Tuesday Turn About #63 Tasty Summer Recipes

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My Wee Abode is featuring some yummy food on Tuesday Turn About Tasty Summer Recipes. Come party with us!

TUESDAY TURN ABOUT #63 Tasty Summer Recipes

At last week’s party, we saw some wonderful easy projects for the home!

It’s still crazy hot in these parts, which has halted some of the more physical tasks on the bathroom makeover!

But never fear, I’ll have a reveal on Thursday (I promise… unless some crisis comes up) PLUS a GIVEAWAY! So make sure to visit and enter to win!

How’s the weather in your area? Are you feeling fall coming yet?

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This week, let’s take a look at some yummy summer recipes that are easy, too! (And maybe just a bit spicy?)

But first…

And of course, we have to get to our weekly tips, too! (That too many “to’s”… Oh, I forgot… it’s TWOSDAY!)

Weekly Household Tip

This may sound so silly… and simple, but I’m sharing it for an obvious reason… 90-degree weather and no air-conditioning!

One of the easiest ways to cool down a small room is to place a large box fan in the window and turn it on full-blast! LOL! Yes, one resides in each room of My Wee Abode and it cools of my little loft in no time (well, not in 90 degrees… but it does great in the low 80s)!

Weekly Blogging Tip

One of our main goals as bloggers is to provide a great experience for our readers on our blogs. And, we always want to help, right?

A simple way to make each visit on our blog more enjoyable is to add a section at the end of our posts with ‘related posts’. These posts often have something in common with the page the follower is currently reading.

An easy way to add related posts at the bottom of a page is to use the “column block” in Gutenberg. Just choose a 3-column block and add three images and links to the posts that might interest them. Easy-peasy!

Now, let’s get to the party!

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This Week’s Features:

Start Off With an Appetizer

Carol from Comfort Spring is sharing one of her favorite appetizers… Her recipe for Balsamic Tomato Bruschetta! I must admit, it hasn’t been until recently that I have appreciated the taste of Balsamic vinegar, but it’s all I use on my salads these days (sorry Hidden Valley).

plate of tomato bruschetta and greens

One Meal Deal

Pasta is a favorite in our family, and when you add an Asian spin, we’re even happier! Michele from Cook-Clean-then-Repeat is sharing her take on a one-dish meal with her Asian Chicken Pasta Salad. Yum!

tuesday turn about 63 tasty summer recipes bowl with pasta salad on blue cloth

And for the Italian Lover

Gimme a little sausage, and some a dat cheese, and even a lil spinach, then wrap it up in a noodle! Splash some sauce on it and you have this amazing lasagna roll from Tracy at The Kitchen is My Playground! My mouth’s not watering, yours is!

lasagna roll on fork with dish in background

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  1. Oh those features all look SO good Julie! I was only mildly snack-ish when I started this party, and now I’m totally hungry! 🙂 Good thing it’s almost the appetizer hour!

    Thanks for hosting this lovely party and for the tips too! I’ll be back after dinner! 🙂

    1. This made my giggle, Barbara! I’m a wee bit hungry right now myself, so I’m going to NOT go look at the post right now! 😉

  2. Thank you for hosting! This is what I featured the week of 8-23 to 8-27 on my blog. On Tuesday was a Healthy Pumpkin Smoothie. Wednesday was a Monte Cristo Croissant Sandwich. Thursday was Rolo Brownies. And winding up this week of was a Vanilla Bean Bread Pudding With Coffee Syrup. Enjoy!

  3. I use fans upstairs in my Craft Room and Sitting room as the window are too small to put an air conditioner in them!!
    Thanks so much for hosting each week!! Stay safe, healthy, happy!!

  4. Before we had two window air conditioners, we cooled our house for 24 years with only box fans. It works especially well at night. You have to live in a safe neighborhood though. Thanks for the party.

    1. Yes… safe neighborhood is right. I live in a VERY safe area, plus I’m on the second floor with limited access. However, I STILL don’t use one in my bedroom at night… feels too weird thinking people could look into my bedroom from neighboring homes. LOL! So, I leave the one in my living room on, and set up the other one in the living room going into my bedroom. Works great for those 80 degree nites! Gotta do what ya gotta do, and I bet that was WAY more info than you wanted!

  5. Thanks so much for hosting! It’s been fairly hot and muggy where I live, but honestly not too bad. It has been much worse in years past, so I’m thankful for that. Have a great rest of your week!

    1. Well, it’s nice to know that someone is having ‘not-so-bad’ weather, Amy! LOL! Hope your week has been good, too!

  6. We had a small teasing of fall today so my boys and I headed out hiking. Then the weather is supposed to get right back to the mid-80’s. Thanks so much for hosting! I can’t wait to see the bathroom reveal.

    1. Ugh… I would love a tease right now (never thought I would say THAT). Thanks for joining us Joanne… and be sure to stop in for the tile reveal that went live today with a giveaway!

    1. Oh, I’m jealous of your cool weather! That’s crazy cold! Do you have any issues with foliage when it gets cold this early? My tile reveal is live today, Marie… with a giveaway… take a look! 😉 (if you have a US address, be sure to enter)

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