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DIY 10-Minute Spring Succulent Wreath

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Want to add some spring touches to your home this season?  Today, let’s welcome the first day of the season with an early spring succulent wreath.  Easy and lovely, this DIY 10-minute spring succulent wreath is the perfect project for anyone to create for their home or even as a special gift!
I’m thrilled to be joining in today as 28 talented bloggers bring you the best of spring for all throughout the home! Please continue along this inspiring tour, and visit the other participants in each of the following categories (links and previews are at the end of this post!).

A HUGE thank you to Kristi from French Creek Farmhouse for hosting this lovely blog hop!  Kristi not only pulled together 28 amazing bloggers for you to enjoy, but she also created some lovely graphics for this party, as well!  You are amazing, Kristi!

Welcome to all the MWA family, and a special ‘hello’ to those visiting from all these wonderful blogs.  If you are here by way of Hand Made Weekly, I bet you enjoyed those lovely DIY spring flour sack towels that Hannah shared! So pretty! 


DIY 10-minute spring succulent wreath closeup on window pane

Do you like an easy and fast DIY project?

Yep… me, too!

This early spring succulent wreath is so easy, it will only take you about 10 minutes to create!

Seriously… when I say fast, this DIY 10-minute wreath is just the ticket when you don’t have a lot of time, but want to pack a decor “punch” in your living room or the entry door to your home!

And this year, I’m using green and white for my spring decor colors.  So, this faux succulent wreath was a no-brainer for My Wee Abode!

So, shall we take a look at how to create it?

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What Will I Need to Make a Faux Succulent Wreath?

These are the items used to make this succulent wreath. And this wreath will last ‘forever’ because faux succulents are its base.

Also… for your convenience, I am sharing links to similar items below.  However, if you can get to Michael’s or Hobby Lobby, the prices are better and everything is available in-store.easy early spring wreath supplies on table

How Do I Make an Early Spring Succulent Wreath?

You can make your own spring succulent wreath in just a few minutes, using this tutorial.

Want to upcycle your grapevine wreath for ‘new’ seasonal decor? Using floral wire and simply sticking the stems into the grapevine allows you to reuse the base over and over, just like I did with my 10-minute DIY Fall Wreath.

  1. Take your floral wire and cut one piece into about four or five 3-inch pieces and bend them into a “U” shape.
  2. (a) Take your moss and place different textures (and colors, if you want) in patches around the inside of the wreath. (b) Using your u-shaped wire pieces, anchor the moss by pushing the wire through the wreath. No need to twist the wire in the back.
  3. Cut your succulents and florals apart leaving about a two-inch stem on each of them.  This will ensure they stay put when you insert them into the grapevine.DIY 10-minute spring succulent wreath tutorial steps
  4. Use a large succulent as your ‘main event’ piece on the wreath, then add another smaller piece next to it. Just push the wire stems into the grapevine wreath.
  5. Add one medium-sized succulent to give it some interest and color.
  6. Your white peonies are added to the ends of the succulent arrangements (6a and 6b). (Remember to use some buds, for added color and texture).DIY 10-minute spring succulent wreath tutorial steps
  7. In the center of the arrangement, tuck another smaller succulent and another bud or two from the flower stems under the larger succulents so they peek-out and surprise you!
  8. As the final touch, add a couple of long succulent stems at the top of the arrangement, and another smaller stem near the bottom of the arrangement.tutorial steps for easy diy succulent wreath
  9. Stand back and say, “I did it!”

DIY 10-Minute Spring Grapevine Succulent Wreath

And now you can hang your early spring succulent wreath and enjoy!

Viewing mine each time I walk into my living area makes me feel all happy inside!easy early spring wreath hanging on window pane above media console

The black lanterns add a bit of what the decor world calls ‘grounding’ to this light and airy space.early spring succulent wreath on window pane with black lantern

The mini white peonies add a bit of juxtaposition (another frequently used word in decor) to the faux succulent wreath.succulents and white peonies against a grapevine spray

The last-minute succulent stems added just the smidge of “umph” that was needed.DIY 10-minute spring succulent wreath closeup

(Trying to get photos on a rainy day can be challenging, but look dramatic, too!)early spring succulent wreath on window pane with black lantern

DIY 10-minute spring succulent wreath closeup

Where’s the Best Place to Hang a Faux Succulent Wreath?

You can hang an early spring wreath just about anywhere your heart desires!

  • On a vintage window pane (wonder where that idea came from?)
  • Over a mirror
  • On a cupboard door (think a smaller grapevine)
  • On your entry door
  • Above your bed

DIY 10-minute spring succulent wreath closeup on window pane

Now It’s Your Turn

So, now that you have the tutorial for this DIY 10-Minute Spring Succulent Wreath, will you try your hand at making one? Where will you put yours?  Share with me in the comments… But first…

Be sure to visit each of the amazing and gorgeous blogs listed below.  We have SIX different categories of decor! Something to fit EVERYONE’s fancy! Why not start at the beginning with our hostess, Kristi from French Creek Farmhouse?!my wee abode signature


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  1. This is a quick wreath and I believe has impact The deep green mixed with the lightness of Peony is something I would think to put together, and works. Like the texture of the wreath base too.

    Stay safe!


  2. I normally don’t care for succulents, but I’m sold on this wreath. Thank you for sharing! I’m going to try to make one.

    1. Kay… I have not been a ‘succulent type of gal’ either! I was just thinking about how much I hated that my mom liked to collect all the succulents and put them all over her garden. I thought they were so ugly. But, if we put our own twist on them… and maybe add some white peonies (everything is better with peonies, right?), it takes on a whole new look! Thanks for the kind words, and be sure to let me know when you make one! 😉

    1. Yes… If I’m gonna pay $12 for a grapevine wreath, I wanna make it work for more than one project. I know you are with me on that!

  3. So excited to try this wreath idea, Julie! I love the combination of moss and succulents. All the different layers of green are so pretty next to your antique window. I’m definitely going to try the floral pins too – talk about game-changer! Thanks for making this so easy. Big hugs, CoCo

    1. Thanks, CoCo! It’s fun that we can have different vibes in our homes and still appreciate them so much. (Your home has definite goals for mine!) Hugs back!

    1. Thanks, Carol. Yes, I love my window pane. It’s a bit different than most. 🙂 Fun touring with you!

  4. One word: gorgeous!! I have been wanting for a succulent wreath tutorial, so this was perfect–and it turned out so beautifully! I will definitely be trying my hand at this.
    So happy to have such a talented friend like you in this spring tour, Julie! Thank you for the amazing inspo and detailed tutorial! xo, Kristi

  5. The wreath is absolutely gorgeous! I appreciate the time to took to write out the steps to make it. Looks like a great project to tackle this spring!

  6. Such a beautiful wreath! I have never thought of using the moss and succulents. I will for sure be giving it a try!

  7. Hi Julie! This wreath is beautiful my friend! I love the different colors of green and then that white pop of the flowers is just perfect! Great job and only in 10 whole minutes! Thanks for the tutorial. HUGS! 🙂

  8. Grapevine is some of my favorite wreath or swag material. I’ve not used it in so long but might have to incorporate it for the next holiday on my mantel. Cool wreath! Love the pop of color!!!

    1. Thanks, Cindy! I love the greens, as well… and the grapevine wreath has been used through three seasons now! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Years ago, I wasn’t a succulent fan but I must admit as they have grown in popularity, I have started to love them!! They are perfect in this wreath Julie! And reusing the grapevine wreath?? Girl, you are speaking to my repurposing heart! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. I totally agree about the succulents, Cindy. I like them in a ‘surprise’ area of decor, and a little bit at a time. 😉

    1. Yes… I love where it is hanging too…however, I think I may be taking down my window pane… thinking things through! 😉

    1. Yes… It’s a fave of mine. Haven’t been big on succulents, until this. 🙂 Thanks Shawna. I’m getting back into my regular blog schedule. Will be visiting you soon!

  10. I just love this wreath!!!! I think it’s hard to come up with a unique looking wreath! Love how you paired a few florals with the succulents! Looks so good!

    1. Thanks, Danielle… Yes, there’s really nothing new under the sun! 😉 But, this is a fave of mine!

  11. I love this!! It’s SO easy but I LOVE all the vibrant color that it brings, especially after a long winter. Thanks so much for sharing…I’ll have to try this out soon!

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