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How to Make a Valentine Garland with Velvet Covered Hearts

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We’re going to add some February fun to our homes by learning how to make a Valentine garland with velvet covered hearts and painted wood beads. This velvet covered heart Valentine garland is the perfect bit of cozy to add to your winter home.how to make a valentine garland with velvet covered hearts hanging on a wooden window bench


Does adding a bit of Valentine decor to your home give you a little pick-me-up during the winter season?

Yes?! Me, too!

Today, let’s take a look at how to make a Valentine garland with velvet-covered hearts… and we’ll add some painted wood beads, just for good measure!

But first…

What Is a Pinterest Challenge?

pinterest challenge graphic in gray

Today is Pinterest Challenge day and 15 bloggers are sharing decor inspiration and projects with you!

The Pinterest Challenge involves our hostess, Cindy from County Road 407, choosing an inspirational photo from Pinterest and/or the Internet, and then blogging-buddies get to replicate the decor or project that is pictured, with our own twist!  So fun and interesting, right?!

Cindy, you are a wonderful and gracious hostess! Thank you for putting this together for us!

If you are popping over here from Sweet Pea, welcome!  Paula is one of my blogging besties and we actually got to spend a wee bit of time together at Haven this past summer. Paula always has a story to tell about her decor and I love reading about her family history and vintage finds. Don’t you just love her sweetheart garland?

The Inspiration for a DIY Velvet Covered Heart Valentine Garland

This month’s inspiration photo comes from Jenny at Refresh Living. Let’s take a look at what inspired my velvet-covered heart garland:how to make a valentine garland with velvet covered hearts yarn heart pom pom garland on pie safe

I love these yarn-covered hearts, so much that last year I made pale pink nes to hang in my living room!

This neutral-toned garland is so farmhouse-style, especially hanging on that pie safe! It’s just lovely!

Since I have quite a bit of experience with velvet decor and crafts, I decided this was a perfect Pinterest Challenge to add some velvet-covered hearts to MWA for Valentine’s Day.

So, for this velvet-covered heart Valentine garland I incorporated MOST of the elements of Jenny’s inspiration photo (be sure to hop on over and check out the whole post at Refresh Living):

  1. For the yarn-covered hearts, we’re using velvet-covered hearts
  2. Instead of pom-poms, we’re putting a different farmhouse twist on it and using painted wooden beads
  3. Jenny hung her garland on a pie safe… mine is hung on my wooden window bench
  4. We’re using twine to string our elements, though I used cotton twine
  5. Neutral tones… well, we ARE using gray for one of the bead colors!

And guess what! Unlike my Designer-Style Velvet Pumpkins and my Velvet Easter Eggs, these velvet hearts are a completely NO-SEW project!

Let’s get to it!

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What You’ll Need for your Velvet Valentine Wood Bead Garland

how to make a valentine garland with velvet covered hearts supplies

This garland not only uses lovely stretch velvet for covering the hearts, but there is also a farmhouse twist to it using wood beads!

How to Make a Velvet Covered Heart Valentine Garland


In order to make your velvet heart Valentine garland, you’ll need to do some prep work.

  1. First, let’s paint some beads!  You can get the tutorial for that on my Coastal Wood Bead Garland post.
  2. While your glue gun is heating, cut your velvet into 6.5″ x 7″ rectangles.  For my garland, I did five hearts.
  3. That’s it for the prep work.

How To Make Velvet Covered Hearts

Covering your paper mache hearts with velvet is pretty easy.  Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect, as the back will not be showing, and if you have folds, it just makes them look like you’ve made stuffed hearts!

  1. Place your heart in the middle of the fabric with one corner at the top of the heart. (I cut off the loop that was at the top of my hearts)
  2. “Shoot” some glue on the middle of the heart and bring the top corner of the fabric down on the glue.
  3. Place more glue on the fabric at the middle of the heart and stretch the bottom corner up to the middle.
  4. Using the glue where necessary, stretch and fold the velvet around the heart.  Where needed, add glue and ‘anchor’ the velvet.  Remember this doesn’t need to be perfect.steps for making velvet covered hearts
  5. Continue to stretch and fold the velvet towards the middle until the back is covered.
  6. Trim any excess velvet if necessary.
  7. Congrats! It’s perfect (from the front! πŸ˜‰ )how to make a valentine garland with velvet covered hearts directions

Sewing the Ribbon to the Velvet Covered Heart

To hang the velvet hearts from the wood bead garland, add some ribbon to the top of the hearts. (Man, I guess this *isn’t* completely no-sew!)

  1. Cut the ribbon into 12-14-inch pieces and fold in the middle.
  2. Tack the folded edge to the middle of the heart (make sure it’s centered)
  3. Be sure to use white thread. The blue I used ended up showing, but I Photoshopped it away!Steps for making velvet covered hearts

The Easiest Way to String Wooden Beads

Here’s a wood bead garland “pro-tip”: using the Beadalon beading needles is amazing!  The large needle ‘eye’ is so simple to thread and the needle goes through just about any size bead.

Just don’t hold the needle in your mouth… It really hurts to get your tongue stuck in the eye.

(Yep… I did.)

Tie a loop on the one end of the twine and then thread the other end in the Beadalon needle.  Thread your beads onto the twine and then tie a loop at the other end. (If you have a wee bit of slack between the loop and the beads at the end, that’s okay… it work great for hanging the middle of the garland.)

If you want tassels at the ends of your garland, you can see how to make them HERE.

Final Steps for a DIY Velvet Heart Valentine Garland

Now, tie your velvet-covered hearts onto your wood bead garland and hang it on your mantle, bookshelf, windowpane, open shelf, or… your window bench! Go figure!

how to make a valentine garland with velvet covered hearts hanging on a wooden window bench

how to make a valentine garland with velvet covered hearts hanging on a wooden window bench

What do you think of making a bunch of velvet-covered hearts, maybe in the two colors pictured in the supply photo, and placing them in a big white ironstone bowl?  Hmmmm… I think I may need to make another Hobby Lobby run!velvet heart on wood bead garland

Adding a white lantern and votive holders with some red candles add some additional ‘understated’ Valentine elements.
how to make a valentine garland with velvet covered hearts hanging on a wooden window bench with white lantern and votives

Between you and me… I had to take these photos on two different days with one day being overcast and the other very sunny!  Can you tell which ones were from which day? #bloggerlife

how to make a valentine garland with velvet covered hearts hanging on a wooden window bench with white lantern and votives

And just a couple more of the garland… I love the velvet texture, don’t you?velvet heart on wood bead garland

how to make a valentine garland with velvet covered hearts hanging on a wooden window bench

First Day of Home is next on the hop, and Crissy is not only one of my fave bloggers, but she is also one of my dearest friends and a wonderful partner-in-crime!  There aren’t too many days that go by that we don’t chat about one thing or another! Be sure to go visit her… You’ll be blessed by her ‘pop-stitch’ heart garland!

Now, it’s time to get all kinds of inspiration from the rest of my friends!  Check out all 15 posts by clicking on the thumbnails below!

Now It’s Your Turn!

Okay, now that you’ve learned how to make a Valentine garland with velvet covered hearts, are velvet hearts in your future?  What colors are you thinking of using?  How/where would you use them? There are SO many possibilities!

Let me know in the comments! I love ‘chatting’ with you there!

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  1. You made a beautiful garland, Julie! I love the combination of painted wood beads with velvet-covered hearts. The garland looks great hanging on your bench along with your lantern and votive candles. This has to make you smile every night when you are relaxing (or working) on your sofa. Great job!!

    1. Thanks, Paula… LOL! I was def not relaxing LAST night when I was working on this! Whew… no fun having your blog go down in the middle of writing a post! πŸ˜‰ (love your sparkly hearts, too!)

  2. So pretty, Julie! And what a clever way to make BEAUTIFUL velvet covered hearts! I just ❀️them so so much! You just have changed my mind about hearts in decor! Can’t wait to see you in March, my dear friend!

    1. Oh… I was a bit skeered to see what your comment was going to say (just kidding, I knew you would be gracious no matter what!). Your sweet words made my day, dear friend! And I have March on my calendar! Woot!

  3. Julie I love your garland. Wooden beads and velvet is two of my favorite textures. Putting them together is perfect! Thanks for sharing. Happy Valentine’s Day.

    1. Thanks, Laura… I like to tastefully incorporate velvet into projects, especially since I have so many colors now! LOL!

  4. I love your garland. The velvet makes it seem extra romantic. Between you and Yvonne, I must make a bead garland! Not sure why I haven’t done so before now but it’s coming in the spring for sure! Thank you so much for joining in. It all looks fabulous and festive! Pinned

    1. Thanks, Cindy! Yeah… I really love the wood beads… and adding some velvet, in a new way, is always fun! I think putting the velvet hearts in an ironstone bowl might even make me a bit happier. πŸ˜‰

  5. Your Valentine garland is SO CUTE!! I love that you used velvet, and I had no idea about paper mΓ’chΓ© hearts so learned something new today!

  6. I think you deserve to be called the Velvet Queen, Julie! You’ve got a velvet project for almost every season:) Really like your version with the white and pink wood beads. I think I probably need to incorporate some wood beads into my life somewhere; they’re so hot right now! Always fun hopping with you!

    1. Oh…you just make me giggle about the Velvet Queen… I would have never thought I would enjoy working with velvet like I do. πŸ˜‰ Gotta love an easy wood bead garland, too! πŸ˜‰ Thanks, Lora!

  7. Julie, you rocked it on you Valentine garland. I wondered if there were Valentine shapes. Know I know. Love the velvet and painted beads. Thanks for the info on the needles. I’m ordering and Pinning. So pretty and I like where you hung the garland.

  8. Oh, really pretty hearts, Julie!!! I love this idea and I love how you’ve carried on the velvet theme throughout the year/seasons. These hearts are perfect! Can’t you see them laying on a picnic table for an Alice in Wonderland tea party??! I can! Fun, fun idea!!! The beads are pretty, too. I love prayer beads.

    Happy heartfelt hugs to you,
    Barb πŸ™‚
    p.s. Sorry I haven’t been by in a while. Works gets in the way…

    1. Thanks, Barb… don’t you worry… I understand what working and blogging does to the clock! πŸ˜‰ Hugs, sweet friend!

  9. Sorry for the late arrival to this velvet heart party, dear friend! I just love all your velvety goodness on this blog! Your garland turned out so rich and classy. And yes, I totally relate to #bloggerlife photographing on different days. It was worth it, though. Your photos look beautiful!

    Thanks especially for the kind words, Julie. What would I do without our frequent DMs?! So thankful for our friendship.

    1. Oh, you never have to worry about being ‘late’ to my party. πŸ˜‰ We get each other… to well! πŸ˜‰ Hugs, sweet friend!

    1. Thank you, Marie! I love your heart wall-hanging… looks like you are getting all kinds of LP love this week! πŸ˜‰

  10. I swear I could almost FEEL the texture of the velvet! Love the idea of stretch velvet–Keep it Simple Sweetheart is one of my favorite slogans. I thought you used the blue thread so the WE could see what you were doing! I, too, would like a bowl of velvet hearts–but I’d need them in a bunch of colors; something to think on! I can hear the cloth clerk cussing me out when I ask for 1/4 of a yard! I have just started making garlands this last year and am accumulating “stuff” for a variety of them!

    1. Oh, thank you for dropping in Kathy, and for the kind words… Your cussing clerk remark made me giggle! I hope you have fun making your garlands! Hugs and hearts!

    1. Oh, well thank you, Sherry! Hope we get to see you at Tuesday Turn About this week! We’d love to have you link up!

    1. Thank you… it’s not necessarily my normal look, but it was fun. I think I might like a few colors in a bowl. πŸ˜‰

  11. This garland is one of my favorite Valentine’s DIY projects yet! So romantic and classy. Love the velvet and rustic touch with the beads. I was so happy to see you at the party! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm. Pinned! xo Kathleen

    1. It has been crazy for us, that’s for sure! Thank you so much for featuring my garland… I think you are the only link party that did! I was getting a complex (just kidding… kinda! LOL!) Love being blogging buddies!

    1. Thanks, Donna… I really do like using wood beads for garlands. I love the farmhouse/coastal style they add. πŸ˜‰

    1. Thanks so much, Denise! I hope the rest of your holiday season was good. I wish we could have met while I was there! Let me know when you come here next!

  12. Velvet is a perfect Valentine’s Day fabric. I am a big fan of pink and red in Valentine decor. Bright cheerful colors are needed in the dead of winter!

  13. Julie, this is just beautiful! Thank you for sharing such good instructions and for providing great inspiration. I’m pinning this to my Valentine’s Day board.

    Thanks so much for joining the Grace at Home party at Imparting Grace. I’m featuring you this week!

  14. This is SO CUTE!! I love this, Julie! The combo of the velvet and the wood beads is so pretty. Thanks so much for sharing at Home Imagined today!!

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