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Autumn Candle Holder with Twinkle Lights

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Want a last-minute easy fall decorating item that takes just a few minutes to put together? This autumn candle holder with twinkle lights features a surprise fall element. And adding some extra brightness makes this fairy light candle holder extra cozy, too!


This month’s Pinterest Challenge was especially challenging to me, and I’ll share why in just a moment…

twinkle light candle holder

If you are new to the Pinterest Challenge, let me fill you in.

pinterest challenge graphic in green

Our illustrious host, Cindy from County Road 407, chooses a photo each month to inspire a group of blogging buddies (that’s us). We take the photo, put our own spin on it and share it with ‘the world’ (that’s you).

If you are visiting here from Crissy at First Day of Home, I’m so glad to have you here. And of course, welcome to my MWA fam, too! Isn’t Crissy’s cloche lovely?! And her DIY is amazing, too! I’m blessed to call her a blogging bestie and dear friend!

Inspiration for a Fairy Light Candle Holder

Our inspiration this month comes from my friend Katrin at Northern Feeling.

fairy light candle holder jar with houses and trees with twinkle lights

Isn’t this simple little Christmas jar just lovely? Katrin is known for her simple but cozy touches in her home, and she hit the mark with this one! Be sure to check out her full blog post for a detailed tutorial.

However, My Wee Abode is not QUITE ready to start the Christmas DIYs… not quite. Thus the extra ‘challenge’ for me with this month’s theme.

So, I took Katrin’s DIY, and put my own autumnal spin on it! After all, that’s what the Pinterest Challenge is all about, right?

Here’s what caught my eye from the inspiration photo:

  • glass jar as a vessel (this whole project reminds me a bit of the fall cloche from the August Pinterest Challenge)
  • snow filler in the bottom
  • fairy lights, aka twinkle lights
  • and some natural elements (albeit faux) with the bottle brush trees

Elements of an Autumn Candle Holder with Twinkle Lights

pillar holder with fall grains and wooden leaves on wooden surface with pumpkins

And here’s what you can use to create a fall candle holder with fairy lights:

  • glass jar, you can use just about any jar that will hold a 3″ pillar candle and still have about 1/2- 1″ of space around it
  • 3″ Pillar Candle
  • one bag each of dried corn kernels, split peas, and red beans
  • fairy lights
  • jute twine
  • wooden fall leaf elements

And that’s pretty much it!

Fairy Light Candle Holder with Fall Grains

This fall grain candle holder is so easy to put together… Take a look at the finished product sprinkled with the easy tips on how to do-it-yourself.

twinkle light candle holder with pumpkins

I layered the split peas first, and then put my candle on top of the green layer.

jar with fall grains and twinkle lights on wood surface

Then I poured an equal layer of red beans, and then corn, in the small opening between the candle and the jar. Sliding the jar back and forth on a flat surface helps to even out the grains.

I left enough room to add the fairy lights as the last ‘layer’, and then I wrapped the lights around the candle, too. (Tip: Tape the wires on the back of the candle to keep the lights in place.)

twinkle light candle holder

Then I wrapped some jute twine around the mouth of the jar, glued some wood leaves down a strip of the jute and around the mouth of the jar.

twinkle light candle holder with wood leaves

And that’s all she wrote!

twinkle light candle holder with pumpkins

Some real pumpkins got into the act as well, and I wrapped the twinkle lights around and through the other areas.

white and orange pumpkins with twinkle lights on mini stool

A little faux greenery added to the coziness, too!

twinkle light candle holder with pumpkins

This is definitely not the ‘norm’ look for My Wee Abode, but this fall candle holder sure does add some warmth and glow to my fall living area.

twinkle light candle holder with pumpkins
Did y’all catch that I didn’t light the candle for the first few photos?

Now It’s Your Turn

This warm cozy look is definitely more my sister’s style than it is mine, but it’s been so soothing to have this lit up in my wee living room this week! I may let her use keep it for a bit, since this blogger needs to start Christmas decor and DIYs very soon!

Speaking of my sister, she says she is starting the Christmas music early this year… on November 1st! “We need some extra Christmas this year!” is her thought, and I think I agree!

How ’bout you? Are you starting to think about Christmas? Or are you still enjoying the fall decor in your home? Be sure to share your thoughts with me in the comments! They truly make my day!

Now, be sure to hop on over to my friend Lora from Create and Ponder to check out her rustic twist on this month’s Pinterest Challenge! It’s adorable!

And, of course, visit all my friends that are sharing their ideas for this month’s Pinterest Challenge! So fun!

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  1. I’m not ready to consider Christmas yet, either, so this is right up my alley, Julie. (I love the original idea, though, and may try something similar when I’m ready to get out my tiny trees!) I love the use of the beans, peas and popcorn for a colorful look and the fairy lights are perfection!

    Sending love to your and your wee abode!

    1. Thank you, Yvonne! Yes, Christmas starts now for me, as well… but we’ll be enjoying Thanksgiving when it comes, too!

  3. You should see my living room, Julie! I have half fall pillows and half Christmas pillows! Yes, I think I’ll start early with Christmas this year too, but I’m loving your salute to fall with this precious vignette. The layered look is genius. This girl would’ve been putting all the grains in and then tried to squish a candle in there. I’m glad to know your trick for assembling it the right way! I have the same little fall leaf cutouts, by the way! I’ve never figured out what to do with them, so thanks for the inspiration! Big hugs!

    1. LOL! Well, I bet your living room doesn’t look like a war zone. Renovating a bathroom is no joke in a tiny home! Glad you liked the tip, and that you won’t be squishing candles anytime soon! 😉

  4. Bad blogger, Julie! No links to the fairy lights or the cute leaf cut outs! But seriously, I like your charming idea, and I agree with Crissy. I would have layered it wrong as well. Thanks for the tip. I’m definitely still in Autumn mode. I HATE early Christmas (though I love the reason we celebrate it!) I think that takes away so much from Thanksgiving. The retail world seems to go right from Halloween (which I don’t celebrate) to Christmas, with barely a thought of Thanksgiving. So, I for one, cheer your Autumn decor. I do understand that as a blogger, you need to inspire and give us ideas for Christmas–just don’t neglect Thanksgiving along the way. Thanks for sticking with Autumn!

    1. Your ‘bad blogger’ remark made me laugh! I’ll need to go back and add some links. 😉 I definitely have to do the early-Christmas blog thing, but Thanksgiving is always special as my family loves it, as do I! Thanks for the fun long comment, Marilyn! You made my day!

  5. I love that you did a fall jar but I’m with your sister. I have 3 more days then it’s all about the Christmas music around here! The Mister is going to be sick to death of it. He can leave the room when I’m watching a Hallmark movie but he can’t get away from the music because it’s blasted throughout the entire house! LOLOLOLOL. Glad you joined our challenge Julie. It turned out beautifully! Pinned. Signed, the Illustrious leader. 😉

  6. I love the primitive look of layering the dried goods in a glass vessel, Julie. Perfect look for Harvest. And I don’t usually start Christmas this early, either, but we got 7″ of snow last week and broke all the records, so this is not a “normal” year (like everything else in 2020;)

    1. Thanks, Lora! Seven inches of snow??? Crazy! I’m a wee bit jealous. We finally have cool enough temps for me to paint, but it looks like a couple of very hot days next week… then we dip into the 60s! Again, crazy!

  7. This is such a great fall display! I love the layered look of the split peas, bean, and corn and those colors are perfect for fall and coordinate beautifully with your leaf garland. My Wee Abode must look so pretty at night with the fairy lights lit up to enjoy.

  8. This is the sister…and I like it!!! But it’s too late….I’m moving on to the joy of Christmas! Lots to be thankful for…and since I don’t do Halloween my October is all about thankfulness. But with all that is going on this year, I need to remember that this is not all there is. That Immanuel came to rescue and redeem…and that He is coming again!!! I shall be thankful for Christ and the cross!! That’s blending Thanksgiving and Christmas, right??

  9. My house is still in fall/Halloween mode, but my crafting is definitely Christmas–our bazaar is in 2 weeks! I liked your fall inspiration and found myself thinking popcorn, rice, and maybe “red” lentils to imitate candy corn layers.

  10. I love your creative take on this challenge, in keeping with the current season! This is such a cute idea with the corn, beans and split pea filler, creating a layer of fall colors!

    I am very traditional in that I keep Thanksgiving the old fashioned way and wait to decorate for Christmas until the day after.Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and I love everything about the traditional late fall colors. However, this year I have to admit I am already getting into a pre-Christmas mood and I am ready to at least get some crafting well underway and I may incorporate more pine garlands and woodsy winter elements into my Thanksgiving decor so I can start transitioning right away. I might also put up my tree in the music room the week of Thanksgiving with the lights and basic bulbs and just shut the door and not look at it until after Thankgiving.

    So fun joining you on this challenge! PInning!

    1. Oh… I love all your early winter ideas, Amber! I’m sure you will do everything beautifully! I find the later I start, the more ‘in trouble’ I get with blog planning! LOL!

  11. This is adorable, Julie! I love the mix of colors and that sweet little leaf garland you made for the top! And I hear you on not being quite ready for Christmas…but we had our first snow of the season here today and it was quite a lot and beautiful to look at, so that definitely nudges me in the direction of Christmas decor!

  12. Your fall candle in the jar is my favorite of all the links shown. Great job, Julie. Nice to see things made with something you might even have around your own home.

  13. I always kept jars full of dried lentils and beans to use for fall. I konmaried them out of my kitchen and your making me regret that. Your so good at small displays that don’t use much room. Beautiful job.

  14. That is so pretty, Julie! I still have all of my fall decor out. It’s been wonderfully warm here in St. Louis, so I haven’t had the urge to put out Christmas stuff yet. Our tradition has always been to put the tree up the day after Thanksgiving, but the last few years it’s been later than that! I’m featuring this at the TFT party. Congrats! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for the feature, Pam. That was our tradition for many years… the day after Thanksgiving. But this year, I have a very big home tour on December 2, so I need to get going! 😉 I have lots of ideas, and lots of decor! Should be fun. Have a blessed weekend!

  15. How simple and lovely this candle looks with the 3 layers of fall elements and the sparkly light just set it all off perfectly! This is another one of yours I’m pinning, especially because it is easy, inexpensive and fast to make! Thanks for sharing!



  16. Hi Julie – This is such a cute idea for fall. I love how you incorporated the dried corn into the project. Of course, the fairy lights are perfect. Thank you for linking up with Home Imagined.

  17. Last year someone gave me a “cookbook” where you made jars of soup mixes of dried beans, rice, macaroni, etc. Instead of popcorn, I think I would use another color of beans or lentils and eventually turn that great jar into a great bean/vegetable soup! I made coffee jars of colorful beans, peas, and lentils with a seasoning packet as gifts for family. I made myself one–and thought 20 cups of water was outrageous–but the beans sogged it right up–and we had more soup that I knew what to do with for the 2 of us (froze some for later!!!).

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