Tuesday Turn About #247 Everything Garden

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Tuesday Turn About #247 Everything Garden: The party is in full swing, and we are featuring all things garden, from planting to recipes and everything in between!


At last week’s party, we celebrated lots of “newness”.

Last week, our party landed on April Fool’s Day, and I forgot to say, “Happy April”.

So, I’ll say it today!

HAPPY APRIL! And, welcome to the party!

tuesday turn about banner new

There’s LOTS to share today, including TWELVE features that are all about the garden!

Looking for tips on growing herbs, fun garden-themed crafts for the kiddos, a DIY wreath using items from your garden, or some delicious recipes? You’re in luck! We’ve got everything you need, and then some! 🌼 Let’s make your garden grow!

Wee Finds is making its debut, bringing some of my fave discoveries to you. And that’s not all – we’ve also got a crucial tip for all you bloggers out there, plus I’ll be spilling some BIG NEWS!

Are you ready for some juicy details?

Abode Adventures

Let’s start off with the BIG NEWS!

If you’ve been at the party the last couple weeks, you already know that My Wee Abode 3.0 is on the horizon. Staying here in MWA 2.0 isn’t practical for me, neither is it economical! 😉

With rental home prices on the rise across the country, you can imagine what the prices are like here in So Cal!

Since moving out of the area is not an option, I needed to think outside the box. So, I’m moving INTO a box!

Just kidding! Well, sort of.

It has just been confirmed this past weekend that I will be starting a new ‘tiny home’ life! My Wee Abode 3.0 will be a trailer!

dilapidated trailer in desert lot
NO! This is NOT my new home! Scared ya, didn’t I?

We’re not talking traveling the world… It’s all about staying in one place and making a lovely home in a small trailer.

My Wee Abode will be, more than ever, a site that is about “Big Inspiration for Small Home Living”. There will be all kinds of tips, tricks, ideas, and solutions for living in a tiny trailer home, that will translate into any size home! Think decluttering, organizing, storage, practical decor, downsizing and more!

trailer graphic with watercolor elements
THIS is more the look I will be going for! Much better, right?

This is super exciting for me, and I hope it will be for you, too!

By the way, in other news, I’ve been “down” with a chest cold since Friday, thus Part 2 of our sister-trip to Oahu was put on the back-burner… But, it’s coming this week! I promise!

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Wee Finds

As I’m starting to declutter and purge in preparation for the move, I’m thinking a lot about the kitchen!

One thing I’ll be taking with me are these flip top mason jars. These are AMAZING for storing berries, tomatoes, and any other kinds of small produce. Just bring them home from the grocery store and pop them into the jars. And DON’T wash them until you want to use them. Try it, you’ll be amazed how long your berries, etc., stay fresh! Seriously, the BEST hack I’ve ever discovered!

These pull-out drawers will be going with me, too! I’ll need them to get to the ‘back’ of a tiny pantry!

This magnetic knife holder will part of my new tiny kitchen, as well! It can be used on the side of a refrigerator OR mounted on a wall! I love mine!

Weekly Blogging Tip

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There is another way to make images pinnable, as well. I’ll share that next week!

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tuesday turn about 247 everything garden collage of hawaiian palms and coastal farmhouse wood bead garland

Sister-Trip Part 1: Exploring the Best of Oahu Together //
How to Make a Coastal Farmhouse Wood Bead Garland

TTA Banner Heading 2

Her Gardening Beginner’s Guide

tuesday turn about 247 everything garden gloved hands watering herb garden with watering can
Featured Blog: Kippi at Home

Crockpot Butter Chicken with Fresh Herbs and Spices Recipe

butter chicken with rice in white bowl and naan on side
Featured Blog: Crystal and Comp.

Gathering Basket Collection

gathering basket with flowers in pink white and yellow
Featured Blog: Thrifting Wonderland

Wild Victorian Wreath

tuesday turn about 247 everything garden frame wreath with natural elements
Featured Blog: Common Ground

Coffee Filter Dragonfly Craft

hand holding dragonfly craft with two in background
Featured Blog: Darcy and Brian

Strawberry Lemon Blondies Recipe

stack of blondies with strawberries on plate
Featured Blog: Recipes Simple

Midwest Container Gardening

tuesday turn about 247 everything garden container garden
Featured Blog: Old New Green Redo

How to Make a Humidity Pebble Tray

pebble tray with pot
Featured Blog: Sonata Home

Blueberry Turnovers Using Crescent Rolls

blueberry turnovers on plate with powder sugar
Featured Blog: Walking on Sunshine

Transition Your Garden from Winter to Spring

tuesday turn about 247 everything garden container garden with yellow flowers
Featured Blog: This Dear Casa

Coffee Filter Flower Art

tuesday turn about 247 everything garden flower art on window
Featured Blog: Fun-A-Day

Simple Lemon Curd Mini Tarts Recipe

tuesday turn about 247 everything garden lemon tart on polka dot plate
Featured Blog: Karin’s Kottage

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  1. Julie, congratulations on deciding on a [stationary] mobile home! Best wishes for settling in. Do consider requesting your Dr calling in an order for a swab test (same as Covid, only it covers 19 different nasal tests). That’s how I found out I had RSV nearly 3 weeks ago (and while I’m well, the cough lingers….).

    1. Stationary! That’s the word I was looking for! Thanks for the advice! I will consider it, for sure!

    1. I’m very excited, especially when I see all the ideas on IG, etc. Thanks for the excitement on your end, too! Hugs!

  2. I’m so excited for you Julie!! You are going to have the most organized tiny home and I can’t wait to see all the posts about your new place! Hugs my friend 🥰

    1. Thanks, Cindy! It’s a bit daunting, and I have SO much to do this month. Prayers are appreciated! I miss you!

  3. Thanks so much Julie! Sorry you’re not feeling well, but you do sound excited about your move! I can’t wait to see your new tiny home, I know you will have a zillion wonderful ideas to share!

  4. I’ve been watching tiny home vlogs for a while now and I just love it. This will be an exciting adventure for you. I hope you start feeling better. Take it easy and thank you for hosting this party each week.

    1. Thanks, Rachel… I’m actually REALLY excited, as well. I have seen the floor plan that I love a couple times, and it always catches my eye! We’ll see!

  5. Looking forward to all the creative ways you will share with us on how to make a little home a blessed home! I will be following. Wishing you a great adventure. God bless!

  6. Such an exciting time for you! I’m excited to follow your new adventure! Thank you so much for featuring my pebble tray project. I always appreciate your link party!

    1. Thanks, Missy! I’m excited, but now I need to find a trailer, and try to keep myself from going down rabbit holes on IG for trailer living, right??? Hugs, and you are so welcome!

  7. I loved hearing about your sister trip to Oahu. What a great experience. Praying for you as you make your move. Looking forward to seeing how you transition. Hope you’re feeling better soon! Thanks for having us over, Julie!

    1. Thank you, Debra. I’m working on the second half of the trip today. Hopefully post on Thursday! I’m excited about the move, too. Now to actually find the trailer, now that I know where I’m putting it! God is good!

  8. Hahaha – yes you did scare me! Although I thought you’d definitely have lots of projects to keep you busy! 🤣 Congrats on MWA 3.0 – I can’t wait to see what you do! Thanks so much for hosting the party. I’m inspired already!

    1. I actually had a cute watercolor to post, but I had issues with it last night! LOL! So I decided to be silly, instead. It’s new and exciting, for sure! Just started the hunt for the trailer!

  9. Julie,
    Thanks for stopping by and also for your prayer for my husband Joe and our family…It is greatly appreciated!
    Thanks again for hosting this wonderful party! I know how much time goes into doing so and I want you to know that I truly appreciate it!! I hope you will have a great week! Thanks for all the inspiration!!!
    Debbie-Dabble Blog

  10. Wow, a tiny home! I know you’ll have the best ideas and tips. Hoping one day I can have barely enough stuff to fit into a tiny home. I’m in purge mode these days and it feels so good. Sounds like you have a lot to do and need to be in tip-top shape so I hope you feel your best super soon! Did I miss where it was going to sit? Will you be close to DeeDee? Thanks for the party friend.

  11. Thank you very much for including me this week’s wonderful features! Excited for your new adventure in moving your wee abode 💜

  12. What an exciting adventure you have ahead of you in your new home. It will be such fun to decorate and it will be a special space. Wishing you all the best in your new space. Thanks so much for the feature for “Gathering Baskets”. My Grandmother used these in the garden and I am so happy to carry on the tradition. Have a wonderful week.

    1. That is so sweet that you have that memory of your grandmother, Lynne! Thank you for the kinds words. Looked at a LOVELY trailer yesterday, but the owner was asking WAYYYY to much. Hoping to view another tomorrow. I’ve got several others on the back-burner, too!

  13. Julie, such a lovely and diverse amount of inspiration this week from the party. Thanks for sharing and for hosting! Creatively, Beth

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