9 Painting Tools to Update Your Apartment with a Designer Look

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The deadline for the “HomeRight Refresh Your Walls Today” contest is November 30, 2018.  In preparation, let’s look into 9 painting tools to update your apartment with a designer look.9 Painting Tools to Update Your Apartment with a Designer Look paint can and brush in background with title ultimate gift guide for your do it yourself painterThe “HomeRight Refresh Your Walls Today” challenge is in full swing. While prepping for the painting that will be going on next weekend, I thought it would be helpful to check-out some painting tools and equipment to create a designer look in a small space.  Whether your home is a rental or your own, this list will be super helpful.

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We’ll be looking at supplies and materials that range from free to about $50!  Yep… You’ll be happy to know, a couple of these tools are completely FREE!  Free is always good!  And, if you are doing your very first interior painting project, these painting items should have you sitting-pretty to successfully, and EASILY, accomplish your project in less than one day, for less than $150!  Read through to the end to see bonus items to make your project even easier!

Let’s take a look, starting with free!

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1. Paint Can Opener FREE

This item is easily picked up at the paint desk of your favorite paint-supply store!

9 Painting Tools to Update Your Apartment with a Designer Look paint can opener on marble background

2. Paint Stir Stick FREE

Again, just pick-up one or ten of these wherever you purchase your paint!


3. Plastic drop cloth

I use both a plastic drop cloth and a canvas one.  The plastic one is used to place my painting tools on, away from the painting area.  This way, I’m not stepping on a paint can, opener, stick, etc.

4. Canvas Drop Cloth

I use a canvas drop cloth in the actual room I’m painting.  I know it is a bit more expensive than plastic, and it’s not disposable (unless you WANT to throw it away afterwards), but I find the canvas drop cloth doesn’t slip around on the floor surface, is easy to manipulate, ‘stays put’, and doesn’t tear.

5. Painter’s Tape

Painter’s tape is used for all kinds of purposes. Whether to cover the carpet along your baseboards or to create a design on your wall (there’s that designer element we’re talking about), painter’s tape is a must.  My go-to tape is Frog Tape!


6. Paint, Color/Brand of your choice

Of course, to bring a designer look to your small room, you definitely need paint!  Among all the brands out there, my go-to brand is Behr paint.  With so many colors, finishes, coverage choices, AND their Color Match system, it’s easy, affordable and sensible for me to use the Behr brand. (Here’s just a little hint to next week’s post!)

9 Painting Tools to Update Your Apartment with a Designer Look paint can opener on marble background behr paint sample jar

7. HomeRight Quick Painter Pad Edger with Flow Control

This sweet little tool from HomeRight has a quick fill handle that allows you to apply the paint ‘as-you-go’.  The guide on the side of the pad makes cutting-in and edging a breeze!  This item quickly and easily brings the designer look into any small space, and is super affordable!

8. HomeRight Paintstick EZ Twist Paint Roller Applicator

Okay… this is a MUST!!!!!  This amazing HomeRight Paintstick EZ Twist Paint Roller Applicator (now that name is ALMOST longer that the title of this post!) sucks up the paint into the handle and, as you twist the stick, the paint flows onto the roller, letting you paint-as-you-go!  This must-have paint tool eliminates the need and cost of a paint roller pan (and disposable inserts), as well as the cleanup that goes with it.  No more stepping into the roller pan by accident!  (No, I have not yet experienced this… truth!)  More on this product in the next post!

9. Zibra Paint Brush

To get a nice smooth finish on your baseboards (like the ones you see in designer homes),  I highly recommend Zibra Paint BrushesZibra brushes are my ‘go-to’ brush for not only baseboards, but many of my DIY projects!  Easy to clean, too, and they keep their new look and feel after many uses!

9 Painting Tools to Update Your Apartment with a Designer Look paint brush

10. Wall Trim and finishing nails

Okay…I KNOW this is number ten, but this is important!  This element actually brings a BIG designer pop to your small room.  A bit of wooden trim, painted the same color as the walls, and then nailed to the wall with some finishing nails, will deliver interest and texture to any wall!  There are SO many designs you can add to your wall with this wood trim!  Just give Pinterest a search! (While you’re there, give me a follow on Pinterest for all kinds of inspiration for small homes!) If all goes well, I’ll be using 1.5” trim on my walls for the “HomeRight Refresh Your Wall Today” challenge!

9 Painting Tools to Update Your Apartment with a Designer Look wood trim


These items aren’t necessary, but will definitely help make things easier as you bring that designer look to your small room, whether you own your home or live in an apartment or rental home.

1. Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile Gloves fit snugly and make for easy hand clean-up for when the job is done!

9 Painting Tools to Update Your Apartment with a Designer Look nitrile gloves2. Empty Paint Tubs

Just in case you need transfer paint into an easy to hold container.

9 Painting Tools to Update Your Apartment with a Designer Look 1 quart plastic container3. 14-In-1 Painters Tool

This 14-in-1 Painter’s Tool is EXTREMELY convenient and useful!  This tricky little tool scrapes paint, spreads compound, cleans rollers, removes putty and cleans rollers, plus so much more.  You can even use it to open paint cans! (Take a look to see all the things this little item can do!)

4. Paint Rags

Having some paint rags for wiping up spills and cleaning other messes is super handy.

5. Mild Detergent and/or Rubbing Alcohol

For cleaning brushes and rollers, I use warm water and a mild detergent (I actually use dish washing liquid).  Rubbing alcohol removes the paint from brushes that doesn’t clean-up with detergent.  Just remember, after using rubbing alcohol, wash the brushes with detergent again.

6. Paint Brush Comb

I have found a Paint Brush Comb to be VERY helpful in cleaning my paint brushes.  After applying mild detergent, using this tool to comb-through the brush helps to loosen-up the paint that is ‘stuck’ inside or dried on the outside.

7. Ladder

Obviously, you can use a chair, but a ladder or step stool (with a tray) is really nice to have around the house!

There you have it! I wonder if I’ve missed any useful painting tools for an easy small space makeover.  Would you add anything to the list that would bring a designer touch to a room?

I hope this list is helpful and comes in handy for any future projects you have planned!  Let me know in the comments if you plan on painting a room soon, or if you have anything to add to the list!

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    1. Thanks, Patti… that comb has done wonders for my clean up… and my brushes stay nice and soft! Thanks, friend!

  1. Always good to have a handy reference like this, Julie! I, too, have never heard of a paintbrush comb. I can’t think of anything you missed, and I feel like we’re painting something around the house all the time. Somehow, our inventory of paint samples increases every year! I can’t wait to see what paint color you’ll choose for your wee abode!

    1. Yes… my paint samples are now stacked two levels high. Not a good thing in a small home. *runs to figure out a storage solution* LOL! Hugs!

  2. Some of these items are all too familiar as the painters are painting for the second week (and, hopefully, the last) in our house. I’ve seen most laying around the here as they work, but I haven’t seen anything close to the Edger and the EZ Twist paint roller. What handy tools! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I’m surprised that more professional painters don’t use these items. Super easy, and leave a wonderful finish! Thanks for dropping in, Kim! Hugs!

  3. I have always wondered about those paintstick rollers! I was afraid of the cleanup. Now I LOVE the short handle brushes and the paint brush comb…. both are invaluable tools!
    🙂 gwingal

    1. Well, you’ll be able to see the HomeRight Paintstick EZ Twist Roller in action soon! (BTW, I have a friend that has used it, and he is SOLD big time!) Thanks for stopping by, Nikki!

  4. Great list! I need to start painting my daughters’ bathroom soon! I didn’t know you could get paint can openers for free — I often misplace mine and have purchased a few of them! I also like that HomeRight edger!

    1. I know, Mary! Doesn’t it seem we always miss something good when we JUST finished or purchased something??? LOL! Next time, right? Hugs, sweet friend!

  5. Frog tape, I am obsessed with it. I’ve tried SO many different painters tapes over the years and none of them do the job that Frog tape does. I was probably more happy then a normal person would be to see it on your list. I have to give some of the HomeRight projects a try, I’ve been meaning to pick up their sprayer – but that paint stick makes me wish I had it 2 years ago!

    1. HomeRight products are truly amazing, and so affordable! I’ll be featuring the paint roller this weekend, after I paint the living room tomorrow. 😉 Hoping to have one more HR product that I can feature, too! LOTS going on over here at MWA! 😉 Hugs! (Oh, and ALL of the HomeRight Finish Sprayers are amazing!)

  6. I ALWAYS keep some paint can openers at home, because sometimes I like to touch up or use an old can of paint for something else. Both of those Home Right products look verrrry nice and sturdy! I love their products!


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