in your step!!!”. All looks springy fresh.
    I love your Psalm 46:10 sign. When I was working in a crazy place so many times I have taken a deep breath and repeated, “Be still…Be still and know I am God”……it always seemed to help!!!

    1. You got it, Addie! I think the issue is solved. 😉 God’s Word is always a comfort, and I really need this verse more than ever!

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