How to Add Neutral Elements to a Fall Cloche

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With fall just a few weeks away, today the Pinterest Challenge is all about cloches! We’re going to learn how to add neutral elements to a fall cloche. And, this neutral fall cloche couldn’t be easier!

neutral fall cloche with pumpkin floral vase moss and bowl of wooden acorns


Like I mentioned yesterday, fall is just around the corner!

And, with each new season the decor and DIYs are sure to follow!

Today is Pinterest Challenge day!

simple fall decor using place cards pinterest challenge graphic

My blogging friends and I are sharing our spin on a Pinterest photo found by our hostess Cindy at County Road 407! Cindy, you always rock this hop!

If you’re here by way of my dear friend Crissy at First Day of Home, welcome. Her cloche centerpiece is just lovely, isn’t it?

And, of course, welcome to all of my MWA fam, too!

Pinterest Inspiration for a Neutral Fall Cloche

The inspiration for today’s Pinterest Challenge comes from Beth at Home Stories A to Z. Her sweet little fall cloche with a limited color palette really did inspire me!

neutral fall cloche with pumpkins and hydrangea on table

These are the autumnal elements that caught my eye:

  • Of course, the glass bell jar cover (aka cloche)
  • Wood stand/plate
  • Neutral baby-boo pumpkins (can’t get more neutral than white!)
  • Hydrangea florals
  • A rope handle
  • and, my fave fall element… ACORNS!

Be sure to hop on over to Home Stories A to Z to see all of Beth’s lovely home tour for the fall!

And here’s my twist!

neutral fall cloche with pumpkin floral vase moss and bowl of wooden acorns

Can you see the similarities, yet still see the differences?! Pretty cool, right?

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What You’ll Need for a Neutral Fall Cloche

Here are some suggestions for what you can add to a cloche with a limited color palette:

neutral fall cloche with pumpkin floral vase moss and bowl of wooden acorns
  • Cloche with a Plate (You can often find these at the Goodwill, Salvation Army or even on deep discount (like I did) at Hobby Lobby. And you can DIY a wood beaded plate, which I’ll be showing you next week!)
  • Miniature vase, I chose a blue-gray which coordinates with the beads that are actually more gray than pictured. Pick up one at the Target Dollar Spot or a Goodwill (or use one you have) πŸ˜‰
  • Faux florals in muted tones. You can get the ones I used here, here, and here.
  • Cream-colored or white bowl with wooden acorns (also available at Hobby Lobby for less)
  • Cupcake stand (these are at Hobby Lobby, too… sorry no link)
  • DIY Velvet Pumpkin (you’ll want to make more than one!)
  • and some Spanish moss

Steps for How to Add Neutral Elements to a Fall Bell Jar

Did you know that cloches are also called “bell jars”?

Or, did you know that bell jars are also call “cloches”?

Tomato, tomahto!

So let’s see exactly how YOU can create a fall cloche for your home!

steps to add neutral fall elements to a cloche
  1. Add your vase with some faux florals arranged inside. Place the vase in the middle of the plate in order for it to be able to stand tall without hitting the glass.
  2. Add your stand with the bowl of acorns. Adding some height that’s not quite as high as the vase adds interest. The bowl without the vase would look ‘flat’.
  3. Next is your DIY velvet pumpkin… or you can use a real baby-boo pumpkin, like Beth did!
  4. Nestle some Spanish moss in and around the other pieces. If you lay it down first, there may not be enough room and the items will hit the top of the bell jar.
  5. Finally, for a little sumpin’-sumpin’, add a couple more of those wooden nut beauties on top of the moss.
  6. Top it off with your cloche!

Now You Have a Finished Neutral Fall Cloche!

And here, again, is my take on the inspiration photo!

neutral fall cloche with pumpkin floral vase moss and bowl of wooden acorns

The similar items inside my cloche:

  • The ‘wooden’ plate and cloche
  • Neutral velvet pumpkin
  • Instead of hydrangeas, I used faux florals and moss
  • Sweet little wooden acorns
  • and, there is some twine in the background (rope)… mainly because I didn’t even THINK until just now to add it around the handle of my cloche!

Even though I used a little color, the palette is more mutes with lots of creams, grays, and natural textures!

By the way, always use the rule of three for decorating… or at least group items in odd numbers (i.e., the vase, the stand/bowl, and the pumpkin).

Since photographing through glass is no joke, let me show you some close-ups of the elements with the bell jar removed.

bowl of wooden acorns on a green stand
I have SO many ideas for using these acorns!
neutral fall cloche with pumpkin floral vase moss and bowl of wooden acorns and vase with fall florals

Have you seen the faux autumn floral from Hearth and Hand at Target? So pretty and really affordable! Here is one example.

velvet pumpkin with natural stem on bed of moss
Okay… in normal light, those beads are the same color as the gray in the plate!

You just gotta love velvet pumpkins! These cost less than $4 each to make and you can create them in any color!

neutral fall cloche acorns on moss with wooden beads

And of course, one more look at those cute acorns!

Would you like to learn how to do the beaded plate? It’s super easy! Even easier than my coastal wood bead garland!

neutral fall cloche with pumpkin floral vase moss and bowl of wooden acorns

This is my first time styling a cloche, and though the photography shoot was a bit difficult, the finished product is quite delightful! (Correction, I actually kinda styled a cloche in my kitchen last year… using the same bell jar!)

Now It’s Your Turn!

Have you styled a cloche before (other than using it to hold a cheese log)? πŸ˜‰ What did you use? How ’bout a chicken-wire cloche? It would sure be easier to photograph! LOL!

Now be sure to visit my friend Barbara at French Ethereal. Her cloche certainly isn’t “for the birds”! πŸ˜€

And don’t forget to visit all the great inspiration by clicking on the links below!

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  1. HI Julie, I love your beads and the moss. I love how you collected the acorns into a bowl too! never thought to do that I love the look. Very pretty! Great job! have a wonderful week! laura

    1. Right back at you, Rachel! Your mini cloches with the pumpkins… I LOVED those. Will be checking out the Goodwill for some cheese plate cloches! πŸ˜‰

  2. I love how your vignette and cloche turned out. No linen cloth required! And I cracked up when I read “Finally, for a little sumpin’-sumpin’, add a couple more of those wooden nut beauties”. You are so funny. Glad you join us each month. It wouldn’t be the same without you. PInned!

    1. I LOVE that I made YOU giggle, since your posts always make me laugh! Woot! Thanks for hosting, sweet friend!

  3. I see we both had a wood bead garland on the mind, Julie! I think your neutral bell jar is gorgeous. You know I adore your velvet pumpkins, and those acrons are the cutest! Great plate too! Pinned!

  4. Love your cloche arrangement Julie so much! The cool neutral colors work so well together and yes I’m nuts over those acorns and ordered some today. Your pretty velvet pumpkin caught my eye as well as the spools of twine. Pinning of course!

    1. Thank you so much, Michelle! I consider your opinion very highly! My DIY velvet pumpkins were recently mistaken by the owner of the ‘designer pumpkin’ company as theirs! Too funny! And what a compliment!

  5. Oh my goodness, Julie! Your cloche is stunning with the soft velvet pumpkin and all the neutral pretties!!! I love the white acorns and the blueish beads together ~ so pretty… I did want to tell you I found the white velvet pumpkins I made while still in our trailer. They will feature here in the next week. πŸ™‚

    Enjoy your pretty cloche,
    Barb πŸ™‚

  6. Love the small bits of blue that you add to the cloche vignette, Julie. And the stem from Target is a great deal, as are those adorable wood acorns.

  7. Your decorated for fall cloche turned out beautifully. The first thing that caught my eye was your neutral acorns. I’ve never seen anything like them and love how they look in a bowl in your display. The beads around the bottom of your cloche add a nice bit of color and texture. Great job on this challenge!

    1. Thanks, Paula… I’ve been searching for those acorns for a long time… and Hobby Lobby had them this year! Picked up two bags! The beads truly are grey! It’s crazy how blue they look in the image! Oh well! LOL!

  8. I love cloches but haven’t used them much. I made some simple ones with knobs and GW glass vases overturned–straight-sided ones and gently curved sides.Cheese glass covers are great for tiny vignettes, too. I really like the wooden acorns! Ahd I’ve always loved your velvet pumpkins. I am busy making cloth ones from upcycled clothes from GW–pant legs and sweater sleeves right now as my sewing machine is on the fritz to sew the clothes bodies into smaller sizes!

    1. Ah… took me a while to figure out GW was Goodwill! Yes, it’s a great place to find cloches and cheese plates that have the look. I’m going to be looking as Rachel from the Ponds Farmhouse did a vignette of three with pumpkins. Did you see it in the line-up of bloggers? So pretty!

  9. What a beautiful Fall cloche, Julie! It’s so “you” with the muted coastal blue hues, not to mention your signature velvet pumpkins. The wooden acorns are fabulous! They caught my eye right away. I can’t wait to see your wood plate DIY! Pinned πŸ™‚

  10. Lovely. I enjoy styling the few small cloches I have. If you are on Instagram, there is a fun hashtag every Tuesday. #underthisclochetueaday @customonlineinteriordesign. You should join the fun.

  11. Obsessed with these acorns and all your fabulously creative ideas too Julie! This is really beautiful. You nailed it! Loved and pinned πŸ™‚ Hugs, CoCo

  12. I love how you styled your cloche! I just picked up some wooden acorns at Hobby Lobby and was deciding what to do with them. I love your idea! So pretty!

  13. Those acorns!!! How adorable!! I love how you styled your cloche, Julie!! It’s so pretty for fall with all of those textures and elements. Congrats on your new 2 jobs!!

  14. Such a sweet project Julie and I love the subtle soft fall colours too.
    Thank you for sharing your neutral fall cloche at Create, Bake, Grow and Gather this week. I’m delighted to be featuring your DIY at tomorrows party and pinning too.

    1. Thanks, Sinea! I get the dusting party. πŸ˜‰ With a cloche… all you have to do is dust the glass top and edge of the plate! Easy-peasy! πŸ˜‰

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