Temporary Accent Wall that Will Pack a Punch

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When living in small rental homes and apartments, it can be a challenge to make it look like your own. Today, let’s look at how to pack some punch in our homes and create a temporary accent wall.

create temporary accent wall living area with furniture and decor with feature wall


When I first moved into My Wee Abode a little over three years ago, I knew I wanted my tiny loft apartment to look and feel like more than just a little studio rental.

Our homes should reflect our style, not just appear as a habitat owned by someone else.

Tiny ‘houses’ need personality, am I right? (Well, ALL houses need personality!)

So, as I was brainstorming and dreaming and spending hours (yeah, it was hours) on Pinterest pinning away pictures of rooms and homes I fell in love with, I decided I wanted to add a feature wall to my sweet little domicile.

Speaking of Pinterest, take a look at these five Pinterest boards that will make you a better decorator!

create temporary accent wall living area with furniture and decor

But, because My Wee Abode is a rental home, the accent wall needed to be temporary and easy to remove.

Inspiration to Create a Temporary Accent Wall 

There is a lot of inspiration out there for creating an accent wall.  But there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot for temporary or removable feature walls.

Well, here are a few ideas that WILL work for creating an accent wall in an apartment or rental home.

Faux Shiplap

One of my favorite temporary and “removable” accent walls are faux shiplap.  Never heard of it or seen it? Take a look at what Lindsey from Repurpose and Upcycle has to teach us!

create temporary accent wall entryway with faux shiplap bench and mirror

Repositionable Wallpaper

Again, a fairly new temporary update on the scene for apartments and rentals is removable and repositionable wallpaper.  Megan from The Homes I Have Made has LOTS of posts on wallpapering rental homes.  Here’s one using peel-and-stick wallpaper.

create temporary accent wall fireplace with striped wall paper and decor on mantel

I love this idea and actually experimented with it on my orange-peel textured walls (another lovely feature of many apartments and rental spaces. Does anyone out there know why?) Unfortunately, the sample piece I used on the textured walls couldn’t handle the added extreme humidity during the hot So Cal summer! (But, not all hope is lost, as thoughts are rolling around in my head to try and make removable wallpaper work for MWA!)

Board-and-batten Look with Wood Trim

A simple board-and-batten wall was what finally caught my eye and Cassie, from Lovely Weeds, fits-the-bill to a tee!

create temporary accent wall bedroom with furniture and accent wall

Easy to install and affordable, this simple wood trim feature wall was exactly what My Wee Abode was begging for… and got!

But remember, my accent wall needed to be super easy to remove!

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What You Will Need

Here are the simple items you will need to create this accent wall in your home, apartment, rental space or dorm!

  • Wood trim (mine is from Home Depot), 1/4″ by 1.5″, easy to nail and easy to remove (the amount will depend on your spacing for your aesthetic)
  • Paint (the same color as your wall)
  • Sandpaper, 320 grit
  • Wire Brads, size 7/8 x17 (yep… these tiny nails easily hold the lightweight trim)

How to Create a Removable Accent Wall

Let’s take a look at the easy steps to creating a simple, temporary board-and-batten feature wall.

Trim Lengths

  1. Take the width of your wall and decide how far apart you want your trim pieces to be spaced.  This will differ depending on what look you want.  Take into consideration the width of the trim pieces when you are doing the math.  Remember to measure twice, cut once!  And, mark where each piece will go.
  2. Measure the length that each trim piece will be.  Take into consideration that a wall often is not exactly the same height from one end of the wall to the other (settling issues… and bad construction 😉 ).  Measure from the top to the bottom of where each piece will be placed.  Also, take into consideration wall outlets and light switch plates (or anything that is stationary on the wall… yep… you learn from my mistakes).
  3. Be-bop on over to your local lumber or DIY store (Home Depot, etc.), find your trim and ask an associate to cut it according to your measurements. (Remember to bring your measurements with you.  Yep, I’ve made this mistake before, too! I like to note them in my Notes App on my phone!))

Prep and Paint

  1. Create an area where you can lay your trim while the paint is drying. Yes, those are mini ramekins holding the trim… they aren’t just for cooking anymore. 😉

    wood trim on floor
    That “vintage” vinyl flooring is going to get a makeover soon, too!
  2. Use your favorite go-to paint, the same color as your wall. As I’ve shared before, I love Behr paint… it’s affordable, has GREAT coverage, and their color-match system is quite amazing.  Also, use a good paint brush.  Zibra paint brushes are amazing… in fact, I am an affiliate for Zibra.create temporary accent wall can of paint and brush on floor
  3. Paint one coat of paint on the trim. I painted one side and the edges.  After the first coat is dry, lightly sand the pieces with 320-grit sandpaper.  This will eliminate any wood knap that appears from the wet paint.  Then, paint one more coat.wood trim on floor


  1. This is actually the easiest part.  Making sure to use the correct trim length for each marked spot on the wall (see your very first step in Trim Lengths), bump the top of the trim up against the ceiling.  Then take a wire brad and nail it in close to the top of the trim piece.  Slide your hand down the trim about 1/3 of the way down, making sure the trim is straight, and add another brad. Repeat.  At the bottom of the trim, add one more brad.
  2. Repeat the above steps for each piece of trim.
  3. Step back, let out a happy sigh, and admire your removable temporary accent wall!


When it’s time to move, or when you are ready for a new and different feature wall, carefully remove the brads from the trim and fill in the tiny holes with spackle.  Touch up with wall paint, and you’re all set!

Finished Product

What do you think?  Does this board-and-batten-look accent wall add the coastal farmhouse style I was hoping for?

create temporary accent wall living area with furniture and decor with feature wall

Excuse the shadows… it’s been pretty overcast here the last few days.  But, I’m really loving the style that this brought to My Wee Abode!

create temporary accent wall living area with furniture and decor with feature wall

create temporary accent wall living area with furniture and decor with feature wall

Here’s a sneak peek at some summer decor…

cement bird on mini stool with greenery and beads on table

Oh, those wooden beads were made by yours truly.  You can find the tutorial HERE.

And I brought back my milk bottles.  They’re so sweet with those cute posies.

create temporary accent wall mill bottle in racks with flowers and driftwood

This is the sign I made at Haven last year in Amy Howard’s Makers class.  The starfish was added just this week for summer. Forever grateful that His mercies are new every morning.  Every day is a new day, full of hope in Him.

chalkboard sign with starfish and lantern in background

And one last look at the board-and-batten style feature wall, because that’s what we’re here for, right?

create temporary accent wall living area with furniture and decor with feature wall

create temporary accent wall living area with furniture and decor with feature wall

Would You Pack Some Punch with a Temporary Accent Wall?

What do you think? Easy enough? Would you add a removable and temporary feature wall to your home? Which one would YOU choose? Come on… share with me! 😉

And don’t forget to click on a social button on the left of your desktop or bottom of your mobile screen and share with your friends… and give me a follow!


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  1. What a clever idea! It looks awesome, and adds such personality to your space! Where did you find the string of blue wooden beads, or did you paint a natural colored string of beads?

    1. Thank you, Donna… I thought you were going to do a faux shiplap with blinds? Hope to see you tomorrow!

    1. Well, thank you, Laurie… One of the easiest projects I’ve ever done! Have a blessed weekend!

  2. I really love that board-and-batten style feature wall. I’d love to do something like that in my son’s room in the near future!! So many pretty accent pieces, just love your style!


  3. It adds a great level of personality to your wall. I love it. I also have a bathroom wall that needs some personality. You’ve given me a great idea.

  4. What a wonderful idea! When I saw this photo, I had no idea you made that accent wall using just strips of wood and brads. It does pack a punch! I’d like to do an accent wall in my boys’ room, and this gives me lots of ideas. Thanks, Julie!

  5. Your room looks beautiful, and that simple DIY for the wall makes a huge difference. Amazing job. Now I need to go and find out what a brad is? Your space looks amazing Julie.

  6. Stunning and cozy update. I would have never thought to add the accent walls in an easy removable fashion. Clever and pretty idea.
    Happy spring,

  7. That looks so great, Julie!! I would love to do this in one of our bedrooms! Such a wonderful look — I would never dreamed it is so simple! thanks so much for sharing it with us at Thursday Favorite Things!

  8. Just beautiful Julie!! I love your board and batten removable feature wall! What a clever idea to pack a punch for boring walls! Can’t believe how easy it sounds with wood strips!! I must try this in our guest room, it looks great!!

    1. So glad you dropped in, Brenda! I would LOVE to see if you end up doing this in your guest room! It would be perfect in your home!

  9. This is such a great idea Julie! What brands of removable wallpaper have you tried? I recently put some in my powder room and I came back the next day to find it hanging off the wall:( But I have used Roommates brand successfully over orange peel texture in a client’s bathroom, so they’re not all bad.

    1. Oh, really? I’ll have to look into that brand. I’ve only tried one brand which actually has a good reputation. But, my wee abode does get a bit stifling during the day in the summer time. 😉 (We need to chat and compare notes!)

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