Tuesday Turn About #45 Spring Projects

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Today’s Tuesday Turn About #45 Spring Projects features all kinds of home improvements and DIYs, perfect for when you are ‘stuck’ at home!

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TUESDAY TURN ABOUT #45 Spring Projects

You can check out our last party here!

How are you all doing with the whole #stayhome ‘thing’?

Can I be honest? This last week was a bit difficult for me.

Does anyone else feel like they are in kind of a ‘rut’?

With home projects, blogging, and working my “9 to 5” job at MWA, I think it’s getting a little stale. (Not to mention not being able to hug my family and jellybeans (grandchildren)).

So, I kinda took a break this week… and I think it has helped! Giving ourselves a bit of grace (like all my sweet friends keep encouraging ME to do) is often a good thing.

We don’t have to do all the things, all the time! Right?!

Another Baby on the Way…

Also, just a heads up for y’all. Jellybean #4 is due any minute, and Jellybean #2 (I know the numbers are confusing) needs someone to take care of him! So darn-it-all, it looks as if I have to become ‘essential’ and make the trip to for a few days to take care of him (and, of course, meet my new granddaughter at the same time)! I guess I’ll just have to make the sacrifice!

So, if I’m a bit MIA all of a sudden, you’ll know why!

Okay, enough personal stuff… let’s take a look at this week’s tips!

Weekly Blogging Tip

This week’s blogging tip: If you read last week’s blogging tip, you’ll remember I suggested opening a Pinterest business account asap…

So, the Pinterest/blogging tip for this week is, if you want to drive more traffic to your blog and share your wonderful content with the ‘world’, be sure to be creating Pins to publish on Pinterest.

Each blog post should have anywhere from 3-15 Pins (depending on the type of post, how much content you have, and how many times you “pin” each week). I know that sounds like a lot, but seriously… it works! (You can see an example of LOTS of pins for one of MWA’s most popular posts HERE.)

Feel free to comment below if you need some additional help or if you’d like to expound on the tip!  If you comment, we can all learn together.

Weekly Household Tip

Want to give your laundry a whitening and brightening boost without fading the colors? Try adding Oxi Clean White Revive Liquid to your laundry (the powder formula sometimes has issues with dissolving).

This little ‘miracle-in-a-bottle’ really does revive the whites and colors of your clothing and linens and often removes stains without needing an additional spot treatment. (To give your laundry even more of a boost, presoak them with Oxi Clean White Revive in the hottest water that is safest for the fabrics being washed, and then continue with the regular wash cycle.)

Spring Projects While Staying Home

Whew… that’s a lot to take in! What say you to some spring projects that you may just LOVE to do while you are ‘stuck’ at home! (Let’s be real, it could be SO much worse!)


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This Week’s Features:

Hack a Piece of Furniture

This IKEA hack has been the ‘talk of Blogland’ this past weekend! Hannah from Handmade Weekly is showing us the ins-and-outs of creating this lovely modern industrial nightstand. I think it has a bit of farmhouse style to it too… maybe?

tuesday turn about 45 spring projects modern industrial nightstand ikea hack

Paint a Piece of Furniture

This color though! Ann from Dabbling and Decorating decided to use some of her extended time at home to give this gorgeous piece a paint makeover! These types of pieces are VERY hard to find at an affordable price here in So Cal! Giddy for Ann, but just a wee bit jealous, too! LOL!

robins egg blue hutch with forsythia branches in foreground
And how about that forsythia… and the frames on the side?!

Build a Piece of “Furniture”

Okay… this is an ‘ode to my son’. I sent my first-born a link to The DIY Dreamer in case he wanted a weekend project. Christine is sharing the plans and tutorial for this smart-looking game controller stand. My son and I were thinking you could stain or paint it to match your decor! Genius! (The stand, not our paint ideas. Hehe.) Be sure to pop on over to see how cool it looks from the front!

tuesday turn about 45 spring game controller stand

Now It’s Your Turn! Link Away!

Let’s start sharing! Because this is a party, we encourage all who link up to visit several other bloggers who have linked as well – comments and pins are a great way to spread the love!

Before you get started, take a look at our guidelines:

  • This party is for home decor and home-related posts only (recipes, organizing, DIY, crafts, etc.). Link up to 3 related posts. Please do not link up informational posts that do not relate to the topic.
  • If you would please not link up shops, advertising, round-ups, other link parties, or any posts promoting sales, we would appreciate it.
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  • By linking to the party, you give us permission to share your projects on our blogs and social media. We will always give proper credit with a no-pin image.

Are you doing any special projects or improvements while you are having this special time at home? If you’re a blogger, link-up… If you are a reader, let us know in the comments!

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    1. Of course, Christine… you should have seen my son’s and my texting about it. You would have giggled! 😉

  1. Another great round of tips and features Julie – this really is the place to be! 😉 You know how much I love this party! Congratulations on your upcoming family addition, and on becoming an essential caregiver – that’s the best! 💗 Take care and stay well!

    1. You are such a wonderful encourager, my friend! I’m staying home, and staying as isolated as possible so we can all stay healthy. 🙂 I *am* looking forward to a little change though!

    1. Thanks, Beverly. We are waiting on pins and needles. When I least expect, I’ll get the call! LOL!

    1. Thanks, Chas… It will be lovely-er if my new granddaughter would decide to make her entrance! 😉

    1. It will be a huge blessing to see and be with them. I’m actually feeling joyful, just not motivated! LOL! But, I trust the Lord will renew my energy soon! Thank you, Rachelle!

  2. Julie, I’m glad you took that break! Just because we have more time doesn’t mean we have to fill it. For me, staying at home has been a bit of a boon. I have some energy zapping health issues (chronic fatigue / fibromyalgia / hypothyroidism) and being at home keeps my energy expenditures pretty even, so I have more good days.

    Many congrats on the impending arrival of your new grand baby!


    1. Oh, I’m so glad this time home is giving much rest and energy! Yay! Those health issues are no joke, that’s for sure!

  3. Congratulations on JB#4. It made me smile as my Marianne Meghan was initially M&M, but her father called her Jellybean and THAT name stuck. She started using the word “squish” to mean hug with HER daughter which makes other people look up in wonder when we use it! When Marianne was 2, the strength of her 2 year old thump on my son Patrick’s back to bring up a burp resulted in HIS nickname of Pat-Pat, as in, “come here and pat Pat!” Give all the JB’s a hug from us other grandmothers!

    1. Oh, that is so sweet, Kathy! Love hearing about family traditions! My mom (Grammy) gave all her grandchildren flower names… they were “Grammy’s Garden”. Then I decided to have my grands be jellybeans… #1 is Cinnamon, #2 is Blueberry, #3’s personality has not rung true with a flavor yet, and #4… well, yeah. Gotta wait for her to be born! 😉

  4. Thank you for hosting! This is what I featured the week of 4-13 to 4-17-20 on my blog. On Tuesday was Best Potato Salad From Grandma. Wednesday was Creamy Lemon Bars GF. Thursday was Tuna Noodle Casserole. And winding up this Week of Stay at Home is Tip Friday Safely Freezing Meat and How-To make Homemade Brown Sugar. Enjoy! Think positive!

    1. Yes… praying for the Lord’s safety during this time of ‘change’ for our family during this #stayhome time. Trusting in His direction. Thanks, Debra!

  5. Congrats on yet another grandchild, how very exciting. I’m sorry you’ve been feeling a little blue. I totally understand as I’ve been struggling a bit myself. I hope your time with your grandchildren and meeting the newbie will take you to a happier place. Stay safe and healthy. Hugs!

    1. Thank you, Cynthia… I’m thankful I haven’t been depressed… just not motivated! LOL! Maybe start calling it the ‘blogging blues’? LOL! Thank you for your warm wishes. I’m quite excited, and my son and DIL are, too! 😉 We are excited to see if this one will have dark hair like her daddy! 🙂 (Which reminds me, I really need to update my About photos…)

  6. Hi Julie, congrats on Jellybean #2 – exciting times for all ahead! I also took a little break from SM and from the blog recently – sometimes you just need to recharge! Thanks for hosting and stay healthy!

  7. Hello Julie! Congratulations on the new jelly bean on the way! How exciting is that! Please be careful on your trip and enjoy your time with family! 🙂

    1. Yeah… not sure about these mandates. Trusting the Lord will guide the leaders, and us, on how we proceed with everything. Hope you are doing better, Amy. (Are you okay? Email me if you need to ‘talk’.)

    1. We’re all still good here… and still waiting! (I think I maybe need to add that to the TTA today!)

  8. How exciting, Julie, congratulations on grandbaby #4! This week has been the hardest one so far but when I think of my DIL who is risking her life as an RN on the front lines, I’m reminded how important it is to stay home so we can end this crazy virus sooner than later. Safe travels and enjoy those grandkids!

    1. Thanks, Marie… We’re still waiting. She has an appt today, and we’ll see how far along she is. 😉

    1. Thank you! Still waiting, my friend. Though she had her ‘burst of energy and nesting’ thing on Sunday. We’ll see!

  9. You always have the best tips, Julie! I’m super excited about your new arrival and the fact you’ll be able to spend time with your family too. I’m also glad you took a break. It’s so important! Good to be back with you this week and hoping you’ve had a good one. Hugs, CoCo

    1. Still no baby… I bet you thought there might be one, since I haven’t replied (or I bet it may have slipped your mind, like things do with me so often)! 😉 Hugs, sweet friend… LOVED your topiaries!

  10. Thank you for hosting again! I’m going to get my business pinterest account opened, so I can learn how to make more pins. Thanks for the tip!

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