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21 Color Palettes for Your Camper Trailer Renovation

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Embarking on an RV renovation can be an exciting endeavor, and selecting the perfect colors is a crucial step. Explore these 21 color palettes for your camper trailer renovation to discover the ideal camper trailer color schemes that will transform your space into a cozy and stylish retreat.

21 Color Palettes for Your Camper Trailer Renovation

Do you have a travel trailer makeover on your project list in the near future?

How ’bout an RV renovation that’s just begging for some creative inspiration?

Well hold-tight because I’ve got some colorful guidance for you!

travel trailer in red white and blue kitchen

Today, let’s look at 21 color palettes for your camper trailer renovation. Believe me, this post is for me just as much as it is for you!

Travel Trailer Makeover

This past April, I purchased a 2010 Keystone Springdale travel trailer to actually turn into a tiny home… and it needs a wee bit of makeover love!

Crazy, right? What’s a senior adult doing with a 14-year-old camper trailer that needs a cosmetic overhaul? Well, I can give you one reason… AFFORDABILITY! Actually, here are 17 reasons for living in a stationary travel trailer!

So, like many of you, I’m searching for a color scheme for the interior of the trailer. But WAIT!

Don’t click away!

These 21 image color palettes will work great in ANY type of home! Whether you own your home, rent an apartment, or even live in a dorm, these interior color combinations will transform your living space and give your abode the update it’s begging for!

What is an Image Color Palette?

An image color palette is a collection of colors that are derived from or inspired by an image.

life guard house at beach with color swatches on side

This palette typically includes a selection of colors that harmonize well together and represent the overall color scheme of the image. They are super helpful in applications such as interior design, providing a foundation for choosing colors that work well together based on a visual reference.

Image Color Palettes from Actual Camper Trailers

Today’s color palettes are brought to you by… ME!

Remember when I shared 17 color palettes for a bathroom refresh? Well, I used palettes produced by Design Seeds. This time, I’m changing it up! I created “in-home” image color palettes from photos of actual RV makeovers!

Yep, I figured out how to design image color palettes using Photo Shop! It was a learning curve, but it wasn’t hard. And it was actually really fun once I got the hang of it!

So, let’s get started with some camper trailer color schemes!

Color Burst Palettes for RV Refresh

If you’re looking to add LOTS of color to your travel trailer, or add that ‘boho/gypsy’ style, these color schemes might be just what you’re looking for!

This bright red velvet sofa isn’t for everyone, but it sure is luxurious! The blue, gold, and yellow offset the red so well, as do the white ottomans.

camper trailer color schemes image of color trailer living area with sofa and other furniture in blue yellow and red

This camper trailer has a lot going on with TWO different wall papers! But, I love how well all the different colors and prints work together! What do you think about those purple kitchen cabinets?

travel trailer kitchen and living area in bright jewel tones colors
I think this trailer needs some open shelves! 😉

This RV has a bit of a retro look, and it’s done so well! The continuous blue upholstery gives some uniformity, while the other pops of deep orange and dark woods lend variety to the area.

camper trailer color scheme kitchen and living area in blue and other bright colors

Again, bring on the patterns and textures! The key is to repeat the colors throughout the space. Think navy on the wallpaper and cabinets, green for the appliances (gotta love that vintage vibe), plants, and afghan, with pops of yellow scattered around and just a touch of fuschia!

rv kitchen and dinette in bright jewel tone colors
Image Courtesy of All Things with Purpose

Glamping with the Gals

This glamper definitely has some feminine appeal with it’s soft gray-toned floors, velvet pink dining seats and wooden bead light fixture (which I LOVE!)

travel trailer living area in pale colors and pink
Photo Courtesy of The DIY Mommy

What do you think of pink kitchen cabinets? I think this trailer is done so tastefully, with the blue sofa and then natural woven blinds for texture. Also, the black frame around the fireplace gives this feminine space some grounding.

camper trailer color schemes kitchen in pink with blue sofa
Photo Courtesy of All Things with Purpose

The rosy wallpaper gives this camper a shabby chic look. What do you think? Love how the green curtains in the bedroom area (reflected in the mirror) coordinate with the green in the wallpaper. Gotta love those creamy white cabinets, too!

travel trailer kitchen with rose wallpaper

Although these colors are bright and cheery, it still feels like a glamper! The bright pink and purple are so pretty when they are complimented with the terra cotta and gold. And we need to remember to add a pop of green and texture with the potted plants!

camper trailer color schemes image of trailer dinette

Though I don’t plan on going with a ‘glamper’ look… at least not for my long-term items like walls and furniture, I still think the look is so pretty! The navy/black sofa gives this glamper just a bit of ‘moodiness’, but all the other items lighten up the space with a feminine touch.

camper trailer color schemes living area in pinks and navy sofa
Photo Courtesy of All Things with Purpose

I love the light fixture, wallpaper, and window covering. That weave on the blind sure is transparent!

What’s your favorite aspect of these glamper options?

Traditional Color Palettes in Your Travel Trailer

It looks like the island in this RV kitchen is green in the picture, but it could also be a grey with green undertones (one of my faves). Whatever the case may be, these colors “sing” traditional with the whites, creams, and grays. And, check-out those mixed metals on the faucet and pendant light drops! It works, don’t you think?

rv kitchen with island in green and light colors

Though the colors in this bedroom are dark and moody, the accent colors and decor give it a more traditional look, in my opinion.

I always wonder why someone would opt for two blinds, where one would do the trick. Any thoughts?

camper trailer color schemes dark moody bedroom in rv with dark walls and light bedding

These gray cabinets with the hexagon backsplash are so pretty. Add a touch of burnished gold (both the faucet and backsplash), and you’ve got a classic look for this camper trailer kitchen!

What are your thoughts on curtains behind the sink?

travel trailer kitchen in neutral traditional color of beige and grays

The navy cabinets and hexagon backsplash really look quite traditional in this travel trailer, while the living area and dinette have more of a boho look. I love the aqua velvet chairs accenting the navy cabinets.

camper trailer color schemes traditional living area and kitchen in navy and neutral tones
Photo Courtesy of All Things with Purpose

The bottom cabinets in this 5th wheel’s kitchen are a subdued aqua green, and the unusual patterned backsplash has the same color accent. The dual color of cabinets seems to be the traditional trend these days. Do you like two different cabinet colors in a kitchen?

And what do you think of the faux animal skin rug? I kinda like it!

RV kitchen and dining in grays and greens
Photo Courtesy of Alcorn Home

Rustic Camper Trailer Color Combos

Talk about a neutral color scheme. However, the vintage rustic feel of this 5th wheel travel trailer is unique and so lovely.

Those two toned cabinets have such a slight difference in the cream and beige, and the wood tones add a rustic feel. Add some green using plants and a shiny gold faucets (or is that chrome?) and it just works!

Don’t you love that milky glass light fixture?

camper trailer color schemes rustic neutrals in kitchen and eating area

Did you know I’m not real keen on red-white-and-blue? It really needs to be subdued for me to like that ‘Old Glory’ color combo.

Well, this travel trailer does it well! The muted blue cabinets with the rustic red brick backsplash and wall accent in the bedroom look great! And I love the gray and white star blanket that gives a nod to the USA without being all about July 4th. (Don’t get me wrong… I love our country… just don’t especially love the shade combination in my home! 😉 )

RV Color Schemes – Give Me All the Greens

There are so many green tones in RV and travel trailer color palettes! Even in many of the hue palette images above, you often see some type of green in most of the color combinations. Do you think that could be because MOST recreational vehicles are traveling in nature, and green is an obvious way to bring the outdoors inside?

Well, these next color pattern images feature green cabinets in one area or another of a camper trailer (mostly kitchens).

A bold, dark green is not something *I* would choose, but this combination with the touches of black and wood look like spring has sprung in this kitchen. I really love the white hexagon backsplash, too!

camper trailer color schemes kitchen in greens and browns

The open shelving in the photo above is a nice thought and ‘opens-up’ the kitchen area, but really limits storage. As you know, I LOVE me some open-shelves, but just don’t think I want to eliminate cabinet space in my tiny kitchen!

Here’s that bi-color cabinet trend again. The cabinet color here is more my style, but still might be a bit too dark. The creamy colored walls and beige door lighten up the space, and the pink pillow is a great pop of color!

What do you think about pink your home? Does your family say ‘yay’ or ‘nay’?

travel trailer kitchen and dinette in greens and neutrals

Here’s another motorhome renovation from All Things with Purpose! This time, Sarah painted green on the bottom cabinets, and left the top cabinets in a natural wood-tone (wonder if my golden oak would work like this… maybe in the bedroom?). Again, love the pops of purple and pink accenting the almost turquoise cabinets and dinette sides.

camper trailer color schemes kitchen and dinette in greens wood tones purple and pink

Now this… this is my favorite! The color blends here just make me sigh. Love the green cabinets (I bet they are actually a grey-green) in the bedroom with all the whites and greys, along with some natural woods and beige accents. I’m still trying to decide whether to do the green cabinets in my bedroom or kitchen. What say you?

travel trailer living area and bedroom in greens and neutral tones
Photo Courtesy of @Farmhouse.Chic

So much inspiration in this one photo!

Camper Trailer Color Schemes – Specialty Color Combinations

These last few image color palettes are very special and, in my opinion, make a statement all their own!

French Farmhouse

See what I mean?

Cami and her hubby from Tidbits and Company did an AMAZING job on their 5th wheel that they lived in while building their home.

Cami loves French inspired decor and it resonates in their trailer home with the pale greys and whites throughout, accented with deep burnished gold and pinks. There are even some touches of blue on that pretty French bergères chair. (That chandelier is amazing!)

camper trailer color schemes

Modern Motor Home Hue Selections

Going all the way to the opposite end of the style spectrum, this more modern look features two-toned cabinets in dark gray and white, and the glass in the cabinet seems to have an aqua tint. The white marble counters continue up into the backsplash.

Love that warm wood flooring, too! Do you like this modern take?

travel trailer kitchen in grey and white

Mix of Styles in a Cohesive Camper Color Palette

Now, this might almost look like a glamper, but I thought there are several styles that are very harmoniously collected in this sweet bedroom.

The wallpaper has a bit of traditional look to it in grey and white, but the suede-look of the coco-colored blinds have a mid-century-modern ‘vibe’, too! And then the pink/gray combination on the bed has the feminine look of glamping. Many travel trailers and motorhomes have the black trim windows, so there is almost always some grounding going on with the black. And I always love white walls and cabinets!

camper trailer color schemes bedroom in natural tones with touches of pink

Natural Boho Colors in a Renovated Motorhome

This look says ‘understated boho’ to me. What do you think?

With the natural woven accents, grey/cream patterned rug and pillow, and gold curtains, its seems that nature has been invited in, again!

That ‘lambskin’ throw on top of the tiny coffee table is super inspiring. What’s your favorite element of this image color palette?

motorhome living area in natural tones

Have you been counting the color patterns as we’ve been going along?

I cheated. There isn’t 21 color palettes for your camper trailer renovation. You have TWENTY FOUR color schemes to choose from.

Bonus Color Palettes for Your Camper Trailer Renovation

Guess what?! Just for you, here are 12 MORE bonus image color palettes straight from God’s creation! These palettes are all courtesy of Color Palettes blog.

camper trailer color schemes collage

Inquiring minds want to know! Which image color palette is YOUR favorite? And what feature caught your eye in the RV renovation photos? Be sure to tell me in the comments below! I LOVE hearing your opinions!

And don’t forget to follow along for upcoming renovations and small home tips and tricks that will translate to any size home, apartment, or even a dorm!

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  1. Actually, I found something to like in all the remodels. But, my favorites are Natural Boho, French Farmhouse, and the Vintage Rustic. However, the Glamper in pink tones and the Shabby Chic are lovely. Julie, if it were me, I would have such a hard time choosing. As I said, all of the remodels have interesting features and decor. I can’t wait to see how you transform your new digs. It is sure to be beautiful.
    The Lord bless you, Julie.
    Suzanne from PA

    1. Thanks, Suzanne… I’m definitely going with a more neutral palette, and I think green is going to be involved, as well! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I’m excited you are following the adventure!

  2. How fun for you and so many pretty choices! My favorites are photo 1 under Glamping with the gals, Photo 5 under traditional and photo 2 under Give me all the Greens. My eye definitely rests on a more neutral palette, especially in a tiny space. A neutral palette provides endless opportunities to change a color scheme throughout the year. BTW, color palette cards are a helpful tool for putting together an outfit, flower arrangements, wedding/parties, the ideas are endless! Can’t wait to see how you decorate your space! It will be beautiful, no doubt!

    1. It seems we have very much the same taste, Nancy! Those are some of my faves, too! Yes, color palette images are a great design tool, and I’m looking forward to having you along for the renovating ride, too, Nancy!

  3. I liked most all of them except for floorings. I prefer light oak floors then you can change things up with rugs. I liked all the different cabinet colors, so think I would have a hard time choosing for kitchen or bedroom. I was thinking of a subdued pink for my bedroom, not too bright, as my huband would say ; “Titty Pink”. Take your time choosing as this is your home now and you can change any thing you want whenever you want, without asking permission from anyone but yourself. Have fun and enjoy the ride.

    1. Yes, Fernie… I’ve thought that if I don’t like the cabinets in one color (or get tired of them), there are so few, I can always change them! We’ll see how I feel when I’m done! 😉 (I love the pink accents… always have!)

  4. Wow, it is fascinating to look at the possibilities. I would not have imagined that I would like so many. I don’t like those (number 1 and 2 and 4 or the dark green) that have too much pattern in a small space but I guess I need more visual peace. I was surprised at how many I liked and just kept coming back to wondering how you want it to feel. It looks fun and cozy. Enjoy! Blessings

    1. I’m with you, Josee… I need more calm and airy. My fave is definitely the green bedroom cabinets with all the white. I even like the wallpaper, but not sure I’ll use anything that makes a statement like that… at least that’s how I feel now!

  5. My favorite is the first glamping one with pink chairs and white walls. I love pastels, white, light and bright, with lots of plants. I also love the one with mint cabinets and pink accents.
    About 2 blinds – maybe one could cut the sun shining in and the other could stay up for light. Or two might be too heavy to hang.

    1. Great choices, Dianne! Ah… didn’t think about one might be too heavy… or maybe the size didn’t come in those shades? Hm… interesting.

  6. So many color choices, depends on what colors you lean toward. Are you planning to keep any of the existing colors, patterns or textures in your trailer? If so, maybe choose additional colors that accent or contrast what you have and build upon that. Maybe save some $$. At any rate, what a fun project!!

    1. Yes… love the colors and tones that we’ve been blessed with in this world! Nope… I’m planning on doing a complete cosmetic makeover (and more) to the trailer, RG. It’s definitely dated, and I’ve wanted to paint cabinets for many years, and now I can! 😉

  7. Definitely love a more neutral color palette, especially with the wood accents. You can add pops of accent colors and change it up whenever you want! Lighter and brighter also! Never understood why they always made everything brown and dark in RVs….so glad they are finally changing that.
    I know yours will be “you” and beautiful when you’re done!

  8. Wow, they all had something fun. I’m not sure what I’d do. Most likely keep it all neutral with mostly white. Probably boring to most. lol. Or maybe the earthy tones but the photo with the navy cabinets was fun too. Hmm. SO many choices! Looking forward to seeing what you do!

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