Tuesday Turn About #44 Spring Tips

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The party has started and Tuesday Turn About #44 Spring Tips is now live. Gather the family and peruse all the features and checkout the links that are located at the bottom of the post throughout the week!

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You can check out our last party here!

We hope you are all doing well and that the party finds you and yours healthy! We also hope you are finding this ‘party’ a nice way to interact yet still follow the social distancing we all have been asked to do!

This past week, there were lots of tips linked up, whether it was decor tips, cleaning tips, staying at home tips, plus so much more!

My features today will be two tips posts and one decor post (I couldn’t resist)! But first…

Weekly Blogging Tip

This week’s blogging tip: If you want to direct traffic to your blog, I’ve found Pinterest to be a HUGE (and I mean HUGE) means of doing just that! If you aren’t using Pinterest yet, you’re missing out! Set-up a business account as soon as you can! More Pinterest tips in the coming weeks!

For more starting a Pinterest business account, click HERE.

Weekly Household Tip

This week’s household tip: During meal prep, keep a bowl or bag (a bag that will be thrown away already) on the counter to collect trash (i.e., carrot shavings, tin cans, labels). This will put trash collection at your fingertips, plus limit the times you need to keep going to your ‘big’ trash can!

Spring Tips, Etc.

Now, let’s take a look at a couple of spring tips, and some last minute spring decor, too!


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Lavender And Honey Scone Recipe | Time To Think About Graduation Announcements

Bluesky At Home

Faux Flower Arrangements | How to Decoupage Easter Eggs and Balls | 10 Thoughts to Help You Cope in Isolation

This Week’s Features:

Faux Flower Tips

These tips on how to make faux flowers look real are quite impressive! Yvonne from Stonegable surprised me with several I hadn’t heard of before! Genius!

poppy flowers in vase with basket tray and potted plants

Daily Activities for Staying at Home

Want a daily list of activities… by topic? This collection from My Slices of Life is unique and each day has a different topic with activities relating to the topic! Very cool!

tuesday turn about 44 spring tips list of activities to do at home and images

Just a Little Decor

Sandra from Dinner at Eight is sharing her bunny decor. These little black and white bunnies are so pretty and different, I couldn’t resist sharing them. Love the pink bows!

black and white ceramic bunnies with pink bows

Now It’s Your Turn! Link Away!

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Before you get started, take a look at our guidelines:

  • This party is for home decor and home-related posts only (recipes, organizing, DIY, crafts, etc.). Link up to 3 related posts. Please do not link up informational posts that do not relate to the topic.
  • If you would please not link up shops, advertising, round-ups, other link parties, or any posts promoting sales, we would appreciate it.
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  • By linking to the party, you give us permission to share your projects on our blogs and social media. We will always give proper credit with a no-pin image.

Now, I’m sure we still have lots of spring and even some late Easter projects in store… plus, I bet we see more posts for helping us enjoy our home more, too!

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  1. Thanks for hosting, Julie. I agree these parties are a great way to stay in touch during this time. I love your household tip. I do that, too and it’s a time saver for sure! I hope you stay safe and healthy.

  2. Pinterest sure is a gold mine for bloggers like us. I’ve noticed recently a huge increase coming from Pinterest. Hope your staying health and dry.

  3. I’m loving the blogging and household tips that you each are sharing. I do something similar, but since I live where I can have a compost pile, I keep a bowl in my cooking area while I cook for anything that is compost friendly. Growing up, my mom did the same thing, but instead of dumping the bowl in a compost pile, we dumped it over the fence for the cows to eat. Mama says that that is one thing she misses about living on the farm. Now that she’s in town, she throws away her scraps.

    1. I never used to do this with my scraps… save them in something on the counter. It seems lots of people do! Nowhere to compost here, either. 🙁

  4. Thank you for hosting! This is what I featured the week of 4-6 to 4-10-20 on my blog. On Tuesday was Turtle Crepes With Custard Cream. Wednesday was Strawberry Crepes With Peach Sauce. Thursday was Nutella Crepes With Fruit. And winding up this Week of Crepes is Tip Friday 7 Best Egg Substitutions and Examples. Enjoy!

  5. Loving your tips Julie! Yes, I have really benefited from being on Pinterest from the beginning. Holidays are always big for traffic. love that face mask, thanks so much for hosting, Julie!!

  6. Wow, your site is awesome and I love your tips! I’m definitely making one of those masks this week! Thank you for the lovely link party and for the opportunity to share my Carrot Banner and to see what others have shared as well. I wish you much health throughout this strange time our country is going through. Take care!
    Many hugs,
    Tee @ Teediddlydee

    1. So glad to have you with us, Jayne! Hope to see you each week! I left you a comment on your Shibori gift post, then realized you are in a different country, so that’s probably why I can’t get to your Etsy links! 😉

      1. Thanks for commenting on my Shibori gift post Julie and for letting me know about the links. I’m having a problem with my Etsy links on that post in general (I can’t even access them!) and the affiliate network is already looking into fixing it for me – there’s always something! 😉

        1. Totally understand, and agree… it’s always something! Do you live in Germany now? One of my best blogging buddies recently moved there from here in the States.

  7. Love the weekly tips, Julie! Pinterest is definitely on fire right now. I keep a small decorative stainless lidded pail on my counter to put kitchen scraps into and then dump them into my compost bin in the backyard at the end of each day, Love how every Spring I have lovely enriched soil for my garden beds and flower pots. Stay safe and have a great rest of the week!

  8. Thank you for hosting! I do not have a business Pinterest account, so I will be reading your post and looking forward to more! Thanks for helping a newbie out!

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