17 Reasons for Living in a Stationary Travel Trailer as a Senior Adult

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17 Reasons for Living in a Stationary Travel Trailer as a Senior Adult: Today, I’m sharing the many reasons I’m choosing senior adult stationary travel trailer living.

17 Reasons for Living in a Stationary Travel Trailer as a Senior Adult

Well, that’s kind of a mouthful, isn’t it… “17 reason for living in a stationary travel trailer as a senior adult”.

But, that is exactly what is happening!

My Wee Abode is now a 200 square foot travel trailer. The tagline, “Big Inspiration for Small Home Living” has never rang so true!

senior adult stationary travel trailer living sides of travel trailers

Moving from an Apartment to a Travel Trailer

If you’ve been following along with the ‘adventures’ of My Wee Abode… you know the story. But, for those that are new, let me briefly fill you in the MWA moving adventures!

At the beginning of 2016, I moved into the original My Wee Abode. A 400 square foot loft apartment that had no kitchen to speak of, a living area, bedroom, walk-in-closet and rather large bathroom (well, at least for a tiny bathroom).

MWA was the first home in over 25 years that I could call ‘all my own’. I have LOTS of wonderful memories in that tiny loft apartment.

MWA 2.0…

Fast-forward to April of 2022. My mom, who had been diagnosed with MCI (which eventually progressed to Alzheimer’s) in 2015, was now struggling big-time with her memory. Living in an elite memory-care community still had so many ‘fails’, my siblings and I decided it was time for Mom to live with me.

My Wee Abode 2.0 was ‘born’. A 934 square foot apartment in a 55+ community. This second version of MWA boasted 2 larger bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living area, and kitchen with plenty of storage through-out the apartment… as well as a balcony that housed a washer/dryer closet.

Mom and I spent many days/nights together at our wee abode. And so did my siblings, who regularly helped in caring for Mom while I had plenty of respite time. I know Mom was happier living with me, and the Lord taught me much in those two years.

MWA the Trailer…

So, early in December 2023, Mom entered hospice at home because she was eating so little. She contracted a virus 4 days later, but recouped quite well. However, in early January, she came down with another type of virus (we are thinking it was thrush), and she quickly went downhill with her health. She went home to be with the Lord on January 26th.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford to stay at the 55+ community by myself, and I started thinking about other options for the next MWA.

Through two months of processing, counseling, and praying (lots of praying and waiting on the Lord), My Wee Abode the Trailer was born! It’s interesting… The Lord has orchestrated all my moves to be in February, March, or April.

My Wee Abode the Trailer

Before I start sharing the 17 reasons for living in a stationary travel trailer as a senior adult, I thought you might enjoy knowing a bit more about the new (to-me) MWA trailer. 🙂

As you can read below, I purchased a 2010 Keystone Springdale 24′ travel trailer.

image of travel trailer with details

Several of the features I love about this trailer are the kitchen is located at one end of the trailer, there is a slider feature that holds the sofa and additional cabinets, there is a full wardrobe with doors in the ‘hall’, the bathroom sink is located outside of the bathroom (which gives me a ‘water closet’), and I have a separate bedroom. Oh… and there is A LOT of storage!

senior adult stationary travel trailer living floor plan
Pardon the blurry floorplan… difficult to get one the correct size.

I’ll be sharing more of the inside of “MWAT” soon! (Not sure I like the sound of “MWAT”… hmmm.) But for now, here are a couple of sneak peek photos. Warning… it’s VERY 2010!

trailer slider with sofa and overhead cabinets in dark colors
Now, those are palm branches on the border… not ANYTHING else! 😉

Now, if you think THAT is bad…

senior adult stationary travel trailer living dinette with cabinets and television

The window valances have already been removed from the whole trailer (how-to coming soon). But, how do you like that yellow-gold??? The bottom cushion covers got washed, and I think they shrunk! LOL! That’s okay… they are being replaced, as well, since this will not only be my dining area, but my workspace, too!

What else do YOU think I’m going to change?

Now that you’ve gotten a sneak-peek, let’s get into the reasons WHY I’ve chosen to live in a stationary camper.

17 Reasons for Senior Adult Stationary Travel Trailer Living

1. Own Your Home for a Fraction of a Mortgage

For the first time in my life, I own my own home! And I paid, (are you ready for this?), $9800 for my 2010 travel trailer!

Some people may argue that it’s not a real home, but exactly what is a “real” home?

  • Somewhere you can rest your head at night (and get a good night’s sleep at that… which I do!)
  • A place to cook meals for you and others
  • Includes comfortable living space where you can cozy-up on a sofa and watch TV
  • Now-a-days, a place where you can work remotely
  • Includes a bathroom and shower/tub
  • Somewhere to make memories
  • A space where you can add your personal touches and decor (coming soon!)
  • Additional areas for company (the grands will be sleeping over soon)
  • A place to call your own!

I think my trailer covers all of that and more!

2. Great Alternative to a Tiny Home

Comparably speaking, purchasing an actual tiny home can be quite affordable versus a full-size home.

If we want to take it a step further, a travel trailer (especially a used trailer), is even more affordable and a great alternative to a “brick-and-mortar” tiny house.

3. Living Expenses are LOW!

Okay… I’ve let you know how much I paid for the actual trailer, but what about the land the trailer is parked on?

Blessings upon blessings! God is always good, and He has always taken care of me in ways that I can’t ask or imagine.

My current landlord is the mother to my dear friend and former boss, Dan. He and his wife (one of my closest friends) are also living in a stationary travel trailer… right in front of mine (or behind mine, depending on how you look at it)!

sides of trailers in side yard

Dan’s mom, Janet, has been a dear friend of mine for many years, as well, and she graciously agreed to let me park on her property. The very small amount of rent I pay includes electric, water, parking, laundry facilities, and even some room in an overflow fridge in the garage! I am beyond thankful, and again… so blessed!

Also, I don’t have a lot of space for extra food, so the grocery bill is lower… I’m only buying things I actually NEED to eat. Hopefully this will help with making my body match-up to my tiny living space!

4. Feeling Safe Where I Live

Yes, I have totally felt safe where I’ve lived in the past. However, thinking about moving into a trailer full-time had me wondering if I would be able to park it in a safe place.

Living in the ‘backyard’ of my friend’s home, in a safe area, helps to ensure a good night’s sleep.

5. You Don’t Need a Towing Vehicle

When you live in a stationary travel trailer, there is no need for a large truck or towing vehicle.

You can ask a friend to help (thanks, Dan!), or you can rent a vehicle to have it placed on your land/pad.

6. Living a More Simple Way of Life

Even though I’ve only been living the stationary RV lifestyle for a short time, I’ve already noticed several ways life is becoming more simple:

  • Clothing: I’ve always been pretty simple in the way I dress… comfortable and casual are my two fave styles. However, I’m having to cut down on the clothing even more because of space. This might bother some, but for me, it’s actually an easy paring-down of life.
  • Because I have less clothing, I have less laundry! This includes only having three sets of towels (which I may bring down to two), and two sets of sheets.
  • Food: Meal prep has become more simple, and more healthy, because I can only fit the ‘good’ foods in my fridge and ‘wanna-be’ pantry.
  • Decorating has become ‘less’… see more below.

This simple-way-of-life list will get updated as I settle more into the full-time trailer living lifestyle.

7. Becoming More of a Minimalist

Along with life becoming more simple, the material things in My Wee Abode are slimming down, as well.

I haven’t been to Hobby Lobby for a couple months now. I know… Say it ain’t so!

senior adult stationary travel trailer living shopping basket with credit cards and lock
Less trips to decor stores means more money saved!

There was LOTS of purging going on, along with donations, and even a moving sale. And, I have quite a bit more bins to go through. Decor items are being curated, as well.

This means there will be less home tours and more storage and organizing solutions for tiny home living.

Don’t get me wrong… decorating will be a BIG part of the trailer, especially with the renovations that are starting to happen. But, there is a lot less room and real estate to create vignettes, hang things on walls, and add plants. And, there is a lot more time for my mind to work on solutions for your home, and mine!

Plus, the storage and organizing solutions will translate to any size and type of home. So don’t hit that ‘unsubscribe button’ just yet! 😉

8. A Lot Less to Clean

There is now approximately 200 square feet to clean in My Wee Abode. It takes a few minutes to vacuum, dishes are done as they are used (I don’t have the space to let dishes pile up), and the shower is wiped down each day because of the “h” word… humidity.

Need I say more?

9. The Challenge of Tiny Living Is Fun!

At least for me, it is!

For example, in my tiny bathroom, there is a LOT of storage space, which you’ll be privy to soon. Unfortunately, one of the spaces is built-in open shelving. Not the prettiest when you are storing personal toiletry items.

pink banner with the word challenge and women exercising in background

Challenge accepted! It took me a few days, but I believe there is a solution for making this column of open shelves look neat. Dare I say even “pretty”?!

Solving the everyday ‘issues’ of tiny living is just plain fun!

10. Gives the Opportunity for Fun Projects

Living full-time in an RV or travel trailer is giving me the opportunity to renovate and learn to fix things in my home.

I’ve done a couple of small things in the trailer, including removing the valances, replacing a cabinet locking clip, and adding an aerator to the kitchen faucet.

And, I’m learning things from both Dan and Peggy about taking care of my own ‘home’.

There are lots more projects on the docket, including painting the whole interior of the trailer (yes, cabinets, too), adding new window treatments, flooring, and so much more!

11. Renovating is More Affordable

With fun projects comes spending money. But, renovating a tiny kitchen in a travel trailer will not be nearly as expensive (or time-consuming) as renovating a kitchen in a full size home.

senior adult stationary travel trailer living bedroom with shades and guitar

Would you ever use roller-blinds throughout your home? Well, in travel trailers, it’s the trend! And on-budget, too! 😀

12. Living in a Stationary Travel Trailer Gives You Room for Outside Storage

The ‘underbelly’ of a travel trailer is HUGE, and makes for a great place to store bins!

Dan and Peg have several outside sheds that they use for wardrobes, art supplies, and even a coffee station!

If I traveled full-time in a trailer, I wouldn’t have this luxury!

13. Remote Work is Easy

Though I’ve decided to take a short break from looking for a job, living full-time in a stationary trailer affords me the ability to still work remotely.

womans hand on laptop on wooden bench outside with cup of coffee
Working in the backyard is an option, too, since Wifi is still close-by!

So, whether I decide to blog full-time (here’s praying), or find a different work-from-home position, I’ll already be set-up with a work space and Wifi! Easy peasy!

14. Easily Invite Guests

Living in a stationary travel trailer as a senior adult easily allows me to have a slumber party with my grandkids!

With a full size bed of my own, a sofa that turns into a bed, as well as a dinette that converts to a toddler size bed, having three of the grands over at one time just might be pretty easy.

Wait… who am I kidding? 😉

There’s definitely room to have a couple friends over to have movie night! 😉

15. Helps Stretch the Retirement Funds

Now, only the Lord knows where I will be in 5 years. BUT, if I’m still a senior adult living in a stationary travel trailer, my retirement funds will go MUCH further! Am I right?

16. Takes Me Out of My Comfort Zone

Throughout my adult life, the Lord has placed me in many situations that have made me ‘uncomfortable’:

  • Became a single-again-mom of two when I was thirty
  • Started sharing homes with family members until I was 51 years old
  • Took care of my dad in hospice until he passed away when I was 49
  • Moved into my first tiny home at 51 years old
  • Became my mom’s primary caregiver at 57 years old, until she passed away recently
  • Now living in a 200 square foot travel trailer at 59 years old

I don’t share this to solicit tears from the MWA family members, but it is to say that, through all these uncomfortable times in my life, the Lord has always remained faithful. And, He has taught me to wait on and rest in Him. In all of these situations, I have seen so much good.

senior adult stationary travel trailer living cross on a hill with the multicolored sky in background

And, I’m thankful, once again, to be in a situation where I can see God’s love and provision for me. All this, and Jesus, too!

17. Full-time Blogging, How You Can Help

If you’ve been around MWA for any time, you know that my desire for a number of years has been to blog full-time. It seems that the opportunity is on the horizon, and then the Lord decides that something else needs to fill that ’empty’ time.

Well, I’m hoping that with this time off from looking for another PT or FT job, I might be able to blog more consistently, and see if I can actually do the full-time blogging gig. 🙂

And YOU can actually help me! Wanna know how?

Ways to Monetize a Blog

Not everyone knows how bloggers make a living from ‘just’ blogging. Here are just a few ways, and how you can be part of helping me reach my ‘dream’:

  • The largest monetizing tool that My Wee Abode uses is MediaVine. MediaVine is an ad network that gives bloggers the ability to ‘sell’ ad space to businesses. Every time you or someone else visits my blog, I receive a small payment from the businesses using my ad space. So, visiting my blog, and telling your friends about my blog, is the easiest way for you to help!
  • Feel free to use affiliate links. When you click on a product link inside one of my blog posts (i.e., Amazon product links for my DIY velvet pumpkins), and make a purchase, Amazon will give me a small percentage of anything you purchase during that browsing session… for 24 hours! And it doesn’t cost you anything extra!
  • Follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. When brands like Home Depot, Lowe’s, or Target see that I have a strong following on my social media accounts, they are more likely to do business with me, and give me discount codes for you!
  • And, finally, subscribe to My Wee Abode. You’ll get instant notification of new posts, new printables, and new happenings at MWA, PLUS you never have to worry about losing contact with My Wee Abode if you subscribe. I will NEVER lose my email list to a social media monopoly. 🙂
all the freebies!


Get instant access to the My Wee Abode FREE Printables Library!

Of course, you are not obligated to do any of the above, but I do often get asked about how I receive income from blogging so, I thought I would make mention here. 😉

Have you downsized your home? Are you thinking about downsizing? Share in the comments below about your favorite part of living tiny, or what you THINK you would love about stationary travel trailer living!

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  1. I don’t think that I could downsize as far as you have, but I did downsize 11 years ago nearly after my husband passed away from a 2260 square foot farmhouse to an approximately 1000 square foot townhome, so I can sympathize and understand what the paring down process is like in reality. And, also, the absolute FUN that it is making your new place a true HOME representative of yourself alone and not as you being part of a couple. I LOVE my townhome and I HOPE you WILL come to LOVE your little home just as much. You are SO RIGHT that God takes care of us and gives us JUST WHAT WE NEED when we need it. May He BLESS you and your new home richly.

    1. That is DEFINITELY a downsize, Evelyn. Living in 1000 square feet is still tiny in my opinion! I think I really was made for tiny living… I already really love it!

      1. I really hope you will love your new home, as much as I do mine; I think that there is a bit of a challenge in the “living big, but in a smaller space” which some of us truly ENJOY. I know that honestly I’ve had a “blast” fixing my townhome up, and it’s evolved ever so much from what it was when I first moved here. I think our homes–no matter what the size–should truly be a representation of ourselves and the things we enjoy and love most, and that takes time to achieve; they evolve as we, ourselves do.

  2. I’m so excited to follow your latest journey! I know you will have so much fun redoing your wee abode and finding ways to do it inexpensively! #18 on your list should be ‘being able to actually live life’…..SOOO MUCH LESS STRESS! You’ll have so much more time to do what you want even if it’s nothing but hanging out with your wonderful, supportive friends and neighbors! And what a blessing to have someone close by because “you never know”. Although we don’t live in ours full time, we are on our 3rd RV..a fifth wheel this time…and I have painted walls and cabinets, used removable wallpaper, changed out window treatments and light fixtures and furnishings…you’ll have a ball! There are so many blogs about living in and remodeling rvs for helpful hints and inspiration! Enjoy this phase of your life…I’ll be following!

    1. Thanks, Susan! What did you use for your window treatments? I would have loved a 5th wheel… but they proved to be just a bit too large for my situation. Thanks for following along… love your comments, too!

      1. I ordered those honeycomb cell fabric blinds (I think that’s what they’re called 🤷‍♀️) on-line and made new valances..also made curtains in bedroom and hung over the blinds for more privacy…in our first trailer the people we bought it from had put up cute little curtains and I just left those…we didn’t have that one long. Oh, I also put up peel and stick tile backsplashes. When you paint, and I painted all the walls and trim white, it will brighten it up in there so much and make it seem bigger. In this fifth wheel there were nice privacy shades so I left them and just recovered the cornices. I know you’ll figure out the best and most affordable for you….it took me awhile 😉

        1. Ah, yes, I know which ones you are talking about. I’m hoping to get the roller shades that are ‘free stop’… they start and stop where you want without having to ‘snap’ them. I’m hoping the mounting brackets will work in the tiny wall area between the cabinets and the windows!

  3. Hi Julie, I read every sentence of this post and plan to share on The Weekend Edit this summer.
    I love this idea and your post answered all the questions running in my head!
    I think a work from home part time gig would be a fun balance between blog and connecting with others (even in remote work).
    Great post! laura

    1. Yes… still thinking about that! Might even want to do a more ‘fluffy’ job, that would simply pay for insurance… who knows! Thanks for adding the post to your list for the summer!

  4. Julie,
    How exciting for you. We have a motor home so I know how it can be, although we don’t live in it full time. You will have fun making it your own. God does have plans for us, we just have to let him guide us.
    Take care my friend,

    1. Thanks, Beverly! It’s a crazy time, but I’m looking forward to all the ups and downs, and learning to trust the Lord more!

    1. Thanks, Laura… I’m looking forward to it, and thankful that Lord is with me always! 😉

  5. I love this!! Looking forward to keeping up with tips, tidbits, upside and downside of your experiences of living in the recreation vehicle. I admire your justification for doing so and how lucky you are for a place to be stationary, sometimes that is the hard hurdle to find without all the fees and rules. I am constantly downsizing and have, as a senior thought of van life for the adventure and experience.

    1. Yes… If I had to park in a trailer park, I would have needed to rethink my options, for sure! Wow… living in a van would be ANOTHER tiny option!

  6. Hey Julie, I’m so excited for you on your next chapter. You’re going to make your new home so comfy and cozy looking, and updating it will be fun. I can’t wait to follow along.

    1. Thank you, Ally! I’m really looking forward to making it my own (and bring glory to God), as well! God is good, all the time!

  7. You certainly know how to downsize, Julie. We sold our house a couple of years ago and moved into an apartment…and we’re still trying to decide what’s next. Wishing you all the best with this exciting adventure!

  8. Julie, you always amaze me with your optimism and positive attitude on life, and your reliance on God and His leading. I’m excited to see what you are doing with your new home, organizational ideas, and future plans. I’ll be here cheering you on!

  9. Julie, my hat is off to you. You’ve taken a big step into a small space. I wish you all the best. We downsized 12 years ago from 4680 square feet 5/4.5/3 living areas to 3260 square feet 3/2.5 ) I love our new home and it did feel good to get rid of a lot of things at the time. I don’t think we have enough space since Sweet Shark moved his office home in August. He uses one of the guest rooms and now I don’t have my sewing space. I guess I’m spoiled since you can get so much home in Dallas for less than other parts of the country like California. Anyway, it makes me appreciate how much we have.

  10. Julie,
    WOW!! Such an informative and entertaining post…YOU GO ,GIRL!!! Kudos to you for taking this interesting challenge on and it looks like it is going to be so much fun!!! Over the past few years, I did try to get Joe to move from our 1750 sq. ft. townhouse to a 2 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath 1050 sq. ft. apartment as I did not want to put on a second new roof!!! Joe did not want to move and I have decided that I will stay in our townhouse for now as I own the house and my car….Right now, it is cheaper for me to stay here…The steps both outside and inside will be the reason if I decide to sell and move…But as long as I can physically do the steps, I will be staying here..I do have to admit that it is adventurous to think that I now solely own my home and can do what I want to it even though I pretty much did so when Joe was alive… I have made our bedroom into my bedroom already and I will be purging things that I do not need like a lot of tools, car care things ( I made an appointment to have my car detailed) and garden tools….I donated all of Joe’s clothes to a soup kitchen that has a clothing room for the homeless and also donated clothing to their veteran’s home. Now I have a lot of closet room so I am also thinking of new storage and organizing ideas…I am looking forward to following you along on this exciting Journey!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!
    Debbie-Dabble Blog

    1. Yes… I saw on your blog that you were donating… You did that really fast! You must have an ‘admin’s mind’. People were really surprised that my sister and I went through our mom’s stuff so quickly. I think it’s how we, specifically, were made. LOTS of people find it hard to go through their loved ones personal items so soon after they pass, and I get that. I often feel that I am strange that it takes me a while to go through the grieving process because I’m getting ‘all the things’ done. Praying for you during this time, Deb. Sounds like you are doing a great job of adjusting.

  11. Best of luck with this latest chapter of your life. It sounds exciting! It will be fun to watch you transform your space. I had to smile when you said your cushion cover shrank. Do you know the trick of putting the foam into a plastic (dry cleaner’s or trash bag), then sucking out the air with a vacuum, easily inserting the smaller cushion into the cover, positioning it, then either removing or poking a hole in the bag to let the cushion fluff out again. It is slick!

  12. We downsized when we went from our 1400 sq ft home to a 32ft 5thwheel for a year of travel as NPS volunteers. Now we are on our own land (6 acres) , and live in a 40ft 5thwheel. We are very comfortable. I look forward to seeing what you do to your space, it is incredible how comfortable one can be in an RV!

    1. I had NO idea you lived the stationary trailer life, as well! Yes, I already feel like I’m home. When people ask, I say, “I think I was born to live in a tiny home.” Feel free to email me photos of your 5th wheel!

  13. Wow Julie! This is an amazing post. Thank you for sharing all of this. I am excited for you and to see all the things you do. Your faith has taken care of you and God is good. I am looking forward to share this journey with you from the side lines. XO- MaryJo

    1. So glad you will be coming along the journey with me, MaryJo… and thank you for the kind words. So glad you enjoyed the post!

  14. I really enjoyed reading about your trailer and downsize Julie and so admire your attitude and positivity. I signed up to follow you on Pinterest and Instagram and your blog, hope it helps! I’m so glad you have friends and neighbors right next door and are parked in a safe place!

    1. Thank you so much for always being such a great encourager and supporter, Jenna! I’m glad you enjoyed the post! New post tomorrow!

  15. It sounds like you are settling in nicely! I am sure you will have lots of fun personalizing it as you go along.

  16. Julie, I love your home! I’d be all in living in a stationary travel trailer. While I’m 52 I have several chronic illnesses and live in a small 450 sq ft apartment on one floor. It’s easy to clean.
    I can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store for us.
    Visiting today from SSPS 311 #27,29&31

    1. Oh wow! The original My Wee Abode was 400sf, so I get it. I loved that apartment! If it hadn’t been for needing to take care of my mom, I would have still been in there, Lord-willing!

  17. Julie, this was such a great post! What I see in your listing of 17 reasons for travel trailer living is GRATITUDE mixed with optimism for the future. As someone who’s watched the sacrifices you’ve made over the past several years and your unwavering faith in God, I’m just so happy that you’re in a peaceful place. You’re going to make many happy memories in MWAT (we’ll work on a name together…lol) surrounded by the love of friends, children, and grandbabies!

    1. Thank you so much, bestie! I’m so thankful to have a friend that has gone through so much with me. You have been a great source of support, encouragement, and comfort! Love ya!

  18. Well done Julie. I fully understand you downsizing and all that it take to do that. Just over a year ago we moved from a 3 bedroom, living area, kitchen, 1½ bathroom home to a basement unit (1 bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and combo living/dining room) We had to get rid/give away so much stuff as we have limited space and had to make sure what we take will fit in the new suite. We are happy and love the new basement suite and to top that all we are with our daughter and SIL and grandkids.
    I visited you via A Morning Cup of Joe. My entries are numbered #35+36
    Please join us at SSPS: M-S

    1. Sounds like a great downsize, especially to be living hear family! That will probably happen in the future for me with my daughter and her fam, but none of us were ready for that yet! 😉

  19. Julie, this post is one of my features this week on SSPS. I can’t wait to see what you do with your little house, and hope to catch more ideas for making my own space a bit more comfortable. Thanks!

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