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Easy Valentine Cloche Vignette Pinterest Challenge

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Add an easy Valentine cloche vignette with affordable items from your craft store! It’s Pinterest Challenge time, and we’re all about Valentine’s Day this month!


Welcome back to the Pinterest Challenge! I’ve taken a few months off from this wonderful blog collab because of family issues/events, but I’m back… and so happy about it!

pinterest challenge valentine graphic

If you are coming from my sweet friend Carol’s blog at BlueSky At Home, I’m am just so blessed you are here! Carol always has wonderful tips for DIYs for seasonal decor.

easy valentine cloche vignette pinterest challenge red black and white elements under a glass bell jar

Today, Carol and I and 12 of our blogging buddies are sharing some lovely Valentine inspo! Be sure to take a look at all the ideas at the end of this post!

BIG thanks goes to our hostess, Cindy from County Road 407 for putting our Pinterest Challenge together.

And, if you are new to the Pinterest Challenge, it’s all about one inspiration photo, a group of bloggers, and each of us putting our own twist on the inspo image!

Valentine Cloche Inspiration

This month’s inspo image comes to us from Birgit at Crafting While You Wait

easy valentine cloche vignette pinterest challenge inspiration photo

Her adorable little red-pink-and-white cloche has so many cute elements:

  • A glass cloche (of course)
  • A base of blush colored buttons
  • Vintage spools wrapped in paper and thread
  • Paper heart elements

And here is what I created from Birgit’s suggestions!

easy valentine cloche vignette pinterest challenge red black and white elements under a glass bell jar

I love how my little vignette under a cloche turned out! But, let me just tell you up front… photographing cloches, or anything under glass, is not easy!

So, let’s break this down without the glass, shall we?

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How to Create A Valentine Cloche Vignette

This was super easy to create! If you want to make your own with similar items, be sure to run to your nearest Hobby Lobby or Michael’s to pick these items up… or maybe order them online for next day delivery through Amazon Prime.

Create Your Own!

steps to create a valentine cloche vignette
  1. For your foundation, and to add some texture and color, use some green Spanish moss. Shape it to just about fit under your cloche. It doesn’t have to be perfect, as you’ll soon find out.
  2. Add a tiny white bowl of wooden elements, red or pink hearts, and some vintage-look keys. I used large round beads, but you could use miniature wooden spools, corks, or whatever appeals to your heart (see what I did there?). I picked up the red hearts from Hobby Lobby, but these hearts from Amazon are similar. I picked up the metal keys several years ago, but Amazon has some great options!
  3. Next, add some of those wooden spools (I got these 2″ ones from my Hobby Lobby), but first cover them with washi tape. Again, I had the washi tape in my stash, so this was easy!
  4. I stacked two more wooden spools (with coordinating washi tape) behind the bowl to add more height.
  5. And last, you can create this cute little XOX sign by painting some wooden letters, then gluing them together. It’s a little tricky, just take your time!

Oh… and don’t forget to use a pretty cloche of your choice! You can often pick these up at a thrift store for a steal!

Display Your Easy Valentine Cloche Vignette

If you’ve been around My Wee Abode for more than a year, you know that I’m not a big Valentine decorator. Give me a few hints of a muted red here and there in my kitchen, or even a pretty tote with some flowers and hearts on my coat rack, and I’m a happy camper!

And because life has been a bit hectic the last few months (just take a look at the last few Tuesday Turn About posts… or more), this sweet little cloche will be just about the only Valentine decor at MWA this year!

So, let’s take a closer look!

easy valentine cloche vignette pinterest challenge red black and white elements under a glass bell jar
See how the grass is peeking out of the cloche… It looks pretty this way!

Now, let’s take the cloche off!

easy valentine cloche vignette pinterest challenge red black and white elements under a glass bell jar

I love the shiny and matte hearts with the metal keys. And the beads add some texture and ‘settle’ the red, as well!

white bowl with hearts beads and metal keys
Instead of the blush buttons, I used the hearts/beads/keys.

These spools were so easy to make with coordinating washi tape. I did spend a little money for this vignette, but I will use all these items for years to come!

easy valentine cloche vignette pinterest challenge stacked spools with valentine print
I loved how Crafting While I Wait used spools in her Valentine cloche.

And this XOX sign added a touch of Valentine without getting all crazy with hearts! πŸ˜‰ And the height was needed for this vignette, as well.

letters stacked on each other in red and black

The keys were a nod to the seasonal phrase, “you have the key to my heart”.

white bowl with hearts beads and metal keys

Let me know in the comments what element you liked best in this Valentine cloche vignette!

easy valentine cloche vignette pinterest challenge red black and white elements under a glass bell jar

More Valentine Fun Awaits

Now, be sure to hop on over to my friend, Lora Bloomquist, and she what she is sharing today! Lora always has something lovely and vintage to share!

For your convenience and fun, all of our wonderful bloggers’ posts are listed below!

Enjoy, and happy Valentine’s Day!

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  1. I love your version! Your spools decorated with washi tape are so pretty and you can enjoy them for years to come. Adding keys to your vignette was the perfect finishing touch.

  2. First, I didn’t even know you could buy wooden spools at Hobby Lobby. Guess I missed that section. Two, using Washi tape is genius! Hadn’t thought of that either. Glad you are back to joining us Julie. You were missed. Love your cloche!

  3. Love the vintage keys in the mix, Julie! I don’t do much for valentine decor here either – mostly just flowers…and food, but a little cloche vignette would be the perfect table decoration for a valentine or galentine get together!

    1. Yes… my living area is getting a refresh now… and I’m looking forward to how I’m going to add seasonal decor to it now. πŸ™‚

    1. Aw… you are so sweet! I have quite a bit in the pipes… it’s just getting to them that is the hard part! πŸ˜‰

  4. Julie, I love your entire Valentine cloche. You gave great instructions for putting it together. I especially love using washi tape to decorate the spools. The wood letters are a cute addition.

  5. I LOVE your cloche, Julie!! That washi tape was SUCH an amazing idea! I love the use of the moss as well…it brings so much color! Thanks for linking and sharing at Home Imagined today!!

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