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Trending Bathroom Faucets Buying Guide

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With so many bathroom faucets to choose from, which one is best for your powder room or restroom? Take a look at this trending bathroom faucets buying guide for great tips that will help you make the right decision for your home.


Y’all would NOT believe what I’ve been through the last two weeks!

I kid you not, I have learned just about every twist-and-turn there is to removing and installing a bathroom faucet and drain assembly! (Okay… I’ve learned a lot.)

But you know what? YOU don’t have to go through two weeks of pushing, pulling, twisting, and turning, (plus a bajillion visits to Home Depot) to get the perfect faucet for YOUR bathroom!

Though this will not be an installation/how-to post, I will include a few tips and tricks I learned while installing my new bathroom faucet. Which, by the way, is perfect for my modern coastal bathroom update!

trending bathroom faucets buying guide sink with chrome faucet and vases with flowers

However, today… Today this post will be a trending bathroom faucets buying guide. We will take a look at the ins-and-outs of purchasing a bathroom faucet (and drain assembly) that will be perfect for your home!

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How Do I Choose a Bathroom Sink Faucet?

When choosing a bathroom sink fixture, the first thing you need to do is decide which type of bathroom faucet you need.

There are several different styles and they vary according to the cutouts in your bathroom counter.

And, remember to take your measurements before purchasing your new faucet.

Single Hole Bathroom Faucets

When you look at your current bathroom sink fixture, do you have one handle and/or one hole that the fixture is coming out of? This would most likely mean you need a single hole bathroom faucet.

  • Most single hole faucets have a sleek and simple design and are perfect for small sinks/countertops.
  • If you want to switch from a centerset or 3-hole sink fixture, you can often find a plate to cover the side holes prior to installing the single-handle faucet.

Here’s a few single hole faucets you might like from Amazon.

Centerset Bathroom Sink Fixtures

The centerset faucet just might be the most popular type of sink fixture for a bathroom or powder room. (Well, it has been in ALL the homes I’ve ever lived in. How ’bout you?)

If you find that you have a main base with handles and a spout, and no counter space in-between, you have a centerset faucet.

  • Centerset faucets offer two handles for easy control of hot and cold water temperature mix.
  • Most often these are offered in 4 and 6-inch faucet centers, the most common being a 4-inch. BE SURE YOU MEASURE
  • These units have a spout and handles that are fixed to a main base.

Take a look at several options and finishes for a centerset bathroom sink fixture:

Three Hole Faucets or Widespread Sink Fixtures

Some may argue that the 3-hole faucet, also known as the widespread faucet, is the most popular type of bathroom sink fixture. Again, I’ve never lived in a home with this type of faucet, but it is indeed pretty, and comes in many varieties of finishes and styles.

If you have two handles and spout that are not connected by a main base, and you can see counter surface between the parts, you have a widespread sink faucet.

  • The 3-hole fixture allows for a larger basin installation.
  • Many styles and finishes to choose from.
  • Faucet centers can be from 6 to 16 inches.

Here are some lovely options you might find perfect for your restroom or powder room:

Additional Types of Bathroom Sink Faucets

You may also want to look into the following types of more unique bathroom sink fixtures:

Trendy vs Classic Style Bathroom Faucets

Now one quick tip for you here.

When shopping for a new bathroom sink fixture, think about how long you plan on keeping the faucet. Is it going to wash your hands and face for the long haul, or are you one that likes to change your bathroom hardware when the seasons change? (Okay… I doubt any of my readers do THAT… right?)

When choosing a finish or style of faucet, take into consideration if it’s a trend or a classic. Copper is lovely, but definitely will show up as ‘dated’ in the next 5 years (or sooner). However, chrome will always be a mainstay finish in powder rooms and restrooms.

But, I always say, go with what you love and expresses your creativity and style! So, if you love copper or oil-rubbed bronze in your home, go for it! You can always change it if you ever change you mind! 😉

What is a Drain Assembly for a Sink?

One of the things I learned while installing my new bathroom sink faucet was that it included a new drain assembly.

The drain assembly connects the sink to the P-trap drain plumbing. It consists of the flange and stopper (the parts you see at the bottom of your sink), the drain tube, and the ball and rod assembly.

If the bathroom faucet comes with a drain assembly, it will also come with instructions on how to install both.

What Tools Do I Need to Install a Bathroom Faucet?

The instructions for installing a bathroom faucet also notes items you ‘may’ need to complete the install. However, you may need a more extensive list that includes the items that I used to change-out my bathroom faucet.

  • Adjustable pliers (to turn the lock nuts loose from the underside of the actual faucet)
  • Latex gloves (these give you a better grip on the hardware/plumbing parts)
  • Sandpaper (this can also aid in gripping/unscrewing items that have corroded or are ‘stuck’)
  • Teflon plumbers tape and/or pipe ‘dope’ (I used both at different times)
  • Water valve adapters (optional… in case your new water lines (that sometimes come attached to the new faucet) are a different size than the valve) Ask me how I know about this one!
  • Rubber washers for adapters (I like the conical washers rather than o-rings… ask me how I know this one, too!)
  • Pipe wrench (that nut on the drain assembly is a booger to remove)
  • Solvent, such as Blaster or Liquid Wrench, because the flange can be very hard to remove from the drain pipe if it’s been there for many years, or someone that didn’t know what they were doing used a sealant that was permanent!
  • Hacksaw… because someone DID use permanent sealant on the flange, and you have to hack off the drain pipe!
  • Plumber’s putty or clear, water-proof silicone… whatever the directions list.

Trending Bathroom Faucets Buying Guide Final Tips

Here are a few final tips that might help you when purchasing a new faucet for your bathroom:

  • Remember to check the reviews when purchasing your faucet. It always helps to get others opinions on a product.
  • With bathroom faucets, you really can’t go wrong with name brands, even if there aren’t a lot of reviews.
  • Be sure to compare your center faucet measurements with the measurements listed on the product.
  • Also, be sure the the faucet spout height will not interfere with any other bathroom items, such as the door to a medicine cabinet.
  • Check to see what size the water lines are, and compare them to your current faucet. You can always purchase adapters if the new water lines are smaller.
  • If you need a new drain installed with your faucet (like I did), check to see if the drain assembly is included with the new faucet. It often is. If not, you can purchase one separately.
  • If the flange is REALLY stuck to the drain pipe, just hack the puppy off. I spent WAY too many days and tried WAY too many techniques trying to remove the flange when it would have been quicker and cheaper just to buy this small hack saw and a couple replacement blades from the start.
  • A pipe wrench is your friend. It was a great tool to remove the locknut at the base of the drain pipe, and to tighten it back on, as well!

Now It’s Your Turn

So, are YOU in the market for a new faucet and drain assembly in YOUR bathroom? Will you be DIYing the project?

With my new bathroom faucet finally installed, all I have left in the bathroom is the decorating! Oh, and I want to do a furniture project as well, but that will have to wait!

Barring any family events or illness on my part, I’ll be photographing the bathroom this week, and sharing the reveal very soon! Thank you all for being so patient in this year-long (or longer) process!

Hope this trending bathroom faucets buying guide is helpful to you! Let me know if you have any questions!

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  1. Oh wow, Julie. So many pretty choices. I bought new faucets for our master bath…clear back in fall of 2020! I still haven’t installed them, but seeing all of these options is making me second guess what I bought.🤣

    1. Duplicate reply comment warning… site update erased my replies on this post. Thanks, Jen. You need to install those in your spare time! 😉 Thus my bathroom makeover taking over 1.5 years to complete!

    1. Duplicate comment, as the site update erased my comments for this post. Thank you so much, sweet friend! I KNOW you could do this!

  2. You are a DIY rockstar, Julie! I have done a few plumbing repairs, but never have I replaced a whole faucet myself. These are some very pretty choices, and I agree – you really can’t go wrong with classic chrome! I find you do have to be wary of finishes and guts even of name brands as they make “value-engineered” versions for some of the big box stores that have cheaper parts than their plumbing supply house counterparts even though the brand and style is the same!

    1. This is a duplicate reply as the site update erased my comments! Thanks for the kind words, and the tip on different versions. I had no idea!

  3. Great advice! I bought 2 new faucets in bronze within the last few months. Hubby installed them but I’m not impressed with their usage. In the future I will be changing them out. I’m not much into chrome but I might have to choose that option, depending on what I can find. I will be seriously shopping this time. I purchased mine online so I didn’t get a hands on feeling with these which I feel makes a huge difference.

    1. This is a duplicate reply, I’m thinking, Shirley. When I updated my site, it erased my replies! I hope you find the sink fixtures that make your heart sing! I think when you love to ‘create’, changing things up is a constant factor in life! 😉

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