Tuesday Turn About #253 Spring and Summer Tips

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Tuesday Turn About #253 Spring and Summer Tips: This week, we have LOTS of tips, tricks, and even DIYs for the spring AND summer!


Last week’s party was celebrating the middle of May!

The party has started, and we have LOTS to cover!

Are you ready for some spring AND summer features?

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The patriotic posts have started, which are always fun to see! And, even though we have “May Gray” here in So Cal (it’s usually June Gloom), summer is just around the corner!

So let’s take a look at a few spring posts, summer, and maybe a few in betweenies, too!

Oh, and Household Tips are back. Some of the MWA fam members were missing them!

Abode Adventures

MWA is getting some cleaning and simple fixes.

This past weekend, I finally got a chance to clean the vinyl! I wasn’t sure if I could even tell if it was clean because it is a color/texture made for the dirt that comes with camping! But, when I got up the next day, my feet could feel the difference, and my eyes could see it, too!

If you missed the intro post to my new living style, take a look at my 17 reason for living in a travel trailer.

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My Wee Finds

This week, I didn’t purchase quite as many items for the trailer as I have the first couple of week. Praise God!

Moving is expensive, y’all… no matter WHERE you are moving to!

While trying to figure out a place to store my books and CDs this week, my sister suggested placing a stack on either side of the bed on the ‘nightstand’ area. So smart! These bamboo expandable bookends are pretty and practical, and did the trick, too!

The storage area under the dinette seats have the same ugly vinyl that extends through the rest of the trailer. It looked kind of tacky, and I really wanted something nice to place my pots and pans on. This Gorilla Grip Under Sink Mat did the trick. Looks pretty, has a ‘cushion’ and is quick-drying (that’s the under-sink aspect). It’s also cut-to-size and was easy to make it fit perfectly in my storage areas!

Mounting items on the walls has proven to be a little tricky. I’ll have a full post about that in the future. In the meantime, I needed something a bit stronger than Command Strips to mount one of my linen racks on the side of the slider. Nano tape did the trick! It’s strong and can be removed, too!

Weekly Household Tip

My daughter uses a handheld vacuum to clean up quick messes made under the table after meals. She’s actually training the kids to do this as one of their household chores.

Do you use a handhold vacuum? I’m on the hunt for one that will stay charged and has the ability to get into crevices and hard to reach places. Oh, and I wouldn’t mind having a cord, so I can use it at any time. I would really appreciate any suggestions in the comments area!

Weekly Blogging Tip

For the next few weeks, let’s talk about site speed, shall we?

Time and time again you’ll read from the experts that having a site that loads quickly is great for user experience. And I would agree.

One thing you can do to speed things up is optimize your images by resizing and compressing them.

I’ve been taught by the gurus to ensure your photos are 1200 pixel in width, and let the height adjust accordingly. Also, for years, I’ve used the Shortpixel plugin for automatic compression of my images. It hasn’t disappointed yet (and those same gurus endorse it, too)!

Now, let’s get to some features!

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tuesday turn about 253 summer and spring tips

17 Reasons for Living in a Travel Trailer as a Senior Citizen //
DIY Patriotic Wood Bead Garland with Stars

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When the Lake Takes Over

Have you ever spent time in a house on the lake? I have, and it’s a dream of mine to own one someday. Well, Patty from Life is Better Lakeside doesn’t have to dream about it… she’s livin’ my dream! But, with all the good, there also is bad… and she’s sharing a recent flood they had and all they did to prepare, and REpair!

tuesday turn about 253 spring and summer tips flooded lake with duck

Slow Cook or No-Cook Summer Recipe Faves

Are you looking for some new recipes that are ‘summer-easy’? Melynda from Scratch Made Food is sharing a great round-up of yumminess that you can bring to your home!

mango and bean salsa salad in white dish

Morning Coffee and Tea Station

What a lovely set-up to wake up to each morning, don’t you agree? Penny’s Treasures is sharing her hot beverage station with us! Perfect for those cool spring mornings!

tuesday turn about 253 spring and summer tips tea station setup on kitchen counter in whites and pinks

Free Printable Summer Bucket List

Maria from Krafty Planner is sharing another fun printable (or two) with us! She has a blank summer bucket list, as well as some fun suggestions listed on another sheet!

tuesday turn about 253 spring and summer tips summer printables lists

Mixed Media Art with Pressed Flowers

Pressed flowers are all the rage these days, and there are so many uses for them! Checkout these mixed media art pieces that you can create using Michelle’s tutorial at Thistle Key Lane.

tuesday turn about 253 spring and summer tips watercolor of artist with real flowers on head

Summer Crafts for Adults

How ’bout some summer crafts to put on your printable bucket list? Claire from Pillar Box Blue is sharing 63 fun summer crafts that YOU can make!

collage of summer crafts for adults

Easy DIY Flag Wreath

This DIY flag wreath is another quick and easy craft that you can place on your front door… inside or outside! Ann’s Entitled Life is sharing a short and easy tutorial for you!

tuesday turn about 253 spring and summer tips patriotic flag wreath

Instant Pot Hawaiian Chicken

This easy instant pot recipe from Kelli at 3 Boys and a Dog is sure to be a hit at your home this spring and summer. Find the directions for Hawaiian Chicken and Rice on her blog!

hawaiin chick and rice on white plate collage

Choosing the Right Deck for Your Home

Want some tips on choosing the best outdoor deck for your home? Kathryn from The Dedicated House is sharing some great tips!

outside deck with patio furniture

Outdoor Fireplace DIY

How ’bout a DIY outdoor fireplace to go on your new deck? Parsimonious Decor Darling is sharing her tutorial on how they made a lovely centerpiece for their outside living area!

outside table with firepit

Budgeting for Families

I thought a practical tip might help for those that might want to budget for a summer family vacation. Kristen from A Crafty Cottage is sharing her tips on budgeting from families, from basics to beyond.

ledger form for family budget

15 Options for Glamping at Zion National Park

Heather from National Parks Mom is sharing 15 options for that summer vacation your family might want to take! And they are all for glamping at Zion National Park! Fun and easy!

tuesday turn about 253 spring and summer tips image of mountains with green

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  1. Thanks so much for including my summer bucket list printable with this week’s features! I’m loving your new home and have been considering the same option for the future. Wishing you many blessings for your new adventure!
    ~ Maria

  2. Julie,
    I really enjoy reading about the new MWA….And I am looking forward to more posts about it…Anyone who lives in a small home can benefit from your posts…Thanks for sharing and thanks for hosting each week as I know you have a lot on your plate right now…I hope you are having a great week, my friend!!
    Debbie-Dabble Blog

  3. Thank you so much for the feature of my post Slow Cook and No Cook Favorites for the warm days ahead. I appreciate being able to share with your readers, have a great week ahead. Melynda @scratchmadefood!

  4. Thank you for including my Morning Coffee Afternoon Tea Station post in your features this week! hugs!

  5. BEST small-space vacuum EVER–Shark Rocket!!!!! I have had several of them and they just keep on making them even better!!!!
    As to whether Spring or Summer as a favorite, I have decided May is my absolutely FAVORITE month of the year–well, at least this year, it is; we got warm early, we had plenty of rainfall, so everything is green and pretty and my hydrangeas and roses have been spectacular so far. The flowers I transplanted to planters last week are happy, HAPPY little campers and already showing growth. LOVING IT!!!!

    1. Thanks for the tip, Evelyn. I’ll look into it! May is usually one of my fave months, as well, but it has been unusually gray here for some reason. Wish I could see your hydrangeas and smell your roses!

  6. Great features Julie, and I always love your tips! Your daughter is so smart to get her kids involved in keeping things tidy. It’s so much easier to learn when you’re small! It must be so rewarding to see your place coming together. Good to find out about the Nano tape too. Thanks so much for hosting – I love getting so much inspiration all in one place. Hope you have a lovely week!

  7. Happy Tuesday, Julie! It’s always so fun to read about your latest adventures and I always appreciate the tips you add each week! Thanks so much! Thanks for setting the mood for the season ahead!

  8. Thanks for hosting weekly, Julie and having me over, sharing with your readers.
    I visited you via Tuesday Turn About. My entries are numbered #42+43
    Please join us at SSPS: M-S

  9. Julie, Thanks so much for featuring my “When the Lake Takes Over the Yard” post this week. I really appreciate all the comments of support from you and your readers at this challenging time (especially challenging for those in our city, who got water inside their houses). Thanks also for the work you do on your Tuesday Turnabout link party each week, I appreciate sharing ideas and finding new ideas on your party each week. Wishing you all the best as you settle in at your new trailer home!!! Thanks again, Patty

  10. I wish that you could see and smell my “beauties” here as well; for a small yard, I’ve got a LOT of flowers. I think that you would love the Rockets, and you can get them at Walmart so not terribly pricy nor do they take up the space to store them that a more conventional vacuum would. Have a BLESSED day!!!!

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