17 Color Palettes for Your Bathroom Makeover

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If you’re dreaming about a ‘restroom refresh’, these 17 color palettes for your bathroom makeover may help you start a mood board. Sometimes all it takes are some bathroom color schemes to inspire your design.

Before we get started on today’s fun post, I just want to give y’all a BIG thankful hug!

It may be tacky to talk about money here, but I have many blogging friends that actually share Income Reports with their readers. I’m not quite ready to do THAT, however…

My first month with MediaVine just came to a close, and you all gave me my biggest month yet in blogging income! God is SO good!

Seriously, I’m so encouraged and so thankful to y’all for visiting here at My Wee Abode. You are a HUGE part of what makes this blog tick!

Now, on with the fun stuff!


So, I gotta be honest with you…

Today I was supposed to share how to paint your bathroom cabinets the easy way. Welllll, somethin’ happened.

And I’ll be sure to share what happened when I post the cabinet refresh! (Don’t you just hate the suspense?!)

In the meantime, don’t ya just LOVE color palettes? Especially when it involves bathroom color schemes?

I sure do! And when I was getting my bathroom mood board together, it was a blast creating a color palette for my plan.

And there is so MUCH color the Creator has given to us to use in our lives and our homes!

If you’re in the planning stages of a ‘restroom refresh”, or are thinking of one in the future (remember to PIN this post), here are 17 color palettes for your bathroom makeover.

Spa Bathroom Color Schemes

Today’s palettes come to you by way of Design Seeds.

Launched in May of 2009 by Jessica Colaluca, Design Seeds has evolved into an international creative community who share a passion for inspiration.

Let’s start our tour of bathroom makeover palettes with some spa-like colors.

bathroom color schemes dandelion and sky palette

This ethereal color palette would be perfect for a spa-like bathroom refresh. Cabinets painted in the gray color with walls in the blue, then add the blush and rose colors as accents with linens and decor elements.

historical building with statue and moat

The amazing grays and aquas in this palette would definitely add the ‘spa’ feeling to a bathroom! Would you go with gray or white cabinets in this color scheme?

bathroom color schemes stones with color palette

For some reason, when I saw these stones I thought of a spa. But, looking at this palette that was extracted from the photo, you can see why these colors would be lovely in your spa-inspired bathroom.

french restaurant in grays and greens with color palette

This color palette somewhat reminded me of the color scheme on my bathroom mood board. The gradient grays, green and a touch of black to help ‘ground’ the room are natural for a spa-style bathroom.

Playful Bathroom Color Schemes

Want some pops of color and fun in your bathroom? These ‘boho’ inspired color palettes might just be up your alley!

bowl with purple flowers on gray surface

Using blues and purples, you can’t go wrong in creating a playful bathroom with vibrant colors! Be brave and use the dark green for cupboards with the pale blue-gray on the walls!

bathroom color schemes confetti in blue yellow white for color palette

Talk about playful! This confetti palette features blues and aquas with a touch of yellow and gray! Don’t you love yellow and gray together? Tell me, what color for the walls in this bathroom?

bathroom color schemes succulents in vase and color palette

Well, we have to have succulents for a ‘boho’ look, or any look for that matter! Lots of blues, greens and purples inspire this playful palette!

yellow watering can with yellow flowers being poured out by a hand

Talk about yellow! I’ve heard yellow is the new ‘black’. Do you think that’s true? I have my doubts. However, this color palette inspired by a yellow watering can and gray background would make for a very fun and happy bathing area.

Shabby Chic Bathroom Color Schemes

Smack dab in the middle of our 17 color palettes for your bathroom makeover, we’re heading to our more feminine side… the lovely shabby chic.

bathroom color schemes bundle of roses and flowers with color palette

Starting off our shabby bathroom color schemes is this lovely bundle of roses. If you’re going to go all-out feminine, be ‘bold’ and paint the cupboards a rose color (you can always paint over them when you want a change)!

tall pink building with blue roof and color palette

Oh my goodness… this photo just makes me sigh! (I’m starting to wonder if I’m leaning towards french style!) The blushes and blues with a touch of bone color would be so fun to design a bathroom around. (Would ya just look at that iron latticework?!)

bathroom color schemes bundle of roses and flowers with color palette

Does it surprise you that we have another rose-inspired palette for a shabby chic bathroom? These deeper richer tones would give some ‘depth’ to a more feminine style bathroom.

Coastal Bathroom Color Schemes

Of course there are coastal palettes! Did you ever really doubt I would feature some?

ocean view with peninsula and color palette

Gotta love a coastal palette with some surprise colors! Though the aqua is the ‘star’ coastal tone, those lovely blushes are a perfect choice for an accent wall!

bathroom color schemes beach houses in many colors and palette

More surprise coastal colors! That chartreuse color is so lovely! Adding the peaches and taupes along with the aqua looks amazing, too. Aren’t those beach houses cute?!

ocean view with sunset and palette

Okay… here’s some more serene coastal colors for you. That creamy blush on the top would be lovely on walls, with that dark blue-gray at the bottom for the cupboards. What type of countertop would you use in this color scheme?

Classic Bathroom Color Schemes

For lack of a better term, these color schemes seem to be more traditional and classic. Rich and deep in color, these palettes will stand the test of time.

bathroom color schemes magnolia flowers and palette

These rich deep colors of purple and golds would look lovely in a classic style home. The buttery yellows are just right for a bathroom, without being too yellow.

berries and clippers on white surface with color palette
berries and clippers on white surface with color palette

Even though the photo may start you humming Christmas carols (hey, Hallmark started their Christmas in July this week), the palette of red, black, and white never goes out of style!

bathroom color schemes rose and palette

And rounding out our tour is this lovely warm palette of peaches, gold and deep green. I’m thinking that top color would be lovely for the walls, the deep green for cabinets, linens in the medium salmons and hardware in burnished gold! Talk about striking!

Bonus Palette Ideas

If by chance you are looking for MORE color ideas, check out this lovely list of color palettes for Procreate!

And just for the fall season, how about doing your own Autumn color analysis for choosing the best seasonal clothing palette for your skin tone!

And, if you are looking for a color palette for your bride-to-be that is rich and luxurious in hue, take a look at these emerald green wedding decorations.

Now It’s Your Turn

I want to say a special ‘thank you’ to my sweet friend, Cindy from County Road 407. Cindy has a special series on color palettes she shares on a regular basis, which inspired this post. Be sure to take a look at her blog for more color catalysts!

Okay… tell me… can you choose a favorite color palette here? What is your home decor style? Let me know in the comments below! I love hearing from you! It makes my day!

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  1. Hi Julie~ What great inspiration! I’m helping my daughter with her bathroom… we put in gray new cabinets and Carrera tile and I can’t believe how many beautiful color palettes will work with that base. I’m excited to see what colors she’ll choose for the towels, artwork and accessories. She was leaning towards yellow (and I was giving thumbs down until I saw watering pot inspiration above). I’m totally excited to explore more of the lovely options you’ve laid out! Thank you, this has been so helpful! 💗🌸💗

    1. You totally made my day, Diane! Your girl always has different color schemes in mind… but the always look lovely! 😉 Glad to have helped!

  2. What a special treat for color options, Julie! I see a lot of my favorite ones within some of the palettes you’ve shared! I love that there are so many complimentary colors available to blend in with the ones I like! Thanks!

  3. Hi Julie,

    Where can I find the colours in Shabby Chic. I just love the smoky coral colour.

    Thank you so much.


    1. Hi, Karen… do you mean where can you pick up the paint colors? Just take them into your local paint or big box hardware store (they may even use the hex numbers listed on the links I provided). They can color match the colors for you! Let me know if you need any other info.

  4. I love the confetti color palette.. My eyes Justine the blue and yellow. Although you’d never know when you look at my home pics. Congrats on Mediavine. I so can’t wait to be there!

    1. Thanks, Cynthia… the confetti one is really pretty, isn’t it? You’ll be with MV soon! One step at a time!

    1. Hey, sweet friend! I didn’t get to say hi to you last Sunday! Did you leave right away? Hope to see you tomorrow! Glad you like the palettes!

  5. Oh, I loved so many of them. The purples, the hens and chickens, the Painted Ladies. My own full bath has robin’s egg blue walls and rug, 18 Monet prints, a flamingo shower curtain with a white background, a flamingo collection, and towels in shades of blues and pinks. Not restful at all and I like it that way!

    1. Oh, I bet your bathroom makes you very happy! I think it’s wonderful that we all have our own styles! God made us that way!

  6. Finally got over here and Congrats and the greatest income month ever! I agree – God is so good to us! If I didn’t live with the Mister, I’d totally have a full house of rose colors instead of just a bathroom! I do love me some pinks. Great post. Great inspo! We’ve needed to redo our master bathroom for like 10 years now. I think every year when I dispute our property taxes the lady is starting to not believe that we can let our bathroom go so long without doing a thing to it. But she’s not married to the Mister, master of procrastination. 🙂 Thanks for the shout out too!

    1. Thanks, Cindy! Your kind words mean a lot to me… and I love that you would have rose colors in your home!

  7. Ohh this post is so timely for me, Julie! We are in the middle of a bathroom remodel and I’m still unsure what color pallate I want to do! Thanks for inspiration!!
    And thanks for sharing this post with us on the Embracing Home and Family link-up party. Hope to have you link up again with us this Friday!!


    1. Oh, I’m glad this was something you enjoyed, Cherelle! Your party is lovely and you are on my schedule and party blog page! See you Friday!

    1. Those colors are lovely, aren’t they? I tend to love the neutrals with the green. 😉 But, I love anything with aqua!

  8. I love the boho color pallet with the pic of the succulents. Is there any way to find out who makes this so that I can purchase some?
    Thank you!

    1. Do you mean the paint colors? You could actually take the swatches to any paint company and they could color match. 🙂 Hope this helps! Let me know if I misunderstood, or if you need any other help, Arlene.

      1. I took the boho/succulent pic to Home Depot and they told me that they would need the name of the paint and the manufacturer. I love the 2 lightest colors in this pallet. Do you know the color names and who make it?
        Thank you!!!

        1. Hi, Arelene… those color palettes are not paint swatches or brands. They are colors with hex codes. Here is the link to the page that has the hex codes… maybe Home Depot can use those. However, I HAVE taken swatches of color into Home Depot and they have matched the swatch on the paper. Not sure why they won’t do that with your printed (unless you are showing them on your phone… then I would understand). Anyways, here is the link to the page, it’s the second on on the page: https://www.design-seeds.com/page/8/?s=succulent

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