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DIY Painted Hexagon Shelves with Succulents

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Want to add a little accent to a small wall or vignette? These DIY painted hexagon shelves with succulents are easy to make, customizable, and oh-so-pretty!


Sometimes, you just need a little sumpin’-sumpin’ to add to a small wall space or even a vignette.

That’s where today’s do-it-yourself comes in.

diy painted hexagon shelves with succulents in kitchen with other decor

To be totally up-front… this project started out as a wanna-be-honeycomb-wall-gallery in my bathroom. But, after hanging these diy painted hexagon shelves with succulents on the large bathroom wall, these 6-inch hexagon shelves were dwarfed by the large space. Womp, womp.

We call this ‘pivot-time’.

DIY Painted Hexagon Shelves in the Kitchen

Time to find another place to put these sweet little geometric shelves!

After trying to find an area to hang all seven of the hexagon frames that I made, the thought occurred to me…

“Why do I have to use all seven? A few of these on a tiny wall will look perfect!”

So, I started looking at all my tiny wall spaces, and ended up here…

diy painted hexagon shelves with succulents in kitchen with other decor

And here’s a close-up. The background paint compliments the speckled counter tops, and the gold trim gives a little ‘glam’.

diy painted hexagon shelves with succulents in kitchen with other decor

These really add a nice touch to the kitchen area, but truth be told, I may re-hang them (again) just on the other side (where the little stool is located). Mainly because I have other plans for the area where they are now. πŸ˜‰

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How to Make a Honey-Comb Hexagon Wall Garden

This DIY was super easy, and really only took a couple hours, including drying times for the paint and sealant.

Wouldn’t you know… I JUST found some larger hexagon shadow boxes on Amazon. These would have been perfect for the bathroom! Hmmm.

6 Easy Steps for DIY Painted Hexagon Wall Garden

Again, these are super easy to make. You can even make this a fun project with a child, teen, or even a loved one with dementia. πŸ˜‰ (Mom actually helped paint the inside of the gray frames.)

diy painted hexagon shelves with succulents instructional photos
  • Choose the color of paint you want to use on the inside of your hexagon shelves. You can use one color, or as many as you would like. Then paint the inside back and sides. (Fig. 1) You may need more than one coat.
  • With a larger flat brush, paint the outside sides of the frames with your accent color. Or, just use the same color. Remember, these are totally customizable! (Fig. 2) Again, I used two coats of the gold paint.
  • Next, paint the top edges with the accent color. Using the side of a round brush for the edges is best, and keeps the paint from dipping into the inside (Fig. 3).

Adding the Succulents

  • After spraying the hexagons with matte sealant (this is optional, but helps with dusting), spread your glue at the bottom of the shelf (make sure is the bottom!). (Fig. 4)
diy painted hexagon shelves with succulents instructional photos
  • Now, add your moss. Choose pieces that are different and add interest. Also, add more glue where needed as you go. (Fig. 5)
  • Lastly, add the succulents of your choice. You may need to take wire cutters and cut the ‘picks’ off in order for them to fit. Turbo Tacky Glue works great for this whole project.

Now, your DIY painted hexagon shelves with succulents are ready to hang!

Remember to measure twice (maybe even thrice) and hang once! Hexagons are a bit tricky to arrange and hang. πŸ˜‰

Finished DIY Painted Hexagon Shadow Boxes

Here are more images of the finished DIY…

This photo of the kitchen actually shows the truer color of the cabinets. It is still a bit more yellow than real life, but better than the photos in my spring kitchen tour.

diy painted hexagon shelves with succulents in kitchen with kitchen decor

I may even add one more to the top, but if they are going to be moved around the corner, what’s the point, right? πŸ˜‰

diy painted hexagon shelves with succulents in kitchen

How ’bout a few closeups…

This brown ended up a bit more red than I wanted.

diy painted hexagon shelves with succulents
Adding one little succulent instead of making them all ‘full’ adds more interest, as well.

The succulents in this one are my favorite.

diy painted hexagon shelves with succulents in gray and gold

But, I love the green background of this hexagon shelf.

diy painted hexagon shelves with succulents

Which one is your favorite? I’m actually thinking about purchasing the larger ones from Amazon and making a new set for the bathroom. What do you think?

If you have any questions, or comments, make sure to leave them below. It always makes my day when I hear from you all!

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  1. Julie what a clever idea and they look great. I like the green one personally. I know your space is limited but I just posted a way to store my spices and thought you might be interested. You can use as large or small a space as desired. I know you have more room now than your last home and I hope and pray your Mom is doing better. Blessings Always.

    1. Thanks, Kari! Just visited your post! WOW! I WISH I had a drawer where I could do the same! Lovely, organized, and smart!

  2. I really liked all of your hexagon boxes! Thirty-five years ago when I worked with dementia patients in NH, I had one guy with awful Parkinson’s tremors. Writing was impossible for him, but he was great sanding simple wood projects with a sanding block. Sometimes we just have to think outside the box a bit to maximize someone’s performance!

    1. That is a great idea, Kathy! One problem I have with Mom… once I give her one thing to do, she incessantly asks for more to do until bedtime, or until I stop working. It’s a catch-22, for sure!

  3. When I worked in psych at our local VA, one of the nurses would occasionally ask for activities for danger-to-themselves-or-others in a unit for overactive/suicidal vets. They had one guy match up huge laundry bags of unmatched slipper socks. Another great one was sorting poker chips by color (teal, orange, purple). The nurse would give this one guy 3 containers to sort them in, telling him that some group like the Elks or DAV “had a helluva poker game last nite.” and that they needed the chips sorted by color. When done, Dave would take them around the corner, pour them all into another container, mix them up and return the “new container” with “I found another box of them.” I prefer activities with a purpose but glues/paints/sharps could be a danger on that unit. My mom used to put us kids to work winding yarn from skeins into balls; when a brother wouldn’t help, I would drape the skein over the back of a kitchen chair! We also sorted buttons from her 2 buttons bags (whites and colors) onto threads; she needed 5 of a kind for a housecoat! I still have some of those buttons! I’ve told my daughter that all I will need are some coupons to clip, and something to knit or crochet! I had another patient who could no longer crochet doilies due to dementia and failing eyesight but she could sure crochet a potholder with the old cotton rug yarn!

    1. So creative, Kathy! I def need to think outside the box to let Mom help. The problem is, when I let her help in one thing… she wants to help with EVERYTHING… ALL DAY! Can’t win for losing!

  4. Love your hexagon succulent shadow boxes, Julie! It’s great that we can customize these with any color to match our decor. Your trio look great in your kitchen! Pinning!

    1. Thanks, Tammy… I’m enjoying them in the kitchen, and even added three to my mom’s room. She is happy. πŸ˜‰

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