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Simple Fall Decor Using Place Cards

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Decorating for the season can be easy, especially if you do simple fall decor using place cards.  What’s even easier is when the place cards are created FOR you and, even better, they are FREE!

simple fall decor using place cards pinterest challenge graphic

Today is our monthly Pinterest Challenge and this week’s inspiration photo not only inspired me to do one decor project, but THREE.

Another BIG “thank you” goes to Cindy from County Road 407!  Cindy is awesome and puts this blog hop together for us every month! You are amazing, Cindy!

And, if you are hopping on over by way of my dear friend Paula from Sweet Pea, welcome!  As always, Paula’s table settings are gorgeous!


The Inspiration

Today’s elegant inspiration photo comes from Lindsey Brunk’s Simple and Elegant Thanksgiving Inspiration post:simple fall decor using place cards copper ware place setting on navy surface with natural elementsIsn’t this an amazing photo? If you check out the whole post, you can see the beautiful fall tablescape in all its glory!

Let me share with you the inspiration I pulled from the photo:

  • Copperware place setting (Yes, ‘copperware’ is a word… It’s MY blog! 😉 )
  • Fabric napkin
  • Linen tablecloth
  • Natural elements (greenery and florals and such)
  • and, of course, a simple and elegant place card

The Dilemna

Gotta be honest with y’all here.

This photo was a bit challenging to plan a WHOLE post around.

I know, right?

So, instead of trying to figure out how to take 100 photos of a place setting of silverware, I decided to take some liberties and create THREE different projects for simple fall decor using place cards (my fave part of the place setting).

To get your FREE set of blank and/or pre-printed name place cards, click on this button:


How ’bout we get to the projects?!

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Simple Fall Decor Using Place Cards – Place Setting (Pt 1)

Well, of course, we have to begin with the tablescape from the inspiration image! I wouldn’t be obeying the almighty Pinterest Challenge rules if I didn’t. 😉simple fall decor using place cards silverware place setting on plates and napkins

Just as in the photo from Lindsey Brunk, my place setting consists of:

  • Silverware place setting (the silverware looks MUCH better with the gray base plate than copperware would)
  • Fabric napkin, mine is made from a gauze-y fabric, rather than linen (and this one has ‘fringe benefits’… love)
  • Natural elements (they’re coming, I promise)
  • and, a beautiful name place card, created by yours truly and free to you!

Simple Fall Decor Using Place Cards – Table Setting (Pt 2)

If you have followed MWA for any length of time, you also are probably thinking right now, “Julie doesn’t have a table for a tablescape! What’s she going to do?!” And you would be right!

But, have you ever heard of a “Table for One”?

Well, last year I shared some elements of a single fall tablescape, as well as a summer tablescape for one.  It’s always a fun challenge to make dining for one person a wonderful experience!

Let’s take a look at THIS year’s fall tablescape using free printable name place cards. Oh, and do you see the greenery now?simple fall decor using place cards simple fall tablescape for one using plates napkins stemware and greenery

simple fall decor using place cards simple fall tablescape for one using plates napkins stemware and greenery
Yeah, yeah… my knife is crooked. But….

Elevating single dining with just a few simple items makes for an enjoyable mealtime… just ask anyone that has experienced it. Oh, like me! 😉

A table for one doesn’t really take much to bring it to a ‘dining experience’, daaaahling.

  1. Add a placemat to the table (or tray) or simply put a coordinating napkin on the diagonal, as I did above.
  2. Use a foundation plate and a smaller plate in coordinating or complementing colors (Guess what, you only have to use the top plate!)simple fall decor using place cards silverware place setting on plates and napkins
  3. Add a pretty glass or piece of stemware (this one is from the Hearth and Home line at Target… clearanced!)

    pretty stemware on white surface with table setting
    Now the knife is straight!
  4. Use a napkin and nice silverware (placing the silverware on the table in a ‘new’ way adds interest).simple fall decor using place cards simple fall tablescape for one using plates napkins stemware and greenery
  5. Add some pretty seasonal greenery and natural elements.white vase with greenery and berries and yellow candle on white surface
  6. A candle is ALWAYS nice!simple fall decor using place cards simple fall tablescape for one using plates napkins stemware and greenery

It’s as easy as that! And let’s not forget the ‘star’ of the table!

silverware setting on napkins with name place card

Print your place cards and tear the edges a bit, and you’re all set!

Simple Fall Decor Using Place Cards – Thankful Fall Garland

Okay… project number two using printable place cards is a pretty and simple DIY fall garland!

Here’s a never before seen photo of the back of my baker’s cabinet (aka Hoosier).simple fall decor using place cards wall with wreath and place card garland

My baker’s cabinet acts as a dividing wall between the kitchen and living room in My Wee Abode.  It’s screaming for a makeover, thus it has never been featured on a post… yet!

But, this is the perfect place for a pretty little garland that can be made in a few minutes.simple fall decor using place cards wall with wreath and place card garland

  • String some twine across a bookshelf, windowpane, open shelf or mirror
  • Cut out the preprinted place cards
  • Using mini clothespins, attach the cards to the twine
  • Add some additional loveliness by attaching some natural elements to the clothespin or use colored cardstock as a backing for the place cards!

simple fall decor using place cards wall with wreath and place card garland

Lovely, simple, and easy! Voila!

Simple Fall Decor Using Place Cards – Plant Label Picks

simple fall decor using place cards mums in a pot with plant labels using place cards
Shhh, don’t anyone point out that Julie used TWO of the same label… nobody will even notice!

And the last project for simple fall decor using place cards is the pretty potted plant labels!

These cute little plant ‘stakes’ were easy to make!

  • Cut out your free place cards (you can use the blank ones and add the plant names, or any wording that makes you happy!)
  • Using tape (don’t use glue… your cardstock will ‘pucker’, and paper isn’t any fun to smooch), attach the cards to extra-long popsicle sticks or wooden skewers 
  • Place in pots or your garden, or even a vase of flowers!

simple fall decor using place cards mums with place card label

You can even use these to write or print plant names and place in an herb garden!simple fall decor using place cards mums with place card label

And a quick pic of my wee porch… this took about 15 minutes to put together! A record for me!simple fall decor using place cards mums and pumpkins on a tiny porchThe mums were a steal at Walmart! Don’t you just love the vibrant purple with the sweet little baby pumpkins?!

Now It’s Your Turn

So tell me… will you create a fine dining experience when you eat alone… even if it’s once in a while? What about a pretty and quick garland… or some lovely plant labels?

Remember, this is a “blog hop”… so get your bounce on and head on over to my sweet friend Carol’s blog at Bluesky At Home. Carol’s decor never disappoints, and her lovely tablesetting twist is no exception!

my wee abode signature

simple fall decor using place cards silverware place setting on plates and napkins

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    1. Hi, Laura… the plate underneath is simply a large dinner plate… it a bit deeper than most, but I think the color and the ivory ring around it give it more depth, too. Thanks for stopping in!

    1. Hehe… well I saw lots of people using the word ‘flatware’… duh. I just couldn’t think of the word! Thanks, Laura!

  1. I love your table setting for one, so pretty and what a great idea to treat yourself. Your pretty printed labels and place cards are amazing too.

    1. Thank you so much, Marty… I actually have at least one new subscriber that came from your site! Yay for blog hops!

  2. You came up with great ideas for using your beautiful fall place cards.

    It was fun seeing your table for one. Why not make it pretty even if you are dining alone?

    I love the garland that you created using the back of your Hoosier cabinet. You know my eyes lit up with I read, “Hoosier cabinet”, and of course I now want to see the front of the cabinet. The back of this cabinet has so much potential and it’s a great spot to use for a seasonal display like you created.

    Your third idea to use your place cards in a plant is also a great one. Your My Wee Abode porch looks pretty and very welcoming. I’ll be that your neighbors like to see how you decorate your porch.

    1. Thank you so much, Paula… you and Crissy always leave such kind and well thought-out comments! You are wonderful!

  3. Julie, I just love that you are sharing a free printable. I had to search and make mine. Thanks for sharing. I am pinning for the next time I need a Thanksgiving place card. I just love how you placed all your cards in different places to show us that they can be used other than just at a place setting. Thanks for your inspiration.

    1. Well, thank you, Terrie… I felt like you doing my post. You always share a nice DIY tutorial on your PC! Hugs!

  4. Julie daaaaaahling, your place setting for one is perfect! 🙂 I love what you did with the vase and greenery! And those place card ideas are fantastic. Love the banner and even putting them in your mum… genius! As I scrolled down I just kept saying “oh my gosh, how cute, Oh my gosh, how cute!” Thanks so much for joining us.

    1. Awwww, this was so kind… you really did make my day (lots of people making my day today! LOL!) Always love the Pinterest Challenge and seeing what everyone is doing! You do a wonderful hosting job!

  5. Wooo-hooo! Home run, dahhhhling! 😉 I love the different ways you displayed your pretty place cards. The mum/pick idea is so clever! That would be perfect for Thanksgiving as a little hostess gift. (And yes, those mums are gorgeous.) I also love the garland idea. I don’t often have the option of dining alone, but that does sound like it would be dreamy once in a while! Ha! Pinning, my dear!

  6. Julie, such a darling place setting. Love the gauzy, fringed napkin and the yellow plate. Who needs 2 when 1 is so pretty! The place cards are precious and you know I love place cards. Great to be on another Pinterest Challenge with you.

  7. Julie, I was thinking that a table for one is always lovely and I’d forgotten that I did that a lot while we were in the trailer (eating on a small silver tray in the bedroom or over watching t.v.). I like all the place card ideas you’ve shared and the cute plant stakes are a fun idea, too!!

    Happy fall and happy decorating! Like your room divider and you’ll have to share what you do with your cabinet when you do refinish it. 🙂

    Fall hugs to you,
    Barb 🙂

    1. Yes… I often use a tray for my meals… actually, most of the time. 😉 Yes, when I do the makeover on the Hoosier, I’ll be sure to share! Hugs!

  8. Julie, I love all of the different ways you can use these place cards. The banner behind your hoosier is so cute! And who says dining for one can’t be elegant? I’d love to take a seat at your pretty table and enjoy a quiet (kid free) meal! Pinned!

  9. Brilliant ideas, Julie! Only you could come up with 3 ideas out of one simple picture of silverware! BTW I love your silverware on the diagonal across the napkin, and of course, those charming place cards!

  10. Julie, I love all of the creative ways you used the place cards! So many that I wouldn’t have even thought of. They would make guests feel so special. I love the back of the baker’s cabinet! Such a cute garland. Also, I always love your wonderful pictures (as always!) Thanks for sharing at TFT!

    1. Feeling especially blessed reading your comment, Pam… Photography is such a learning curve, so I appreciate the encouragement! Hugs!

  11. I absolutely love placecards Julie! I really need to use them. I love all the creative ways you used them. Great job with this Pinterest Challenge. Be sure to look for your feature this Wednesday on Charming Homes and Gardens!

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