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The Short List of Simple DIY Repairs for Stationary Travel Trailers

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The Short List of Simple DIY Repairs for Stationary Travel Trailer: This list of simple DIY stationary travel trailer repairs will help keep you informed on tiny repairs that you can easily do in and for your RV.

The Short List of Simple DIY Repairs for Stationary Travel Trailer

Are you thinking of purchasing a used travel trailer or RV?

Have you thought about what you MIGHT need to repair after purchasing your used camper?

simple diy stationary travel trailer repairs collage of cat of roof of trailer and window needing repair

Well, when I purchased my 2010 Keystone Springdale Travel Trailer in April of 2024, I actually DIDN’T think about what I might have to repair.

My Dream Travel Trailer

What DID I think about? Not repairs…

Of course, I thought about the color palette… what color I would paint the walls and the cabinets. What window treatments I would purchase. And, I’m still dreaming of what flooring will replace the old vinyl and carpet that is now inside My Wee Abode.

Here’s just one of the color palettes I’m dreaming of…

simple diy stationary travel trailer repairs color palette with flower in white
Courtesy of Color Palettes

Then I moved INTO My Wee Abode the Trailer!

Most Common Simple Repairs for Travel Trailers

My Wee Abode already has a short list of small repairs (and mini ‘demos’) that need to be done. But, let’s go over some of the more common repairs for travel trailers and campers. Then we’ll cover some simple diy stationary travel trailer repairs

Flat or Blown Tires

Even living in a stationary travel trailer, my friend/trailer consultant/trailer-neighbor (Dan) let me know that tires still wear out and go flat over time. This is an expense I will need to consider in the future.

flat tire on vehicle

Plumbing Leaks

These can be the simplest of repairs (such as tightening an elbow joint), replacing a toilet seal, and can even extend to the point of having to replace hoses, etc.

Storage Tanks

My Wee Abode has two gray water storage tanks and one black storage tank. (I’ll give you one guess which one is for the toilet.)

Because MWA is a stationary travel trailer, I’m it is actually directly hooked up to the sewer lines here on the property, which alleviates a lot of the normal issues that can occur while traveling. However, I’ve still have/had some issues… more on that later in the post!


Again, since I live in a stationary travel trailer, I don’t have to deal with battery issues because the trailer is directly hooked up to the electric on the property.

But, if you are traveling, be sure to check your batteries, and remember, they will eventually need to be replaced.

Window Issues

Check for dust and debris in window sills (rails) and check screens for holes and broken clips. Also, blinds and window treatments breakdown over time and need to be replaced.

Door Latches

This includes the entry doors and cabinets. Even though cabinet latches lock for traveling purposes, if they come loose or break, the cabinets won’t stay closed even when the trailer is stationary. More on this later, as well.

Slide Maintenance

If you own a trailer or RV with slides (AKA sliders or ‘pop-outs’), seals and gears need to be lubricated and maintained, as well as making sure the vehicle is level to avoid mechanical twisting when slides are used.

Roof Problems

Roof leaks and damage can arise depending on how well you perform regular maintenance. Check for water damage/leaks/mold around doors, walls, and floors, and be sure to repair any problems immediately.

simple diy stationary travel trailer repairs cat on top of trailer roof

You can read more about Common Trailer and RV Problems via Cornell University’s site.

So far, by God’s grace, only a few of these issues have needed to be dealt with here at MWA. And, I have a few more teeny items that have been, or are going to be, addressed that aren’t on the list above.

Simple and Small DIY Repairs for My Wee Abode the Trailer

So, are you ready for the MWA short list of small DIY repairs for stationary travel trailers?

This will be my ‘go-to’ list of easy repairs for the trailer. Some of these will have tutorial posts (coming soon), others not so much.

As the repairs are done, I’ll cross them off this list, PLUS I’ll leave a link for the how-to if a post has been written about the resolution/fix.

Black Tank Issues

This is something Dan took care of. Even though My Wee Abode is hooked up directly to the city sewer system, there are still items to be addressed.

Be sure the black tank output hose is in the correct position to let “things” flow correctly. No dips in the hose, and positioned to flow down and into the connection to the sewer.

Also, travel trailers don’t use a lot of water in toilet tanks, so it’s of great importance to ‘flush’ for 10-15 seconds (Dan/Peg gave me some training on this, as well… who knew?!) Just FYI, I usually go with 15 seconds.

And one last thing, even though the black tank is never full, adding some tank treatment enzymes once in a while helps with odors, too! I know it might be TMI, but it’s super important for a ‘stink-free’ home!

Repair of Cabinet Latches

Some of the latches are loose and need some repair. I’ve already repaired one latch. Easy DIY coming soon.

Faucet Aerators

The kitchen faucet is missing an aerator which causes the water to hit the bottom of the sink and splash all over. Another DIY on the way!

Window Valance Removal

This was a fairly easy ‘demo’, though I did need some manpower and education from Dan. All valances are gone and the trailer already feels more ‘open’. DIY coming soon.

senior adult stationary travel trailer living dinette set in yellow with cabinets and TV

Window Repairs

One screen needs to be replaced or repaired, along with cleaning of the window sills. If window rails are not kept clean, sliding the windows open and closed is a pain!

Window Treatment Issues

The kitchen and bedroom windows both have cheap metal horizontal blinds. Awful for privacy and blocking light.

Also, the slider blind broke within a day after parking and no longer stays up on its own. Right now, I’m using cotton twine to pull them up each morning. Gotta do whatcha gotta do!

broken blind behind sofa in travel trailer slider
Usually the twine is even… I did this in a hurry so I could measure for the new blinds.

There are only four windows in the trailer… blinds are ordered and on the way! I’ll be installing these myself. At least, that’s my plan, Lord-willing!

TV Mounting

Most trailers and RVs come with televisions when you purchase them new. However, MWA did not… it just came with a possessed stereo system. πŸ˜‰ My Wee Abode DOES have a Smart TV now! More to come!

Door Windows

For some strange reason, the windows in the entry doors ‘glow’ at night (the glass is frosted). Maybe it’s the same ghost in the stereo? Anyways, I would like to replace these with clear windows and blinds. There are actually ‘kits’ to do this type of upgrade.

Holes in Walls

There are several holes in the wall (from screws) that need repairing. Travel trailers have walls that are about 1/4″ thick, so it takes a ‘special way’ to repair.

simple diy stationary travel trailer repairs window with blind and red arrows
I may not have to fill these holes because the new blind valance may cover it.

Notice those lovely metal blinds. Why???

Shower Curtain

The current shower curtain is a liner, and it’s awful, but it works for now. Modifications of my shower curtains from the apartment will soon ensue (or should I say, ensew?).

Heating Vents

Usually, heating vents are located in the floors of trailers and campers. This makes for lots of dust, dirt, and debris collecting inside. These need to be cleaned and covered… I’m waiting on a “handvac” to get this done!

Removal of Paper Border

There is wallpaper throughout the whole trailer, plus a wallpaper border in the kitchen and slider (you can see it in the earlier photo). I’ll be painting over the wallpaper. However, the border needs to removed before I can paint or the border seams will be visible. This looks to be an easy ‘demo’… it’s already started!

Shower Faucet Leak

This past week, I noticed that there was a puddle of water in the bathtub. Yep… a shower faucet leak. Leaks need to be taken care of quickly, as extra water causes un-needed humidity in the trailer. Parts are on the way, and I will be sharing a DIY on this one, too!

This is the just the short list of repairs I have going! I’m looking forward to sharing more with you very soon!

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How ’bout you? What simple repairs are going on in your home or recreational vehicles these days? Can YOU think of items I need to add to the list? Oops… I JUST remembered another one!

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    1. Thanks, Joy! Blinds have been ordered… I think they will get installed even before painting… and then taken down for paint. But they need to go up…now. πŸ˜‰

  1. I am so going to follow your activities. It is so interesting and I wish you the very best. I can’t wait to see what beautiful things you come up with to make this a wonderful home. Blessings.

    1. Thanks, Josee! So glad you will be coming along with me! Love ‘seeing’ you here, and I’m always encouraged by your comments!

  2. Can’t wait to watch you check things off your list, Julie! This is a helpful checklist for those considering buying a trailer. Best of luck with all the upgrades!

    1. Thanks so much, Crissy! You always leave great keywords in your comments for me to add to the post! LOL! πŸ˜‰ Hugs!

  3. Julie, you are really making progress with your new home, Once you get a few things crossed off your list, you can start adding all your personal touches. Just go a day at a time and don’t wear yourself out. Sometimes a list can become a little overwhelming.

    Such a cute picture of the cat! Is this cat a regular visitor?

    Julie, I am so happy for you with your new home! It’s going to be wonderful to finally be settled. You have been through so much this past while, I pray that God will bless you in your new home — and community — and make you a blessing to those around you. So nice that you have friends close by.

    1. Oh, thanks so much for the kinds words and encouragement, Mary-Ann! And the cat is not a frequent visitor. It’s actually a stock photo. I needed some photos for this very simple and short post! πŸ˜‰

  4. You might want to research the tire covers that you purchase to cover your existing tires now. Sun does a lot of damage to tires/rubber and yours are no different. I’m thinking how replacing them is accomplished. Unless you will have it towed to a tire store. Maybe the RV mobile repair businesses have a way to jack it up in place. I would get this information for the future. Better than scrambling last minute. Do you have an AC unit to check before summer heat arrives? Good Luck….this will be fun to follow along.

    1. Thanks, Dee… I actually DO have tire covers on my tires. πŸ™‚ My consultant/friend has been super helpful with all the things. But, I do appreciate you looking out for me, and the tip! I DO have AC, and have already used it. πŸ™‚

  5. I’m so excited to see what will be happening next in MWA. Never underestimate your own abilities to make repairs (with a frequent help from YouTube, of course) and your new home will be in perfect condition in no time. Thanks for sharing your journey with those of us who enjoy following along.

    1. Of course, Ellen! So glad you are as excited as I am (well, at least a little like I am πŸ˜‰ ). Yes, YouTube is my friend!

  6. Oh good….tire covers aren’t one of the things that come to mind unless someone has history with them…so many things buyers of any type of home overlook until there’s a problem. It’s good you can follow a friend’s lead and learn. Good Luck!

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