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Easy DIY Velvet Mushrooms Three Ways

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If you love the look of velvet in the fall season, you are going to love these easy DIY velvet mushrooms done three different ways!


Hey friends and fam! Welcome to a brand new DIY at My Wee Abode!

If you love velvet during the cozy seasons of fall and winter, you are gonna want to create these easy DIY velvet mushrooms!

And we aren’t learning just one version. I actually have THREE ways to show you how to DIY your own velvet ‘shroom patch! (Maybe even 3 1/2 ways!)

Easy DIY Velvet Mushrooms three ways in nest of grass in wooden bowl

These luxurious, rustic velvet fungi (such an ugly word πŸ˜‰ ) are all the rage these days, and I figured out a way to make them look just as lovely as my DIY velvet pumpkins!

These look JUST like the pros version, too! At a fraction of the cost!

So let’s get to it!

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Easy DIY Velvet Mushrooms – Birchwood Stem

The first version of this DIY soft velvet mushroom is using a mini birch wood log as a stem.

Easy DIY Velvet Mushrooms three ways green velvet mushroom with birch stem and acorns pumpkin in next of rafia grass

What You Will Need for a DIY Velvet Mushroom with a Birch Wood Stem

Here are the items you will need for this first ‘shroom, as well as a few of these items for the next two.

items for diy velvet pumpkins glue gun foam thread bowl and velvet

How to Make a Large Velvet Mushroom with Birch Wood Stem

These velvety mushrooms are super easy to make… don’t let all the photos make you nervous. A thorough tutorial is always best, don’t you think?

Easy DIY Velvet Mushrooms three ways collage of tutorial steps
  • Turn your velvet face down and trace your stencil. For the large mushroom, I used a 10″ dinner plate (Fig 1a). Pro tip: Using a felt tip pen is easy, and shows up on the darkest of fabrics (Fig 1b).
  • Take a needle with a large eye and your upholstery thread, and slip stitch around the circle about 1/4″ away from the edge (Fig 2).
  • Slightly pull the thread to begin forming the cover for your foam half ball (Fig 3). Pro tip: Be sure to leave your needle threaded to tie off your fabric at the end.

Prep the “Cap”

tutorial steps for velvet mushroom diy with green foam and green velvet
  • Take your mini birch wood log and gently press it into your foam (Fig 4). Take a spoon and scoop out a ‘tunnel’ (Fig 4a and 4b)
  • Cover your foam ‘cap’ with your velvet and pull the string in tightly. Arrange and rearrange to get the velvet centered. Then, tie-off the thread (Fig 5).
Easy DIY Velvet Mushrooms three ways collage of tutorial steps with green velvet cap and birch wood log
  • Pinch and arrange the fabric on the foam half ball until you have the look you want (Fig 6).
  • Add hot glue on the top of a mini birch wood log and around the top edge and push into the hole of the cap (Fig 7).

And that is IT!

Easy DIY Velvet Mushrooms three ways green velvet mushroom with birch stem and acorns pumpkin in next of rafia grass

The ‘bark’ flaking off the stem just reminds me of a rustic mushroom. It makes me so happy!

But, what makes me even more happy? Adding some sparkle!

green velvet mushroom with rhinestones and gold velvet mushroom in raffia grass
Yes, those are rhinestones. I need to figure out how to photograph sparkly ‘things’.

Adding Rhinestones to DIY Velvet Mushrooms

Again, this is really easy to do… seriously easy, and really satisfying!

tutorial steps for velvet mushroom diy with green foam and green velvet and rhinestones
All of this is optional, but adding a little surprise to the mushrooms is kind of fun!
And you can actually see the rhinestones in these photos!
  • If you want to add some rhinestones (or any other beading, for that matter) simply purchase Tacky Glue Fast Grab, faux jewels, and a jewel picker (Fig 1).
  • Dot the glue around the cap, but don’t do more than three or four dots at a time (it will dry too fast) (Fig 2).
  • Pick up a bead with your jewel picker (this is a MUST for adding jewels to anything) (Fig 3).
  • Place your jewel on the glue and hold for a second or two. Then roll your jewel picker off the bead (Fig 4).

Now, let’s take a look at the second velvet mushroom style.

DIY Velvet Mushroom with Driftwood Stem and Panne Velvet

There’s not much difference with this velvet mushroom, except the type of stem, choice of fabric, and I DID use the 3-inch SmoothFom for this mushroom.

Easy DIY Velvet Mushrooms three ways collage of tutorial steps with half foam and driftwood stem
  • Repeat the steps for the velvet mushroom with the birch wood stem, however, you may want to use a knife to hollow out the smaller foam half ball.
  • Also, panne velvet is not stretchy, so you may need to work with pinching and prodding the fabric a bit more.
  • Pro-tip: You can always cut the ‘stems’ to the length you want using a razor saw (I use mine ALL the time!)

Stand back and admire your velvet mushroom collection growing. Because you and I BOTH know how mushrooms MULTIPLY!

rust colored velvet mushroom in bed of raffia straw and acorns
You can see some of the glue at the base of the cap, but it doesn’t bother me. It gives it more of a rustic look.

Easy DIY Velvet Mushrooms – Mini Wooden Mushrooms

These wooden mushrooms are so cute. You can choose to simply paint them, or make them little DIY velvet mushrooms!

What You’ll Need

Here are the additional items you will need to make these super simple velvet mushrooms.

items for diy velvet pumpkins

How to Make Miniature DIY Velvet Mushrooms

Again, these are SUPER easy to make!

Easy DIY Velvet Mushrooms three ways collage of tutorials with gold velvet and wooden mushroom
  • For this easy velvet mushroom, be sure to slip stitch the velvet close to the edge (Fig 1). This will hide the stitching around the base of the mushroom cap.
  • The stem is painted once, because I preferred more of a stained look, but you can paint it solid by painting two coats. Then take the velvet and wrap it over the wooden cap, pull it close to the base, and tie it off (Fig 2)!

And you end up with your third little velvet mushroom!

Easy DIY Velvet Mushrooms three ways green velvet mushroom with birch stem and acorns pumpkin in nest of raffa grass
These wooden velvet mushrooms can easily stand on their own, too!

The Final Three Easy DIY Velvet Mushrooms

And here is how these mushrooms look in my favorite wooden pedestal bowl.

Easy DIY Velvet Mushrooms three ways in nest of grass in wooden bowl

And here are the three with the rhinestone addition!

Easy DIY Velvet Mushrooms three ways green velvet mushroom with birch stem and acorns pumpkin with rhinestones in nest of raffia grass

These easy DIY velvet mushrooms have been on my calendar to create for a while. I’m so glad these are finally done… and I LOVE the way they came out!

Are you loving these velvet mushrooms as much as I am? What colors would you use for your DIY velvet mushrooms?

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    1. Thank you, sweet friend! The colors are good for this year, but I’m thinking some more neutral colors for next year!

  1. I absolutely love these Julie. I have a thing for mushrooms and actually have a post lined up. Totally pinning these & going to give them a try. Thanks for the inspiration. XO- MJ

  2. These are adorable. Your colors are luscious. Your tutorials are always so easy to follow. I can almost hear your voice!

  3. Love your mushrooms! Thanks for giving us a list of places at which we can buy the items needed. I love the velvet touches. I would probably stay in the color ranges like taupe, sand, maybe light gray, but I’d throw in a teal or aqua to match my other decor!!! These areally are eyecatching.

    1. Yes, Barbara! Those would be more my color choices, too! But, I thought I would do the classic colors to appeal to the masses. I think I’ll be doing some to match my coastal color velvet pumpkins! Thank you for the kinds words!

    1. Super cute idea, Elizabeth! They are solid wood, just FYI… a bit heavy, but I think it would work on a faux tree!

    1. Thank you, Michelle! They are a great addition to my velvet pumpkins. πŸ™‚ I think I want to do them in some different colors, too!

  4. Hi Julie! I’ve never been a fan of mushrooms, but you just changed my mind! They look lovely! Thanks for the great tutorial! Pinning now! Donna

    1. I’m with you, Donna… mushrooms remind me of my childhood home decor! LOL! But these changed my mind, too! πŸ˜‰ They are lovely and different!

  5. Wow, Julie!!! These are INCREDIBLE!!!! I have never seen anything like this before. You did such an amazing job of creating these and I LOVE the colors!!

  6. Hi Julie. I love how these mushrooms turned out! This is such a unique idea for fall. Thank you for the step by step instructions and great photos. I hope your Mom is doing well. Thank you for submitting this post to the Home Imagined Link party!

    1. Are you doing a themed tree? Or just love mushrooms? I have another reader that is making acorns to put on her tree!

  7. Julie – This is one of my favorite of your DIYs. I love the use of the velvet, the colors you selected and how the final product turned out. Thank you for sharing this post on the Home Imagined Link Party.

  8. These are GORGEOUS, Julie!
    We will be featuring you starting Wednesday at the Creative Crafts Linky Party!
    Pinned and shared!
    Creatively, Beth

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