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23 Best Products for Your Apartment

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These 23 best products for your apartment will be perfect for any living space! But, you’ll find these are definite apartment must haves.


Moving into a new apartment, dorm, or rental space, you ALWAYS discover that new items are needed to make your living space the best that it can be.

At least, that’s what I found when I moved into My Wee Abode over 6 years ago. And then again when I recently moved into the new MWA!

Each of these items I’m sharing today were purchased by me in the last three months! And I LOVE them!

23 best products for your apartment sofa rug pillows and cabinet

Apartment Must Haves

So, in celebration of this year’s Prime Day, I’m sharing 23 best products for your apartment, dorm, or any home you may find yourself in!

And, as far as I’m concerned, Prime Day is just about any day. Am I right?

But during Amazon’s Prime Day (which lasts for TWO days this year, July 12 & 13), you may find these items on super sale! (I’m going to be checking out some additional items I need, for sure!)

So, let’s take a look at these apartment must haves that are perfect for any home. You may even want to pick up a housewarming, bridal, or wedding gift!

Just click on the photos OR the title of each item, and you’ll be taken straight to the product!

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1. Collapsible Folding Utility Cart

This was one of my very first purchases when moving into the new My Wee Abode.

Why? Because I now have a little trek from my carport to the apartment building. Then I have two floors to go up in the elevator, and a hallway to go down to get to the apartment.

This is absolutely necessary for grocery transportation, along with so many other uses I’ve discovered!

2. Non-Skid Storage Turntable

This line of products was introduced to me by my blogging bestie, Crissy from First Day of Home. And I’m SO glad she shared these with me, because they are pretty AND practical!

Have your ever turned a lazy-susan and had everything whip off the turntable? Well, that doesn’t happen with this enclosed turntable! It’s WONDERFUL under my kitchen sink!

3. Pretty Soap Dispensers

These lovely soap dispensers can be used for dishwashing liquid, hand soap, and even lotion!

And the pretty labels work GREAT!

4. Hair Dryer Holder/Caddy

Yes… I did already have a hair dryer caddy. But, of course, it ended up being too large for my new cabinets.

This hair product holder is adjustable and the cabinet hooks are removable. Mine is going to be mounted to the cabinet door with Command Hooks!

5. Throw Pillow Covers

New furniture needs new pillows, right? Well, my new dining room chairs certainly did!

These boho pillow covers are perfect for a neutral color palette, and they are quite soft!

6. Throw Pillow Inserts

And, of course, if you buy pillow covers, you definitely need pillow inserts! (Or is it the other way around?)

These are quite nice for the price and much more comfortable than regular fiber-filled inserts.

Even More Apartment Must Haves!

7. Cord Hider Kit

One issue with mounting a TV on the wall in an apartment is that (most of the time) you can’t hide the cords inside the wall.

What’s the best solution? A Cord Hider Kit!

This kit was easy to install and really made a difference in the appearance of my TV area!

8. Power Strip Surge Protector

Oftentimes in an apartment, dorm, or sometimes even in a large home, the outlets are lacking.

The best solution I have found is using a power strip surge protector. (Wall mounted is even better!)

The additional USB inputs are super helpful, too!

9. Shower Drain Catcher

Okay… without going into any icky details, let’s just say that these drain catchers work great for helping to keep your shower pipes clear and free of… well, ick!

10. Perfect Tear Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder

Believe it or not, this apartment must-have was introduced to me at our church!

The patented “perfect tear technology” features an ingenious ratchet system that prevents rolls from unraveling and allows you to effortlessly tear one piece at a time.

I kid you not… this item is REALLY worth it! (Comes in black or silver!)

11. Collapsible Magazine Holder

No, no I am not using this for magazines. This, my friend, is the perfect answer to small cabinets that can’t hold aluminum foil, plastic bags, or parchment paper!

My narrow and shallow cabinets and drawers will NOT hold a regular plastic wrap rack. So, this nifty collapsible file holders is the perfect solution to my tiny cupboard space! (More details in an upcoming post!)

12. Ceramic Utensil Holder

Again, if you are looking to maximize your kitchen space (particularly your cabinet drawers), a pretty utensil holder is a great option!

This lovely utensil canister comes in several colors, too!

13. Flat Non-skid Turntable

I told you I LOVED this line of products!

These 9″ standard turntables have been so helpful in my narrow pantry! I have several!

And I have one more to share…

14. Non-Skid Pantry Spice Organizer

Yep… my shallow wall pantry is the perfect place to add more spices to my kitchen, and this apartment must-have is perfect for doing just that. (And, yes, I’m still using my refrigerator spice storage solution, too!)

15. Handheld Shower Head

Let’s be honest. The shower heads in most apartments and rental homes are AWFUL! Mostly because they don’t have enough ‘shower power’. You know… the water ‘dribbles’ out of the stationary shower head.

Well, this shower head is the answer to that problem!

And, if you remove the water-saver washer, it REALLY works great!

16. Round Felt Furniture Pads

If you live on the second or third floor, and you have a neighbor downstairs that comes up to tell you that they can’t relax at 9pm because they hear you moving furniture, these furniture pads are the PERFECT solution! (Ask me how I know.)

BTW, we had only moved in three days before, when our “sweet” neighbor decided to welcome us to our new community by asking us to ‘keep this in mind’. (The furniture pads were already on my list! 😉 )

17. Hand Towel Ring

Most apartments don’t boast hand towel holders. So, this economical towel ring is pretty and serves the purpose.

The price may be deceiving. Though this is not a heavy towel ring, the quality is worth much more than $2!

18. Towel Hooks

These towel hooks are affordable, too! And the quality is quite good!

Towel hooks are great for holding robes, wash cloths, bath mats, and, of course, towels!

These are great for mounting several down a narrow wall and hanging coordinating wash cloths to dry (kinda looks cool).

19. Compact Toaster

When we got to the new MWA, we realized that neither my mom nor I had a toaster! (I had given my smart oven away because I now have a full-size oven. I forgot I used it for toasting, too!)

This toaster is VERY affordable, and not ‘perfect’, but gets the job done and is a space saver. Just sayin’.

20. Pull-out Cabinet Organizer

Well, I hope you have gotten this far in the post, because THIS is my fave product I have purchased for My Wee Abode, thus far!

This pull-out cabinet organizer is amazing for several reasons:

  • It comes in several different widths, including a very narrow width for my narrow pantry
  • The adjustable compartments are a great organizing solution
  • And, this cabinet organizer is SUPER easy to install!

Though they are a little pricey, they are SO worth it! I’m buying one a month, to help with the sticker shock! 😉

21. Damp Rid

I know, I know… this seems like a REALLY strange product to share.

However, when you have a small closet that holds your stacked washer and dryer, this de-humidifying product is a great solution for keeping mold and mildew away!

Damp Rid comes in several different options. Choose which one is right for your area (including closets in homes near the beach)!

22. Expandable Cabinet Risers

These cabinet risers are wonderful for doubling your dish space! And they are expandable!

These are great for organizing decor items, too!

23. Jelly Roll Pans

These are still on my list, because I keep forgetting to order them!

When you come from a loft apartment with ‘no kitchen’, you realize that you don’t have any full size cookie sheets! Jelly roll pans are super versatile, and you can use them for all kinds of baking needs!

And, don’t forget to use a jelly roll pan to cut watermelon on. It catches the juices that often drip onto the floor when using a cutting board!


Did you find something today that you need, and didn’t realize it?! Let me know in the comments! And enjoy shopping the deals during Amazon Prime Days!

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  1. Great products! I’m going to check out #20! I hope they fit my narrow pantry and maybe my MIL’s base cabinets!

    1. I was thinking about these when you showed me your tiny pantry, but I thought you had already organized quite well! There are different widths, but I’m using the most narrow for my pantry. I need to have you and Dan over to show you!

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