Sunday Be Stills and Gracious Words

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Today’s post is a bit difficult for me to write.  In an effort to bring glory to Him, I’m going to be a bit vulnerable on Sunday Be Stills and gracious words.


The reason this post is more difficult than usual is that gracious words are not my forte.  Often times, “blunt”, “harsh”, and “gossip” can be my interchangeable middle name.

Ask pretty much anyone that is close to me.  Seriously.

Now, I don’t write this for the sake of receiving encouragement from y’all.  Because, let’s face it, y’all are wonderfully kind and full of gracious words.  No joke!

I’m sharing this area of sin in my life in order to show how much I need Him.

Seriously… I am having such a hard time putting my thoughts into words.  I think I just need to be quiet and make this about HIM!

So, let’s just look at the verse for this week…

sunday be stills gracious words verse card with ephesians 4 verse on white surface

Conviction was felt rather deeply a few Sundays ago when I was visiting my son’s church and his father-in-law (Pastor Joel) shared this about Ephesians 4:29-30:

“Speak in such a way to build others up in Christ, to encourage them to be more like HIM.”

He also encouraged us to ask ourselves:

“Does what I’m about to say have the potential to corrupt the hearts of the hearers?”


So this week, let’s be still before the Lord, asking Him to put in our (my) hearts kindness and love because He is so kind and loving! And let’s look to Him to enable us to use gracious words with others in order to encourage them to be more like Him.

Feel free to print the verse card below. Have a blessed week!

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sunday be stills and gracious words bible verse card

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  1. A reminder of how we are to edify others with what we say and to reflect the Character of Christ for His Glory..

  2. This is such a good reminder. I feel like gossip and slander have such a sneaky way of insinuating themselves into our lives. Wishing you a blessed week!

  3. Well, my friend that was a good reminder. For the most part, I am pretty generous of heart and verbally nice. But if you get on my wrong side oh la la, I am horrible. Nice much-needed reminder.

    1. Oh, so glad you came by, Rachelle. Yes, the Lord’s words are always perfect, that’s for sure. Hugs and hearts!

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