Tuesday Turn About #59 Christmas in July

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We are entering the last party of July 2020 so I thought it would be fun to do Tuesday Turn About #59 Christmas in July.

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TUESDAY TURN ABOUT #59 Christmas in July

If you missed last week’s party, My Wee Abode featured fun projects for July!

Welcome to the party, friends!

Yesterday I shared in my newsletter that I had a lovely time in the Seattle area while ‘attending’ the virtual Haven blogging conference. Both of my co-hostesses attended as well, from their homes in Texas.

The blog was a blessing in many ways, and it’s always an encouraging time, as well. My favorite part was the Zoom meetings we had with our mentor groups. It actually felt more cozy than normal and my group was really wonderful! We learned from each other which is what it’s all about, in my opinion!

Head Over Heels…

Upon returning, I decided to help my daughter with some gardening and stepped on a loose brick while trying to prune a hydrangea with kitchen scissors. My body took on a mind of its own and I tumbled several times (my grandson witnessed the whole thing and said I did a backwards somersault…well I would have LOVED to have seen that)!

The scissors ended up puncturing my hand and somehow cut open my inner thigh! Along with abrasions (from the brick planter), I ended up with a couple of sutures in my leg!

Recovery is coming along, and the stitches will be removed on Wednesday. My family is having a good ol’ time making jokes about this oldest sibling taking after our mother who uses a walker. I’ll never hear the end of this!

Now Let’s Party

Since today is the last party for July 2020, I thought I would share some Christmas in July posts that many fellow bloggers have been sharing.

Hallmark is doing it, why shouldn’t we?

And I think we need a little Christmas right now. (I’m still trying to convince myself, can you tell?)

So let’s take a look at My Wee Abode’s features this week. Remember…

But first… let’s get some tips!

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Weekly Blogging Tip

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Using Gutenberg on a simple post, or even a ‘repeat’ post like a link party, makes adjusting to it rather easy. AND, if you need some extra help, Grayson Bell from iMark Interactive has some GREAT Gutenberg tutorial videos! Take a look!

Weekly Household Tip

Did you know your dishwashing liquid can actually be decorative?

Purchase a pretty bottle from your local dollar store, pour the liquid inside and add an oil spout to it! Voila! Practical and pretty! (You can even add a sprig of faux greenery or herbs inside to give it some extra pizazz!) Makes a great hostess gift, too!

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Thistle Key Lane

How To Create Vases With Chalk Paint | Summer Lemon Tablescape And A Free Printable

Bluesky At Home

Cucumber Tomatillo Gazpacho | Rescued Tray Gets Makeover | DIY Christmas Wood Signs

This Week’s Features:

Bottle Brush Trees

These sweet little bottle brush tree ornaments are just one of the lovely projects that MaryJo from Masterpieces of My Life is sharing with us! Start on these now and you can give them as gifts to friends, employees at your local grocery store, and servers at restaurants!

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Stockings Are Hung

South House Designs is getting in the Christmas spirit! Diane is showing us how to hang stockings with angle brackets! Genius!

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Not Just for Christmas

Okay, okay… CoCo’s post from The Crowned Goat isn’t only Christmas, but it definitely has simple tips for starting to prepare for the holidays now! And CoCo’s photos are always fun to stare at! (I’m always ready for PSL!)

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    1. Yes, I realized after a few days of people saying, “It could have been so much worse”, what they were ACTUALLY saying. Scary!

  1. Oh my gosh Julie! So sorry that happened but glad you are okay! I hate to admit it but I think I might have wallowed a bit longer! But here you are blogging again and inspiring us all! Loved your counter top makeover tutorial. Thanks so much! Hope your 100 percent very soon!

    1. Thanks, Denise. I’m glad it wasn’t worse, but it did take several days to feel ‘normal’ again. 😉 Glad to see you!

  2. Oh my gosh, Julie, that sounds so painful and scary. I’ll be praying that you have a full recovery and will be on the mend soon. I know you try to take everything in stride but still – yikes. You’re so sweet to include my post in the holiday in July round up. I’d never wish summer away intentionally (wink, wink) but I’m definitely ready for the cheerful nature the holidays bring. Sending you hugs and prayers, CoCo

    1. Thank you, my friend! Always fun to see your posts and your lovely photos! (Old camera owners unite!)

  3. Brilliant idea with the dishwashing liquid Julie – you never cease to amaze me with your great tips! 🙂 I’m so sorry you not only got hurt, but have to suffer through the sibling teasing, which is the worst kind! Good luck with your recovery, and thanks for continuing to host us as well! Sending lots of love and healing energy your way! 💗

    1. Yes… my brothers are awful. 😉 And this time my sister joined in! LOL! It actually reminds us all of our mother. Unfortunately, she falls quite often! >.<

  4. Omgosh Julie. That’s so scary. I hope you’re feeling better. Thank you so much for hosting & featuring my Christmas in July crafting post. I also bought my Christmas stockings from South House Designs so it was fun to see her little trick. Have. great week.

    XO- MaryJo

  5. Hello Julie! Oh my gosh girl! I’m so sorry about your topple and puncture wounds! If it makes you feel a little better, I slammed my own pointer finger in the big heavy front door at work last week! OUCH! I hope you heal up quickly. Have a great rest of your week! 🙂

    1. Oh no… how is your finger?! Dang, girl! I know if I have another accident like this, I’ll never hear the end of it… Actually, I don’t think I’ll hear the end now! LOL!

  6. I love the features theme! I am going to be hosting a “Christmas in July” Link Party on Friday. I would love fo come over and join the fun!

    Thanks for hosting!

  7. Oh my! My family always jokes that I am prone to freak accidents…I think yours definitely qualifies! So glad it wasn’t any worse and that you are healing up quickly!

    1. Yes… it was definitely a crazy mishap. I’m sitting here giggling about it now. Oh, the sight I’m sure it was! 😀

    1. Thanks, Marie! I hope I’m not on the way to writing a book! LOL! My daughter’s MIL (who is also a good friend) is a retired RN… she took out the stitches for me! 😉

  8. HI Julie,
    Oh what a fall! It is the craziest little missteps that cause the most damage! Thanks for sharing!
    And, bet you are happy to get those stitches out. Ouch!
    Thank you for the party! xo laura in Colorado

    1. Thanks for joining us, Laura! Yes, the leg is very much on the mend, as well as the abrasions… the trauma wound to my hand is going to take a bit to totally heal. I’m really glad it wasn’t worse. Looking forward to the mastermind group with you!

  9. Oh my gosh Julie! I am so glad it wasn’t worse! Wishing you a quick recovery. I fell in the garen the other day, but I only had a bruise. I’m excited to say that my website finally seems to be on the mend, so I am able to link up again. I’m sharing some Christmas cheer and cottage gardening this week. I’m only a week late for Christmas in July, oh well. Thank you for hosting!

    1. So glad things are ‘back-to-normal’ with the blog, and more importantly, that you didn’t hurt yourself worse! What’s wrong with us? 😉 So excited to be part of the mastermind group with you, too!

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