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Small Apartment Fall Living Room Tour

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It’s opening day for the Bloggers’ Best Fall Home Tour 2022! And today, I’m sharing my small apartment fall living room tour!


Welcome to the Bloggers’ Best Fall Home Tour 2022, hosted by my sweet friend Kelly from The Tattered Pew!

If you’ve arrived from StoneGable, welcome! Yvonne is a dear friend and I often call her my decorating hero! When My Wee Abode grows up, it wants to be the mini-version of StoneGable. πŸ˜‰

collage of fall decorated homes

If you’re new to My Wee Abode, I’m Julie… a single-again-mom and now a grandma ALMOST 6 times over! My daughter and son-in-love have a boy-girl-boy, and my son and daughter-in-love have a boy-girl-soon-to-be-boy. We are looking forward to this gift from God in March 2023! If you want to learn more about My Wee Abode (or even me) you can start on my About Page.

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And, for all the current MWA members, you can find the password to the library at the end of each and every newsletter you receive! Of course, I’m SO glad you are here today to be inspired by all the lovely homes on the tour!

Now, let’s get started on the tour!

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Today, not only am I sharing my living room and entryway, but FIVE more of my blogging buddies are sharing their homes, too!

And, throughout this week be sure to come back to this post to find links to all my friends’ homes! The links will be updated each day, Monday through Friday… You won’t want to miss all the inspo!

But for now, let me welcome you to my home…

small apartment fall living room tour entryway with floor vase and fall foliage white pumpkin and coat hanger with blue throw

The entry way got a bit of an edit from last month’s Pinterest Challenge. Though I loved the look for the challenge, it was just a bit too much for me for the whole season.

Can you say “simple and minimal”? That’s what I’m aiming for this season.

The little storage bench where we sit and slip our shoes on-and-off was relocated to just under the kitchen bar.

entryway to apartment with kitchen in background with fall decor
The large green mottled pumpkin peeking out from the corner was a find at Hobby Lobby last year!

It’s taking some courage to share a bit of my kitchen in the background, as I’m having a hard time with the faux golden oak cabinets, that clash with the ash LVP. It actually keeps me up at night… thinking and re-thinking about what I can do to end the love-hate-relationship I have with these ugly cabinets. (Any suggestions are welcome!)

The cabinets are really the only thing I don’t like about My Wee Abode. I’m SUPER thankful for a very wide entryway that allows us to switch-up things now and then. It also affords easy maneuverability for Mom, as she uses a walker.

Small Apartment Fall Living Room Tour – The “Buffet”

During the Bloggers’ Best Summer Home Tour, the new My Wee Abode was “introduced”. At that time, I shared how I had turned my portable kitchen cart/island into a coffee station.

Since then, Prime Day happened, and I ended up purchasing a new coffee maker which didn’t fit on the cart any longer. So my Keurig K-Slim Coffee Maker found a new home on the kitchen counter, and my kitchen cart is now a buffet/sideboard.

small apartment fall living room tour buffet with fall decor
There’s another peek at that pretty pumpkin!

Using this cart for storage and seasonal decor is so fun! And when we have company, it doubles for serving space!

counter space with copper decor for fall
Simple tip: Don’t get rid of furniture until you really KNOW you won’t use it. It may work for another purpose!

Adding touches of copper and wood is a simple way to dress-up an area for the fall season.

small apartment fall living room tour wood cutting board with pear and copper acorn

This wooden pear and shiny copper-look acorn are faves each fall at MWA. And the pretty little copper coffee art templates have never been used… at least not for making coffee. They are just pretty copper ‘trinkets’.

copper acorn and coffee art templates on wood surface

Small Apartment Fall Tour -Dining Area

Okay… I know this was SUPPOSED to be about My Wee Abode’s fall living room decor. However, it’s a bit difficult to separate areas in my “open-concept” apartment.

So, here’s a peek at the dining area. Not much has changed since the summer tour, except that my DIY fall wood leaf garland is now on display.

small apartment fall living room tour dining area with drop leaf table chairs and tree wall hanging with fall decor on table

This was a fun project I did a couple years back, and displaying already-owned decorative items in different areas of the home is a great money-saver… like here on the dining room table/office desk.

fall wood leaf garland on white table
I JUST saw these wood leaves at my local Hobby Lobby!

If you want to make your own wood leaf garland, and can’t find these at HL, take a gander at this Etsy shop. I purchased some wood leaves from this store for a new project I’m working on for this season!

Small Apartment Fall Living Room Tour – NOW the Living Room!

Now we have ACTUALLY arrived in the living area!

small apartment fall living room tour living area with sofa coffee table cabinet and fall decor

The living area is much bigger than than the loft apartment. In fact, it’s so much bigger that, Lord-willing, this will be the last time you see my beloved sand-colored love seat in a home tour!

As the pillow says, “Be Grateful”, and I’m excited AND grateful that we have a new sofa scheduled to be delivered at the end of October/beginning of November. (So, I’m thinkin’ you just MIGHT see the loveseat *one* more time!)

sofa with pillow that says be grateful and fall decor

The buffalo check pillow and the ‘be grateful’ pillow were purchased from Sutton Place Designs. The quality is great, and I love supporting fellow bloggers and small businesses by purchasing from their online stores! (And, all items in her store happen to be on sale right now!)

Want to keep things simple? Simply trade-out your faux stems each season. All I did for the decor on this side table was to change out the yellow stems from summer for these autumn stems. Easy peasy!

small apartment fall living room tour vase with fall stems and wooden links on gray table

The DIY IKEA Cabinet Hack

The IKEA Cabinet I hacked last year is a fave of mine. Not only is it fun to decorate, but you would never guess how much DIY ‘stuff’ is stashed behind those pretty caned doors!

small apartment fall living room tour wood cabinet with fall decor
I didn’t get a close-up of the top of the cabinet, but a simple vignette with amber bottles and a light orange pumpkin just may be my fave this year!

The wooden pedestal bowl that I gifted myself last year when I visited Yvonne in Lancaster, PA, has become a ‘staple’ decor item at MWA.

bowl of dried grass and wooden leaves with acorns
The leftover wood leaves from the fall garland are added to a ‘nest’ of grass and acorns.

Just placing one bowl with a few simple ‘natural’ fall elements is easy and, for me, minimal. πŸ™‚

Adding Fall Decor to Your Coffee Table

This coffee table just might end up being ‘dwarfed’ by the new sofa… but for now, it works well in our little apartment decorated for fall.

small apartment fall living room tour coffee table with fall florals and weaved pumpkin

Natural weaved and braided pumpkins are all the rage this season… I dare you to count how many you will find throughout this week’s tour! (Be sure to come back and tell me in the comments!)

I found this 8″ woven pumpkin at Michael’s, and it’s still on sale!

natural weaved pumpkin on orange book

Use fall colored hydrangeas with some faux wheat placed here-and-there in an olive bucket, and you have a lovely fall arrangement!

small apartment fall living room tour golden hydrangeas with wheat in olive bucket

Decorating for Fall Around the TV

Learning how to decorate this long and low-setting media console has been a bit of a challenge.

All of my efforts to go extremely minimal this season just didn’t look right for the console.

tv and console with fall decor

The two ends were decorated as shown, but, at first, I didn’t have the garland added. After a couple days, my *mom* actually said, “Do you have a garland you could add to the front?” Then I remembered the faux bittersweet garland I had purchased last year!

The compromise was, it was added to the *back* of the console. πŸ˜‰

small apartment fall living room tour fall decor with berry garland on console
Mom’s idea was a winner!

Using amber bottles is a great way to add warmth and welcome the fall season to your home. Plus, a couple sweet little neutral pumpkins always helps!

amber bottles with white pumpkins and bittersweet on white surface

The candle holders on the right were a new purchase from Hobby Lobby, but you can find all kinds of wooden pillar holders on Amazon, too!

small apartment fall living room tour candle holders with floral rings and velvet pumpkins

Instead of candles, you can add other fall elements to pillar candle holders, like my DIY candle rings and these all-time fave DIY velvet pumpkins (I even share a secret for how to make these look like the pros!)

And just for fun… I liked how this photo came out!

amber bottles with white pumpkins and bittersweet on white surface
Love the hobnail twist on this amber bottle.

Keepin’ It Real with a Small Apartment Fall Living Room Tour

Here’ a last look from a different angle of our little apartment…

living room with furniture and fall decor
That green vase needs to be replaced with a big punkin’! πŸ˜‰

Again… just keepin’ it real, sweet friends. Mom’s recliner is not the prettiest piece of furniture, and it wouldn’t be my first choice if I were living by myself. However, Mom needs a comfortable place to sit and be able to elevate her feet, and it must be close enough to her room and bathroom.

Plus, I want her to be able to look out our slider and see the wonderful gardens and trees in our community!

The gray corduroy fabric on the recliner will coordinate MUCH better with the new sofa, too! πŸ˜‰

Now Let’s Hop!

I hope my small apartment fall living room tour inspired you, and perhaps you learned something new, as well!

Now, it’s time for you to hop on over to She Gave It a Go! You’re going to LOVE Brendt’s style, plus, she is a lovely woman, inside-and-out! (A fellow sister in the Lord!)

And don’t forget to come back each day this week to be inspired by all the wonderful bloggers listed below!

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  1. Julie,
    What a lovely home tour; everything looks so bright and welcoming.
    I especially love the DIY fall garland you shared in your dining room, and the living room area gives me all the heart eyes too.
    Thank you for your kind words; it’s a joy to be on this tour with you!
    Fall blessings, xoxo,

  2. SO wonderful Julie – you and Mom must be so comfy there, and you’ve done a lovely job of making it chic and minimal! Good luck with your cabinets, but they actually look great with your fall decor! πŸ™‚ Take care and thanks for more of your beautiful inspiration!

    1. You are always such an awesome encourager! Thank you for making me feel good about the cabinets, even for a brief moment! πŸ˜‰

  3. Julie,
    You shared so many great tips for small space living. You’ve done a great job of creating light and airy rooms by adding charming focal points. I especially love your bottle of floral stems–beautiful! Pinned! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

    1. Thank you, Cecilia. πŸ™‚ I’m def going for a light and airy look, so you blessed me by saying that! Hugs!

  4. It’s beautiful, Julie! God gave you a talent for making a lovely and inviting home as well as inspiring others to do the same.
    Thanks for sharing your new digs,
    Suzanne from PA

  5. So many pretty decor touches for fall! Your pear and copper acorn are perfect. Happy to tour with you today and happy fall, my friend!πŸ’›

  6. Julie I loved taking your Fall tour! I enjoyed finding out where you got your decor from and how you are always thoughtful about your mom. She is so lucky to have you with her! As for your cabinets that’s a tough one, could you cover them with contact paper? Or add a rug to the floor to break up all of the dame color? Just a few thoughts. I’m sure you will figure it out. Pinning!

    1. Thanks so much for always thinking of me for your tours, Kelly. As far as contact paper… that was my first choice. But the wood is not real. It’s like a contact paper, as well… old contact paper. I tried testing a spot, and it lifted the finish right off! I’m tempted to paint them, and forfeit our small deposit? But, I’m a little skeered, to be honest!

  7. Everything is beautiful, Julie! I love the neutral colors and some of the subtle pops of blue. Great minds.😘 Happy to be hopping with you this week. Pinned!

  8. I’m loving the simple and minimalist fall decor this year Julie! Decorating with someone else’s needs in mind makes all the difference. You’ve created a lovely space that your mom is happy and comfortable in, making her life that much better. Hugs to you both!

  9. Julie your home is beautiful. I love all of the fall touches you added with the natural decor and amber accents. You’ve created a wonderful home for you and your mom. Enjoy your fall! πŸ‚

  10. Pretty touches fall fall Julie. It’s great the piece acts as a buffet now. That’s a great amount of extra room.

    I love all the details and remember the fall garland.

    Amber glass is perfect for fall .

    Great touring with you

  11. Julie! I could talk about how much I love your Fall decor (which I do) I could go on and on about your velvet pumpkins, and the leaf garland, or your gorgeous pedestal bowl you go in PA, but in real life the part of your tour that was the cherry on top was the “Keepin’ it Real”. We all have those things about our home that aren’t what we would consider aesthetically pleasing, but they are functional and the function is more important than a beautiful chair that Mom hates because it’s not comfy. You’re the best!! Authentic and Genuine through and through!! Always love hanging out with you friend!!! Happy Fall!!

      1. Great job decorating your home but still making it uncluttered. Great ideas on making your crafts. Hope your mom is feeling better. It’s a very stressful job taking care of your mom and so glad you have help. Hope you and your mom have a great life together making memories!!

  12. Julie, I love the wood tones and natural elements in your fall decorations. The umbrella basket looks so beautiful with those yellow leave branches and pods. It pops in the entrance way.

  13. Julie, your home looks beautiful! You have such an eye for detail. And I love that IKEA cabinet hack. I’ve been eyeing that IKEA piece for a while and I absolutely love what you did with it. Happy Fall!

  14. It makes me so happy knowing that you and your mom are comfy and cozy in your beautiful apartment. And how exciting that you’re going to be a grandma yet again. Congratulations! I’m loving the wood tones and natural elements for fall. And those amber bottles are gorgeous. Happy Fall my friend!

  15. Julie – your home is so lovely! I adore your cute entryway and all of the thoughtflu fall details. That wood pear is so cute and I love the rattan pumpkin! I pinned your beautiful home to my fall board to share πŸ™‚


  16. I love how you’ve taken your small space and given it such so much fall character, Julie! You have added the perfect amount of fall colors and touches to your home.

  17. Girl, fall looks good on you. Which means your apartment of course. πŸ˜‰ Love the warm, inviting environment you’ve shared. And my goodness, I adore all those white serving pieces you have displayed everywhere! It’s always good to hop with you. Happy Fall friend!

  18. What a beautiful fall home you have created for you and your sweet mom! It all looks so warm and welcoming! I love the wood tones, the copper, and that rattan pumpkin is gorgeous. Happy Fall, my friend!

  19. Hi Julie, your small apartment is beautiful and super cozy, even the recliner is cozy! I would recommend adding a rug in your kitchen space, maybe a runner, so that the eye will be drawn away from the contrast between your cabinets and the floor. I follow a colorist Maria Killam and she has lots of great advice and tricks on how to fool the eye with decorating when you cannot change certain things. Enjoy the fall weather.

    1. I’ll have to look Maria up, Mary! Thanks for the tip… it’s a great idea and something I would DEFINITELY do, except I have to limit the rugs in our home as they are tripping hazards for Mom. She doesn’t use the sofa, so the rug in the living area has not been an issue. But, I may think about an entryway rug again!

  20. Beautiful tour, Julie! I especially love the copper accents, coffee table decor and amber glass. Everything came together so nicely to give some cozy fall feels, and I love your minimalist touch and the great DIYs you throw in. Pinning!

  21. Julie, you have so many cute fall vignettes in your home! I absolutely LOVE the wood pear with the copper stem/leaf, and your IKEA cabinet hack with the cane doors is beautiful! And I am totally one to move and repurpose furniture all over my home! It’s been happening this week in fact πŸ˜‰ So fun to tour with you again! Happy Fall! xx

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