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Three Items Every Small Home Should Have

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 Today, I want to share three items every small home should have (at least for me and My Wee Abode!)three must haves for small homes with faded pictures in background

As everyone says… Happy Saturday!  (I wanna figure out a different greeting… “Swonderful Saturday”? Uhhhh…)  Anyways, I hope y’all are having a wonderful day and looking forward to a great Sunday, too!


Living in a small home always has it’s fun challenges.  And the kitchen is no exception.  Since moving into MWA, I’ve collected a few ‘must-haves’ that I think are important for any tiny house, especially a loft or studio apartment.

But, if you have a large home, or even own your home, you may find these items pretty helpful for you, too!

So, let’s take a look!

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Portable Island

One of the things I really love and use ALL THE TIME, is my portable island.important items for every small home white portable island with decor items in kitchen

This is the Meryland White Modern Kitchen Island Cart. (This is sometimes out of stock, but if you put your email address in, they will notify you when/if they restock the cart.) This item goes on sale all the time. I waited and ended up purchasing it for $166 (Buying Power tip:  On many sites, if you place the item in your cart, and leave it there, you will get incentive notifications regarding sales  and ‘special offers’ from the company, in order to get you to click ‘purchase’!)

I did lots of research on this ‘must-have’ before I purchased it because I needed something narrow, something moveable (portable), something utilitarian, and, of course, something pretty!important items for small home collage of closeups of portable island

This island ticks all the boxes.   It is shallow enough to fit the space I have (bet you didn’t realize that my kitchen is entered into by my front door!)

The island is also on wheels, which makes it wonderful when I want to move the island to the middle of my little kitchen and use it as a dining table.  I love that it has two drawers (I keep my silverware in one and potholders and dishcloths in the other).  It has two cupboards, a spice rack, and towel rack!  Very utilitarian!important items small home vintage pyrex

As far as being pretty, being white was a ‘must’, and I love the fact that it has open space for storing my pretty vintage Pyrex.

Portable Double Burner

important items small home portable burners on counter with cutting board

My second must-have is my Waring Commercial WDB600 Heavy-Duty Commercial Cast-Iron Double Burner.

What I haven’t shared before is that My Wee Abode has everything a normal kitchen has, except a stove/oven! (In CA, a home that is 400sf or less cannot, legally, have a built-in stove/oven.)  So, I researched lots of burners and found this particular one to have great reviews because it is heavy-duty, commercial-grade and cleans up great!important items small home closeup of burnersIt’s been an adjustment for this gas-cooking-girl to learn to cook on an electric burner, but now I’m used to it and it feels ‘normal’.

The description on Amazon says that the smaller burner is for warming and simmering, but I have found it works great to cook eggs on, as well!

If I had to do it over, the only thing I would change is I would get two separate burners.  The reason being, if I need to use a large skillet, I can only cook one thing because the burners are too close together to set an additional pot on the smaller burner (this is only with a large skillet).  If I had two burners, I could move them to where I needed them according to the pot sizes (make sense?)

Slim Slide-Out Pantry

important items small home slip roll away pantry

My last item (for today) is my Slim Slide-Out 5-Tier Storage Tower.  Because of the limited cupboard space in My Wee Abode’s kitchen, I really have to use every inch of space for storage, without looking cluttered!white plastic tiered tower with canned goods between wall and refrigerator

white plastic tower between wall and refrigerator

If you have 5-6 inches of horizontal space in your kitchen, this storage tower, which I call my hide-away-pantry, will slide right in!  As you can see, I use this to store my canned goods and other pantry-type items.white plastic tiered tower with canned goods between wall and refrigerator

It assembled quite easily and fits my needs until I can build myself a custom one! (DIY Tip: When I purchased this, I didn’t take into consideration the baseboard, which took up ½’ of space.  One-half inch is a lot in this situation!  So, I just removed the baseboard, stuck it in the corner behind my refrigerator, and will replace it when/if I need to!)

So there you have it! These are just three of my ‘must-haves’ for living in a small home!  More products to come in future posts!  Let me know in the comments if you have any questions.

Do you have any products that are great space-savers, storage solutions, or otherwise helpful in a small, or large, home?  What items are the most important for you in a small home, or any size home?  I would *love* to hear about them in the comments!

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  1. Great tips, Julie. That is such a perfect island and I love the tips about waiting around for incentive coupons. As far as tips to share, I have never used a linen closet for sheets. I just have one set of sheets for each bed, wash them regularly and put the set back on the bed fresh from the dryer. No need to fold a fitted sheet – I think I’m either lazy or minimalist. LOL! Thanks for sharing your great tips. 🙂

    1. That’s a really great tip about sheets! I have only two sets of sheets… I need to have the extra set, as I don’t have laundry facilities available at my fingertips. 😉 Thanks for sharing… and commenting, Darlene!

    1. Thanks, Mary! The tower is SO helpful! I TOTALLY understand needing to use every inch in the kitchen! I’ll have a post about my whole kitchen, soon! Thanks for coming by!

    1. Hi, Maria! Glad these tips offer you some help! It’s always a challenge to use my space effectively, but still make it pretty! Thanks for coming by! Hugs!

  2. In one apartment that I lived in, I had a large kitchen but it only had one small cabinet/counter top between the sink and range. I too used a rolling cart for extra storage and counter space. Mine was functional, but not as pretty as yours. Another thing I did, was to put a small bookcase on top of the refrigerator. (It had not cabinet over it!) I kept my cookbooks on it. It actually looked built in. Worked great!

    1. Oooo, a book shelf on the top of the fridge! That’s a GREAT small home solution! LOVE IT! I’ll soon be sharing a couple more small aspects of my wee kitchen… I’m hoping it will be helpful! Thanks for dropping in, Nancy! Hugs & hearts!

  3. I do the same with sheets. I live alone, so only one bed to be concerned with, unless I have guests, then those sheets are washed and put back on the guest bed. My linen closet is used as storage for things I buy in bulk, such as toilet tissue, paper towels, laundry soap, bathroom items and other everyday items on sale. When I run out of something, I just go shopping in my linen closet!

    1. Great idea, Pat! “Shopping” in your home is super helpful, whether it be for personal items or decor! 😉

  4. The rolling storage cart is a good idea. I didn’t realize they made them so narrow. I must confess I had to reread your post as I got distracted by your pretty Pyrex..such beautiful colors!!!!!

    1. LOL! Yes, I love my vintage Pyrex. The Butterprint is so expensive, and rare. I try to snatch it up when I can! Thanks, Sherry! I love my narrow ‘pantry’!

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