Adding Touches of Fall to Your Tiny House

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Today winds up the Celebrating Fall Home Tour Series and My Wee Abode is sharing a small home fall tour.  We’ll learn how adding touches of fall to your tiny house can be easy and lovely!small home fall tour

Hello friends! I’m so glad you’ve stopped by!

Today, we are celebrating fall in a BIG way, thanks to Leen from Sand Dollar Lane.  Leen put this amazing home tour together with a total of ELEVEN of my blogging buddies!  We both love coastal decor, and she has a wonderful way of adding it to her farmhouse style, as well!

And if you’re here by way of Noting Grace, I’m sure you enjoyed Jen’s beautiful decor! I love her style, and those touches of aqua!!! She’s a sweetie, too!

SMALL HOME FALL TOUR – Adding Touches of Fall to Your Tiny House

If you’re new to My Wee Abode… WELCOME!  Because I want to get to the ‘good stuff’, I won’t bore you with an intro.  But, please feel free to learn more about MWA by visiting the ABOUT PAGE.

Today, we are going to see just how easy it can be to add touches of fall to a tiny home… or any size home for that matter!

Let’s get at it, shall we?

How Can I Make My Small House Beautiful for Fall?

Lots of people living in small homes, apartments, tiny houses, or dorms feel it is quite a challenge to make a small space beautiful… And it CAN be a challenge.small home fall tour living room with yellow and aqua decor

To make this challenge a little less daunting, let’s look at some simple steps to create beauty in any room, for any season!

Start with a Limited Color Palette

Though My Wee Abode always has a touch of color (and some would say *more* than just a touch), using a neutral palette as a foundation for other pops of color gives way to a light, bright, and airy living space.

And, it makes decorating a whole heck-of-a-lot easier as you don’t have to change the basic furniture and decor all the time.small home fall tour living room with yellow and aqua decor

Painting the walls a neutral greige, purchasing a sand-colored loveseat, using white furniture as well as natural furniture, all makes for a foundation that is easy to mix-and-match with decor.

Think Big

Many people, myself included, can fall into the trap of adding lots of small decor items to a small space.  This can tend to make a room look cluttered and even smaller.

Instead of adding LOTS of little things, think about adding larger items to a room, like these demijohn vases on the side of my sofa.small home fall tour demijohns with faux flowers sitting on floor

Until recently, I had a small garden bench that served as a side table sitting here.  Recently, I felt it was just too small and “boxy” for this area. So instead, I’ve opted for these large glass vases to make a “statement”. (A new DIY coffee table is in the works for holding drinks, etc.)

This large vintage window pane is a mainstay in my small living room.  It’s large and so fun to decorate for the seasons.  You can see more ways this pretty ‘window’ has been decorated HERE.small home fall tour white window pane with wreath and lanterns

Go Small

Even though large decor items are a must, be sure to not overlook the sweet little additions to your home.  Just use them sparingly.

My favorite candlesticks are on the larger side, but adding the acorn candle rings and a sweet little orange and white pumpkin add tiny fall touches.small home fall tour candlesticks and pumpkin on white surface

This fall season, I haven’t used my DIY velvet pumpkins… and I kind of miss them. However, this real pumpkin is fitting well into my color scheme!small home fall tour candlesticks and pumpkin on white surface

Adding some small framed printables to your home is a great way to add a touch of fall. Including your WiFi password on the bottom is helpful for visitors, too!small home fall tour small framed artwork

Use Color

Using your favorite colors of fall is a perfect way to add fall touches to your home, be it small or large!

This year, I’ve added orange, yellow, and aqua to My Wee Abode. I know. you’re surprised by aqua… not!

These demijohns not only are statement pieces, but they add my fave aqua to this room, along with yellow forsythia (yes, I’m using a spring flower in fall… Shhh, don’t tell anyone).small home fall tour demijohns with faux flowers sitting on floor

Pillows are my favorite way to add a pop of color to any room!  I actually based my fall color scheme on these two pillows.small home fall tour two pillows on a sofa

And don’t forget the candles. They are a perfect way to add color and some cozy fragrance to your home.small home fall tour candlesticks

Add Texture

Nothing says ‘lovely’ quite like adding texture to your decor.  Textures can be added in a variety of ways.

Here, I’ve used dried wheat in another glass demijohn (glass elements are carried through-out the room) along with my favorite DIY coastal wooden bead garland.small home fall tour glass vase with wheat and wood bead garland and pumpkin on white surface

small home fall tour glass vase with wheat and wood bead garland and pumpkin on white surface

This grapevine spray wreath was an easy 15-minute DIY project (coming soon to the blog).  Fall-toned eucalyptus leaves and creamy yellow berries added some great color and texture!small home fall tour white window pane with wreath and lanterns

I love these faux berries… they look so real! (Pro-tip: If you are three feet away from a faux floral, and can’t tell if it’s real or not, it’s a good faux!)small home fall tour white window pane with wreath and lanterns

Cotton stems and birch logs are an easy and pretty way to add seasonal texture to your home, whether it is autumn, winter, spring, or summer!  Adding some orange berries brings in a pop of color, too!small home fall tour milk bottles with cotton stmes and berries

Make It YOU

Finally, whatever way you decide to decorate your home, and whatever elements you use to bring in the season, be true to yourself!

If you like LOTS of color, go for it!

If you love vintage items, show off your favorite pieces.

You want clean lines and no fluff? Go minimalist, or mid-century modern!

Whatever it is, create a home you love!

As for me… Though there is always change and rethinking going-on about my decor, I’m still sticking to coastal cottage farmhouse style.small home fall tour living room with yellow and aqua decor

It’s ‘ME’!small home fall tour living room with yellow and aqua decor

What about you? What style do you love, and how will you be adding touches of fall to your home?

I hope you have enjoyed my small home fall tour. Now, be sure to hop on over to visit Brooke at Cribbs Style! She has some awesome budget-friendly decor she’s sharing with you!

And don’t miss ALL the lovely bloggers on this tour… the links are listed below. You’ll be blessed, I promise!


small home fall tour living room with yellow and aqua decor


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  1. Julie, your home is just as pretty decorated for fall as I thought it would be! You know I love your fall colors 😉
    The little touches like the candle rings are just perfect!
    Thanks for being part of my celebrating fall tour!

    1. Same here, Jen… Yes, I think we both have an affinity for blue/aqua glass. So blessed to be a part of this with you and so many other lovely blogs!

  2. You hit it out of the park, Julie! Oh, I so love those demijohns!!! Great touches everywhere…the pops of yellow, that lovely wreath and the wheat with your DIY garland. I love it all!

  3. Julie your wreath came out amazing and those bottles on the floor with the yellow flowers are the perfect touch. It has been so much fun being on the fall tour with you friend.

  4. Your fall decor is so pretty, Julie! I love the colors that you used and you can easily use again many of your decor items for a different season. The pillows will also work for spring or summer and the aqua candles in any season. Looking forward to your upcoming wreath tutorial. I love a fall wreath.

    1. Thank you so much, Paula! I was so surprised that wreath came together so quickly. And I’m really enjoying the yellow pops in the room, too!

  5. So beautiful! I just want to come and eat some pumpkin pie…not really. But something fall-ish! So so pretty – I really like the yellow accents.

  6. It’s all perfect, Julie! You did such a great job of adding beautiful fall touches to your Wee Abode, without overwhelming the space. Loved being on this tour with you, my friend!

  7. So so pretty, Julie! I love your color theme for fall and I think you do such a great job of making a small space feel spacious! 🙂 That fall wreath might be my favorite part, looking forward to the tutorial!

  8. Julie,

    I always love your tips and tricks for decorating small spaces and this was no different! Great post and I am pinning for sure.

    Thrilled to be hopping along with you! 🙂


  9. I just love the way you have decorated your place my friend! I may need to hire you for every change of season! Beautiful work!

  10. Very cute, and inspirational! I always feel a little disappointed and overwhelmed when it comes to decorating my small home for anything. Sadly, I usually just end up skipping over the decorating, but recently, I have been doing a little bit with my tiny little porch, and it has made it much welcoming. It actually makes me feel cheery before I even get inside. Pinning this for inspiration. Thank you!

      1. Well, thank you, Alexandra! We’ll see you sometime this weekend, as I have a women’s retreat tomorrow! 😉 Blessed to be featured!

    1. Yes… I get those feelings, too, Alexandra! So overwhelmed sometimes (which reminds me, I need to organize my closet… purge and donate!). Starting with your porch is a great place for baby steps… and yes.. a potted mum does wonders for a tiny porch. What size is your home?

  11. Congratulations! Your post was my feature pick at #ThursdayFavoriteThings this week. Visit me at https://www.marilynstreats.com on thursday morning to see your feature! All hosts choose their own features from the comments left on their blog so be sure to return to my blog to see your feature. I invite you to leave more links to be shared and commented upon. Please don’t forget to add your link numbers or post title so we can be sure to visit!

    1. Thank you so much, Marilyn! Always a blessing to be featured at TFT, and I think this is a first on your blog for me!

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