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Frosty Minty Christmas Trees Tour

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This year, My Wee Abode has decked the halls with some sparkly and pale green decor! Today, let’s take a look at the loft’s frosty minty Christmas trees tour!

frosty minty christmas trees apartment living room with decor

I’m so excited and blessed today to be part of my first Christmas tree tour! The Festive & Fun Christmas Tree Blog Hop is hosted by Stacy from Bricks ‘N Blooms! Stacy is an avid gardener with a lovely farmhouse style! Thanks for hosting, Stacy!

I’m so happy to see the MWA ‘crew’ here today, and if you are hopping on over from The Flowering Farmhouse, welcome! Jennifer is a new blogging friend, and I’ve quickly “fallen” for her blog and home!

If you’d like some ‘intel’ on My Wee Abode, feel free to visit the About Page. And to keep in the know, and receive access to our free printables library, simply click on the button!

Now, let’s look at some Christmas trees!


Last year, I was still acclimating to blogging for the holidays and I didn’t even share my Christmas decor. Womp, womp.

Nice thing about that is, I can do the SAME thing I did LAST year, and no one knows, except me. And that’s okay, because I REALLY liked my tree last year.

frosty minty christmas trees apartment living room with decor

So the “main-event” Christmas tree is in my 10×10 living area… yep, you read that right… I have about 100 sf of living space to work, relax, and work some more in!

green silver and white flocked christmas tree in living room

If you followed along with the Bloggers’ Best Holiday Home Tour this past week, you already got a sneak peek at some of the trees at My Wee Abode, plus a little story about a dream come true.

Today, we’re going to focus on the Christmas trees.

You know, make ’em the STAR of the show!

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Frosty Minty Christmas Trees in the Living Room… Office… Library...

Yes, the living area wears many hats here in my So Cal loft apartment (that’s a fancy way to say my apartment is built on top of a garage… gotta keep it real, people).

And this $100 flocked Christmas tree I purchased at Walmart last year has served me pretty well. And it was just the right size for a tiny home… I try to stay away from Christmas trees that are larger than 36″ diameter.

frosty minty christmas trees apartment living room with decor
Don’t pay attention to the two-toned walls. I’m making some painting decisions for both areas!

This prelit flocked tree is our of stock at Walmart, but next year I plan on getting a King Flock Slim Tree from King of Christmas (this is sold out right now, but you can add an email address to be notified when it’s back in stock).

I love how the mint green, white, and silver ornaments compliment the flocked boughs of the Christmas tree. The green branches peeking out from the ‘snow’ really compliments the pale green ornaments, don’t you think?

Adding Decorations to a Faux Flocked Christmas Tree

The first thing to do when decorating a faux Christmas tree, is to open it by layer, and fluff each layer before you add the next one. It’s easy peasy to use this technique.

Next, if your tree isn’t lit, add the lights by going up and down, and then around the tree. Again, this makes life so much easier!

Add Your Ribbon

After the lights, add your ribbon. There are different ways/styles to do this:

  • Tuck it in at the top, and let it gently hang down the tree
  • Tuck at the top, and then tuck into the tree as you go down. You can even cut ribbon into short pieces and tuck them in, making it appear that one piece is weaving in-and-out.
  • Tuck a piece at the top and wind it around the tree, leaving spaced in between as you go down.
  • Add ribbon bows to the tips of the branches (this would happen at the very end of decorating)
  • What other ways can you think of to use ribbon on a Christmas tree?

I chose to do a mix of the second and third option. I also used three different white/silver/sparkly ribbons. Next year, I think I will try using a wider 2-inch ribbon. πŸ˜‰

Large Ornaments Make Your Christmas Tree Look Like the Pros

Now you can add your large ornaments (and these are lovely, too!). Mine were purchased at Hobby Lobby… last year. Unfortunately, they didn’t carry any pale green or mint ornaments at my local store this year.

Using large ornaments on a tree really packs a style-punch, and makes your tree look like the pros!

mint pinecone ornament on flocked tree
I love this different look of this ‘pinecone’.

However, I’ve found that Hobby Lobby is the best and most affordable place to purchase 4-6″ ornaments. They really do make a Christmas tree ‘pop’.

frosty minty christmas trees apartment living room with decor
These came in a set with white translucent ones, as well.

Now for the Mediums and Smalls

It’s time to add your medium and small ornaments.

Pro tip: Don’t forget to tuck ornaments inside your tree! This helps to create a fuller look.

These white ornaments are from Walmart, and came with some mint green ones, too! And here are more green ornaments, and mint ornaments and some white and silver (they can be used every year!).

white textured ornament in flocked tree

Just a quick tip… Walmart is my fave spot for so many different ornament finishes. Just take a quick trip (go in when they open to miss the crowds), and you’ll be a happy-shopper.

frosty minty christmas trees apartment living room with decor
Another Hobby Lobby find last year, 80% off! Love the after Christmas sales!

These special ornaments were another Walmart find last year. They were in a different section than the regular ornaments, in a special box. Be sure to check-out ALL the Christmas decor so you don’t miss anything!

mint pinecone ornament on flocked tree

Oh… and one last things… I’ve added floral picks and berry picks to my tree, as well. Last year was the first year I did this (I was kinda scared to try it). The picks really add another texture to the tree, and more depth, too!

Bright Frosty Minty Christmas Tree

And, of course, it isn’t a Christmas tree unless is all lit-up!

frosty minty christmas trees apartment living room with decor in the evening

The warm white lights add a cozy glow to my little living room.

And here’s come closeups of some of my fave ornaments, because they look so special with the lights.

Isn’t this translucent lantern pretty? Yep, a Walmart purchase TWO years ago, but they always seem to have unique ornaments that are affordable hanging on the ornament wall.

lantern ornament on flocked tree
If you set a translucent ornament against a Christmas light and it seems to glow from inside-out!
frosty minty christmas trees ornament on tree
This “mercury glass” ornament is actually plastic. Guess where I got it? πŸ˜‰

You can find inexpensive skate ornaments almost anywhere, but the cheapest place is Hobby Lobby or Walmart (for $6.50 for four)… here’s the exact same ones from Amazon. (Sometimes, Amazon ISN’T cheaper!)

white skate ornament on flocked christmas tree with lights

Frosty and Minty Christmas Trees Tour – The Wee Trees

My Wee Abode has some smaller trees tucked throughout the living room and kitchen, too!

This green velvet tree adds a bit of cozy to the silver stags that sit on the end of my console. The DIY for these velvet trees is coming soon!

frosty minty christmas trees silver feindeer with green velvet tree

This $5 Target tree got a spray of faux snow and some sparkles. It was added to a crate with some pinecones and birch logs and sits on the entryway bench. This winter crate was part of the Pinterest Challenge this month, and was the first decor in My Wee Abode this winter.

christmas crate with tree birch logs and pinecones

On top of the kitchen counter, a bread board holds another Target tree…

frosty christmas tiny home tour kitchen with christmas decor

…and another miniature velvet tree.

frosty minty christmas trees green velvet tree on bread board

The open shelving in the kitchen is always a fun place to decorate, and offers additional storage for pretty kitchen items.

open shelves with mint and silver christmas decor

Bottle brush trees were added for the first time to the kitchen decor… Wait, I take that back. Last year’s Holiday Coffee Station had some tiny little cuties added to it, too!

sparkly bottle brush tree with ornaments on shelf

These bottle brush trees, in silver and gray, are still available at Bed, Bath, and Beyond… for a steal!

frosty minty christmas trees bottle brush trees with ornament sitting next to white pitcher on shelf
sparkly bottle brush tree with ornaments on shelf

I hope you enjoyed this very large frosty and minty Christmas trees tour. Well, it’s large for such a wee home, don’t ya think? πŸ™‚

Next on the tour is my sweet friend and blogging buddy, Shelley from Calypso in the Country. Her style is always eye-catching and she is often featured at our Tuesday Turn About link party!

And then be sure to visit each of my friends below for some great Christmas tree inspiration, tips, and tricks!

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    1. Thanks, Michelle… I’m always second guessing myself, hehe. I feel like I need to start in January for these Christmas tours! LOL!

  1. Julie I love your minty green and flocked Christmas tree! It looks so beautiful and cozy! I’m so glad you joined the tour! Happy Holidays! xoxox

  2. Hi Julie – your tree is just stunning! I love the minty green color and how perfectly it goes with the flocked tree. Frosty and minty is definitely a great way to describe it! I love all your decor and your helpful tips too. You’re right, Walmart really has a great selection these days. It’s great hopping with you again and thanks for the lovely intro!

    1. It’s so fun doing this tour with you, and so happy to be able to be next to you in the line-up. πŸ˜‰ Love your red and blue tree!

    1. Thank you, sweet friend! I’ve been stopping by your blog lately, too! Loving your posts! Hope you are doing well!

  3. I adore your tree! The colors, the softness, the beautiful ornaments – it’s all beautiful! And your ideas for the rest of your home are fabulous. And dang, I need to look at Walmart for ornaments. I want some just like yours! Always love hopping with you. Merry Christmas! Pinned.

    1. Yes… those Walmart ornaments are super nice… and they have SO many textures to choose from! Thank you so much for the love!

  4. Julie, I said it before, but I really love the colors you used! You selected such lovely ornaments and I’m smitten with the little velvet trees! Merry Christmas! Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

    1. Thank you so much, Cecelia… I LOVE the velvet trees, too! Probably my fave DIY of the season! Looking forward to sharing the DIY soon!

  5. so so pretty, Julie. I love that soft minty color with frosting on top. Makes me want one of those old fashioned cream cheese “wedding mints” that my mom used to make. Hope you’re having a great weekend!

    1. Oh, thanks so much, Debra… it’s been a busy week and weekend, and more to come. I hope you are having a blessed weekend, too!

    1. You are so sweet… I really love my ornaments, too… And, I already know how I’m going to reuse them next year. πŸ˜‰ #bloggerlife, right?! πŸ˜‰

  6. Julie your frosty minty tree is just beautiful! I can see why you did it again this year it really is special and looks so good either he test of your decor. You have a gift for small space my friend and I am so thankful you share that gift with all of us! Merry Christmas!

  7. I love your tree Julie! The colors are so beautiful and perfect in the flocked tree. I love how you tied in the colors around your abode too! The ornaments are so pretty in the milk glass!

    1. Thanks, Kristin… I love the milk glass that I’ve inherited from my mom… but the bowl is actually from the Goodwill! Score!

  8. Love, love all your frosty, minty ornaments on your luscious tree, Julie. Your tree is gorgeous and I bet that it warms up your wee abode for a cozy feel. Love touring with you, sweet friend. Merry, Merry Christmas.

  9. Your tree looks beautiful Julie. I love green and the minty shade on your tree is perfection. Loving those velvet trees too, can’t wait to see the post on them. Have a great week.

    XO- MaryJo

  10. Julie, your space lives much larger than you describe its dimensions! Your tree is absolutely beautiful, and knowing a little about smaller space living, my mind begs to know how you store all the beautiful things you use to decorate throughout the year, not just Christmas? It’s a gorgeous tree, and your choice ornaments and how your scored them thriftily is really one readers crave, Thanks for sharing all your details. I love those velvet trees and how you lightly flocked the little tree for your kitchen display. Merry Christmas season to you!

    1. Hey, Rita… my secret for storage is… I have a ‘makeshift’ closet that stores A LOT (you can see it here https://myweeabode.com/add-closet-small-space/ … it’s been updated since the post, and has more shelving purchased from IKEA). Also, my biggest help is… I have family that lives within 15 mins of me. They all have give me a little space to store. πŸ™‚ SO THANKFUL to them! If not, I would get a small storage space and write it off. πŸ˜‰

  11. Your tree is absolutely stunning. I love the color combo. I did a frosty mint/white tree this year, but I felt the mint was barely noticeable in the tree, perhaps I used too much white? I was going to post my Christmas Home Tour this weekend.

  12. What a pretty color scheme for this post, Julie!! I LOVE those white textured ornaments…actually all of your ornaments are just stunning!! That milk glass bowl with the heaping ornaments in it is fantastic as well!

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