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Five Pinterest Boards to Make You a Better Decorator

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Do you want more inspiration for small (or large) home, apartment, or dorm?  Well, let’s take a look at my five best Pinterest boards to make you a better decorator!

best pinterest boards decor diy various photos of diy projects and crafts


Have you ever wondered where to find ideas for decorating living rooms?

What about creating a no-sew bed skirt for your bed? (Duhhh, of course, a bed skirt is for your bed!)

Want to know how to paint that ugly piece of furniture the fast and easy way?

Or even how to paint a room during your lunch hour?

How about how to make oatmeal in an Instant Pot?

Well, I hope you will visit My Wee Abode for all these things and more! However, if you want even more inspiration, ideas, and tips and tricks for your home, you could search Google, or Instagram, orrrr… You could go to the first place I go.  PINTEREST!

photo of pinterest logo and title

What is Pinterest?

Just as a short intro, in case you aren’t familiar with Pinterest, this is what Wikipedia says:

Pinterest, Inc. is a social media web and mobile application company. It operates a software system designed to enable discovery of information on the World Wide Web using images and, on a smaller scale, GIFs and videos.”

For us, this means Pinterest is a website that shares all kinds of images and social ‘ads’ (knows as “Pins”) that link directly to blogs (and other websites) where you can learn how to implement the inspiration photo that was shared. You can either immediately click on Pins to visit blogs/websites or save the Pins to your personal account by creating categories (boards) that relate to the Pins, then visit them later!

Friends, Pinterest gives us some amazing information and inspiration for our homes, whether it be a small home, large home, apartment, tiny house, or even a dorm room!

So, you can get ideas for just about anything: decor styles, weddings, furniture makeovers, tablescapes, recipes, and LOTS of ideas for holidays (even crazy stuff for Halloween from my good friend, Marissa at Squirrels of a Feather!)

My Five Best Pinterest Boards for Decor and DIY

Now you can find all kinds of home decor ideas and diys on Pinterest from all kinds of different blogs.  (Check out my “Following” tab to see the boards that MWA follows, and give some of those bloggers some love!)

But, today we are going to look at five best Pinterest boards to make you a better decorator.

These pin boards have been curated by My Wee Abode (that’s me ;-)).  “Best” means that not only do these boards have plenty of pins (one has almost 2,000), but these are the boards where visitors to my Pinterest account save the most pins.

best pinterest boards decor diy various photos of diy projects and crafts

Mind you, these boards not only include household tips, tricks, and ideas from this blog, but so many MORE blogs, too!

Pinterest tip 1: Did you know that on every MWA post there is at least one Pin (or more) that you can save to your Pinterest account? Simply click on that little red “P” on the left of the post, and see what comes up! Go ahead, try it and see… I dare you! Hehe!

Now, let’s take a look at some boards!

Interior Inspirations

This collection of Pins from many bloggers and websites (and MWA, too) includes tons of decorating and design ideas, tips and tricks, and inspiration for creating a beautiful home, small, medium or large! Learn from professional designers how to create a beautiful home in any style whether farmhouse, cottage, traditional, modern, coastal, mid-century modern and more!

best pinterest boards decor diy various photos of interior decor ideas with title interior instantiations DIY Dreams

This board is packed with ideas, tutorials, instructions and how-tos for makeovers, upcycles and just about any craft to decorate a home of any size. Here you can find do-it-yourself projects that help every small home keep on a budget!  Fulfill your DIY dreams and get lots of inspiration.

best pinterest boards decor diy various photos of diy projects and crafts

This board was the very first board I created, way before My Wee Abode was ‘born’.  With close to 2,000 pins, it is by far my largest collection (and probably my favorite).

Apartment Life

Living in an apartment or small home has unique challenges. This pin board offers storage solutions, decor tips and tricks, and home improvement ideas that are super helpful for rental living!

best pinterest boards decor diy various photos of diy projects and crafts

Again, this pin category includes ideas from both My Wee Abode and many other bloggers and websites.

FALL Decor and DIY

So many seasons, so many decor and craft ideas!!!

This is just ONE of the seasonal/holiday boards in the My Wee Abode Pinterest Account.  With over 800 Pins of crafts and DIYs for decor that will bring fall beauty to your home, you can tell that I LOVE the fall season!  Autumn is so warm and cozy, and I think many of us like our homes to reflect those feelings during the season.

various photos of fall decor with the title fall decor and diy

The Best of My Wee Abode

And last, but of course, not least, the “My Wee Abode” board. This is where you get to see EVERY pin from all of My Wee Abode blog posts!

All things for living in a small (rental) home! Innovative storage solutions, thrifty diy decor, rental hacks, and tutorials all with a farmhouse coastal cottage style. Tiny house and apartment life done in a budget-friendly and organized way, including smart and helpful tips and tricks.

photos of an apartment and other photos for home ideas

Oooo, I need to change out that first fuzzy photo of My Wee Abode… One of the first ‘learning curve’ pics I took! 😉

Pinterest tip 2: You can easily save an image or Pin to your Pinterest account if you hover over the photo and a “Pin” logo appears. Just click on the logo and see what happens! I dare you, again! (FYI, not all images are pinnable.)

Now It’s Your Turn

Now that you’ve been introduced to my five best Pinterest boards for decor and diy, what do you think?  Do you think this tool would be helpful in creating your lovely home? Are you already an avid ‘Pinner’, or is this the first time you’ve been introduced to Pinterest? (I’m actually REALLY curious about this!)

Be sure to bee-bop on over to the My Wee Abode Pinterest account, give me a follow, and check out all the boards that are continuously being curated.  See you there!

signature for my wee abode

Oh, look! A PIN!!!

best pinterest boards decor diy various photos of diy projects and crafts

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  1. I have yet to like pinterest. I guess I just don’t quite understand it. It seems like I’m always clicking and then something opens up that leads to another click and so on. Your post has encouraged me to give it another try.

  2. Thanks for this post, Julie. Lots of great information! I’m new to Pinterest and just getting started, so this is very helpful. Happy Mother’s Day!

  3. Great info, Julie, plus you are one smart lady, I may need to borrow this idea 😉 He He He
    Now I off to visit your Pinterest board again!

    Love, Rachelle

    1. You go right ahead and borrow the idea. I was inspired by a podcast I was listening to! 😉

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