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DVD and CD Storage Solutions – No More Shelves!

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Hey, friends!  Hope y’all are having a great day!  Thought I would share my first storage solution that works great for small homes, but transitions well to any size home!  Check out these DVD and CD storage solutions – no more shelves!DVD CD storage solution no more shelves dvd rack again wall with other wall decor


DVDs, Blu-rays, and CDs can often cause clutter in a home, but can especially make a small home look messy, even if kept in a pretty rack or shelves (like I had).

Storing them in something smart and attractive, like the notebook I’m sharing with you today, was a great solution for My Wee Abode.

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Before the DVD and CD Storage Solution

Now y’all, just ignore the quality of this pic (I’m still working on this huge learning curve called ‘photography’). I wanted to ‘keep it real’ and show you how cluttered this corner of My Wee Abode looked before the storage solution. :-).

It wasn’t awful, but I just really didn’t like having all those plastic covers and array of colors screaming from the corner of my li’l living area. (Okay… maybe not screaming… maybe just raising their voices… really high!)dvd and cd storage solution no more shelves living room corner with dvd rack and decor

And then came THIS (cue angels singing)!

dvd and cd storage solutions no more shelves dvd binder on aqua carpet with dvds

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What You Need

  • Scissors or paper cutter (optional, totally not necessary)
  • DVD/CD Notebook (the one gifted to me by a dear friend is not listed on Amazon at this time, but here is one that is similar)

Gather and Purge

  • First, gather all your DVDs and Blu-rays on one side and  CDs on the other side.
  • Then decide which ones to keep and which ones to donate.  Place duplicate DVDs (you may have them in Blu-ray format) in a pile to donate.  If you no longer liked the movie (it happens), put that in the donate pile, as well.  Same with the CDs.  You also may find you no longer care for the style of music, or maybe it’s just outdated (that happens, too!).  Place those in the donate pile, too.

DVD CD storage solution binder no more rack binder on floor with dvds and cds closed and open

DVD CD storage solution binder no more rack binder on floor with dvds and cds closed and open

Sad little music pile.  I do love music… Most of it is in my car! 😉

Separate Into Genres

  • You may want to separate the discs by genre, instead of alphabetically (my preference).  As new discs are added, it can be difficult to keep them alphabetized.  Maybe I’m wrong… what do you think?
  • Separating the CDs by artist’s name may be helpful, as you may find you usually have more than one CD per artist.  Any ideas how to keep them easily alphabetized, without having to take them out and reorganize all the time?

TRIM (or not) and INSERT

Each page of the notebook is double-sided, and each side includes a sleeve for the cover/DVD guide and two sleeves for the actual discs.

  • At this point, pull the covers and inserts out of the plastic covers.

DVD CD storage solution binder no more rack binder on floor with dvds and cds closed and open

  • I thought I was going to need to trim the covers, but found that they slipped right into the pocket that was made for them!  Easy peasy!
  • Place the disc(s) in the adjacent sleeves (could you guess that? Hehe!)  If there are additional inserts from the media container, they easily slide behind the title cover.

dvd binder on carpet with dvds and cds

dvd and cd storage solution no more shelves

narnia dvd in coverThis one got to keep his jacket because it’s a collector’s edition.  It’s really special inside!

What is really nice is that two inserts can be stair-stacked in the long sleeve, and the coordinating DVDs go next to them!dvd binder and organized mediaAnother pleasant surprise is, if you only have the disc (and no insert), the disc titles are easily visible through the transparent sleeves. (Really, you CAN see them easily… photography learning-thing again. 😉


A soon-to-be empty drawer in my console will be the binder’s permanent ‘home’.  I think that is the most accessible spot for the discs and will keep the binder out of sight.  But until then, under the bed it goes! 😉  Still easy to get to, and no one will ever know it’s there! Hehe.

dvd and cd storage solutions living room with decor and media console

I think it looks SO much better… Much more bright and airy!  What do you think?

Where will YOU put your DVD and CD storage solution… now that you won’t have any more shelves? Do you use a different storage solution for your media discs?  How do you organize/arrange the discs (genre/alphabetize/both)? I’d love to hear from you.  It really does make my day!

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  1. I agree about the bright colours screaming at you. In a beautiful room like yours it’s kind of the first thing you eye would go to!
    Love the idea. Maybe you’ll think of one for the 30 kids VHS’s that we have clogging up several shelves in our family room? 😜

    1. Thanks for coming by, Joy! Yeah… those VHSs, hmmmm. I understand your quandary! Do you have a battle going on between your organizer self and your thrifty self?! 😉 I’ll let you know if something POPS into my head in the middle of the night. Hehe!

    1. Oh!!!! Thank you for dropping by, KariAnne, and for the wonderfully encouraging words! I do need to be honest though… many of the really nice pics were taken by my daughter, and she is teaching me a LOT! Thank you for being such a big part of this launch! Two years ago, when I discovered blogging through your site, my eyes went all starry! And then your kindness and advice on the phone and pm’s… I just so blessed! By God’s grace and provision, I would love to grow up to be even a little bit like you! 😉 Hugs!

    1. LOL! Absolutely… and the binder wipes off clean when they grab THAT instead! 😉 Thanks, Agent Squirrel!

  2. Well, I have to say that it really made a big improvement! The little shelves were totally cute but yes, the corner looks so much less cluttered now. I am truly amazed!
    🙂 gwingal

    1. Yes, Nikki… if I had kept the rack, I would have painted it white… because everything looks good painted white! 😉 But, this notebook is a win-win! Thanks for the love! Hugs and hearts!

  3. I like your less cluttered look much better now! Great idea for storage solutions for CDs/DVDs. We have a bunch here in an ottomon and also inside a cabinet, and yes we used to alphabetize. Right now there is no organization except to keep genres together. 🙂 We also have five packing boxes full of DVDs in storage, too. Pinned for you!

    I like your idea of purging and donating,
    Barb 🙂

    1. Yeah, Barbara… you and I BOTH know what using our space wisely means! You’ve got a lot of media! Very fun! Thank you for pinning, friend!

    1. Thanks, Maria! Your encouragement means a lot! Will miss you at the conference… Next year! Hugs and hearts, friend!

  4. You just solved my biggest organizing challenge! I had no idea a DVD storage binder (with spaces for dvd inserts) even existed!
    You have saved my living room and my sanity!

    1. Oh my goodness, I’m so happy I could help! Every blogger will tell you… when we help a reader, it just totally makes our day! Thank you for letting me know, Cheryl! Have a blessed day!

  5. I love how your corner looks now Julie. It makes such a difference to the room. My husband hates to have CDs on show so I stow ours away in small ‘pull out’ baskets in my bookcase. I also have some of these notebooks for our boys’ CDs but they are not as well organised as yours! Great idea!

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