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How To Add a Crate to Your Winter Decor

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The holiday season is well underway and today you’ll learn how to use a crate in your winter decor. This is a super-easy way to add a tiny entryway Christmas crate to your home.


entryway christmas crate with tree and birch logs

Holiday decorating has more than started at My Wee Abode, in preparation for all the wonderful Christmas festivities (and blog posts)! #bloggerlife

How ’bout you? Have you started your Christmas decorating, or do you like to wait until after Thanksgiving?

My sister’s mantra is ‘we all need a little extra Christmas this year’, and I must agree. My sister NEVER puts up Christmas until after Thanksgiving, but this year? She started at least two weeks ago!

Tiny Entryway Christmas Crate – A Pinterest Challenge

It’s that time again! The monthly Pinterest Challenge hosted by my dear friend Cindy from County Road 407!

pinterest challenge graphic in green

If you are visiting from The Farmhouse Life, welcome! Kori’s farmhouse style is so authentic (heck, she actually LIVES on a farm), and she’s a sweetie, too!

The Pinterest Challenge involves a group of bloggers taking one inspiration photo and creating our own version of the photo! Fun, right?

This month, we have 19, count ’em, NINETEEN bloggers sharing inspiration for your home!

The Inspiration Photo – How to Add a Crate to Your Winter Decor

This month’s inspiration comes from Jennifer at The Grace House Interiors. Her Christmas Home Tour includes a lovely crate, simply decorated for the holiday season.

entryway christmas crate with trees greenery and berries

This sweet crate looks wonderful on Jennifer’s entryway table. Elements include:

  • Rustic crate (from Magnolia yet!)
  • Greenery and berries (natural texture)
  • Carved wood trees

Super simple, right? You probably already have similar items in your home! I know I did!

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What You’ll Need

Well, as noted above, this is so simple, and you really only need a few items!

How to Use a Crate in Your Tiny Entryway

Unlike Jennifer’s home, My Wee Abode has a very small entryway, if you even want to call it an entryway. You may have seen it in my Fall Kitchen Tour.

But even small spaces need to look and feel cozy, right?

Well, this little rustic crate with some wintery Christmas elements is the perfect way to make a statement in my little entryway space.

entryway christmas crate with tree and birch logs

Take a crate and add a simple white blanket to it. I picked up this one at IKEA several years ago for $3 (I think). It reminds me of a ‘blanket of snow’!

entryway christmas crate with tree and birch logs

If your crate needs some paint, go for it. This one was a bit too dark for my taste, so using a bit of dry brushing with some white paint helped brighten it up. I may even add more!

If you don’t have wood carved Christmas trees, you can add a different wood element!

Although I’ve been wanting to add some birch logs to my Christmas decor, I didn’t have any that worked for this vignette. So, I splurged and DID buy this one item at Hobby Lobby for 40% off (don’t forget your coupon).

And I added some sparkle to it! My Wee Abode is all about frost and sparkle this year!

closeup of sparkly birch logs
Simple DIY coming soon!

Then, use a little $5 faux tree from Target, add some flocking and sprinkle with a bit more sparkle!

entryway christmas crate with tree and birch logs
pine branch with flocking and sparkles
Sparkles are hard to photograph sometimes! 😉

Adding the Extras to a Tiny Entryway Christmas Crate

If your crate looks a bit lonely, like mine did, add some small elements to the side of your crate.

This sparkly tree was a purchase last year from Walmart, and was part of my faux mantel with a flocked garland.

entryway christmas crate with tree and birch logs

And the pretty mercury glass ornaments will be making an appearance in another DIY coming soon!

And, yes, you can see my wall heater directly to the left of my entryway bench. It’s not pretty, but it’s real life, y’all! 😉 And, it’s mine!

entryway christmas crate with tree and birch logs

Now It’s Your Turn

Now, make sure you go visit my blogging buddy and TTA co-host Michelle from Thistle Key Lane! You’re gonna love her unique twist on the challenge!

Is a Christmas crate in your not-so-distant-future decor plans? What might you add to a winter crate?

Be sure to visit all the amazing inspiration by clicking on the links below, or just follow by hopping from one blog to the next!

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  1. You created a beautiful scene to greet guests who visit My Wee Abode. I love how you used birch logs in your crate along with a small tree and adding sparkles to both ups the Christmas charm. Your Ikea blanket with the scalloped edge looks great in your crate and it kind of reminds me of snow. I’m looking forward to seeing more Christmas decorations from My Wee Abode in the coming weeks!

  2. I love tiny birch logs! They’re so adorable. I have several birch logs in my fireplace too – and I Iove the look at Christmas.. They’re so pretty! Great job, Julie! I’m definetly pinning this one!

  3. Oh man! I need some birch logs in my life at some point! I dunno how much I’m gonna decorate this year…We’re wanting to move after our lease is up next year so I’m kinda just in “leave it and purge stuff” mode. I’ll probably just pull out a few things.

    1. I think decor makes you so happy, Bekka… If you can muster up some first-trimester energy, it might really make your Christmas even more enjoyable! Love you!

    1. Thanks, Jessica… after seeing all the inspiration, I need to do some additions to mine, I think! 😉 Gotta love the comparison trap… NOT! 😉

    1. Hehe… that window/door def got some attention! A dear family friend gave it to me… his parents owned an old building and he salvaged these before it was demolished. I want to do ‘more’ with it, just not sure what. 🙂 Maybe my window pane over my consile needs to be replaced? 😉

  4. Hi Julie, I love how you styled your crate for Christmas. Birch logs are my favourites and I love using them in my decor too. I also love how you managed to bring together so many wonderful textures like the Christmas trees and the white Ikea blanket of snow! As it happens, a Christmas crate IS in my not too distant future and I’m happy to have so much gorgeous inspiration from you and your fellow blog hoppers!

    1. Thank you for the love and encouragement, Jayne! You are a sweet friend! Hugs! (And can’t wait to see your crate!)

  5. Your crate is beautiful! I love the soft greens and white. I wanted to some birch logs (before I settled on the trees) and couldn’t find them anywhere so I’m a little envious. And the way you added a tree and ornaments to the outside of the crate is genius and way more interesting than you think. Pinning and still grinning! Thanks for joining in. You are so creative!

  6. I agree with your sister about needing a little extra Christmas this year, and your lovely Christmas crate is a great way to get it started! So cute!

    I had such fun participating this month with you all in the Pinterest Challenge! Looking forward to next time! 🙂
    Niky & The House on Silverado

  7. Julie you have created an adorable crate for this challenge! It is perfect for Christmas or winter! I am also eyeballing that beautiful leaded glass window in the background too! Love it!

    So fun hopping with you! Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Oh… you DID comment, Amber! For some reason, even though I approve your comments, every time I have to approve them again. Not sure why. The leaded glass door came from a dear friend who’s parents owned a building. When they demolished the building, he salvaged all the doors and windows. 🙂 I was fortunate to have been given one!

  8. I’ve almost purchased those same birch logs at Hobby Lobby! LOL! They look so great in your vignette, Julie! I love how you adapted some of the items to make them your own, like dry brushing the crate and adding some sparkles here and there. I’m in love with that sparkly tree, too. Pinned!

  9. Julie, love your crate. I can’t believe that we both had birch logs and added glitter to them. Great minds . . . I really like the scallop edge on your white blanket. It’s a sweet touch to the holiday scene. Whether it’s in a small or large setting, this vignette is lovely. Happy Thanksgiving, sweet friend.

    1. Hehe… I’d say about 50% of my comments remarked about my lead-glass window! I love it, too… and want to do ‘something’ with it. Maybe I need to do a post about it?

  10. Julie I came back again to check out your post and realized that my first comment must not have gone through!

    I love your beautiful crate display. With those birch logs it will transition easily right into winter too! Super cute take on this challenge. I am loving that leaded glass window in the background too!

    So fun hopping with you. Merry Christmas!

    1. Well Amber, it’s not like we all aren’t SUPER busy this time of year! No worries, and thank you so much for coming back and commenting with such kind words! Hugs!

  11. Julie, just loved seeing your Christmas crate all ready for Christmas! It is so pretty! You have, once again, done such a lovely job with your decor! Those “sparkly” birch logs are so pretty — as is everything! That white scalloped blanket is perfect for your crate. The leaded window looks so pretty behind. So nice that you were given this antique. You will be able to keep it out all year and enjoy it. Your entry way is so beautiful and must give you lots of joy whenever you look at it! Fabulous job!

    1. Thanks, Mary-Ann… I do enjoy seeing it when I come in the door… and my fam will to when they come over for dinner soon!

    1. Thanks, Kim… I added some pinecones and cinnamon sticks to ‘fill it up’ a bit more for the tour! 😉

  12. I LOVE your crate challenge! It turned out sooooo lovely! You have such a gift for decorating! I’m in LOVE with those birch logs too! You did a great job! I’m inspired now, to make one!


    Tee @ Teediddlydee

    1. You are so sweet, Tee… thanks for visiting each of my featured posts on TTA… that is VERY sweet of you!

  13. Your crate came together so well! I wouldn’t have thought to use the blanket, but that really gives the snow feel! I also love that you added some sparkle to the birch logs like they are snow kissed!

  14. in Canada Thanksgiving is the second week of October, I cannot imagine the rush it would be to do everything in the month like the USA. Your entry way crate is a nice touch in a small area.

  15. I love the sparkle you added to the birch logs! I have always loved white birches–I have one clump of gray birch growing in my yard which has to do! In snow country, they bend over so over from snow loads and don’t recover well! Makes them fair game to harvest for DIYs! I haven’t taken down all of my Halloween stuff yet and will enjoy Harvest decor. Just not ready for winter yet!

  16. Decorating a crate is such a cute idea! I love the birch logs and sweet tree you added to yours! It looks great in your entryway! Thanks for the inspiration, I’m going to start decorating this weekend!

  17. Hi Julie – Gosh, you are endlessly creative and talented. I love the crate you put together. It’s perfect for winter decor too. Thank you for linking up with the Home Imagined Link party.

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