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How to Make A Frosty Velvet Christmas Wreath

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Want to add some sparkle and softness to your seasonal decor? Let’s learn how to make a frosty velvet Christmas wreath that can double as a winter wreath! You might be surprised just how easy it is to make a DIY velvet Christmas wreath.

frosty velvet christmas wreath


Are you preparing your home for Christmas?

Thinking about adding a little sumpin’-sumpin’ special for your winter decor?

Well, if you’ve been around My Wee Abode for any amount of time, you know I love “understated” velvet decor.

I don’t mean Elvis on black velvet… or even a red rose painted on a velvet canvas.

However, gimme some DIY velvet pumpkins that look just like the pros, and I’m a happy lady! (I actually was approached by the owner of the leading velvet pumpkin company asking if I would tag her pumpkins that I was using in my posts. She was quite surprised to find out they were my DIY pumpkins)!

And, if you visited my recent frosty minty home tour, you may have spotted my velvet-y Christmas wreath that was next to my baker’s cabinet.

frosty christmas tiny home tour bakers cabinet with white velvet wreath greenery and jingle bell

Today, I thought it would be fun to do a quick tutorial to show you how easy it is to make this soft velvet Christmas wreath with sparkly greenery and a pretty jingle bell! And I love that this decor can be used as a velvet WINTER wreath, too!

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What You’ll Need

To make a velvet Christmas wreath, you don’t really need much:

frosty velvet christmas wreath supplies

How to Make a Frosty Velvet Christmas Wreath

This Christmas wreath takes about 30 minutes to create and is quite easy to make.

Start with the Velvet

  1. Cut your fabric into 2-inch strips.
  2. If you have a green styrofoam form, you can paint it with white acrylic paint, but choosing a white form makes things even easier.steps to make a frosty velvet christmas wreath
  3. Add a ‘stripe’ of Tacky Glue to your wreath and then press the end of a strip of fabric to the foam. This dries super fast and makes it easy to continue adding fabric.
  4. While wrapping the fabric around the wreath, fold under the edge that will show, and let folds and gathers happen (or MAKE them happen).steps to make a frosty velvet christmas wreath
  5. As you come to the end of a piece of fabric, make sure you are on the back of your wreath, add another stripe of glue, and press your velvet into the glue. You may have some fabric leftover… just cut it off.
  6. Continue wrapping your strips of fabric and gluing around the wreath until it is covered.frosty velvet christmas wreath tutorial steps

Time for the Embellishment

Using your glue gun, add your embellishment. With a jingle bell, be sure it’s hanging the way you want before gluing.

gluing embellishment on wreath
Use whatever you need to hold the embellishment until the glue dries… and don’t burn your little fingers!

Add Your Greenery

Now add your greenery using your glue gun.

Add a little or a lot… I actually started with just a bit at the top, took some photos, and realized I needed more!

frosty velvet christmas wreath with greenery

Add even more sparkle with a sprig of something shiny! It’s really up to you how much to add, and what YOU want it too look like.

Go minimalist, farmhouse, cottage, or over-the-top festive!

Your Finished Frosty Velvet Christmas Wreath

Now, hang you frosty velvet wreath in your favorite spot!

This is next to my baker’s cabinet (that has a makeover planned in the future)…

frosty velvet christmas wreath next to a bakers cabinet
frosty velvet christmas wreath next to a bakers cabinet

But you can add it to:

  • a door
  • a window
  • the front of a cupboard
  • above the mantel
  • over a mirror
frosty velvet christmas wreath

This jingle bell also showed up on my Winter Wonderland Christmas Tree!

frosty velvet christmas wreath with a jingle bell
frosty velvet christmas wreath next to a bakers cabinet

Did you find this tutorial helpful? Is a velvet wreath in your seasonal decor future? I think this wreath would be pretty for any holiday, with different embellishments and faux stems! What do you think?

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  1. Love the velvet and I think for Easter a Gold Egg would look great hanging from this wreath. I am already thinking how it will work for different holidays. How about a Rose for Mothers Day, flags for 4th of July. I need to get a wreath made!

  2. Lovely, just lovely. I love the sound of jingle bells and leave my vinyl strap of bells on my front door knob all year long (I have no doorbell!). I immediately thought of a blush pink velvet (Is there such an animal?) with my favorite pink roses and ferny, airy greenery for spring. I did a wire wreath with green burlap ribbon and sunflowers and it just did NOT have the OOMPH that your wreathe does.

    1. Yes, there is totally a blush velvet… take a look at the Etsy link I have listed! Be sure to send me a pic when you make it!

    1. thanks, Michelle. Yes, it’s staying up through the blogging winter season. πŸ˜‰ (Which means it’s coming down next week, right?)

    1. I’m using it on my Mom’s apartment door this year. (Christmas decor didn’t make it to my house this year… way too much going on!)

  3. Julie, I found your pretty wreath when I was looking for some Christmas in July inspiration. I absolutely love it. Simple, but BEAUTIFUL! I’m going to feature your project and share it with my readers in my week in rewind post tomorrow. ❀

  4. Julie, you always have such lovely DIY’s and this Christmas wreath is super simple and sweet.
    Thank you for sharing it at Create, Bake, Grow and Gather this week. I’m delighted to be featuring your DIY velvet Christmas wreath at tonight’s party and pinning too.

  5. Hi Julie! Just popping in to let you know your wreath will be featured at tomorrow’s Home Imagined link party. Thanks so much for sharing with us and I love, love your wreath. Great job friend. It’s simple & timeless. XO- MaryJo

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