Tuesday Turn About #85 February Feelings

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Tuesday Turn About February Feelings is live… and there’s a reason why it’s about ‘all the feels’.

TUESDAY TURN ABOUT #85 February Feelings

Last week, I had some tech problems, but there was still some Valentine Love features!

Happy February everyone! Everyone is saying it, so I will, too… Can you believe it’s already February?

How has your week started?

Me? My day-job was conducted from home yesterday because I seriously over-did it on Sunday, starting my next project on my Modern Coastal Bathroom makeover.

Yep… I said ‘starting’. I didn’t even put a dent in it, but my body says something different! LOL!

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February Feelings

There’s a specific reason I’m ‘sub-titling’ this week’s TTA as “February Feelings”, and you’ll see it at the first feature here at My Wee Abode.

But, last week was not lacking in “love”ly posts and Valetine’s tips and tricks! So, this week will feature some of those that were linked up. And remember…

But first, some tips…

Weekly Household Tip

If you are a coffee drinker, do you use disposable pods, reusable pods, or a traditional drip coffee maker?

For me, reusable pods are my go-to. They make a quick, single cup of coffee and save money and waste!

And, I love using Seattle’s Best dark roast coffee (any of them). SB is affordable and the coffee has a deep, rich taste!

Weekly Blogging Tip

There are many opinions on how many pins you should be pinning each day on Pinterest, as well as opinions on the ratio of your pins versus others.

I have found that an 80/20 ratio works best for me. So, if I pin 10 of my own pins each day, than that means 2 pins from other blogs get pinned for that day, as well.

Again, test and see what works best for you. But keep in mind, you want Pinterest users clicking over to YOUR blog, so pinning your content the most seems logical (at least to me)!

Share what your strategy is in the comments, so we can all learn from each other!

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The Easiest Valentine’s Wreaths + One | 5 Handmade Valentine’s Cards | Ideas for Using Hooks to Use Vertical Space

This Week’s Features:

All the Feels

By the time I got to the middle of this post, I had tears streaming down my face. Denise from My Home of All Seasons shares a Valentine vignette that is full of all the feels… memories from now and from the past! You won’t want to miss it!

vintage valentine vignette with old photos and items

Pretty and Yummy Feels

Aren’t these lovely? These Valentine hot cocoa bombs give your eyes and tummy all the feels! Check out how Carrie from Curly Crafty Mom makes these! Perfect for your Valentine, whether it’s a spouse, child, or sweet friend!

tuesday turn about 85 february feelings hot chocolate bombs and fixings

Warm and Fuzzy Feels

This month’s Pinterest Challenge was all about creating a door wreath for Valentine’s Day. Seventeen bloggers joined in, and one of my faves was from Angie at Postcards from the Ridge. Take a look at how to make this fuzzy wreath with these easy-to-make fabric roses!

white fuzzy heart wreath with fabric roses on black door

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  1. Thanks so much for hosting Julie and for including my Valentine Vignette in your features! It makes me so happy to share their story. They were the very meaning of “Unconditional Love” in my world.

    I’m anxious to see what you do next with your coastal bathroom makeover but take your time! I know when I overdo it on a project… I pay the price for days! Have a great week!

    1. Thanks Denise… and I was so happy to be able to share your post! Was wondering, do you have a Facebook account? I don’t see your social media buttons on your site, so I wasn’t sure.

  2. J, I like Pinterest and get a lot of traffic from them, but could always use more 😉
    I’ve heard the Pinterest 80/20 rule, but I have more questions.
    Are you repining old pictures from earlier posts, and do you add titles to all of them?
    I’m also concerned about pining a pic to the same board, which I heard could be a big no, no.

    1. Hey, Rachelle… these are great questions. Again, lots of different opinions, but this is what I’m doing. I AM re-pinning old pins and photos from older posts, but I’m also making new pins for them. So with title, some without. I’ve been testing this recently, and Pinterest seems to be liking the photos with no banners just as much as with. I would wait about 4-6 months before pinning the same pin/photo to the same board. but, it’s okay to pin a different pin/photo with the same URL to the same board, even the next day. 🙂 However, I like to even spread that out, to be ‘safe’. 😉 Hope that helps! You are welcome to email me anytime, too!

  3. These Valentine’s Day inspired features are so much fun, Julie! Thanks so much for hosting. I hope your week is a happy one. Hugs, CoCo

  4. Thanks so much for hosting each week!! I know how much work and time it takes to host and then to visit each post. It truly is appreciated!!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  5. This is what I featured 1-25 to 1-29-2021. On Tuesday was Green Chile Mac and Cheese. Wednesday was Baked Truffle Mac and Cheese. Thursday was Chili Mac and Cheese Hot Dog Casserole. Friday was Shrimp and Crab Mac and Cheese. Enjoy!

  6. I use a traditional drip coffee maker even though I’m the only coffee drinker in my home. I just don’t want two coffee makers because I need one that makes a larger pot for guests. As for Pinterest, I don’t have rules. I pin my own stuff and whatever I like of other blogs. Thanks for the party.

    1. I get that two coffee maker thing, Amy. I can’t have a huge amount of people in MWA, so a single cup maker works here. Thanks for joining us this week!

  7. I’ve been using the single serve “tea bag” type coffee bags, but I’ve really been wanting to get a keurig type maker. I didn’t even know there are reusable pods, so now I really want one! I love the features. Hope you feel better soon!

  8. Denise’s beautiful post had me bawling too, so well written. I adopted the same pin strategy about six weeks ago and what a difference it made! As for coffee, I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve been using disposable pods and wish my favorite coffee brand would make compostable pods. Our new Keurig machine doesn’t have a reusable pod. Have a great week Julie!

    1. What?! A Kuerig that doesn’t take reusable pods? What madness is this? Wonder if there is one on the horizon? (Wow, I’m full of questions!) I do hop lots of people get to read Denise’s lovely post!

  9. Love that you share blogging tips each week. Thanks for hosting! When you share your own pins, do you save to the same board each time? Or do you pin to new boards, group boards?

    1. I’m glad you enjoy the tips, Marie. I rotate my pins and save them to different boards. I will save the same pin to a different board each day for about 7 days. I don’t use too many group boards.

  10. Good to hear what you and others are doing with Pinterest. I use Tailwind, which I LOVE! I schedule 21 pins a day, including re-pins from my Communities. Then I just pin from people’s pages as I go along. When I actually follow my strategy, it seems to do pretty well! 😉 Thanks for hosting, as always! Hope you have a lovely week1

    1. Thanks for sharing your strategy, Barbara! I’m glad it’s doing well for you! I may do a little more scheduling this week!

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