DIY Face Mask Tips and Tricks PLUS a Bonus

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With all that is swirling around during this historical time in our world, so many of my fellow bloggers have put out information on DIY face masks.  Today, in case you haven’t seen or heard anything about it, I thought I would share some DIY face mask tips and tricks plus a bonus or two!diy face mask tips green face mask on table


Have you got your face mask handy?

Are you still in need of a comfortable face mask because your county has mandated them, or will soon?

Want something to do today that’s fast and easy to put together for you and your family?

Why Should I Make a DIY Face Mask?

IF you are needing a face mask, the first reason is pretty obvious… There is a short supply of face masks, to put it lightly.  A DIY face mask just may be the answer for you!

But, there are a few other reasons why you might want to make a DIY face mask:

  • (If) Your state/county has mandated that you wear a face mask (my conviction is that we obey the governmental laws until they ask us to do something this conflicts with the ultimate Law)
  • If you think your government (state/local or otherwise) may require you to wear a face mask… you don’t want to get caught with your face mask down! 😉  Best to be prepared.
  • You want to love others by wearing a face mask.  Some of my family members and I have discussed this and we agree.  While it may not be mandated (yet) to wear a face mask in our area, there are many other people in public that just feel more comfortable and safe with everyone wearing a face mask.  Why not give up our ‘rights’ and love others by making them feel more safe and secure when we are around them?  So, we wear face masks in public, even though it is not yet required in our county.

This past week, perusing the internet for easy sewing tutorials, I jumped on the bandwagon and made some DIY face masks for some of my friends, family, and myself. 

So today, I’m going to share my favorite tutorials, that range from no-sew to a-little-tricky for the beginning seamstress.

What’s more, I’m going to share a couple of bonus informational posts that several blogging buddies put together that you may truly find helpful.

The Easiest No-Sew Face Mask Tutorial

My dear friend Rita from Harbour Breeze Home put together a post on how to make a mask using a Norwex cloth. This simple, no-sew, DIY mask can be put together in just a few minutes… literally.  And the Norwex brand is known for its bacterial fighting agencies in their products, with NO chemicals.  You will definitely want to check this out!diy face mask tips woman with purple face mask

BTW, Rita is from Canada and can’t sell Norwex to the U.S.  If you need a contact to purchase Norwex, let me know in the comments or send me an email… I can give you a reliable consultant’s name. (No, it’s not me!) 😉

Easy DIY Face Mask for Beginners

This tutorial comes to you from Erica at Confessions of a Homeschooler.  This tutorial is one of the first ones you come across on YouTube (which is how I found it), but Erica has it on her site, as well!  This three-layer mask is super easy to make and shows you how to attach elastic ear bands.face mask with sewing items on wood surface

BTW, I know this one is easy… keep reading.

Easy DIY Face Mask with Filter Hole

Once you read through and follow the step-by-step instructions, this face mask actually only takes a little more time than the mask without the filter hole.  My friend Kristi from French Creek Farmhouse listened to her sister (who is a nurse) and created this 3-pleated mask with a filter hole that you can use or not!  diy face mask tips green face mask on table

Again, I know this face mask is easy to make… I’ll share why in just a bit! 😉

Best Fit Face Mask

Brittany from Pretty Handy Girl is sharing her tutorial on the best fit face mask, and I must agree.  This DIY face mask looks roomy yet still fits without any gaps!  And, of course, it would fit great… Brittany has LOTS of experience with masks being in the carpentry and demolition biz! multi colored face mask on wood surface

Which Mask Should I Make?

The choice of which mask to make will be entirely up to you.  However, I can tell you that I made both Erica’s mask and Kristi’s mask and both tutorials were easy to follow and the masks were pretty simple to make.  I ended up making more of the elastic ear-band mask because it was quick and I liked the elastic part of the tutorial (I need fast because I’m still working remotely at my full-time job.)

diy face mask tips two face masks on ironing board
Please excuse the iPhone photo… last-minute decision to show you my finished product!

However, if I had more time on my hands, I would definitely try the ‘best fit’ mask from Brittany!

DIY Face Mask Bonus

My friend Ahna from Hammers and Hugs is not only a blogger, but she is also a nurse practitioner!  Her post on The Real Mask Breakdown and How You Can Help is SUPER informative and helpful!  It’s well worth the read!nurse with phone and face mask

Pandemic Family Resource Guide Bonus

My sweet friend Michelle from The Painted Hinge took part with a group of bloggers that are sharing some family resources to help us get through this ‘temporary new normal’ we find ourselves in right now!  diy face mask tips photos of resources for families

With posts ranging from recipes to self-care pointers, the collection boasts over 100 tips to help during this unfathomable time in our lives.  I bet we all can learn something new as we peruse this digital resource!

Now It’s Your Turn

What do you think?  Are you ready to dive into the DIY-face-mask-making world? Have you already made your own masks? What pattern did you use?

Most importantly, how are you holding up during this #stayhome period of time?signature for blog

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  1. Who would ever dreamed when we were planning for this year that the craft that would be the craze would be face masks!! Thank you so much for featuring mine in this great resource list. It’s great. Thank you.

    1. Crazy, indeed! Thanks for letting me share your quick and easy tutorial, Rita dear! Hugs, and happy Easter!

  2. These masks are great and explained in detail,I like that.I downloaded two of them with the pattern so I can make anytime. I like that there are 2 styles and do believe the pleated one with ties would work best for men in the health field. I like also that there are pockets for filters in them.I have made three masks and ran out of elastic, since I don’t go out I don’t think I will be able to get hair bands so will use the ties as they are more adjustable. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Queenie! Hope one of these works for you! The filter pocket one is very nice, and easy to make!

  3. I am resistant to sewing a mask for something that I want to be Very short lived. This post is perfect though Julie as just yesterday I was talking to hubs about maybe making us each a fun one. These tutorials are very handy for the trying times we find ourselves in.

    Thanks for sharing them.

    1. I get it, Leanna… I think we are all hoping for the best, for sure. We haven’t been mandated to wear ours in this county, yet… but, I want to be prepared in case it happens. Also, I think others feel more safe and secure when we wear them, so might as well be thoughtful of others during this time. 😉 Hugs, and have a blessed Easter!

  4. Love this post! My daughter in law is seeing masks for us and my company right now. We have been playing around with ideas at home in the mean time. Great timing for these ideas. Much love Julie and Happy Easter to you!

  5. We are blessed in Maine to have several companies switching over to making masks (LL Bean and New Balance). Forget which one was able to do 50,000 masks a day, the other 5,000 per shift! I am settling for the folded hanky with hair elastics; I throw the hanky in the laundry when I come home. Have been out 1x in the last two weeks. As a retiree with 2 antique/vintage booths (cloed for the duration), I miss thrift and craft shopping the most! I have been busy crafting–for myself, gifts, to sell, for the church Christmas bazaar.

    1. You sound super busy, Kathy! I’m glad you are able to do the quick ‘no-sew’ version of a mask. Thankful for those helping with the supply!

  6. Hey there Julie, what a great post – so full of information and helpful tips for people out there. I hope you have a wonderful Easter and are staying dry!

  7. So many options! And I’m delighted to see the words “no sew” LOL, as sewing is not my thing! Thanks for sharing these, Julie, and for your caring heart for others!

  8. Dear Julie,
    Thank you so much for all your ideas. freebies, and kindness in sharing. I live in Los Angeles and need to make a mask that is washable
    and wards off bacteria. I was excited to learn about the Norwex material. Would you send me the info on whom to contact?? Thank you.
    Alice Lew

  9. Your masks are so timely for me, Julie, as I need to make one soon! I’m so glad you posted several different kinds! I hope you have a wonderful day!
    Tee @ Teediddlydee

  10. Hi Julie, this is great, thanks so much for the tutorials! Just in case anyone wonders, I will say that as a healthcare worker (receptionist) that has to wear a mask every day at work, the masks with the ties are cumbersome and hard to deal with. The masks with the elastic ear pieces are easier to manage and lots more comfortable to wear for 12 hours plus. Just my 2 cents! 🙂

    1. Oh, interesting, DeeDee… I had heard that the medical professionals are having issues with the elastic now because they are working such long hours that it is breaking down their skin. Have you heard this?

  11. Julie, great idea for sharing all the different versions of masks. I made several for us using the pleated style with scrap fabric. We’ve worn them several times. Stay save sweet friend.

    1. Yes, the elastic is nice for those of us that don’t use them all day long. However, I’ve heard that the medical professionals are preferring the ones with ties because the elastic breaks down their skin behind the ears. So sad! Praying for all our ‘frontline heroes’.

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