Sister Trip Part 1: Exploring the Best of Oahu Together

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Sister Trip: What to Do In Oahu in the Spring: Considering an adventure with your sister? Explore the exciting activities and delicious dining options available for your Oahu sister-trip!

Sister Trip: What to Do In Oahu in the Spring

Once in a while, I go on a trip that just makes my heart sing!

Like Lancaster, PA in the fall! That was a grand trip!

Today, I’m excited to share with you my latest journey—a truly extraordinary 6-day adventure in Oahu with my sister!

oahu sister trip palm trees against blue sky and sun

So, hold on to your hats! We have LOTS of photos and LOTS of fun in this post!

Why Should You Take a Sister-trip?

There are countless reasons why setting out on a sister-trip or, if you don’t have a sister, going with a best friend, is an experience worth cherishing. For us, it came about from loss.

In late January, our family experienced the loss of our mom due to complications of Alzheimer’s. My sister, DeeDee, and I served as her caregivers (in some sort of capacity) since 2015. Over the past two years, Mom and I lived together full-time, while DeeDee dedicated 2-3 days a week to caring for Mom, allowing me essential personal time for self-care.

Within the 24-hour period of Mom’s passing, three friends/family members recommended that DeeDee and I take a trip together to rekindle our bond as sisters, beyond our roles as caregivers. We saw this as the Lord telling us, through our Christian sisters, to go on an adventure together.

With spring breaks looming, we had to act fast, but praise God, things fell into place perfectly, and the flight/accommodations ended up being super affordable. Almost four weeks after Mom’s Homegoing, DeeDee and I excitedly set off for Oahu, HI, ready for a much-needed break and sisterly bonding time.

Oahu sister trip beach front view of northshore beach

Reasons to Go on a Sister-Trip

  1. Let’s Make Memories: Imagine all the laughs, the shared secrets, and the inside jokes waiting to happen on a sister-trip! It’s a chance to create unforgettable moments together that ya’ll can reminisce about for years to come.
  2. Sisterly Adventures Await: From exploring hidden gems in new cities to trying exotic foods, there’s a whole world of new discoveries to be had together. Dive into exciting experiences and make a sister-adventure-story.
  3. Quality Sister Time: With everyone’s busy schedules, it’s hard to find moments to just be together. A trip offers the perfect excuse to catch up, laugh, and simply enjoy each other’s company without any distractions. This was a biggie for my sister and me!
  4. Support in Every Step: Whether you’re navigating bustling streets or trying out a new activity, having a sister by your side makes everything feel easier and more fun. Again, this was important for us. DeeDee and I often remarked how we were on the same page for our whole trip, and wanted to do the same things… more on that later.
  5. Strengthening the Bond: Every shared experience, from the breathtaking views to the unexpected detours, deepens the sister connection. Take a trip together and make your bond even stronger along the way!

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Day One Sister-Trip to Oahu

On Tuesday morning, DeeDee and I rose bright and early (it was 5:30am), eager to head to Long Beach Airport for our flight with Hawaiian Airlines.

The excitement finally hit me when we boarded the plane… “This is real!”

oahu sister trip two women on plane

However, within an hour…

two women on a plane, one sleeping

DeeDee was able to take a nap. I have a super difficult time sleeping on planes! How ’bout you?

Perks When Flying with Hawaiian Airlines

  • Hawaiian Airlines provides unparalleled access to the Hawaiian Islands, boasting an extensive network of flights connecting travelers to the most picturesque destinations in the Pacific.
  • They’re currently adding free Wifi to all their planes, which is awesome! But, here’s the thing: on our flight to Honolulu, we got to enjoy the free Wifi, which was a bonus. However, on the way back home, we couldn’t even buy Wifi, which was a bit disappointing. Hopefully, they’ll have it sorted out soon for all flights!
  • There are clever cell phone holders already installed on the backs of the chairs! It’s super handy for keeping your phone within reach during the flight, whether you’re watching a movie, reading, or just relaxing. I took an airplane phone holder, which I never used it.
  • The flight attendants and crew are so friendly and personable, always ready with a warm smile and helpful assistance.

Why Choose an AirBNB in Hawaii?

Upon arrival in Honolulu, we grabbed our rental car from Hertz Rental Car, where we were fortunate to receive a generous family discount, courtesy of my cousin who works there. For the duration of our six-day adventure in Oahu, we cruised around in a sleek brand new Volkswagen Taos, which made our journey even more enjoyable!

Our AirBNB

Next, we headed to Waikiki to check into our AirBNB.

oahu sister trip apartment living area and kitchen

To cut costs, we initially searched for a studio apartment where one of us could sleep in the bed while the other took the pull-out sofa bed. However, when we looked into one-bedroom options, we found the price difference was minimal. Considering my tendency to snore breath-heavy while I sleep, it was definitely worth the slight increase in price to have a wall between us for a peaceful night’s sleep!

bedroom with hawaiian decor

The condo was clean and tidy, albeit slightly dated, which we expected based on the feedback from previous renters. Surprisingly, both the mattresses in the bedroom and the pull-out sofa were incredibly comfortable, making for restful nights for both of us. We especially enjoyed cozying up on the sofa to watch K-Dramas (Korean dramas/mini series) in the evenings before heading to bed. Plus, the updated kitchen added a modern touch to the condo’s overall ambiance. 🙂

And let’s not forget about the view—it was absolutely breathtaking! From the sliding windows, we were treated to a stunning sight of the harbor and the ocean simultaneously, topped by the vibrant blue skies. Waking up to this picturesque scene every morning was an absolute treat!

harbor view with boats and ocean in the distance with bright blue sky and white clouds

Why Choose an AirBNB?

  • Airbnb accommodations often provide a more authentic and immersive experience, allowing you to live like a local and discover hidden gems off the beaten path.
  • Staying in an Airbnb can offer greater flexibility and privacy, with options ranging from cozy beachfront cottages to spacious apartments/condos with kitchen facilities. Choose the home-away-from-home that fits your style and preference!
  • Airbnb rentals can be more budget-friendly compared to traditional resorts. (Hotel and resort fees can sometimes add 30-40% more to your bill… sometimes more!) This way, you can use your budget towards exploring the island’s stunning attractions, dining at local eateries, and enjoying various activities.
  • Choosing an Airbnb supports the local community directly, as you contribute to the income of local hosts, while often experiencing true Hawaiian hospitality.

Shopping and Eating at the Ala Moana Center

After checking into the Airbnb, we booked-it on over to the Ala Moana Center for a bit of shopping and dinner.

oahu sister trip image of ala moana shopping center
Photo Credit: Ala Moana Center

The Ala Moana Center is an open-air shopping mall filled with a variety of shops and restaurants, along with a stage that boasts different shows and events, often on a daily basis. There are shops and eateries that include chains from across the country, but there are also local stores and restaurants only found in Hawaii.

Where Did We Eat on Day One?

We ate at the food court in Ala Moana, and we both purchased sandwiches from Charley’s Philly Cheesesteaks! LOL! This restaurant can be found in many food courts across the country, along with larger sit-down locations in strip malls, but we no longer have one in our area, and we were excited to indulge in the cheesy-meaty-goodness of their sandwiches!

A stop at the local Foodland grocery store (think Pavilions on steroids) in the Ala Moana was next on the list, where we purchased coffee pods (I’m still choking on the price!), treats, and even some DELICIOUS sushi (seriously… you don’t want to miss their sushi and poke bowls)!

Then it was time to head back to the condo, catch up on some K-Drama (Korean drama) episodes, and then hit the sack for some much-needed rest!

Day Two Sister-Trip to Oahu

Our first full day in Oahu kicked off with a delicious breakfast to fuel our adventures ahead! And then we were off to North Shore and Dole Plantation!

Breakfast at the Moena Cafe

Since this was DeeDee’s umpteenth time visiting Oahu (and, no, I’m not exaggerating), and only my second, I leaned on her expertise for many of our restaurant choices.

oahu sister trip two women in front of restaurant

The first time I visited Hawaii, we were part of a large group with my sister’s family and mine (their were 12 of us all together). Given our budget constraints, my family and I decided to prepare more meals at the Airbnb instead of dining out at the restaurants DeeDee’s family frequented.

This time around, it was such a blast to let go of budget worries and explore eateries I’d never had the chance to visit before. What a wonderful blessing it was!

collage of woman drinking coffee at restaurant with silly face and then laughing
The wind outside definitely gave me some poofy hair!

DeeDee had been raving about the coffee at Moena Cafe, and let me tell you, it definitely lived up to the hype! I hesitated before sharing that silly photo above, but ultimately decided to set my pride aside and share the moment.

We decided to mix things up and ordered two different plates from the menu, then split them between us so we could enjoy a bit of each delicious dish.

oahu sister trip breakfast plates with eggs potatoes waffles and fruit

We chose the Hawaiian omelet, packed with flavorful Kalua pig, cheese, and onions, and added some country potatoes for good measure. Alongside that, we couldn’t resist the temptation of the McFruity Waffle—a fluffy Belgian waffle topped with fresh strawberries, bananas, blueberries, shredded coconut, and a dollop of whipped cream. Needless to say, it was scrummy!

There’s no denying it—produce and pork just taste better in Hawaii!

Oahu Sister-Trip: Do What YOU Want to Do!

Even though Moena Cafe was in the opposite direction of the North Shore, we didn’t mind one bit! We did what WE wanted to do. After all, this was a sister-trip! And it turned out to be such a relaxing and refreshing experience!

Visiting the Dole Plantation and North Shore

When you’re out exploring the wonders of Oahu on a sister-trip, one absolute must-visit is the Dole Plantation on the way to North Shore.

selfie of two older women in front of Dole Plantation

Both DeeDee and I had been to the Dole Plantation before, but this time our visit was all about the shopping. DeeDee had her heart set on finding a pineapple-shaped purse for her toddler granddaughter (which, unfortunately, remained elusive throughout the entire trip!).

In their expansive market area, you can find everything from freshly roasted pineapple-glazed macadamia nuts to exquisite high-end jewelry.

And of course, you don’t want to miss the infamous Dole Whip!

oahu sister trip women with Dole Whip cones

One of the items I planned to purchase on this trip was a pair of turtle (honu) earrings. When I saw these sweet little ‘snappers’ at one of the concessions inside the Dole store, I thought I might be able to find them at the Honolulu swap-meet for less. However, I had never seen a pair with a hibiscus etched on the shell, and I loved that aspect! So, I bit-the-bullet and bought them.

photo of silver turtle earrings on gray cloth
I didn’t realize until I took this photo that there were rhinestones on the earrings, too!
Old eyes didn’t catch them, but I like them!

Guess what? We didn’t find another pair like them anywhere for the rest of the trip! Yay me!

BUT, I did find a similar set on Amazon, in case you are interested!

Dole Plantation Gardens

Another reason to visit the Dole Plantation is to bask in the beauty of their unique gardens.

sign post at Dole Plantation

The gardens are open and free to the public!

hawaiian flower in yellow and red
Does anyone know the name of this flower?

It was quite surprising to see the different stages of a pineapple maturing. I hadn’t remembered this from our last trip. What a beautiful process the Lord created with this fruit!

oahu sister trip collage of steps in pineapple growth

Want more reasons to visit the Dole Plantation???

  • Pineapple Paradise: The Dole Plantation in Oahu offers visitors a chance to immerse themselves in the “world” of pineapples, exploring vast fields of this iconic tropical fruit and learning about its cultivation process firsthand. I haven’t experienced this tour yet, but I hope I will someday! My first trip to Dole, it was too pricey, and on this trip, it was raining! But it’s on my bucket list, for sure!
  • Historic Insights: Learn the rich history of pineapple farming in Hawaii at the Dole Plantation, where you can discover fascinating facts about the plantation’s origins and its role in shaping the island’s agricultural landscape.
  • Pineapple Express Train Ride: Hop aboard the Pineapple Express Train for a fun and informative ride around the plantation, offering views of the sprawling pineapple fields and insightful commentary on the plantation’s history and operations.
  • It’s Not Just for Sisters! With engaging activities like the Pineapple Garden Maze, Pineapple Express Train, and Plantation Garden Tour, the Dole Plantation offers entertainment for visitors of all ages, making it a perfect destination for families seeking a memorable day out on Oahu.

Visiting Hale’iwa on the North Shore: Part 1

My sister and I love Oahu because it pretty much offers the best of everything.

Waikiki offers LOTS of shopping, restaurants, and a plethora of choices for living accommodations, while the North Shore offers charming and quaint shopping options and eateries, along with the more ‘untouched’ natural area of the island.

oahu sister trip photos of trees on the way to northshore
This forest was on the way to Hale’iwa. The branches are flat and reminded me of HUGE bonsai trees.

On day two of our sister-adventure, we planned on going around the WHOLE North Shore area, but we enjoyed our shopping and sauntering around Hale’iwa so much, we ended staying until the early evening.

collage of women eating a burger joint and chicken inside the restaurant

Sorry about the blurry photo… but this chicken was just one of many that roam free in Hale’iwa. They are often found in the restaurants, too… just like this one at Teddy’s Bigger Burgers.

Teddy’s Bigger Burgers is a burger-joint, only found in Hawaii. It has one of the best burgers I’ve ever tasted with super fresh produce! And the fries are yummy, too! We even visited a second location on day six of our trip!

Don’t Miss These Hale’iwa Shops

Stores at the North Shore Marketplace:

  • North Shore Boardriders Club: Privately owned franchise of Quiksilver located at the North Shore Marketplace. Find graphic tees that you can only purchase in Hawaii. The customer service is great!
  • Tini Manini: Children’s Clothing Store and more. These adorable clothes are designed with the Islands in mind. Though they have an online store, the only brick-and-mortar store is at the North Shore Marketplace in Hale’iwa, HI, and they have a much larger selection at the store vs online. My sister purchased three matching items here for her three granddaughters!
  • Aloha General Store: Tourist store with lots of fun Hawaiian items. They boast “the best shave ice “Hawaii’s Best Shaved Ice”, but we didn’t partake. I’m also a bit skeptical as they call it ‘shaveD ice’, and most locals will correct you and say, “It’s pronounced ‘shave ice’… no ‘d'”. 😉
  • Polynesian Treasures: Another store that carries Island-made products to take home as a memory of a Hawaiian get-away.
  • I Am Paradise – The Pearl Shop: High-end jewelry store featuring Denny Wong designs. (I splurged on a pair of earrings here… you’ll see later!)

Stores at Hale’iwa Store Lots:

  • Snoopy’s Surf Shop: Unique store carrying items branded with the Peanuts Gang, and featuring Snoopy. Did you know Snoopy is SUPER popular in Japan? This store is only located in HI and Japan!
  • T&C Surf Shop: Great graphic tees and clothes, for men and women, at great prices. I bought four t-shirts as gifts for the family. Only in Hawaii.
  • Matsumoto’s Shave Ice: If you’ve never had, you HAVE to try it. This is an icon of Hawaii.

On day six of our trip, we took another trip to North Shore, and made it all the way around. I’ll share more day 6 in part 2 of this trip!

We were pooped at this point, so we headed home for snacks and K-Dramas!

Day Three Sister-Trip to Oahu

On day three of our sister-trip to Hawaii, we visited the ‘Iolani Palace and the International Marketplace… Both were just a hop-skip-and-a-jump from our AirBNB.

Breakfast at the Hawaiian Aroma Caffe

Okay… THIS was one of our ‘finds’ on this trip!

oahu sister trip collage of photos about the Hawaiian aroma cafe

The Hawaiian Aroma Caffe was something DeeDee found on Yelp, and just a 5-minute walk from our AirBNB. We didn’t even have to cross any streets, since the cafe was located in a hotel connected to our condo building via a walk-across bridge!

woman standing in front of a hotel with greenery in background
The Hawaiian Aroma Caffe was located JUST behind the planter that DeeDee is standing in front of.
It was a beautiful place to sit and eat breakfast and drink coffee… and visit!

The Hawaiian Aroma not only has THE best coffee I have ever tasted, but it also has a scrumptious menu that includes acai bowls and homemade tropical fruit quick breads for breakfast, among other things.

Creating acai bowls that are extra healthy, Aroma tops each bowl with bee pollen, “nature’s ambrosia”. (PSA: Don’t forget, if you are allergic to bees, like I am, bee pollen is usually NOT a healthy option. Regular raw honey is fine, at least for me, but bee pollen makes me nauseous to the point of “you-know-what”. I was sure to ask for no bee pollen on my bowls.)

Did you notice I said “bowls”? DeeDee and I loved this cafe so much (especially the coffee), we went three times for breakfast! We never even went to a Starbuck’s the whole time we were in Oahu!

Visiting the ‘Iolani Palace

While planning our trip at home, DeeDee suggested we visit the famous ‘Iolani Palace.

From the ‘Iolani Palace website:

“ʻIolani Palace represents a time in Hawaiian history when King Kalākaua and his sister and successor, Queen Liliʻuokalani, walked the halls and ruled the Hawaiian Kingdom. The Palace complex contains beautiful memories of grand balls and hula performances, as well as painful ones of Liliʻuokalani’s overthrow and imprisonment. Since the overthrow of the Hawaiian Monarchy, the Palace has undergone many changes as it once served as the Capitol for almost 80 years and was later vacated and restored to its original grandeur in the 1970s.”

Paying a little extra for the docent-led tour was well worth the price. DeeDee and I find we always learn so many more special tidbits and facts that are never included on self-guided tours (or that we just plain miss), and this guided tour was no exception.

oahu sister trip front view of 'Iolani Palace

The decor inside the palace was very much influenced by Great Britain along with other European countries. It was quite lavish, but tastefully done, too!

collage of photos from the 'Iolani Palace including a statue and painting of the queen
The ceiling sculptures were above the entrance to the palace,
and the painting is of Queen Liliʻuokalani, who was loved dearly by her people.

The dining room furnishings were my favorite, with a plethora of paintings of dignitaries from all over the world.

oahu sister trip collage of photos from inside 'Iolani Palace
The light fixtures were mostly reproductions, but they were gorgeous.

Through much of the tour, we were told about how quite a few items were reproductions. The tour-guide would often say, “The (blank) is somewhere out there, and we would love to have it back.” This was the tactful and polite way of telling us they knew where the items were, the items had NOT been given to the organizations in possession of them, and they had requested them back many times, but to no avail. It was actually disheartening.

The Throne Room was another highlight for me. While many of the items were reproductions, I didn’t mind—they still were stunning.

collage of photos from inside 'Iolani Palace
The stands with the feathers were an item of superstition, made of cloth and feathers.
They were in almost every room.

The queen’s robe was especially eye catching, as was the queen’s bedroom. And, we got another closer view of the feathered stands on either side of the bed (I forget what they are called).

oahu sister trip collage of photos from inside 'Iolani Palace

It really was a lovely tour, and we learned so much about the Hawaiin culture and history of the royal government. It’s a must-see when visiting Oahu.

Why Visit the ‘Iolani Palace?

  1. Rich Historical Significance: ‘Iolani Palace is not only a symbol of Hawaiian monarchy but also stands as a significant cultural landmark, offering visitors a glimpse into Hawaii’s royal past and its unique heritage.
  2. Architectural Marvel: As the only royal palace in the United States (!), ‘Iolani Palace boasts stunning architecture, blending European and Hawaiian styles. Visitors can marvel at its grandeur, intricate details, and exquisite craftsmanship.
  3. Guided Tours: (It bears repeating) Explore the palace’s grand interiors and learn about its fascinating history through guided tours led by knowledgeable docents. Gain insight into the lives of Hawaii’s monarchs and the palace’s role in shaping the island’s identity.
  4. Beautiful Grounds: In addition to the palace itself, visitors can stroll through the lush palace grounds, adorned with tropical gardens, majestic banyan trees, and statues, providing a serene escape in the heart of Honolulu.
  5. Cultural Experience: ‘Iolani Palace offers cultural programs and events that celebrate Hawaiian traditions, including music performances, craft demonstrations, and storytelling sessions, providing visitors with an immersive experience of Hawaii’s rich cultural heritage.

International Marketplace

After visiting the palace we headed to the International Marketplace.

This open-air shopping area consists of more than 90 stores and restaurants, many of which you can, and can’t, find in the Ala Moana mall. 🙂

I wish I had visited the website BEFORE the trip. After JUST now taking a look, I think I would have gotten a lot more out of the visit to the Int’l Marketplace, and I think DeeDee and I would have enjoyed it more.

The Original Duke’s

We did visit the Original Duke’s Waikiki while there. This was my first visit to any Duke’s, even though we actually have one just minutes away from our homes in So Cal!

Known for it’s burgers, the original Duke’s has the casual ‘burger dining’ on one side of the restaurant, and fine dining on the other side. Too funny! DeeDee and I opted for the fine dining side, as we hadn’t had a substantial meal all day.

The whole dining area is open to a lovely view of the ocean and Waikiki beach. The atmosphere was perfect, but the food was average, especially for the prices! Just keepin’ it real.

collage of women eating at a restaurant and large spider on concrete

Okay… I HAD to share this photo of the MONSTER that greeted us at the International Marketplace!

As we headed into the shopping area, we nearly squished this colossal arachnid—a spider the size of our outstretched hand, measuring around 5-6 inches across! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it scuttling across DeeDee’s path!

I gasped and quickly moved my arm in front of DeeDee, who hadn’t noticed the beast yet, to prevent her from accidentally stepping on it. We tried to position our foot near it to give some perspective on its size, but it kept scurrying away. Not knowing if it was a dangerous species, we opted to just snap a quick photo. Our guess is that it might be a Huntsman spider, but what do you think?

K-Dramas and Fatigue

After dinner, we headed back to the condo and guess what? Yep… K-Dramas.

Every morning, when we headed out for the day, we would say, “When we get home tonight, let’s play some card games.” But, after each day’s activities, we were always too pooped-to-pop.

So, every evening, we chose to binge on a K-Drama that I had never seen, “Ghost Doctor”.

You see, DeeDee’s husband, Stan, is Hawaiian-born Japanese. Much of Stan’s family live on Oahu and Kauai. Many years ago, DeeDee started watching Japanese dramas, as her whole family enjoys Asian cultures, at large. Eventually, DeeDee talked me into watching one of these Japanese close-captioned mini-series, and I was hooked.

As time went on, DeeDee started watching more Korean dramas, as well as Chinese dramas. Because of the amazing writing (sorry, nothing in the US compares) and “clean” story lines, I’ve been hooked on K-dramas for many years.

When DeeDee told Stan we were watching K-dramas in the evenings on our trip, Stan said, “Why?!” See, Stan likes to fill every moment of time in Hawaii with doing things in Hawaii, which is great… for him. But this was our ‘sister-trip’, and we did the things WE wanted to do!

Half the Oahu Sister Trip Is Over

When I started writing this post, I THOUGHT that I could get it all done in just one post.

Boy, was I wrong!

If you enjoyed Part 1 of the Sister Trip: Exploring the Best of Oahu together, hop on over and peruse Part 2 of our Oahu sister adventure!

And, yes, we DID walk on a beach and put our feet in the ocean! And more scenery photos to come! 😉

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  1. The Lord is so good isn’ t He? He knew you and your sister needed a trip! What a wonderful trip full of memories! I can’ t wait to see Part 2.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Suzanne from PA

    1. Thanks, Suzanne. Yes… HE is always good! HE gives and gives, and gives some more! 😉 Hoping to have part 2 out tomorrow!

  2. That sounds like such a wonderful trip! I can’t sleep on planes either and I am really dreading that with our Hawaii trip this year since they are both such LOOONG flights from and to New England. But these pictures make me so excited!

    1. Oh… I get that, Joanne. The sleeping aspect is so hard… and you will probably need to leave early, right? Well, it will be a wonderful trip! Have you been before? What island(s) will you visit? Be on the lookout for part two of our trip. I’ll have more ‘pretty’ pictures to share their! Hoping to post tomorrow!

  3. So glad you got to take this dream trip. I would love to go to Hawaii. I’d be more interested in National Parks and botanical gardens, but I would love to see the Dole Plantation and that castle too!

    1. Yes, Amy… I think if I had been in better shape, I would have wanted to do more outside activities. 12 years ago, I was ready for that, but not too many of our group were. 🙂 I was having knee issues since taking care of Mom at the end… so hiking would have been difficult. The botanical garden is coming in part 2 of our trip! 😉 I bet you would LOVE Kauai more than Oahu, too!

  4. SO glad y’all had a wonderful time. I love seeing the fun pictures. Especially you and your coffee (tongue). LOL. My instinct would have been to automatically step and squish that spider. No matter how big! That’s probably frowned upon out there. :/ Looking forward to part 2!

    1. I just shared a link on this post for similar honu (turtle) earrings on Amazon. And I searched for Denny Wong Designs here in So Cal, and found a couple jewelers that carry his items in San Diego. I also linked a perfect photo of my earrings! 😉

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