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Bring Spring to Your Home with a Fresh Vignette

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Don’t you just love a fresh spring vignette? There’s just something special when you bring spring to your home with a fresh vignette that you created or even DIY’d!

fresh spring vignette with coordinating tealight holder and terra cotta mini pots


Today, I’m so happy to be joining in on another Pinterest Challenge hosted by my sweet friend, Cindy at County Road 407!

refresh your mantel with spring decor pink pinterest challenge banner

Each month, Cindy chooses an inspirational photo from a favorite blogger. Then a group of blogging buddies (13 this month) get to create our own versions with our own twists! Thanks, Cindy, for pulling this all together for us each month!

If you are visiting by way of Barbara from French Ethereal, WELCOME! Barbara is a sweet lady that loves all things French, and she is enjoying decorating her new home.. and updating her patio!

Also, welcome TWOday to all the MWA family ! If you are a My Wee Abode subscriber, you know that today is TWOSday, and that means… well, you can subscribe if you want to know. See what I did there?

Fresh Spring Vignette

The Inspiration

This month’s inspiration photo comes from Jane at Cottage at the Crossroads. Isn’t this outdoor creation just so fun?

topsy turvy galvanized pails with florwers

Be sure to hop on over to Cottage at the Crossroads to see Jane’s whole tutorial!

Topsy Turvy with a Twist?

That might make anyone a bit queezy!

Now, with all that’s going on in the world right now, I felt that I needed to use what I already had in my home so I could #stayhome. Plus, I don’t have space on my little outdoor landing to create this gorgeous piece of ‘art’.

So, I decided to create a little kitchen vignette for my ‘twist’. And, this is what I observed from the photo to inspire my ‘creation’!

  • three galvanized pails
  • beautiful spring florals, and
  • a topsy turvy orientation

And let’s look at the results!

Fresh Spring Vignette with Mini Mod Podge Pots

To begin creating this vignette, instead of using galvanized pails, you can use these cute mini terra cotta pots that can be easily decoupaged.

fresh spring vignette with terra cotta mini pots

You can learn how to create these little DIY decoupaged pots! And see some additional ways to use them, as well!

Adding the Topsy Turvy

Creating the topsy turvy effect was pretty easy.

Before stuffing the pots with moss and adding the little succulent florals, simply add a spoonful of pebbles to the bottom of the pots. It keeps them from falling over!

fresh spring vignette with mini terra cotta pots and spring elements

Then you just stagger them the way you like!

They look like they are going to fall over, right? (Can’t say that they didn’t… until I did the little pebble trick. Mwa-ha-ha!)

mini pots with succulent

Add Some Metal To a Fresh Spring Vignette

Now, to add a bit of the galvanized effect, a vintage pewter flower frog joined the group. Easy peasy!

fresh spring vignette with flower frog and mini pots with succulent

I picked up this pretty little piece at Christmas time in Colorado last year. I love it! Do you know what a flower frog is? (No fair Googling it!)

Also, for the floral element, you don’t have to use colorful flowers. Moss (it comes in different colors), succulents and using tissue paper with ferns adds the floral element to this topsy turvy vignette!

spring vignette with succulents

Fresh Spring Vignette with Decoupaged Luminary

Do you want to bring spring to your home with a fresh vignette? Try coordinating your decoupaged pots with a tealight holder!

fresh spring vignette with coordinating tealight holder and terra cotta mini pots

This pretty little tealight holder was easy to make… just follow the same directions for the mini decoupaged pots, except…

  • use any clear jar (I used a spaghetti sauce jar and made a second one with a pickle jar… make sure to clean off all the residue from the sticky label)
  • DON’T paint the jar… just decoupage the clean clear glass
  • add embellishments like twine and shells (I went a bit coastal… surprise!)
  • I would suggest only using tealights, as votives may get too hot and break the jar

And here is the jar with the tealight!

fresh spring vignette with coordinating tealight holder and terra cotta mini pots

The warmth from the tealight is perfect for the spring season, and gives the decoupaged jar a sort of shimmer.

A Fresh Spring Vignette Completed

A couple of additional elements were added to bring this green and white vignette together…

This stoneware measuring cup added texture and just a bit of a different color to the vignette, along with another height variance.

ironstone measuring cup with cupcake stand and succulents on wood surface

The cupcake stand also added height, and elevated the ‘star’ of the vignette!

fresh spring vignette with coordinating tealight holder and terra cotta mini pots

And, of course the cutting boards were the rustic backdrop that added even more interest to this fresh spring group.

fresh spring vignette with coordinating tealight holder and terra cotta mini pots

And how ’bout the DIY luminary again? At dusk…

fresh spring vignette with coordinating tealight holder and terra cotta mini pots

Now It’s Your Turn

Now, be sure to visit all the wonderful bloggers that are sharing their spin on the inspiration image! The links are at the bottom of this post.

Next up on the hop is my dear friend Carol from Bluesky at Home! Carol co-hosts Tuesday Turn About with me and her blog is gorgeous! Be sure to stop and see how she is using galvanized pails on her patio!

Do you see any decoupaged decor in your future? It’s one of the fastest crafts I’ve even done! And super easy, too! Let me know if you try it!

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  1. I love the vignette that you created for your kitchen shelves, Julie! Making a tea light with a jar not only makes a pretty decorative piece that you can enjoy for moody light each evening, but also keeps a jar out of a landfill. I like how you embellished the jar with a coastal feel with twine and a shell. Your entire vignette is so pretty!

    1. Thank you, Paula! I love your comment… wish I had thought of those words for the post! Hard to think in the wee hours of the night. LOL! 😉

  2. Julie, I love how your topsy-turvy découpaged pots turned out!! The vignette you’ve created is wonderful and I love the luminary… Perfect for a little light in the evening and spring color! <3

    Enjoy your sweet home this spring and the ocean breezes,

  3. HI JUlie, I love the idea of decoupage for glass jars! I just tossed a pickle jar into recycling.. I need to grab it! And, i love your topsy turvy display too!
    I love this Challenge for all the ideas it generates! Happy Day! laura

  4. It’s all so cute! I love love love the luminary. I have been saving my last few pickle and spaghetti sauce jars, so your post is perfect and timely! I wish I could find those exact same napkins you used –they are so pretty!

  5. You are so creative and your take on the inspiration photo adorable. I didn’t do the topsy turvy look and now I think I need to create it somewhere in the house or garden.

    1. I’m looking forward to visiting your post, Carol… so good to be ‘working’ with you again! Thank you for the sweet words!

  6. Oh my golly, you topsy turvied with the best of them! I love how cute they are stacked up like that. And yes, I know what a flower frog is but googled it about 4 years ago. LOL. And the decoupaged spaghetti jar is genius! Will have to remember that. Thanks so much for joining in. Pinned!

    1. Hehe… I had to Google it too! Thanks for hosting, sweet friend! It’s a joy to work with you!

    1. Thanks, Terrie… I really enjoyed making this luminary, and I am delighted how the tealights worked in it!

    1. Thanks, Michelle… it was fun to create something with what I already had. I don’t do that too often!

  7. Love the pretty vignette you created, Julie! I love these subtle green and gray tones in the Spring, especially with the wood backdrop of the cutting boards.Decoupage is amazing stuff, isn’t it? So many possibilities!

  8. You know I love your decoupage pots, and now a luminary to match? Love it!! Your vignette screams spring and I love your twist on the original pin. That’s what makes this challenge so fun!

    1. Thanks, Pamela! Your comment made me so happy! Always am blessed by you, and seeing your creations, too!

  9. I love the way your vignette turned out, Julie! The decoupage luminary is just lovely, especially at dusk. You have a great mix of textures and patterns, and I’m so impressed with how you got your pots to topsy-turvy so expertly! Brilliant job!

  10. Your vignette is very pretty; I especially liked your decoupaged jar! . I am still decoupaging “Easter” eggs as I enjoy doing them but I think I will use my purple pansy tissue paper for a jar instead! I just figured out that some of my “funky” scrapbooking scissors work well to cut out napkin flowers so that they still look “torn” abd cutting between 2 petals of a 5 petalled flower allows for the curvature of the egg!

  11. Julie, what a sweet vignette. I love the clay pots tilted and the pattern is so pretty. Great idea for decoupaging on a clear jar. I will have to try that one for sure. Love mixing in the metal. Awesome arrangement.

    1. Thanks, Carol… I had fun creating something coordinated, but they still look different! Hugs!

  12. Yesterday I took 2 spaghetti sauce jars, same design, 2 sizes and decoupaged my beloved purple pansy tissue paper onto them. Although the wrinkled a bit, they are so pretty. I put a candle in one. Want to wrap the top with twine and hit Dollar Tree for some purple pansies (instead of your shell)! Psyched to recycle some more jars!

  13. Both of your DIY decoupage projects look amazing Julie and what a lovely touch of spring for your kitchen.
    Thank you for sharing your spring luminary at Create, Bake, Grow & Gather this week. I’m delighted to be featuring your spring vignette at tonight’s party and pinning too.

  14. I love the freshness of this green and white vignette, and yep, I know what a frog is!
    Thanks for adding your posts to the Friday with Friends link party.

  15. A spaghetti jar?? You are speaking to my reinventing heart Julie! These would be so nice on our patio! I just need to find some pretty paper napkins and eat spaghetti for dinner tonight!! And I am crazy about the terra cotta pots stacked all wonky! So fun!

  16. I love this so much, Julie! (I even bought the napkins but haven’t done this yet!) I’m featuring it today at TFT! 🙂

  17. LOVE the seashell accent, Julie! We will be featuring you starting Wednesday at the Creative Crafts Linky Party! Pinned and shared!
    Creatively, Beth

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