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How to Make a Vintage-Look Mercury Ornament Garland

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We’re taking on another simple Christmas decor craft today! Would you like to learn how to make a vintage-look mercury ornament garland? This DIY mercury ornament garland is easy to make and adds a lovely old-world look to your home.

mercury glass ornament garland hanging on back of hutch with sparkly branches

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Mercury glass is one of those looks that never seems to go out of style.

It’s a classic…

And when I recently admired a friend’s mercury glass garland hanging from her mantel, I went shopping for it and, of course, it was out of stock…

And out of my price range.

So I went hunting for something similar and found several options on Amazon.

But, they weren’t exactly what I was looking for, and I knew I could make exactly what I wanted.

So I did!

And I’m gonna show you how!

But first…

Vintage-look Mercury Glass Ornament Garland on Display

If you perused my Christmas Tiny Home Tour or my Frosty Minty Christmas Trees Tour, you may have gotten a sneak peek!

Let me give you a quick glance on where my mercury glass garland is hanging…

diy mercury ornament garland

See that, to the right of the tree? That’s the back of my antique baker’s cabinet. It works as a ‘pony wall’ between my wee kitchen and tiny living area. It definitely needed a little bit of sparkle this year!

What You’ll Need

You’ll only really need a few items to make this quick and easy Christmas garland that has an ‘old-world’ feel:

mercury glass ornaments in a box and on the counter with sparkly twine
  • Miniature mercury glass-type ornaments (I picked mine up at Homegoods, but Amazon has a good selection, too!)
  • Sparkly twine, again lots to choose from at Amazon. I used a silver that I had and I tried to tea-stain it, but I think it was polyester, so it didn’t work. Cotton twine would have done the trick! πŸ˜‰
  • Tacky Glue (I use this stuff all the time)
  • Scissors

How to Make a Mercury Glass Ornament Garland

This garland is really simple to make… truly.

The Mathematics of Twine

  1. Using your twine, simply measure how long you want the garland, including the draping. The mercury glass ornaments are super lightweight, so don’t worry about them weighing the twine down.
  2. Add about 6 inches to your measurement so you have three inches on either side to play with for hanging.
  3. Fold the twine in half and mark the center (I tied a knot in it). You may not want to place an ornament there, so it’s easy to hang.
  4. Tie a knot on both ends about three inches in from the ends.
  5. Now take either half of the twine and fold in half to find the center again. You’ll place your first ornament there.
  6. Continue to fold the twine in half to find centers and place your ornaments with correct spacing.

Explaining that part is a little hard… let me know if you think a video would be helpful! πŸ˜‰

Adding the Mercury Ornaments to Your Garland

  1. Slip a 3-inch piece of twine through the ornament, and tie it tightly in a double-knot to your garland twine base.
  2. Add a spot of glue to the knot and press it into the knot (I just used my finger). This will keep the knot from untying.
  3. When the glue has dried (doesn’t take long with Tacky Glue), clip off the extra twine close to the knot.
  4. And that’s it!
diy mercury ornament garland tutorial steps

Display Your DIY Mercury Ornament Garland in Your Favorite Spot

As I shared before, the back of my “Hoosier” needed a little sparkle to dress it up. This is the first year I’ve decorated here for Christmas.

mercury glass ornament garland hanging on back of hutch with sparkly branches

Using some sparkly stems and/or branches can add a special touch, too!

diy mercury ornament garland with heart ornament

Using different shaped ornaments, as well as a couple with sparkles, adds some interest, too, don’t you think?

mercury glass ornament in tear drop shape
The different textures of the ornaments are so pretty!
mercury glass ornament garland hanging on back of hutch with sparkly branches

These branches had just a little tint of mint to them… perfect to match my frosty decor, and even my new DIY Velvet Christmas Wreath!

mercury glass ornament garland hanging on back of hutch with sparkly branches

You can hang this pretty garland in all kinds of places:

  • along a mantel
  • across a media console
  • over a mirror
  • under open shelving
  • even around your Christmas tree!

And, you can use different colors of mercury glass ornaments and twine, too! Maybe even add more ornaments, closer together?

I hope you enjoyed learning how to make a vintage-look mercury ornament garland. Where will you hang your garland? Share your ideas and thoughts in the comments!

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  1. The ornaments were gorgeous. I couldn’t keep house without Tacky Glue. My other standby for knots is clear nail polish–especially on fish line and bead elastic.

  2. Your garland is so pretty, Julie! I live the vintage look and it looks spectacular on the back of your baker’s cabinet along with your tree.

  3. Another great project Julie!!!! I love mercury glass and had no idea that there were mercury glass ornaments! I have to make this garland! Thank Julie😊😊

  4. I love this Julie! I have a DIY vintage mirror hanging on the wall in my lounge and I think a garland like this would be perfect for that. I’m pinning this so I don’t forget to make it next year!

    1. Thanks, Janet… Not sure decor will make it up this year! A travesty for a blogger… but, this blogger has LOTS of family stuff going on, and I just don’t want to stress!

  5. Julie, this is such a pretty idea for Christmas. It really makes a statement on your wall! I’m featuring you at the next FWF party πŸ™‚
    Merry Christmas hugs,

  6. Such a sweet little garland Julie.
    Thank you for sharing your DIY mercury ornament garland at Create, Bake, Grow & Gather this week. I’m delighted to be featuring it at the party tonight and pinning too.
    Merry Christmas,

    1. Thanks so much, Maria! I just visited you blog and it’s lovely! We’d love you to join our link party here on the blog! We open on Tuesdays and close on Fridays! Hope to see you there!

  7. Hi Julie – I am so glad you shared this post with our Home Imagined Link party because I love this idea. Now I am thinking about that antique bakers cabinet. It must be stunning. Thank you again for sharing this post with our link party.

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