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Easy DIY Woven Lamp Shade with Jute Cord

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An ugly lampshade often gets thrown away or just lived-with. Today, learn how to make an easy DIY woven lamp shade with jute cord that you’ll love to have in your home!

Easy DIY Woven Lamp Shade with Jute Cord

It’s true, isn’t it?

When we have an ugly lamp shade, we often will just ‘bear with it’, or toss it and go out and purchase a replacement.

Though there is nothing wrong with either of these options, today’s lampshade solution might just be the answer you’re looking for.

easy diy woven lamp shade with jute cord cement lamp with woven shade on nightstand in bedroom with bed and pillows

Let’s learn how to DIY a woven lamp shade the easy way!

Supplies for a DIY “Wicker” Lamp Shade

Though this is not an ACTUAL woven lamp shade, this DIY lamp shade definitely gives the same look and effect of a wicker or woven shade, with out using a woven basket.

Did you get a chance to take a gander at my ugly Goodwill lamp makeover with paint? Well, you can see the lamp in that post was coiffed with the original uglydated… okay UGLY, shade it came with.

Well, I decided I didn’t like it (can you tell?)… and neither did y’all, according to the comments. 😉

So, the new natural-look had to happen. And to achieve this look for your home decor, you really only need a few items.

woven lamp shade supplies with glue gun and twine on table

Tools you’ll need

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The natural ‘rope’ is often called “sisal” or “jute”, and can also be called “twine/rope/cord”. Just be sure that the millimeter size is the size you want!

Steps for an Easy DIY Woven Lampshade with Sisal Rope

This DIY is actually REALLY simple, however, it takes a bit of time.

So, set yourself up with a couple of movies, or maybe binge on a series you want to re-watch. If you like Kdramas, like me, those won’t work! You can’t read captions AND do this DIY at the same time… sorry! Hehe!

I DID take several breaks, because my arms and hands got tired. So, I’m thinkin’ this may have taken me a total of about 4 hours… and that was for one reason only. Read on!

Start Gluing!

There was no real prep on this shade, because it was fabric, backed with plastic. If this was a plastic or vinyl shade, I would have gently cleaned it with a damp cloth.

I chose to add the sisal rope horizontally, and only on the outside. You can also choose to do a woven pendant light lampshade by adding the twine vertically and completely around the lampshade, just like my friend Ashley from The Handmade Home.

Start your project at the back of the lampshade, usually where the seam is located.

easy diy woven lamp shade with jute cord linen look shade on table

Tips for Gluing Jute Cord on a Lamp Shade

easy diy woven lamp shade with jute cord steps for adding jute to a shade
  • Add a dollop of hot glue to the inside of the shade, at the seam (Photo 1). Add an additional strip of glue (1-2 inches) (Photo 2), and then lay your twine down, holding until set. Continue these steps around the inside of the shade, “stepping” up (or down) with the glue and twine as you hit the back seam. This will be a natural progression.
  • As you add the glue and twine to the outside of the shade, be sure to add strips of glue and hold the twine tightly against the twine above (Photos 3 and 4). This will eliminate gaps in the woven lampshade. Some people just add a dot of glue here and there, but I think (mostly) continuous glue strips helps to make the shade look more finished. It also takes more time… thus the TV binging.

When you reach the end of your rope… literally…

  • Be sure to cut the twine before you run out at the back seam of the shade (Photo 5).
  • Then, start your next rope right up against where you ended the first rope(Photo 6).
steps for adding jute cord to a shade
  • Unfortunately, this new package of jute rope was manufactured with some defects at the beginning… there were some ‘bumps’ in the braid (Photo 7). When you notice something like this, simply keep gluing until you reach the back, cut the rope and glue down, find the beginning of the nice part of the rope and trim off the bad part, and start again (Photo 8).
  • Of course, I found another issue with the rope! It was knotted at one point, and frayed, as well (Photo 9). I simply trimmed the frayed part with scissors (Photo 10), and just continued (Photo 11).
  • When you are finishing off the gluing down of the sisal cord on your woven lamp shade, be sure to carry the twine underneath the edge of the shade, and inside the bottom rim, as well.

Finishing Touches to an Easy DIY Woven Lamp Shade with Jute Cord

The last thing to do with the shade is to trim off any long, stray strands of jute.

easy diy woven lamp shade with jute cord steps for adding jute to a shade

And that’s all there is to creating your own woven lamp shade with sisal cord or jute rope.

Ugly Goodwill Lamp with Easy DIY Wicker Lamp Shade

And here is the finished product, including my updated and pretty Goodwill lamp base!

easy diy woven lamp shade with jute cord cement lamp with woven shade on nightstand in bedroom with bed and pillows
This is a great photo of the shade, but the base is a bit dark here.

And with my pretty pillows…

easy diy woven lamp shade with jute cord cement lamp with woven shade on nightstand in bedroom with bed and pillows
Much better for ‘true’ coloring of everything!

I wouldn’t call this a DIY rattan lampshade, would you? This lampshade from Danell’s is definitely a rattan shade.

woven lampshade with cement base next to burgundy pillow

However, I would call this shade “lovely”!

It even gives a nod to my coastal style, but has a classic style, too!

easy diy woven lamp shade with jute cord cement lamp with woven shade on nightstand in bedroom with bed and pillows

This DIY woven lamp shade tutorial will work with just about any lighting option or fixture you have.

And, you can find more information on DIY rattan and wicker lampshades from Sarah at Thrifty Decor Chick!

Do you have a lamp shade that needs an updated makeover? Let me know if you use this trick for an easy DIY woven lamp shade in your home!

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  1. I love the idea of upcycling a lampshade, Julie! The jute picks up the color of the basket underneath on your night stand too. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love the beach theme of this lamp shade Julie! So adorable! I’m sharing it in my weekly weekend post because I know my readers will enjoy this project!

  3. This is perfect timing. I just bought a vintage lamp with no shade and I am considering using a similar rope on a shade. Thanks for sharing your tips!

  4. BRILLIANT DIY, Julie! We will be featuring you starting Wednesday at the Creative Crafts Linky Party! Pinned and shared!
    Creatively, Beth

  5. This turned out so cute, Julie! What a great idea! I’m happy to tell you I’ll be featuring it at Thursday Favorite Things today. 🙂

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